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THE WAKE-UP BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS from September 28, 2023


I will make this quick
. Just recently the MRF had a very successful Meeting of the Minds legislative conference in Harrisburg, PA. A couple of brothers were there to discuss ICE bans and End of Life regulations for old cars and motorcycles, Chris Callen from Cycle Source and Bob Kay helped out.

There’s a new documentary about fossil fuel use in England and although the UK only produces 1 percent of the global emissions, they propose using violence to force additional regulations.

What’s the bottom line? I believe it’s ignorance and education. Folks all over the world need to start reading and learn about these issues. There are tons of books available.

The other thing that needs to happen is the forced censorship, fear, and bullying must stop. We need to read the facts and understand the issues without censorship.

Let’s hit the news.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

I have some great news to share with you! We just scored a big win against the Mileage Tax that California politicians have been trying to impose for the past three years – but the fight is far from over!

CA politicians proposed a 6 cent-per-mile tax that would cost the average driver $900 per year. That’s on top of the existing sky-high car and gas taxes we pay. To implement the tax, they needed to pilot it within a large county and they selected San Diego County as the first up.

This morning the politicians who sit on the board of San Diego County’s SANDAG were forced to vote today to remove the Mileage Tax from the San Diego county’s regional transportation plan! This big win comes after we waged an aggressive public pressure campaign over the past 3 years that included 21 community Town Halls, countless mailers and texts, and the defeat in the 2022 election of several high-profile politicians who backed this crazy mileage tax.

Public pressure worked – for now. The next phase of fighting this tax is to stop the California Air Resources Board (CARB) from requiring San Diego to impose the Mileage Tax by mandate. This is a very real threat.

That’s why passing the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative in 2024 is key because language in that initiative explicitly states that mileage taxes will not be allowed without a public vote.

Can you help us celebrate this key win against the CA Mileage Tax and continue to fight by contributing anything today?


Wins like this are rare – but the battle must continue. Thank you for your continued support in this fight!

Carl DeMaio

Bagger Racing League is Back at the Daytona International Speedway!

The Bagger Racing League (BRL) and the American Sport Bike Racing Association (ASRA) are teaming up to bring back two, thrilling bagger racing classes to ASRA’s Race of Champions at the iconic Daytona International Speedway on October 21st.

After successful races in Pittsburgh and Blackhawk Farms, Bagger Racing League and ASRA are joining forces to deliver a full lineup of action-packed races. You won’t want to miss BRL’s renowned Bagger GP class and an exciting new AMA-sanctioned Production Stock Bagger class, featuring the hottest up-and-coming racers.

“We are excited to team up with Bagger Racing League and AMA to bring back these two bagger racing classes to our championship series in Daytona said ASRA President, Alex Spellman. As the originators of bagger racing, BRL brings an unrivaled level of cool factor and competitive spirit to our races.” “We plan to expand BRL’s participation into our national race series for 2024 and in the years to come.”

In addition to the Daytona Race of Champions, Bagger Racing League is also hosting its own championship race at the Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA on November 18th, and 19th. This grand finale will determine the best Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle bagger racers for the2023 series.

Rob Buydos, the founder, and president of Bagger Racing League, sees ASRA’s national race series as a tremendous opportunity for the V-Twin industry. He believes that this partnership will expose the next generation of consumers to the thrill of riding and racing American, V-Twin motorcycles. Don’t miss out on the thrilling action at ASRA’s Daytona Race of Champions and Bagger Racing League’s grand finale in Rosamond, CA.

For race info and registration information click the link here: DAYTONA ROC 10-19/22 – Evolve GT Track Days | Motorcycle Track Day ( or contact ASRA at (725) 755-7550 or


I believe this is the hottest topic on the planet for everyone including every kid and every motorcyclist.

Internal Combustion Engine Bans, where did they come from? I watched Al Gore’s compelling documentary in 2007 and was impressed, but he asked questions and discovered Al basically lied to kids all over the world for power and personal gain. His wealth skyrocketed from a few million to over 400 million.

His CO2 doomsday has caused an attack on every form of our well-being from heaters to gas stoves and in particular Internal Combustion Engines. I started to let Bikernet readers know the scientific truth and searched for solutions.

It wasn’t until this year and through the leadership of the MRF that I started to see a small light at the end of a daily darkening tunnel. We all witnessed leaders of the MIC waking up. We watched SEMA, the largest automotive organization stand up and last week with the help of the MRF HR 1435 passed 220-190 to stop the ICE vehicle mandates. It’s unlikely it will pass the Senate. Everyone needs to write to their Senators.

But the premise remains. We are doomed unless we change the climate by eliminating CO2. Inspired by the growing number of organizations fighting back, I created a resolution to force congress to challenge and study the bottom line on a national stage. With the help of Kirk and the board of the MRF including Rocky their lobbyist, we made minor successes in South Dakota. All we want is the truth, to expose the untruths, level the playing field and make Freedom a priority again. A CO2 molecule from your exhaust pipe is the same as a natural CO2 molecule and we need more of them. It’s not a pollutant.

Just to wrap it up, I wanted to mention that we’re not alone in the fight for ICE vehicles and scientific proof. There are scientific groups all over the world stepping up, including 1600 scientists, including Nobel prize winners who have signed a declaration, “There is no Climate Emergency.” But we must be vigilant. Three weeks ago in Montana, a judge sided with a group of kids who were paid to sue the state to take control of the entire energy sector.

I immediately reached out to the MRF and ultimately to Rocky their lobbyist. I also reached out to a physicist in Montana, Ed Berry, who recently beat an alarmist lawsuit in Montana. I also reached out to Greg Wrightstone, the executive director of the CO2 Coalition, a group of scientists who are trying to spread the good word about CO2 and prevent misinformation.

Rocky immediately spoke to a legislator’s staff in Montana, and between this legislator, the CO2 Coalition and Ed Berry a team is in place to defeat this ruling during the appeal process. The MRF was on the case.

Finally, a presidential candidate is stepping up against the doomsday movement. Vivek has publicly stated Climate Alarmist are wrong. With the MRF at our backs freedom will ride high once more.

–K. Ball


This month is your last opportunity to win an expense-paid trip to be our VIP guest on raffle weekend on top of your chance at winning the beautiful 1937 Knucklehead raffle bike.

Your VIP experience includes three days of admission to the museum, a 2-night stay in Maggie Valley, and $300 in travel expenses along with lunch and special recognition during raffle day. Remember, this is the last month to get your chance at an expense-paid trip to beautiful Maggie Valley, NC, and to spend our biggest day of the year with us as a VIP guest.

Raffle Day is always a fun-filled day with historic machines, live music, food trucks, and of course, finding out who will be riding home on the ’37 Knucklehead. Make your plans now to join us on November 18th!


“The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession, what there is of it.”
–Mark Twain

–from Epoch Times


I have been tempted to buy that as a toy sometimes. It is made entirely of steel unlike Jap and other scooters.




Piaggio looks to enhance premium play; forays into bike segment with Aprilia RS 457

Italy’s Piaggio Group aims to enhance its presence in the premium two-wheeler segment in India, as more and more customers seek feature-rich options for mobility requirements, according to a top company executive.

The company, which is present in India through a wholly-owned subsidiary — Piaggio Vehicles, has forayed into the growing mid-size bike segment by unveiling Aprilia RS 457.

“There is an increase in expectations of Indian consumers as they seek more than just a vehicle to commute from one place to another,” Piaggio Vehicles Chairman and MD Diego Graffi added.

Read full story at:

Bikernet Blog




This magnificent car, which reminds me of some Delahay cars from the ‘30s was hand built by Rick Dore.

It ended up briefly behind Jim Waggaman’s Air Stream Studios shop in Escondido, Calif. Jim or El Waggs is a longtime contributor to Bikernet.

Then we found out that this car was purchased by Joe Teresi of Easyriders and placed in a windowed room in his home. Incredible.



Exile on Front Street Review:

I was planning on reading it before I read this review. NOW I’m compelled too.

This review was very interesting and one of the more uniquely written and enjoyable to read ones I have ever read.

Well done J.J.

–El Waggs

  • Celebrity Athletes Deliver Bike Program to 74th Street Elementary School
  • Ahead of SuperMotocross Championship Weekend at Los Angeles Coliseum
All Kids Bike, the nonprofit dedicated to equipping schools with the resources needed to teach children how to ride bikes in kindergarten PE class, kicked off the 2023-24 school year with two new program activations at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) schools thanks to a $100,000 grant from Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, via its Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative (OAI).

The first two recipients of the All Kids Bike Kindergarten Learn-to-Ride PE Program, courtesy of the Yamaha grant, were 74th Street Elementary and Virginia Roads Elementary, both of which are Title 1 schools in LAUSD.

To help get the kids excited about the new program and raise awareness for the All Kids Bike mission, some of Yamaha’s celebrity athletes and ambassadors helped deliver an entire fleet of new bikes to 74th Street Elementary School Friday morning. SuperMotocross cameras were on hand to capture the moment for broadcasts during its Race Day Live and Gate Drop coverage, scheduled to air on Peacock and USA Network, respectively.

On hand to unveil the bikes and help the kids with their first ride around the playground were Yamaha Star Racing’s Eli Tomac, a 2-time Monster Energy Supercross 450 Champion, 4-time Pro Motocross 450 Champion, and 2022 Motocross of Nations Winner; Yamaha Ambassador Ryan Villopoto, the 4-time Supercross Champion, 2-time 450 Motocross Champion, and 3-time 250 Motocross Champion; Yamaha Ambassador Damon Bradshaw, known as one of the all-time top 10 Supercross riders; and Yamaha Bicycles and All Kids Bike ambassador Brian Lopes, a Mountain Bike and BMX Hall of Fame inductee.

“You never forget when you learned to ride a bike, and I’ll never forget seeing how excited these kids were when we showed them the fleet of shiny new bikes and gave them a first ride,” said Eli Tomac, two-time Monster Energy AMA Supercross 450MX Champion, four-time Pro Motocross 450MX Champion, 2022 Motocross of Nations Winner. “We’re here to help raise awareness for the All Kids Bike program and to get people excited about bringing this program to more schools in Los Angeles and across the country. Riding bikes is one of the most fun things you can do when you’re a kid, and it’s also a really important skill that gives you confidence and a sense of freedom you just can’t get any other way.”

The fun and interactive event included LAUSD Region South Administrator Juanita Rainey-Woods, Will Celestine and Maggie Yu-DiPasquale with LAUSD Wellness Programs, and Adriana Valenzuela with LAUSD Physical Education who were on hand to celebrate with the kids. All Kids Bike’s goal is to eventually get the program into every school in LAUSD.

“Student outcomes depend largely on their access to a safe, loving environment and rich learning experiences,” said Dr. Cairen Ireland, principal of 74th Street Elementary and Gifted Magnet. “It’s partners like All Kids Bike and Yamaha that help bridge our scholars to these great opportunities. Fostering wellness and having fun while doing it, is a win-win!”

The All Kids Bike Kindergarten Learn-to-Ride PE Program includes a fleet of 24 balance bikes, pedal conversion kits, helmets, a teacher instruction bike, SHAPE-standard curriculum, teacher training, and equipment storage racks. It’s everything needed to teach kids how to progress from balance to riding a bike in 8 lessons. Among the 434 elementary schools in LAUSD, over 68 have already adopted the All Kids Bike program into their PE curriculum, recognizing the significant value of this skill in enhancing children’s lives both in and out of the classroom.

Lisa Weyer, executive director of Strider Education Foundation, the nonprofit that operates All Kids Bike, expressed her gratitude for Yamaha’s generous support and the commitment of school districts like LAUSD, “The unwavering support of generous donors like Yamaha and the steadfast commitment of school districts in recognizing the profound importance of the All Kids Bike program, empower us to bring the joy of riding to countless children, fostering not only physical skills but also a sense of freedom, confidence, and happiness that will positively impact their lives for years to come.”

In 2023, All Kids Bike received a $100,000 grant from the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative, bringing Yamaha’s total commitment to All Kids Bike programs over the past three years to $200,000.

“Yamaha is about creating experiences, creating memories, and today we’re about getting these kids on bikes,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha Motorsports marketing manager. “Too many kids don’t get the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike these days. We hope these grants help inspire some of these kids to enjoy having fun outdoors, get some exercise, and be excited about school.”


If it’s a Hogs Party you know it is going to be HHHUUGGGEEEE and we want to invite you ALL to join us in celebrating our 31st Hogs-I-Versary,

Friday, September 29th through Sunday, October 1.

Starting things off on Friday, September 29th at 6pm with LIVE MUSIC from Detective Frog, Algorerhythm and The Far Worst. Of course, for any good party there has to be a Celebratory Toast and we’ll have a very special one at 8:30pm, sponsored by Fireball Whisky.

Saturday, September 30 we’re having a FREE CAR SHOW presented by Chops Barbershop and Shave Parlor and La Tienda Vintage Clothing and Goods starting at 4pm and LIVE MUSIC from Eddie Clendening and the Blue Ribbon Boys. Then starting at 7:30pm we have MORE LIVE MUSIC from Noize Complaint, Ash Easton and American Voodoo.

Sunday, October 1 we’re bringing out the grill for a gold ole’ Hogs & Heifers FREE Barbeque from 2pm – 6pm and Live Music from The Moanin’ Blacksnakes, Stanley Ave and Manda Lyn from 5pm – 9pm.

Who’s Invited? You’re Invited as long as you are 21+ w/ID and even better we have NO COVER CHARGE! Spread the word, grab your friends and get ready for a weekend party at Hogs like no other.


The Eastside invitational at the leadroom tilbury docks.

It’s a big pleasure to have White’s Boots grace the pages of Issue 101.

170 years of American made history!

Peep the DicE Blog for more.

–DicE Blog

PANHEAD OF THE WEEK—1948 first year of the Panhead.

1948 Harley-Davidson found in a Building in Michigan City Indiana

–Sam Burns
Chief Curator™

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Vance & Hines/Harley-Davidson racer Hayden Gillim Wins Saturday Race and Crowned King of the Baggers Series Champion.

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle factory rider Kyle Wyman scored his seventh win of the season and Vance & Hines/Mission Foods Harley-Davidson rider Hayden Gillim secured the season championship on Sunday in the final race of the 2023 MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers series at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, N.J. Vance & Hines/Mission Foods rider James Rispoli finished second in the championship standings and Wyman was third as Harley-Davidson riders claimed the top three spots in final series points.

“It’s been one of, if not the best, year of my life,” said Gillim, who won three races with eight additional podium finishes on the season. “I’m really happy to bring this home for Vance & Hines, for Mission Foods, and for Harley-Davidson. Next season will be a real scrap in this series. Honestly the field is stacked, and if everybody stays next year it’s going to be a tough championship to hold onto.”

In the Friday qualifying session, Wyman broke his own New Jersey Motorsports Park class lap record of 1:24.447 aboard his race-prepared Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® motorcycle. That time would never be approached for the rest of the weekend, as rain resulted in very wet to damp conditions on the 2.25-mile, 12-turn road course on Saturday and Sunday.

Gillim (215 points), Rispoli (213 points) and Wyman (204 points) were each in contention for the championship before the start of the first eight-lap King of the Baggers race on Saturday. As the riders completed a warm-up lap in the rain, Wyman lost control and slid off track. He was able to remount and start the race, but his motorcycle was damaged, and he retired on lap 3. Gillim took the race lead on lap 3 and was never challenged as early leader Rispoli could not match his pace on the wet track and settled for second place, 9.10 seconds behind Gillim. Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle® factory rider Travis Wyman battled to finish in third place and score his first podium finish of the season, just 0.40 seconds behind Rispoli. After the Saturday race, Gillim led Rispoli by 7 championship points, and Wyman was out of contention for the title.

Kyle Wyman bounced back to win the Sunday race, taking the lead on lap 2, after Rispoli ran off the wet track. Wyman opened a gap and stretched his lead to 3.724 seconds over second place Gillim at the finish. Max Flinders finished third on the M3/Revolution Performance Indian. Rispoli finished in seventh place.

“After Rispoli went off, I just tried to be patient, not make a mistake and open a gap,” said Wyman. “I suppose a win in the last race sends a message. It really stings to come up short in the championship after winning the most races, but I’m also proud of my race wins, proud of the team and what it has accomplished from a development standpoint, which trickles down to the other Harley teams. This has been a crazy year and obviously this weekend did not end as we hoped it might, but Harley-Davidson is one-two-three in the championship and that’s the next-best result for us. I want to send a big thanks to everyone at Harley who worked so hard for us this season, and we’ll be back to get them next year.”

At the conclusion of the 14-race 2023 MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers series, Gillim wins the championship with 260 points. Rispoli is second with 242 points, followed by Kyle Wyman with 229 points. Wyman won seven of 14 races on the season, with one additional podium finish. Jake Lewis rode a Team Saddlemen Harley-Davidson Road Glide motorcycle to seventh place with 126 points. Travis Wyman placed eighth with 112 points.

The Mission King of the Baggers series features race-prepared American V-Twin touring motorcycles. Harley-Davidson Factory Team Road Glide motorcycles are powered by modified Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight 131 Performance Crate Engines. The team bikes also feature upgraded suspension components, including Screamin’ Eagle/Öhlins Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks, plus competition exhaust, race tires and lightweight bodywork.

MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Race Results – New Jersey Motorsports Park Race 1
  1. Hayden Gillim (H-D) Vance & Hines/Mission Foods/Harley-Davidson
  2. James Rispoli (H-D) Vance & Hines/Mission Foods/Harley-Davidson
  3. Travis Wyman (H-D) Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson
  4. Kyle Ohnsorg (Ind) Roland Sands Design
  5. Bobby Fong (Ind) Sacramento Mile/SDI Racing/Roland Sands Design
  6. Jake Lewis (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  7. Max Flinders (Ind) M3/Revolution Performance
  8. Tyler O’Hara (Ind) Progressive/Mission Foods
  9. Frankie Garcia (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  10. Patricia Fernandez-West (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  11. DNF. Kyle Wyman (H-D) Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson
  12. DNF. Cody Wyman (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  13. DNF. Jeremy McWilliams (Ind) Progressive/Mission Foods
MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Race Results – New Jersey Motorsports Park Race 2
  1. Kyle Wyman (H-D) Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson
  2. Hayden Gillim (H-D) Vance & Hines/Mission Foods/Harley-Davidson
  3. Max Flinders (Ind) M3/Revolution Performance
  4. Bobby Fong (Ind) Sacramento Mile/SDI Racing/Roland Sands
  5. Jeremy McWilliams (Ind) Progressive/Mission Foods
  6. Travis Wyman (H-D) Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson
  7. James Rispoli (H-D) Vance & Hines/Mission Foods/Harley-Davidson
  8. Kyle Ohnsorg (Ind) Roland Sands Design
  9. Jake Lewis (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  10. Frankie Garcia (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  11. Patricia Fernandez-West (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  12. DNF. Tyler O’Hara (Ind) Progressive/Mission Foods
  13. DNF. Cody Wyman (H-D) Team Saddlemen
Harley-Davidson invites you to enhance the 2023 MotoAmerica King of the Baggers season with some adrenaline pumping action. Check out, ‘Push the Limit,’ a film that shares the story of defending 2021 champion Kyle Wyman, teammate Travis Wyman and the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle race team’s 2022 championship pursuit. Watch it now on Harley-Davidson’s YouTube channel.

Harley-Davidson stands for the timeless pursuit of adventure and freedom for the soul. Go to to learn more about the complete line of 2023 Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring, Sport, Adventure Touring, Cruiser and Trike motorcycles, Harley-Davidson Certified™ pre-owned motorcycles, Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories, Harley-Davidson MotorClothes and gear, and Harley-Davidson Financial Services.

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127-23 Harley JD Intake Pushrods. 1 Pair. 1923-1929 74″ MOTORS
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Monday morning, after nearly two years of delay, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) announced the initial steps to establish the Motorcyclist Advisory Council (MAC). In November of 2021, Congress passed, and President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Included in the law was reformation of the MAC.

The MAC will coordinate with and advise the Secretary of Transportation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator, and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Administrator on transportation issues of concern to motorcyclists, including motorcycle and motorcyclist safety; barrier and road design, construction, and maintenance practices; and the architecture and implementation of intelligent transportation system technologies.

As stated in the announcement, “The MAC seeks to have a fairly balanced membership with expertise in motorcycle and motorcyclist safety, highway engineering, and safety analysis.” Of the 13 seats open on the MAC, “One shall be a representative of a national motorcyclist foundation.” The Motorcycle Riders Foundation looks forward to putting qualified candidates forward to fill not only this designated seat but other seats on the board as well.

Nominations are due by December 15, 2023. If you would like to read more about the MAC, its mission, and its membership click here to read the full announcement from the Federal Register.

The MRF would like to thank all lawmakers in Washington D.C. who fought for the creation and establishment of the MAC. Special thanks to the 13 Members of the House of Representatives who sent this letter to USDOT in May.

The MRF will share more news on the MAC, its membership, future hearings, and findings in the coming months.

As always Ride Safe and Ride Free!


Here’s some pics I shot yesterday, Sunday Sept. 24, in Oceanside, (CA) of the 2023 Cannonball Cross Country Vintage Motorcycle Race Grand Finale.

I even found a Hamster (Bob Zoella) in the mix. He was riding the 1925 Harley # plate 61. And Micah’s is the red Indian.

UGLY Dinner in Las Vegas.
Great UGLY time!!

–El Waggs


Very Early S&S Carburetor. Clean, all threads look good. $250

From George Wood on Facebook
Located in new Orleans LA

–Sam Burns

NEW 250 MOTOCROSSER from Triumph unleashed — at the SuperMotocross World Championship Final

Complete revelation of eagerly awaited Triumph 250 is scheduled for November 28, 2023, and was announced on the giant screens of the stadium.

On September 23rd, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in California was the venue for SuperMotocross World Championship Final, and the spectators had the additional thrill of witnessing the first Triumph 250cc motocross bike in action.

Two Triumph motocross motorcycles made a grand entrance into the arena accompanied with pyrotechnics and fanfare.

The highly anticipated production model motorcycle was ridden by Jeff ‘Six Time’ Stanton, a former champion who had previously won a championship at this very Coliseum. The other motorcycle saw Ricky Carmichael, also known as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), riding with his own graphics and non-standard specification components on the Triumph 250.

Marking this moment, Triumph also launched its new Triumph Racing website and social media channels. Follow the action @OfficialTriumphRacing on Instagram and Facebook.

Read at the Bikernet Blog:

Thanks & regards,
Editor: Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page

EL CAMINO SHOW THIS WEEKEND— This Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023
8am to 2pm – Rain or Shine
El Camino College – Torrance, CA



In Harley-Davidson’s desperate search for volume sales, will there be a smaller Harley-Davidson X210 in India?

Psst….it is rumored to be powered by the same 210cc single-cylinder engine found in the Hero Karizma XMR.

–by Ujjwal Dey
Coming soon, an article about it, this weekend….only on

ASK YOUR U.S. Representative to Support the CARS Act
Encourage support from lawmakers for this bill:

U.S. Representative Tim Walberg (R-MI) introduced a SEMA-supported bill, the “Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act” (H.R. 4468), to prevent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from finalizing its proposed emissions standards that seeks to have electric vehicles make up 67% of new vehicles sold by 2032. The House Energy and Commerce Committee passed H.R. 4468 in July. SEMA is now working to ensure the legislation receives a vote in the House of Representatives.

If passed into law, the CARS Act would stop regulatory overreach by the EPA, allowing consumers to have the freedom to choose the technology that powers their vehicles. As proposed, the EPA’s rules would force auto manufacturers to meet unrealistic mandates driven by the most aggressive light-duty emissions regulations in U.S. history.



All you people cussing and cursing journalists and reporters online– maybe now there is an online competitor to ‘face’ and respond to brickbats. And sticks and stones won’t break their spirit or backup.

Many jobs do end with progress of technology, from steam engines to emergence of factory machinery and affordable air-transport . Now AI may kill those offensive journalists and their jobs, feeding you whatever pleases your eye and mind.

Personalized news to appease you.

Bots are taking over the world wide web and soon bookstores too would have fiction novels not from Dan Brown or J K Rowling. You would be able to buy and read and review novels from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Disney, Sony, et al.

Why Silicon Valley’s biggest AI developers are hiring poets.

Training data companies are grabbing writers of fiction, drama, poetry, and also general humanities experts to improve AI creative writing.

Hires are asked to write original short stories to feed AI models, as part of a drive to boost the literary quality of generative writing tools. Silicon Valley training data giants Scale AI and Appen are hiring poets and writers with humanities backgrounds, including in Hindi and Japanese.

From SubStack of Ujjwal Dey at:


“So long as we live among men, let us cherish humanity.”
~ Andre Gide

–Epoch Times


Check out the location.

–Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor

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Sling Shot Footpeg Adapter

Use this footpeg adapter to mount a footpeg wherever you have a 5/16 mounting point or mount it to the pivot point on any of our Sling Shot Brake or Clutch Controls.


“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
~ Will Rogers


This might dent the sales of other motorcycle brands in North America and Europe.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Engine Specifications, Dimensions Leaked: Details Here

Shotgun 650 was approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for 2024, according to a report last month. The bobber has gained the green light from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), and a document showing the engine specifications and dimensions of the motorcycle has been released recently. The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 will be a sibling model to the new Super Meteor 650 and will have more street bike ergonomics.

Read the full story at:

Editor: Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page

I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING—But I don’t know how to describe it. We are having the time of our lives in the Black Hills. Guys ask me all the time about moving to snow country. It’s not so much about the move. It’s the ability to pack your shit and find a new adventure. It doesn’t matter where you go, just get it done, if you have the balls.

The second part of the equation is the fact that we can still do pretty much whatever we want to do, for now.

Irish Rich came over yesterday and we took a look at my clutch issue for the VL, XA, FL project and rolled down to a machine shop in Spearfish where we discussed some machine work with Reno.

Then we drove to Rich’s shop and loaded Vicki’s ’84 Shovelhead, the last year of the Shovelhead platform into the 5-Ball van. I supplied a part or two and Rich did all the work to convert it back from a Jockey-shift to a foot-shift bike.

We returned the bike to Vicki, made her day.

I’m switching out the Paughco flat track bars for a pair of Nash custom made high-bars. I dinged them slightly and sprayed them with Rust-oleum satin-black paint. Now I’m grappling with the cables. We will see.

I’m helping John with his new ’60 Panhead project. We are rebuilding the carb and I dug out this old manual and all my Linkert carb parts. I was able for find many of the needed parts, but not all of them. He ordered some and a new float for the float bowl. I will clean and clear the body and reassemble it.


I spotted this Knucklehead in downtown Sturgis and a sharp Royal Enfield in Deadwood where I saw Charlie Rust riding one of his Knuckleheads.

So, what’s next? I’m going to give it a shot to get an agent with William Morris for my fiction and books. I’m going to Deadwood to hit the city up to rebuild my home retaining wall. Everything is shifting. I’ll roll back over to Vicki’s with a truck battery charger.

Also, tomorrow my plan is to revisit book projects for next year. So, hang on.

And don’t forget to get involved and informed. There are a couple of websites you can check on once in a while: Watts Up with That, the CO2 coalition site and Climate Realism. Find one you like and follow it.

We need the truth forever.


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It’s been an interesting week, with the debates, the interview with Trump and the cancelation of the BMST event in Bonneville. Then there’s this image my son sent me this morning.

We better hit the news.

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REGARDING THE DEBATE—I’ll let Alex Epstein handle the response.

How I would debate energy and climate if I were running for President
In last night’s debate, some candidates made good points about energy. But there’s a lot of room for improvement.

During and after last night’s Republican Primary debate I got a bunch of messages praising the candidates for using some of my Energy Talking Points.¹

One top Senate staffer wrote me: “I think your talking points were the biggest winner tonight.”

While I am glad to have had a positive influence on what politicians are saying about energy, my main reaction to last night’s debate was that no candidate is close to taking full advantage of the best energy messaging and policy ideas.

So here are the top 5 points I’d make to put forward a positive vision of energy and energy freedom, followed by how I’d answer the question about young people’s fear of climate change that no candidate answered directly.

(Just to be clear, I am never going to run for President or any other political office. But I will continue to do whatever I can to help elected officials and candidates to have the best possible policies, messaging, and facts when it comes to energy, environment, and climate.)

1. The most important thing I can do to make your life better—something that will lead to a better economy, a lower cost of living, more well-paying job opportunities, a smaller deficit, and greater national security—is unleashing American energy.

2. Because energy is the industry that powers every other industry, the price of energy affects the price of everything: the lower cost energy is, the lower cost everything is—the higher cost energy is, the higher cost everything is.

3: If we unleash American energy with energy freedom policies—allowing every form of energy to achieve its potential—we will become the world’s energy superpower by far, whether it’s oil, gas, nuclear, geothermal, whatever.

Remember when the world thought American oil was dead? Thanks to American energy freedom we had the shale revolution, and now we’re the world’s leading producer.²

 4: Instead of unleashing American energy with energy freedom, Joe Biden has strangled American energy with green energy fascism—using dictatorial power to stop crucial mining and drilling projects, shut down reliable power plants, and prevent vital new pipelines.³

The results of Biden’s green energy fascism are higher energy prices, an increasingly unreliable grid, and a deadly dependence on China, which controls the whole solar/wind/battery supply chain, produced of course using coal; China is actively building over 100 new coal plants.4

5: If elected President, I will from Day 1 unleash American energy with energy freedom policies, including: liberate domestic mining and drilling for all forms of energy, end preferences for unreliable electricity, and decriminalize nuclear energy.
With my energy freedom policies, we’ll see a jump-started economy, lower fuel prices and food prices, new job opportunities for workers of all skill levels, a lower deficit, and a weakened China that can no longer control our energy and therefore us.

To unleash American energy through energy freedom is going to require not just rhetoric but radical, enduring policy changes against huge deep state and corporate opposition. I am 100% committed to making this kind of change.

How I would have responded to last night’s climate question from a student, which was: “Polls consistently show that young people’s number one issue is climate change. How will you as both President of the United States and leader of the Republican Party calm their fears that the Republican Party doesn’t care about climate change?”

Many Americans, especially young Americans, are very concerned about climate given what they hear from the media and other institutions. The solution is neither to evade their concern nor to appease it. We need a candidate who can alleviate their concerns with science, logic, and good policy ideas.

We need to make clear to young people the difference between climate impact, which is real, and climate catastrophe, which is not.

The world has warmed ~1° C in the last 170 years. Humans have some influence. But because we are so good at mastering climate, climate disaster deaths fell 98% over the last century.5

To address any long-term concerns about CO2 emissions we need to advocate the policies that have the best chance of actually leading to cost-effective alternatives that everyone, including China and India, will actually use. And those policies are energy freedom policies.6

Energy freedom means: liberate development, including mining, from all the irrational restrictions (including NEPA, which strangles anything that somehow connects to the Federal government, which is most large projects) and to decriminalize nuclear energy.

–Energy Talking Points


I wanted to reach out directly to you, the participants. For many of you I know your race programs, how they have grown, and what you are looking to achieve at the event. For our newest participants I was looking forward to meeting you and learning about you and your objectives. Everyone has a story and a goal, and I want to facilitate and support you in achieving them.

A small core crew of racer volunteers have been working here in Wendover the past few days as part of the assessment team, and also prepping gear and trailers to support 2024.

We have significant new improvements we were planning to debut (including new mile marker flags) that we have prepped for implementation next year. As of Thursday, this team is heading back to their homes and we will be spending the weekend unpacking and getting the next items in our cancellation process underway.

I will begin contacting each of you early next week about our plans for 2024 and cancellation options to support the event. It takes a lot to support world class racing and I thank you for your patience with this all volunteer operation as we shift gears into closing 2023 and planning for 2024.

–Delvene Reber

Event Director/Owner
Deliciate Promotions LLC
Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

PH: 530.263.7276 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @bonnevillemst


People who criticize coal are beyond redemption. Coal is poetic; trees covered Gondwana during the Carboniferous period. Those trees died and after millions of years became coal. Humans dig up coal and use it to build every amenity which has taken humanity from the tyranny of nature: energy. steel, cement; and when humanity burns coal CO2 is released to feed the plants alive today.

Only a moron would find fault with that.

–Dr. Judith Curry



LIFESTYLE CYCLES DEAL OF THE WEEK— 2022 Harley-Davidson FXBBS – Street Bob 114

Stock# 13969

2022 FXBBS Street Bob 114 CI with only 3,537 miles!

The time has come for Lifestyle Cycles to start getting in the newer year models of Harley Davidson motorcycles and with this 2022 FXBBS Street Bob we couldn’t be happier to have it be a part of our inventory!

* Krator tall Fairing
* Black Fork Boots
* Chrome Engine Guard
* 114 Cubic Inch Engine
* Harley Two Seater with Sissy Bar
* Passenger pegs
* Stock Dual Exhaust
* Single Saddlebag
* These Tires are very much ready for more miles!
* 10-Inch Wrinkle Black Handlebars
* This bike is only at 3500 miles and counting, be the next to add more miles to its odometer!
* Stage 1 Air cleaner

This bike is only $14,995.00

Plus license, $85.00 documentation fee, and local sales tax. NO HIDDEN FEES like some dealers. And we have no reconditioning or prep fees.

This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 92-point safety/mechanical/structural inspection.

This motorcycle has not been refurbished and does not come with any warranty expressed or implied! EXTENDED WARRANTIES are available!


Lifestyle Cycles is located at 1510 State College Blvd,Anaheim,CA,92806. Open 7 days a week.

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We were working on a Bonneville track check list. Here’s what we came up with so far:

  • Check front end, and steering fasteners
  • Check front wheels
  • Check Tire pressure
  • Check for fuel leaks
  • Check fuel level
  • Check oil level.
  • Check rear chain, tire and axle
  • Safety wire rear axle
  • Check all pilot controls for lose fasteners and adjustments
  • Check motor mounts
  • Transmission mounts
  • Gas tank mounts



Annual Legally Armed in Detroit Ladies Shoot

Last month, the NRA had the privilege of attending and sponsoring the 12th Annual Legally Armed in Detroit’s Ladies Shoot. This event is the largest, free, women’s shoot of its kind.

Most of those in attendance had never fired a gun before. Thousands of ladies partook in this one-of-a-kind, judgment-free event, with the assistance of NRA and USCCA volunteer instructors.

This made for the perfect introduction to firearms and firearms safety. Following the event, many showed a deep interest in seeking further firearms training. NRA-ILA has long-supported new NRA Board Member, Rick Ector’s, Legally Armed in Detroit event. Last month, as we set-up at Midwest Shooting Center (formally Top Gun), we were once again reminded of where it all began.




REVIEW: Very engaging and sets the mood and scenario. I like it. It could be a lengthier story.

The mention of a crack whore wife reminded me of Johnny Cash song — Cocaine Blues and Folsom Prison.

Check it out.

COCAINE BLUES by Johnny Cash
Early one mornin’ while makin’ the rounds
I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down
Went right home and I went to bed
I stuck that lovin’ 44 beneath my head

Got up next mornin’ and I grabbed that gun
Took a shot of cocaine and away I run
Made a good run but I ran too slow
They overtook me down in Juarez, Mexico

Late in the hot joints takin’ the pills
In walked the sheriff from Jericho Hill
He said, “Willy Lee, your name is not Jack Brown
You’re the dirty heck that shot your woman down”

Said, “Yes, oh yes my name is Willy Lee
If you’ve got the warrant just a-read it to me
Shot her down because she made me slow
I thought I was her daddy but she had five more”

When I was arrested I was dressed in black
They put me on a train and they took me back
Had no friends for to go my bail
They slapped my dried up carcass in that county jail

Got up next mornin’ ’bout a half past nine
I spied the sheriff coming down the line
Ah, and he coughed as he cleared his throat
He said, “Come on, you dirty heck, into that district court”

Into the courtroom my trial began
Where I was handled by twelve honest men
Just before the jury started out
I saw the little judge commence to look about

In about five minutes in walked the man
Holding the verdict in his right hand
The verdict read in the first degree
I hollered, “Lawdy Lawdy, have a mercy on me”

The judge he smiled as he picked up his pen
99 years in the Folsom pen
99 years underneath that ground
I can’t forget the day I shot that bad bitch down

Come on you’ve gotta listen unto me
Lay off that whiskey and let that cocaine be

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Rise to the occasion!
Rise and Shine!

How High Do You Wanna Be? …

 OK, ignore the bad puns, but do Get 30% OFF a variety of Risers right now!
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–Sam Burns
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“It is stupid to buy ICE now” – Ola Electric CEO

The company recently launched the Ola S1 Air and on Independence Day it launched the S1 X across its 1000 sales centers. Ola expects demand to grow further in small towns and rural areas with the S1 X, which is more affordable. Ola believes demand will go even deeper into the countryside now.

See full story at:

If this was regarding the North American or European market, many would probably gladly agree. The penetration of EVs at those markets are at least enough to market and promote the ‘new thing’ called Electric Vehicles’ which has captured the imagination of politicians, environmentalists, power companies, start-up entrepreneurs, and most of all the Wall street pigs who are the ones who will get paid big-time for — new infrastructure, new factories, new vehicles, new training firms, new dealerships, new advertisements, new consumer financing, etc — (and of course, “data”, which is the new oil).

This article however addresses India — which is neither self-sufficient in gasoline nor having the electrical infrastructure to power vehicles….not to mention the condition of its roadways.

Most of the Asian, African and South American nations can’t possibly believe the conclusion this Ola CEO has reached for their respective developing nations with their respective burgeoning populations. So, what numbers does this corporate head believe will come to fruition in India?

Just because you save a bit of money, would you buy a lame horse instead of a healthy mule? Is that an unfair analogy? Well, yeah, the modern refined ICE engines are in fact best of the breed horses whereas the EV tech are just new born ducks that can’t fly, swim nor fill our family cooking pot!

Sure, I am bitchy, but even the so-called financial city of India is full of overhead hanging wires and cost per unit of electricity is as high as it could possibly be.

The whole of India had been working towards enabling road transport for petrol and diesel powered vehicles and from last decade, CNG powered vehicles. Now into that potpourri they want to add a half-baked product called Electric Vehicles and electric charging stations.

Regarding Ola and its leader, at the very least they could have come up with better brand names than pretentious, apish S1 Air — you are a long way from being a tech icon such as Apple.

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BABE OF THE WEEK—Charlotte Schwarz

–Sam Burns
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S&S IS BACK WITH BIKERNET—Check out the Lava chrome series of component.

Lava Chrome Stealth Mini Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit for 2017-2023 M8 Touring, 2018-2023 Softail Uses 170-0354C Stealth Kit with CARB EO# D-355-41 for a Stock Bore Throttle Body

BIKERNET GUN NUT REPORT–Changes Coming Soon for New York State Gun Owners

There are some significant changes due to take effect early next month in the Empire State.

New York is switching from a jurisdiction in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducts firearms-related NICS background checks, to one in which the New York State Police will conduct all firearm and ammunition-related background checks using both NICS and a pending “statewide license and record database.”

This shift is occurring due to legislation enacted last year, NY Exec. Law § 228, which authorizes the state police to act as the “point of contact” for background checks required under “18 U.S.C. sec. 922(t), all federal regulations and applicable guidelines adopted pursuant thereto, and the national instant criminal background check system for the purchase of firearms and ammunition.”

That law directs the Superintendent of State Police to establish a “centralized bureau” for firearm and ammunition background checks. NY Exec. Law § 228(7) specifies that, within 60 days of July 15, 2023, the superintendent must “notify each licensed dealer holding a permit to sell firearms” to submit requests for background checks to the state police, which appears to be an indirect way of setting a deadline of September 13 (the date the 60-day period expires) for the system to be operational.

Section § 228(5) allows the state to charge fees for background checks using this state database, which fees cannot “exceed the total amount of direct and indirect costs incurred by the bureau in performing such background check.” One source indicates that these fees will add an additional $9 (firearms) and $2.50 (ammunition) to purchases and transfers.

The shift to a state “point of contact” jurisdiction occurs in tandem with a second change, a related but separate development under a state law that mandates background checks for ammunition transfers by “sellers of ammunition.” This background check requirement dates back to the SAFE Act of 2013 and requires that a state database for ammunition background checks be used (federal law, 28 C.F.R. 25.6, limits the use of the NICS system for checks “only in connection with a proposed firearm transfer as required by the Brady Act. FFLs are strictly prohibited from initiating a NICS background check for any other purpose”).

This ammunition background check requirement comes with a statutory precondition and grace period before it may take effect. Specifically, the state police superintendent must first “certify” that “the statewide license and record database established pursuant to [NY Penal Law § 400.02] and the statewide license and record database established for ammunition sales are operational,” followed by a 30-day period after which the ammunition background check requirement is in effect. In a classic example of the New York’s legislature’s signature style of “pass gun control laws first, figure out if they work later,” it became apparent once the SAFE Act was passed that the ammunition background check mandate was unachievable at the time. The-then police superintendent advised that his agency lacked the technology to implement the requirement and had “no idea when ammunition background checks… will begin across the state.”

A further complication is that the entire ammunition background check database project was placed in abeyance due to a 2015 memorandum of understanding (MOU). The agreement, entered into by the Cuomo Administration and then-Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, promised that no state money would be spent on implementing the ammunition background check database until a cost plan had been approved by the parties. The MOU further stipulated that any certification of the database as operational would not be made until the parties had approved a plan on its implementation. Last year, however, Governor Kathy Hochul indicated she was aware of the “old MOU that was signed related to ammunition sales after laws were passed the decade ago, it was an administration document between the prior administration and the Senate Republicans,” but decided to ignore it – “we are literally tearing it up and New York will now require and conduct background checks for all ammunition purchases.”

There is no indication on either the state police or the governor’s websites that the certification of the statewide license and record database as operational has occurred. However, the NY State Police website currently advises that the “background check requirements imposed on all retail sellers of ammunition are scheduled to take effect on September 13, 2023.”


A couple of brothers wanted to show Buck Lovell respect after his passing. We’re going to have a stone engraved in pure outlaw Deadwood fashion. We are working on what to have engraved into rugged surface.

The Buck Stopped Here!

Buck Lovell

Pure Buckshot His Demise
He rode the Black Hills Buck Naked
Remembered for the Biggest Bang for His Buck
Never Pass the Buck
He Bucked the System to make a Quick Buck.
Never big Bucks but His Humor was worth a Million Bucks.

“We will miss you brother…” –Bandit

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Green plants grow faster with more CO2. Robust agricultural research shows that more CO2 will help feed a hungry planet. We can all agree that more food security helps us at home and abroad.

Land plants given more CO2 also become more drought-resistant because higher CO2 levels allow them to use water more efficiently. More abundant and stronger plants from increased CO2 are already seen around the world.

Satellite images show significant greening of the planet in recent decades, especially near deserts where drought resistance is critical. This remarkable global greening is the result of an increase of cO2 over the last two hundred years. Still higher CO2 levels will bring still more benefits to plant growth.

“The CO2 Coalition has produced a simple brochure. It’s available through the CO2 Coalition web site or if you want one quick, drop me an address to If you are tired of the bullshit and want to know the full story, read Greg’s book.” –Bandit

SEMA Breaking News

Aftermarket Defeat Devices Removed from EPA’s Top Enforcement Priorities List

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-proposed (EPA) released its final National Enforcement and Compliance Initiative (NECI) for 2024 through 2027, outlining the agency’s top enforcement priorities for the coming years. The EPA did not include “Stopping Aftermarket Defeat Device for Vehicles and Engines” on the NECI list. The agency returned enforcement of aftermarket parts to a standard “core” priority as it had been for many years until 2020.

“The EPA’s decision to remove enforcement against aftermarket products from the NECI and return it to a standard priority is a recognition of our industry’s commitment to emissions compliance and the progress we’ve made,” said SEMA President and CEO Mike Spagnola.



Shirts from the iconic motorcycle film are 25% off!

Considered to be the godfather of all motorcycle movies and credited with legitimizing one of America’s favorite pastimes, On Any Sunday never disappoints. Here at the Revival workshop, there simply isn’t another film about Motorcycles that we love more.

Revival was beyond honored to have been asked by Bruce Brown Films to develop an Official On Any Sunday merchandise line.

Now you have the chance to pick up select sizes of your favorite movie-inspired On Any Sunday tees at a discount!


“We have a saying in Tibet: If a problem can be solved there is no use worrying about it. If it can’t be solved, worrying will do no good.” – Heinrich Harrer

–Epoch Times

MORE ON THE CLIMATE CHANGE– Misinformation Wins in Montana Climate Kids Lawsuit

A group of young people in Montana won a landmark lawsuit on August 14, when a judge ruled as unconstitutional the state’s failure to consider climate change when approving fossil fuel projects. The judge accepted as fact allegations made by plaintiffs in the suit, which we will systematically show to be patently false.

Just some of the catastrophes accepted as fact by the judge included:

  • More heat waves and extreme summer heat
  • Days above 90 degrees increased by 20 days between 1970 and 2015
  • Increased drought and lower precipitation

We will soon have a complete rebuttal to the Montana lawsuit. First, the plaintiffs cherry-picked the time frame of 1970 to 2015 to select days above 90 degrees Fahrenheit when the full data show that there has been no discernible trend since the 1920s. In fact, the period between 1920-40 looks remarkably similar to the most recent several decades.

Increasing drought and lack of precipitation? That isn’t what the data show.

According to Judge Kathy Seeley of Montana District Court, Montana is a “major emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.” She added that the state’s emissions “have been proven to be a substantial factor” in affecting the climate. Is that the case?

Montana’s CO2 emissions are 0.6% of the total U.S. emissions. If Montana had gone to zero emissions of CO2 in 2010, it would only avert 0.0004 degree Fahrenheit of greenhouse warming by 2050 and 0.001 degree by 2100, according to the MAGICC simulator, a tool created by a consortium of climate research institutes including the The National Center for Atmospheric Research. These numbers are far below our ability to even measure and certainly not the “substantial factor” as claimed.

–CO2 Coalition

THE FREE SPEECH FILES–Elite Crackdown On Free Speech Worldwide Intensifies

From North America to Australia to Europe, elites seek censorship, privacy invasions, and the prosecution of wrong-think as “pre-crime”

The leaders of nations, representatives of international organizations, including the United Nations, and philanthropists say they are committed to creating free and open societies. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook has independent fact-checkers, is open to all perspectives, and doesn’t interfere in elections. And, in response to questions from a colleague at Public, a representative from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations insisted the philanthropy supported free speech.

“In response to your effort to conflate any attempt to address hate speech as a frontal assault on free speech itself,” the Soros spokesperson said, “perhaps the words of the UN Secretary-General will help in illuminating a crucial distinction: ‘Addressing hate speech does not mean limiting or prohibiting freedom of speech.’”

But these words are a thin veil covering an aggressive attack on freedom of speech around the world, from Australia to North America to Europe, where the Digital Services Act, which demands Internet companies “Address any risk they pose on society, including public health, physical and mental well-being,” goes into effect today.

A blockbuster new investigation by Australia’s SkyNews discovered that Meta-Facebook has been paying activists to serve as neutral fact-checkers while, in reality, using their power to censor their political enemies.

The context is that this fall, Australians will vote in a special national election, the Australian Indigenous Voice referendum, on whether to give special political powers to native peoples. Facebook is funding those in favor of the referendum to censor its opponents. “An audit of RMIT Voice fact checks showed the 17 Voice checks between May 3 and June 23 this year were all targeting anti-Voice opinions or views,” Sky News Found.

–Hang on for more from Michael Shellenberger on his PUBLIC substack


–Sam Burns
Feature Biker Editor™

NATIONAL REVIEW WRONG-– on ATF Frame or Receiver Rule

Political observers expect the Washington Post and the New York Times to carry water for Joe Biden’s Department of Justice gun control agenda. It’s surprising when the conservative National Review seemingly bends over backwards to defend the weaponized agency in a poorly researched and written piece.

On August 9, National Review published an item with the confident title “Yes, the ATF Can Legally Regulate Ghost Guns.” The ill-informed piece was written by a summer intern. If it was an unpaid internship, the publication got every penny’s worth.

At issue is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives rule 2021R-05, concerning the “Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms.” Published April 26, 2022, the rule, in part, contends that ATF has the statutory authority to regulate so-called unfinished or 80-percent frames or receivers. As firearms built from unregulated parts for personal use do not require markings and are not subject to federal recordkeeping, gun control advocates refer to firearms constructed using unfinished frames or receivers as “ghost guns” to spook the ignorant.

Federal law, 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(3), defines “firearm” for the purposes of the Gun Control Act (GCA) as follows:

(3) The term “firearm” means (A) any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; (B) the frame or receiver of any such weapon; (C) any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; or (D) any destructive device. Such term does not include an antique firearm.

Note that the definition includes the “the frame or receiver of any such weapon.” The practical effect of this definition is that the frame or receiver of a firearm must be marked with a serial number, is subject to federal recordkeeping requirements, and a non-Federal Firearms Licensee seeking to acquire a frame or receiver from a retailer must undergo National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check prior to transfer.

ATF rule 2021R-05 seeks to sweep items that are not in fact frames or receivers into the statutory definition of “firearm.” The rule contains the following expansive regulatory definition.

(c) Partially complete, disassembled, or nonfunctional frame or receiver.

The terms “frame” and “receiver” shall include a partially complete, disassembled, or nonfunctional frame or receiver, including a frame or receiver parts kit, that is designed to or may readily be completed, assembled, restored, or otherwise converted to function as a frame or receiver, i.e., to house or provide a structure for the primary energized component of a handgun, breech blocking or sealing component of a projectile weapon other than a handgun, or internal sound reduction component of a firearm muffler or firearm silencer, as the case may be. The terms shall not include a forging, casting, printing, extrusion, unmachined body, or similar article that has not yet reached a stage of manufacture where it is clearly identifiable as an unfinished component part of a weapon (e.g., unformed block of metal, liquid polymer, or other raw material).

When issuing a classification, the Director may consider any associated templates, jigs, molds, equipment, tools, instructions, guides, or marketing materials that are sold, distributed, or possessed with the item or kit, or otherwise made available by the seller or distributor of the item or kit to the purchaser or recipient of the item or kit.

NRA pointed out ATF’s flawed logic in the organization’s August 2021 comments on the initial draft of ATF rule 2021R-05. That document explained,

This definition is not consistent with the statutory definition of “firearm.” The relevant portion of that definition defines firearm as “any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive [and] the frame or receiver of any such weapon . . . .” 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(3). With this definition Congress made clear that a “frame or receiver” is not itself a “weapon.” Otherwise, the second clause would read “the weapon of any such weapon.”

Since a “frame or receiver” is not a weapon, then the “readily converted” clause does not apply. If Congress had intended for those items that may be readily converted into frames or receivers to also be considered frames or receivers, then using the same language of the first clause in the second clause would have been a simple way to accomplish that intent.

ATF is correct that a “weapon” that “may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive” is legally a firearm, but a forging, casting, or other raw material that “may readily be converted” into a “frame or receiver” is, as far as the GCA is concerned, nothing.

Understanding that ATF did not have the authority it exerted with rule 2021R-05, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas Judge Reed O’Connor vacated the rule in late June. On August 8, the U.S. Supreme Court granted a stay that allows the government to enforce the rule during the pendency of the government’s appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and a potential appeal for review at the Supreme Court.

In a bizarre turn, to argue that ATF has the authority to regulate these items, the National Review writer either intentionally misread and then selectively quoted the definition for “destructive device.” The author stated,

One might fairly argue, as the opponents of the ATF regulation did, that parts of a weapon are not to be confused with an actual weapon. But this isn’t the only definition of “firearm” in the GCA.

To quote the law verbatim, “The term ‘firearm’ means . . . any destructive device.” A destructive device is then defined as, among other things, “any combination of parts either designed or intended for use in converting any device into any destructive device described in subparagraph (A) or (B)”…

And what does subparagraph (B) describe? “any type of weapon . . . by whatever name known which will, or which may be readily converted to, expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or other propellant.”

As previously noted, the statutory definition of “firearm” at 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(3) does include “any destructive device.” However, the author’s truncated definition of “destructive device” subparagraph (B) excludes vital limiting language.

Here is the complete subparagraph (B) from the definition of “destructive device” at 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(4).

(B) any type of weapon (other than a shotgun or a shotgun shell which the Attorney General finds is generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes) by whatever name known which will, or which may be readily converted to, expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or other propellant, and which has any barrel with a bore of more than one-half inch in diameter;

That last part is important.

Unless a firearm is over .50-caliber, it does not qualify as a destructive device. Even if a firearm is over .50-caliber, it still may not be a “destructive device,” based on its suitability for sporting purposes – such as most shotguns. Aside from the shotgun exemption, the “destructive device” definition also exempts “any other device which the Attorney General finds is not likely to be used as a weapon, is an antique, or is a rifle which the owner intends to use solely for sporting, recreational or cultural purposes.” Big game rifles chambered in sporting calibers like the .600 Nitro Express have been exempted under this provision.

Examples of actual “destructive devices” defined under the term’s subparagraph (B) can be found in ATF’s “Firearms Guide – Identification of Firearms Within the Purview of the National Firearms Act.” They include weapons like the Boys .55Cal Anti-tank Rifle and mortars.

The type of 9mm pistols and .223/5.56x45mm rifles gun owners make using unfinished frames or receivers most certainly do not meet the definition of “destructive devices.” Nor does any combination of their parts, finished or unfinished.

In short, the National Review author’s appeal to the “destructive device” definition to defend ATF’s overreach is a non sequitur.

If a National Review writer or others would like to lobby for unfinished frames or receivers be regulated like firearms, they should direct their policy arguments to the legislative branch. Were Congress to enact legislation altering the relevant statute, regulation of these items would still be suspect under the Second Amendment as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen (2022), as regulating the home manufacture of firearms for personal use is not part of “the Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation.” However, such an effort would at least have a superficial measure of legitimacy, unlike the Biden regime’s endless executive overreach.



Take Action:

About NRA-ILA:

NRA-ILA Grassroots: 1-800-392-8683 (VOTE)

NRA-ILA is the powerhouse political action arm of your NRA. We fight for your freedom in Congress, in your state legislature, and in courtrooms across America.

If you’d like to receive regular updates on important Second Amendment issues, I invite you to sign up for NRA-ILA email and text alerts by clicking here.

Yours in Freedom,

Randy Kozuch
Executive Director


Our trip, led by Danger Dan, was the polar opposite of the average daily routine. We slept in the woods with no alarm clocks and woke up with the sun. We didn’t have a detailed itinerary, plans or deadlines. All we had was a paper Butler Map and 8 days to get to Sturgis.

Head over to our site to read all about our H-D Pan America trip with the legends Danger Dan, Nick Fahringer, Brad Richards, Matt Best and Jonny Bourgault.


Bring out the Full Potential of your Motorcycle!

S&S Cycle has proven time and time again that they are the kings of creating the highest quality parts for V-Twin Motorcycles. From Harley-Davidson to Indian Motorcycle, you’ll find everything S&S has to offer right here at Dennis Kirk. Get your order together today!



The Fight Continues

For over a decade the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) has been pushing the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on key priorities for motorcyclists. We’ve focused on the issues of autonomous vehicles, crash avoidance, and design and construction of our nation’s roads.

On the autonomous vehicle front, the MRF fought for inclusion of language in the 2018 Senate AV bill that required NHTSA to compel manufacturers to report on the self-driving cars ability to “sense motorcyclists in or crossing the path of travel through the automated driving system”

In 2020 and 2021 the MRF advocated for language in the House version of the Highway bill, which required that when USDOT conducts safety studies on autonomous vehicles, motorcycles must be considered as unique roadway users. Additionally, a planned working group on autonomous vehicles would have required inclusion of a motorcycle safety group as part of its membership.

Unfortunately, the dysfunction on Capitol Hill entangled these bills and they failed to meet approval by both chambers. But the MRF won’t take no for an answer so they took the fight on these issues to the executive branch.

Just last month, MRF leadership met with half a dozen NHTSA officials on the importance including motorcycles in the autonomous vehicle regulations. On two different occasions MRF members have met with motorcycle specialists at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) about crash investigations and policies around fatalities involving motorcyclists. And just before Christmas last year, 27 members of Congress sent a letter at the request of the MRF to NHTSA that asked 5 key questions about its policies, regulations, and plans for incorporating motorcyclists in automated driving guidelines.

In both 2015 and 2021, the MRF fought for creation of, and then the renewal of, the Motorcyclist Advisory Council (MAC) at USDOT. This body is tasked with developing policies that make roadway design, construction, and maintenance practices that factor in motorcycle riders. The MRF anticipates having a seat when the new MAC is established.

We raise these issues because the journey is long, the fight is never over but the victories are critical. We thank you for your continued support of the MRF. We do what we do, and we fight for these issues, because you provide the resources, passion and resilience that fuels us.

If you are a rider and not currently a member of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, follow this link to join us now.

As Always, Ride Safe and Ride Free

WHAT’S NEXT? If only I knew. I apologize for all the politics in this news, but we’re under assault and need to be as informed as possible.

We were so ready to go. Luke was excited to see the chute deploy properly.

The bros came over after the Hall of Fame breakfast to check the action, including Nick Trask. We discussed installing a Turbo on the Torpedo for the fast round. He mentioned wanting to become a Bikernet Sponsor. You’ll see more of him around here.

Adding the tilt switch from Riekers Inc. turned into a major challenge. I bolted it to the front of my battery cap and wired it into the system. I was on the phone to the company a half-dozen times. Their terminology left a lot to be desired, but Ed helped me through it.

Okay, so it’s back to the VL, XA, FL, project and our alignment issues. Here’s the question. I reached out to Baker but Linda said because I’m running a ’79-84 5-speed shaft for a rear belt drive the shaft is longer and pushing the clutch basket out. Is there a shorter 5-speed shaft?

Stay informed and free, goddammit!


Read More



A brother wrote to me this week. He wasn’t happy about our government’s policies. 

My friend we are in trouble. Trump is likely the only one who can fix this, but I am not sure he is electable. None of the others can get us there–on either side

My crystal ball says Biden will drop out at the last minute, and they’ll throw someone else in that can’t be vetted or attacked that will get elected but will likely be worse than Biden, the liberals are emboldened that no one is really doing anything to stop them

Thankfully you live in South Dakota, one of only a few decent states to live in, for now anyway.

And my response:
Don’t lose faith. I believe all their policies are cracking. By election time, you will need to be an idiot to vote for anything democratic. They will be revealed as the anti-American, failed policy party.

All we need is one sensible, freedom loving individual to step up & win everything.

How’s that?

Freedom and the truth always win. Let’s hit the news.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

SERIOUS HOPE—We published this on the blog earlier this week, because of the timely nature of it, but I will share it again here:

Rogue, me, Kirk Willard thousands of other guys have been fighting for motorcyclists’ rights for decades. We continue to fight, but lots of brothers and sisters don’t pay attention.

By now most folks are aware of the green movement and what it’s doing to the Fossil Fuel industry, hell even the meat industry. Their problem and their worst fear is that they are wrong. So, what did they do? They called anyone who didn’t agree a denier.

We’re grubby bikers, we deny everything and fuck you, if you don’t like it. So, let’s cut to the chase. They are wrong and the movement pointing out how wrong is growing. I’ve been pushing and looking for solutions for over a decade.

Recently, with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation at my back I came up with a congressional resolution. It was and is a fight for every kid on the planet, who needs to know the truth and who should know we are living in the Best of Times, not the worst.

Last week became incredibly significant. I can’t say it loud enough. Throughout this year we have tried to find someone who would shove our resolution in front of Congress and force a hearing. We finally found support with Senator Rounds office in South Dakota.

Week before last we faced a major setback. Montana lost a court case. It could impact the entire energy industry in Montana and send a very negative message across the country.

The problem with this entire effort is not the facts, the science or the truth, it’s guts. The world and politicians on both sides of the isle are being bullied and paid off. No one wants to step up and say, “Sorry, but we’re not doomed.”

So, what happened in the last couple of days? We had the debates and one guy shook the stage. Vivek had the balls to say on national albeit fading, television that Climate Doom is a hoax and must be addressed.

Then Rocky, the lobbyist from the MRF met with… I will let him tell the story.


Had drinks with staffers for Sen. Daines of Montana yesterday and mentioned the climate. Below is what they told me on the topic.

1. Yes, the state didn’t base their argument on the facts, but an approach to get the case dismissed. Could have been for a couple reasons.

2. Very unfavorable judge for the case. Based upon merits.

3. They are appealing the case. If they receive a more favorable judge then the case can be built on merit it deserves.

Think most importantly they knew exactly the case I was talking about. They think there is a bigger battlefield on this case and didn’t seem worried. I guess that is TBD.


I immediately let Dr. Ed Berry, a freedom fighting physicist in Montana know about this development. Here’s what Ed said, “I am working on an Amicus Brief to the Montana Supreme Court. I think I can persuade the court like I did in 2011.”

The scientists at the CO2 Coalition are also on the case.

Are you beginning to see why last week turned into a major event?

Stay involved and Free,


NASH LABOR DAY SALE–America was built on hard work!

“There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.” ~ Henry Ford





NHTSA Investigates Tesla Again…

In a letter made public this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is seeking answers from Tesla on the company’s “Autopilot” system. The letter sent on July 26th states, “Recently, NHTSA became aware that Tesla has introduced an Autopilot configuration that, when enabled, allows drivers using Autopilot to operate their vehicles for extended periods without Autopilot prompting the driver to apply torque to the steering wheel.”

As the letter notes, the ramifications of this feature are worrisome. “Relaxation of controls designed to ensure that the driver remains engaged in the dynamic driving task could lead to greater driver inattention and failure of the driver to properly supervise Autopilot.”

It is unclear whether Tesla responded by the August 25th deadline noted in the correspondence. However, this action by NHTSA comes on the heels of several other investigations of Tesla. Most important for motorcyclists is the investigation, started nearly a year ago, concerning the deaths of three bikers in crashes involving Teslas believed to be in autopilot mode.

Stories like this one are why the Motorcycle Riders Foundation continues to press federal officials for safety standards on self-driving cars and how they interact with motorcyclists. As the summer riding season comes to a close, don’t forget the words of former NHTSA senior safety adviser, Missy Cummings, “It’s very dangerous for motorcycles to be around Teslas.”

To read the letter from NHTSA click here.

Ride Safe and Ride Free.


FROM BIKERNET BLOG– Royal Enfield eager to enter used motorcycle business

* Royal Enfield is likely to enter the used-bike segment
* The company has got Trademark for “Reown” brand
* They could sell used ones from current dealerships

The surprising news is there’s a high chance all these used bikes will be sold through their existing dealer network. While this provides a great many outlets immediately, it’s a strange move by a company that has the biggest market share for middle-weight motorcycle segment. After all, if a customer walks in and can buy used company-quality-assured motorcycle, then they may not splurge on a top-end new model offerings of Royal Enfield.

The motorcycles are a premium segment bike in India’s economy and the middle-class majority may not want the burden of loans if they can outright buy used older model Enfield.


Editor: Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page


I have a hard cover book for you if you want it. It’s 548 pages and 330 photos and it’s got a photo of you in it with Michael Lichter at the Seattle ER Bike Show. And there’s footage of your ER Bike Show in Vallejo, with Silvermoon and his yellow chopper. And there’s also footage of the 1991 Seattle Autorama where you guys had the ER Streamliner and I got to meet Dave Campos and got his pic next to the Streamliner.

And then there’s the bike run stuff, the build of the 74 Shovel where its motor and tranny got burned up in the Seattle bike shop and then 6 months later went through the Frisco Earthquake. It was a horrible, cursed build, hah. There’s also bike run stuff in there with my ‘67 Shovel Chop and a coupla Redwood Runs action, shit like that.

And if ya don’t like the book very much, it weighs 2 pounds so you can throw it at folks and it’ll hurt.


“I’m looking forward to Dave’s book. He should get together with SugarBear and work on the Chopper History Encyclopedia.” –Bandit


This is a blast. Think about it and give it a shot. Think about something that happened to you with your motorcycle and see if you can describe it in 100 words. Send it to We give a bling package to the winner once a month, publish your story and make you famous. Here’s an example.


“Hilary” reminded me of the1979 Storm

We rode from Northern Cal. The rain came down in buckets. We pulled off under the redwoods in Big Sur. My wife crawled into the back seat of a car. I threw a sleeping bag on the ground under a leaking makeshift lean-to. It didn’t stop.

The fog threatened like a dense cloud of gray paint, and my wife said, “It won’t stop until late afternoon.” We had to ride. We pull out in the morning rain moments before the fog engulfed the highway. We fought the downpours, the following cloud of doom, wrecked cars, 18-wheelers, dead animals and limited vision until we caught a glimmer of the lights of Santa Barbara just before nightfall. We slipped the veil of death once more.



An example from Popular Science magazine dated January 1963. For those who suggest “Remember to always trust science, it’s never wrong.”….. well,

“Science is never settled.” ~ Keith Bandit Ball

Don’t regret these epic words later, act now!

Editor: Bikernet Blog


Atom Bomb-Clay Rathburn Salem, VA, United States builder blogger

Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles

–Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™


“Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn” ~ Albert Einstein

Wisdom Quote

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”  ~ Stephen Hawking

EVs ARE RUNNING OUT OF CUSTOMERS — and some dealers don’t want them anymore

More dealers are saying they have to turn away electric vehicles as demand cools. Without early adopters, EVs are a tougher sell.

As EV growth cools, dealers are the ones left in the lurch.

Electric-car inventory has been piling up on dealership lots this year as companies up their EV production, leading some dealers to say enough is enough. Some are telling automakers they don’t want any more until they can sell what’s sitting, several dealers told Insider.

“We have turned away EV inventory,” said Scott Kunes, the chief operating officer of Kunes Auto and RV Group, which sells Detroit brands as well as Nissan and Mitsubishi in the Midwest. “We need to ensure that we have a good turn on it.”

Automakers are “asking us to make a large investment,” Kunes added, “and we’re just wanting to see some return on that investment.”

Plug-in-vehicle availability is increasing rapidly, a sign the EV-adoption growth curve is about to hit a serious slowdown. A switch from enthusiastic and wealthy early adopters to more apprehensive and budget-minded car shoppers is throwing the electric-car transition for a loop, forcing car companies to change their outlooks and pull back on ambitious EV production goals.

“It’s not just that these vehicles are expensive — which they are. We’re talking about a much more nuanced lifestyle change,” said Sam Fiorani, the vice president of global vehicle forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions. He pointed to differences in the EV ownership experience, including charging and range anxiety, as stoppers for many buyers.

“It’s hard for the average customer to make that leap while spending an extra $10,000,” Fiorani said.

–Alexa St. John and Nora Naughton
The Insider


“What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world- that CO2, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.”

Wallace Manheimer has had a 50+ year career as a scientist at the US Naval Research Laboratory. He has published ~150 reviewed scientific publications and has recently published a book Mass Delusions, how they harm sustainable energy, fusion and fusion breeding, available on Amazon.



Tonight, I’ve got my mama’s church potluck meatloaf in my oven… my house smells like my Arkansas childhood. Earlier, I was smirking to myself as I mixed the ingredients with my bare hands, thinking about my visit with my mama last night.

Mama is deaf, and barely can read. Poor deaf Southern folks born in the fifties kind of slipped through the cracks as far as literacy went… it has always amazed me that she gave birth to not one, but two, daughters who are voracious readers and writers. When I was a kid, she taught me to read before I was four years old. I would sit beside the bathtub when she was in the bath and wash her back and write her notes in the soap running down her back.

I sometimes hold my phone for her and let her slowly read my stories I’ve turned in. She is well aware of who I am and what I do… she knows I have traveled a zillion miles, half of them on motorcycles.

So, last night, I was letting her read my copy turned in this week and answering her daily questions about politics… then, I told my mama something I have told her many times before. I told her I want to buy a new Harley and maybe ride to Sturgis next year…. And she gives me the whole, I wish you would stay off them things, gonna break your neck… spill.

I said ‘Mom, you been saying that speech for almost 25 years.. literally half my life. Have you not figured out its not ever gonna work?’ She said ‘yea, but now I can say ‘You are too old.’


[page break]


Comments received on Bikernet Facebook Page:

“Keep on fighting. We need people like all of you to take the Commonsense fight to them!” ~ Rich Smith

“Thank you Bandit & MRF for doing the heavy lifting” ~ Patrick Boylan

Editor: Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page


Jason Mook asked if I could help him share this info with our Black Hills Hamsters. He would be very grateful if our Black Hills Hamsters could help support this event. And it’s a great excuse to get out and ride while the weather is still good.

Deadwood Custom Cycles is once again sponsoring a Poker Run to benefit the Sacred Mountain Retreat Center’s “Puppies Healing Heroes” Service Dog program. This is a great program that Donates trained service dogs to Veteran and or First Responders to aid in their healing. These service dogs are trained to provide a wide variety of services and have been proven to significantly reduce suicide rates among their owners.

Registration begins at 10am at Deadwood Custom Cycles. There is a $25 per rider or $40 per couple donation required to participate. Kickstands up at 12 Noon. Stops at Chute Rooster Hill City, Gold Pan Saloon Custer, Buckhorn Grille Newcastle, and Saloon #10 Deadwood.


If you have any questions, please contact Jason directly at 757-621-8654



India is one of the biggest and fastest growing consumer markets in the world. Automotive industry is just one among many sectors seeing fast paced growth and expansion, including exports.

The low introductory prices for Electric Vehicles reminds me of the oldest trick in the consumer-con business. Remember how the computer printers are affordable but the costs for cartridges bleed you dry? Now you can grab a new motorcycle for a small down-payment but after a year of paying installments you see how the interest rate has screwed you into paying more than you ever expected?

Hey, kids are sold into sugar-dripping breakfast foods claiming it’s healthy and nutritious. Many of us have bought cigarettes or alcohol considering it an affordable indulgence and if once addicted, we pay for it our entire lives, ruining our family, friendships, career and our very own existence.

This dreamboat EV love story will become another toxic landfill faster than any automotive junkyard you have ever known. I would rather start using public transport than sit on a ticking bomb which collects my personal data while telling me what to do, how to do it and also hang on to its steering wheel as it drives itself to hell.

Editor: Bikernet Blog™

EVs may soon face tough competition from ‘strong hybrid’ segment

Industry experts say the passenger vehicle market is clearly splitting into four sub-segments, with electric, strong hybrids and compressed natural gas (CNG) seeing the most growth, even as expansion in traditional fuel vehicles slows down.

Strong hybrid vehicles have an electric motor as well as an internal combustion engine (ICE), which can work together as well as independent of each other.

Since the supply chain, battery costs and charging infrastructure have to significantly improve before fully-electric cars can take off, strong hybrids are an excellent bridge to future and convenient choice with benefits.

Read full story at:

How falling lithium prices and self-reliance in battery manufacturing are fuelling affordable EVs in India

Currently, the dependence on foreign imports for lithium-ion batteries is a roadblock to delivering cost-efficient EVs to Indian customers. However, falling lithium prices and the discovery of lithium reserves in India have provided hope for lower costs and potential local sourcing.

This, along with government initiatives to achieve self-reliance in battery manufacturing, is expected to  lower EV costs, reduce import dependency, and make EVs more affordable in India.

Read full story at:

SHOP OF THE WEEK— H-D Softail Springer Evo “Zero Given.”

Contact +372 5309 0292 Viimsi, Estonia

–Sam Burns
Bikernet Shop Investigator

TailWhip Basket Weave, touring models ’08-‘23

Taking our popular Kickflip one step further! If it’s more comfort for the passenger or just another platform to let your adventurous side explore, the whipped-up tail will give you what you are looking for!

Shown with Basket Weave seating area. Also available with Double Diamond Stitch, Pleated Stitch and our new Gripp Tape material – for when traction is needed! Many other custom materials and stitch graphics are available as well!

Driver Seating:
12.5″ Wide

Passenger Seating:
7.5″ Wide


Part Number:
LK-587BW [’08-’23]

GRAND JURRIES AND INDICTMENTS– from the Journalism-Bureaucrat Translation Dictionary

258: GRAND JURIES AND INDICTMENTS (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALISM DEFINITION)…..A method of ensuring Justice, created by the saints and angels of myth and fact in a moment of sublime revelation submitted via themselves and by themselves to government entities and resulting in degrees and instances of enlightened fairness and perfectness of the wisdom of governmental oversight seldom seen this side of the Throne of God. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)…..A cunning means of ridding political opposition under the disguise of misleading-vocabulary (“grand’) suggesting just the opposite of its cunning, politically diabolical function. Not to suggest that there is anything non-diabolical in politics or government, I am not suggesting that. I’m just trying to get through this with some level of scale of the degree of eternal, slowly simmering, evil.

A “grand” jury is just the opposite of anything suggesting grandness unless we include Grand Guignol as an example of noble grandeur.

The grand jury’s function, though it is not informed of that, being as it is composed of the dumbest-of-the-dumb in society, which would be people who not only LIKE juries but in fact consider them to be bulwarks of liberty…..the grand jury’s function is to be an unwitting accomplice in political mischief under the guise of ensuring that political mischief can never take place. Certainly not while grand juries are around to cry “HALT!” to the callous mountebanks who would seek to de-empower our empoweredment as a free society.

The degree of bullshittedness engulfing the grand jury “concept” is so flagrant and so unembarrassedly idiotic that if you have the awareness level just a little bit higher than that of a koala you have to say to yourself “Ok, this is just the Founding Fathers fucking with us now to see just how much nonsense we’ll put up with before saying wait a minute.”

IT TURNS OUT no one is ever going to say wait a minute. Good thing I showed up, no?

A grand jury is inhabited by volunteers. Who have no legal knowledge, backround, or expertise – whatever expertise in law is – often no jobs, no lives, no ambitions, a lotta time on their hands, and a burning desire to give their lives meaning by being able to tell people “I served on a grand jury.” To which the response from the equally obtuse listener will be, “Oh, did you go to Harvard or Yale?” To which the PROPER response would be, “No, I was just lazy enough to stay out of prison all my life” but which will PROBABLY be, with a shrug, while lifting the beer glass mouthward, “No, I guess they just figured I was smart.”

No, they KNEW you were STUPID. For one thing you volunteered for this. Even knowing that you would be a call-up jury member for an entire year. Which told THEM that you had no life and CLEARLY no brains. You were asked in the first place, probably very courteously, because you had, according to their records, served on a jury of some kind before. Probably a traditional jury duty “service” which was mandatory. Not a service at all. But you didn’t notice that bit of verbal chicanery. No one does, apparently. And since you couldn’t see through THAT scam and did everything you were ordered to do in the interests of patriotism under pain of legal consequences – much like the draft – they decided you were probably “civic-minded” and might like to be REALLY clobbered with some shenanigans which you just MIGHT interpret as NOBLE!

Far from being noble the actual purpose and function and reason for existence of grand juries is not to ensure Liberty throughout the land but to ensure that Liberty never actually comes into existence throughout the land. Since the American population is incapable of taking physical action against government except when an “oppressed” person is killed by police thus prompting rioting, arson and looting by genetically-related Similarly Oppressed people, the only actual internal threat to government in the USA is from a bureaucrat or from a firebrand citizen capable of arousing the citizenry to action against government OR by being in government himself in high office and using government apparatus to declare tyrannical edicts null and void.

So the Grand Jury apparatus serves to, not protect the citizenry against tyranny, but to protect government against liberty.

You are not supposed to notice this. And it’s a really good bet that you haven’t.

The grand jury, consisting of 23 people, sits quietly in comfortable stupefaction and some sense of importance for the first time in their lives, and listens to the government explain to them why so-and-so needs to be arrested. There is no “other side” or “defense” in the room explaining why the person should NOT be arrested. That would defeat the purpose of the Grand Jury function. It would be marginally FAIR in other words. This is why grand juries are called grand juries: to suggest to the listless citizen that something so vital is being determined that a normal jury-duty jury that listens to both sides is too remedial: a jury consisting of GRAND Deciders must be “convened,” that is gathered from a pool of, needless to say, ultra-knowledgeable legal and majestic minds far above the normal limits of human discernment of right from wrong, capable of grand focus and grand fairness and grand abilities of attention to detail that to date only the gods of Olympus have been able to wield. The members of the grand jury are SO ATTUNED to the successes and failings of Mankind that only through their laser inspections of the myriad ramifications of the accusations being presented can they, and only they, reach a decision that is far out of the reach and hope of success of the normal human.

Whereas, in fact, they are listless fools being moved-about by con artists.

It gets worse. Less than a majority have to agree to ruin the accused’s life….. for the authorities to proceed to ruin the accused’s life.

And there you have it! Now you know something. Oh, and by the way: good luck waiting to hear any of this from what passes for journalists in America. As far as those failed-novelists are concerned grand juries are things that, like masks, keep us all safe.

–by J.J. Solari


It’s our 10th Anniversary so we’re going BIG!

Enter for your chance to win Scott’s bike!

2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST

It’s our 10th Anniversary so we are going big and inviting our sponsors to help us customize every inch of this bike.
– Sawicki Speed
– Bare Knuckle Performance
– Speed Kings Cycle Supply
– Klock Werks
– Saddlemen

Lots of custom goodies coming to this one.
– Keep an eye out for update videos, pics & podcasts!

P.S. did we mention this is Scott’s bike…?
– Who wouldn’t want a bike that belongs to one of the masterminds behind the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show?!

Warrior Wisdom—Philosophy Of The First Arrow

The concept relates to human reactions, response and instincts for revenge.

The philosophy of the first arrow, says that, yes, it hurts. The second arrow however is actually an attack we do onto ourselves. A true martial artist uses skills beyond physical combat to engage his foes. You need to develop the warrior spirit that knows there is no benefit to anyone in an actual fight.

As a sport, it definitely has its place in society. As a self-defence skill, it inculcates both physical and mental discipline essential for social welfare including overall health and well-being. Yet, as an act of rage or retaliation, the fight brings escalation and eventual losses to all involved.

Prepare such that there is no need for war!

Refer the brilliant interview and message from “The Ultimate Shaolin Routine”

5 hindrances to self-mastery :

  • Sensual Desire (5 senses)
  • Ill Will / Aversion
  • Dullness / Heaviness (body & mind)
  • Restlessness (present moment)
  • Sceptical Doubt (indecision, what-if)
  • Prevent these or find a technique to remove it.

4 steps to remove hindrances :

  • Recognize (your current state of mind)
  • Accept (acknowledge, allow the situation/person to be as-is)
  • Investigate (emotional, mental state — ask why it came up, what are consequences of being in that state)
  • Non-identification (I am not the body, mind, my emotions –just that I can see these aspects about me)

Two mistakes along the way to self-mastery

  1. Not starting it and
  2. Not going all the way


Student of the arts


The end of the 2023 Sturgis Rally brings with it an important milestone.

It was 10 rallies ago that you got your first glimpse of all the wild and crazy items left behind at the end of the annual two-week Sturgis Buffalo Chip party. After a decade of documenting the debauchery, you’d think we would have seen it all. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Each passing year seemed to up the ante, with this year cranking the weird all the way to 11.

See it all here:


Dice Magazine Launch. Join us in our second home, Margate, to celebrate 101 issues of DicE Magazine.

SONG PICK OF THE WEEK—- an olden gold dedicated to all those working to pay bills, raise a family, keep up appearances, count savings, blessings & taxes and get their say in through one vote in four years.

Song: “Sixteen Tons”
Artist: “Tennessee Ernie Ford”
Released: 1955

Some people say a man is made outta mud
A poor man’s made outta muscle and blood
Muscle and blood and skin and bones
A mind that’s a-weak and a back that’s strong

You load 16 tons, what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt
St. Peter, don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store

I was born one mornin’ when the sun didn’t shine
I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine
I loaded 16 tons of number nine coal
And the straw boss said, “Well, a-bless my soul”

You load 16 tons, what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt
St. Peter, don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store

I was born one mornin’, it was drizzlin’ rain
Fightin’ and trouble are my middle name
I was raised in the canebrake by an ol’ mama lion
Can’t no high toned woman make me walk the line

You load 16 tons, what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt
St. Peter, don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store

If you see me comin’, better step aside
A lotta men didn’t, a lotta men died
One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don’t get you
Then the left one will

You load 16 tons, what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt
St. Peter, don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store

Laborer of Love

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–Sam Burns
Vintage Curator™


Earlier today, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released a document highlighting what it sees as “simple steps” to reduce motorcyclist deaths. First and foremost, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is very concerned about the safety of bikers. 2021 saw 6,000 motorcyclists killed on our nation’s roadways, accounting for nearly 14% of all traffic fatalities.

While we don’t agree with all the positions of the IIHS, including their push for universal helmet laws, we do appreciate that they take a wider view of the issue. They point out the need for other people on the road to look for motorcycles and ensuring other vehicles properly judge their speed in relationship to motorcycles.

Additionally, the IIHS position of ensuring crash avoidance systems are designed to detect motorcycles is a good idea. Of course, that’s a good idea! That’s why the MRF is pressing Congress and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on this topic here in Washington, D.C.

All bikers should be happy to learn about a new technology focused on left turn assist. According to the IIHS, “Left turn assist, has the potential to address crashes in which another vehicle turns left in front of an oncoming motorcycle — the most common type of crash between a motorcycle and another vehicle.”

Another place where we find common ground, is understanding that crash avoidance is the best way to save lives. A crash that never happens is 100% better than a “safer crash.”

As the release notes, “Each one of the thousands of motorcyclists who die on U.S. roads every year is someone’s loved one.” The MRF has lost way too many members and friends because of crashes on our roads. Let’s work together and decrease fatalities.


Electric vehicles (EVs) have a new problem and the damage they are doing is huge

The race to force all Americans to drive electric vehicles (EVs) continues.

But it seems like more and more problems are cropping up with EVs.

And electric vehicles (EVs) have a new problem and the damage they are doing is huge.

A new report shows that heavy electric vehicles (EVs) cause twice as much damage to road surfaces as traditional gas-powered vehicles.

Heavy batteries equal heavy damage

A study from the United Kingdom, led by the University of Leeds, found the average electric car puts 2.24 times more stress on roads than a similar gas-powered vehicle and 1.95 more stress than a diesel vehicle.

But the news for EVs gets even worse.

Larger electric vehicles can cause as much as 2.32 times more damage to roads and highways.

The increased stress on roads causes a greater movement of asphalt, which leads to small cracks that over time expand into large potholes that make the roads less drivable and force local governments to repair the damage at taxpayer expense.

The increased weight of EVs is primarily due to their heavy batteries, which can weigh up to 1,100 pounds.

But it’s even worse than that

The report comes quickly on the heels of dozens of other issues reported with EV batteries.

Problems range from batteries catching on fire or exploding to batteries that don’t hold their charge.

In a recent report, the much talked about new Ford EV truck was such a disappointment that it earned the name “RangeLiar.”

Now add the batteries’ heavy weight to the growing list of EV problems.

Of course, this is not the first time EVs have come under scrutiny for their on-road weight.

A matter of life and death

Breitbart News reported that the safety risks posed by heavy electric vehicles in collisions with lighter vehicles forced the head of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board to issue a general warning to all drivers.

Jennifer Homendy, the Chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board, recently brought the issue to the forefront in a speech to the Transportation Research Board.

In her speech, Homendy pointed out, by way of example, that an electric GMC Hummer weighs about 9,000 pounds, with a battery pack alone that is 2,900 pounds.

That means the battery alone for heavy EVs weighs as much as an entire gas-powered Honda Civic.

“I’m concerned about the increased risk of severe injury and death for all road users from heavier curb weights and increasing size, power, and performance of vehicles on our roads, including electric vehicles,” Homendy said in her remarks prepared for the group.

With the danger of the spontaneous explosion of EV batteries, stranded drivers due to less than advertised mileage on a charge, and now the increasing threat to motorists caused by the much heavier EVs, one wonders when the mad dash to force drivers into the death traps will slow down.

It’s far past time for the Biden administration to put out the yellow flag in this particular race.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


We had a fire at the Bikernet Bad joke library, which burned up lots of old and repeated jokes. We finally reopened.

Several men are in the locker room of a golf club. A cellular phone on a bench rings and a man engages the hands-free speaker function and begins to talk. Everyone else in the room stops to listen.

MAN: “Hello”

WOMAN: “Hi Honey, it’s me. Are you at the club?”

MAN: “Yes.”

WOMAN: “I’m at the shops now and found this beautiful leather coat. It’s only $2,000; is it OK if I buy it?”

MAN: “Sure, go ahead if you like it that much.”

WOMAN:”I also stopped by the Lexus dealership and saw the new models. I saw one I really liked.”

MAN: “How much?”

WOMAN: “$90,000.”

MAN: “OK, but for that price, I want it with all the options.”

WOMAN: “Great! Oh, and one more thing… I was just talking to Janie and found out that the house I wanted last year is back on the market. They’re asking $980,000 for it.”

MAN: “Well, then go ahead and make an offer of $900,000. They’ll probably take it. If not, we can go the extra eighty-thousand if it’s what you really want.”

WOMAN: “OK. I’ll see you later! I love you so much!”

MAN: “Bye! I love you, too.”

The man hangs up. The other men in the locker room are staring at him in astonishment, mouths wide open. He turns and asks, “Anyone know whose phone this is?”

–Sam Burns
Certified Librarian™


A cartoon on collection and collectors and then the inheritors. Estate management for dummies should be a handbook sold with every garage.



“Experience is not what happens to a man. It is, what a man does with what happens to him.” ~ Aldous Huxley

–Epoch times

NEW FROM THE LOWBROW GANG— Run any risers and bars you want on that springer front end!

Another Lowbrow exclusive, the innovative Springer Riser Adapter Top Clamp allows for the use of any standard risers and handlebars you desire.

This top clamp will fit OEM Vintage Harley-Davidson springers as well as aftermarket springers, such as Cannonball, Mid-USA and Paughco.

U.S. Patent Pending

Run standard risers on your springer fork
Keeps risers on standard 3-1/2″ centers
Includes both 1/2″-13 and 1/2″-20 riser bolts
Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
Made In The USA ????


I sent this suggestion to Alex Epstein, who has written several books on Fossil Fuels and the Climate issue.

Here’s your best book project yet. This one should be in every school forever. How about a book on the benefits and uses of fossil fuels. Maybe it would contain a chapter on the history of petroleum and one on how it saved the world.

You’re welcome,


“Good idea!” –Alex

OVER 1,600 SCIENTISTS– Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration

International scientists have jointly signed a declaration dismissing the existence of a climate crisis and insisting that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth, contrary to the popular alarmist narrative.

“There is no climate emergency,” the Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) said in its World Climate Declaration (pdf), made public in August. “Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.”

A total of 1,609 scientists and professionals from around the world have signed the declaration, including 321 from the United States.

The coalition pointed out that Earth’s climate has varied as long as it has existed, with the planet experiencing several cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age only ended as recently as 1850, they said.

“Therefore, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming,” the declaration said.

Warming is happening “far slower” than predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as policy tools,” the coalition said, adding that these models “exaggerate the effect of greenhouse gases” and “ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial.” For instance, even though climate alarmists characterize CO2 as environmentally-damaging, the coalition pointed out that the gas is “not a pollutant.”

Carbon dioxide is “essential” to all life on earth and is “favorable” for nature. Extra CO2 results in the growth of global plant biomass while also boosting the yields of crops worldwide.

CLINTEL also dismissed the narrative of global warming being linked to increased natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and droughts, stressing that there is “no statistical evidence” to support these claims.

“There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050. Go for adaptation instead of mitigation; adaptation works whatever the causes are,” it said.

“To believe the outcome of a climate model is to believe what the model makers have put in. This is precisely the problem of today’s climate discussion to which climate models are central. Climate science has degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science. Should not we free ourselves from the naive belief in immature climate models?”

By Naveen Athrappully
Read the whole tamale at Epoch Times



When handsome Blaze Bowie meets beautiful Noelle Charbonnez, worlds collide and clash. Bodies soon sizzle while hearts begin to dream. They must not only conquer old grudges and face new fears, but battle the siege of the Alamo, confront the Napoleon of the West, and find the long lost, secret key if they are to always love and laugh.

DOES ANYONE WANT AN EV? Is that a surprise?

Indonesia widens subsidy access for electric bikes after poor uptake

Indonesia currently has more than 120 million motorcycles on its roads and is seeking to reduce fuel reliance and achieve a net zero emission target by 2060. It is also a major source of nickel used in EV batteries and is seeking to attract global EV manufacturers.

The nation received just 2,429 applications regarding EV for the subsidy, or 1.2% of the year’s target of 200,000 units. Indonesia’s government has widened public access to a 7 trillion rupiah (USD 458.87 million).

Read more at:

International Investigator
Bikernet International News Desk

LIFESTYLE CYCLES DEAL OF THE WEEK–2015 Harley-Davidson FLHXS – Street Glide Special

Stock # 13553N is a 2015 Amber whiskey Harley-Davidson STREET GLIDE SPECIAL FLHXS with only 14918.00 miles!

This bike is a super clean with some of the features/Add-ons on this bike are

* 103c.i. Motor with a 6-Speed trans.
* Cobra exhaust
* Navigation
* LED headlamp
* LED turn signals
* Detachable passenger backrest
* High-Flo air cleaner
Air ride suspension

This bike is only $16,995.00

Plus license, $85.00 documentation fee, and local sales tax. NO HIDDEN FEES like some dealers. And we have no reconditioning or prep fees. This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 92-point safety/mechanical/structural inspection.

Fill out an online application today. We have EZ FINANCING and EXTENDED WARRANTIES available!

Lifestyle Cycles is located at 1510 State College Blvd,Anaheim,CA,92806. Open 7 days a week.

NOT LOCAL? WE HAVE SHIPPING AVAILABLE! Call today (714) 490-0155.

We carry Street Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Ultras, Sportsters, Softails, Dynas, and much more!

We are California’s pre-owned Harley Mega-Store with over 200 Pre-Owned Harley-Davidsons in stock! To view our current inventory,

Please visit or

THAT’S NOT ALL—I’m trying to reduce my projects and expenses. I’m going to put the ’58 Chevy on the market with Hemmings and the ’48 UL.

It’s tough to find the right place or person to handle these delicate transactions. I’m still trying to dial in the Chevy. It needs some help with the tuning and brakes.

Since I’m not spending bank on the run to Bonneville, I’m buying more parts for the 1913 Board Track racer. I found some flywheels on Ebay and these rods, but I can’t confirm a casting number to know the rods are correct.

I went to Cabana Dan’s to check out the action and discuss my ’13 project.

Now Competition Distributing is making pistons for the early bikes.

I helped 45 John who will now be Panhead John or something else. He received a ’60 Panhead roller project and I helped him dismantle the crate and unload the bike. It didn’t have any brakes and he lives on a slanted Deadwood street. Randy Cramer helped with a trailer from his Dakota V-Twin shop.

The day the crate was due to arrive in the Black Hills a hot rod event filled the streets with Cool Deadwood night’s fans. A neighbor called with a rat rod welding issue. “Get that puppy over here,” I said and this is what arrived. A tie-rod bracket broke and we made quick work of cleaning and prepping the metal then MIG welding it for his parade run.

The funky Panhead survived its first 100-mile test run with only minor issues. The transmission dipstick threads were shot, gone, toast. I thought I could fix it, until I took it apart. It was rusted to shit. Some of the mounting bolts were badly rusting and the clutch cable threads were a mess.

I gave up trying to salvage it when I saw the throw-out bearing area. I replaced it with a another one. It’s now good to go, but I wanted to fix a crack on the exhaust system and cleaned up the welds with Silicon Bronze.

I remember Wolfman Jack saying to the girls, “Are your peaches sweet?” It’s the season and the local peaches are amazing and as big as softballs. I have peaches with breakfast, in my protein shakes and for desert with yogurt. Incredible.

Peter Linney shot this bike, but we still need to reach out to the owner, so we can write the feature.

There you have it. It’s never dull around here.

Ride Free!


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I ponder the theme for the news every week. Sometimes it’s a no-brainer, sometimes a celebration. This week I had a conversation with a brother regarding the state of our government and my move to the Black Hills of South Dakota. I’m very fortunate to be here and experiencing the freedom fresh from our escape from Califa.

If you have lived here all your life, it’s just home. Locals don’t realize what this place means to the motorcycling community, to freedom lovers and to custom builders.

One other item dawned on me. It sometimes takes me awhile, ya see, I’m just a grubby biker. I was wondering why the reds in this state weren’t anxious to share the truth with kids all over the world and eliminate the doom. I said, “Perhaps they were being bullied or paid off.” Imagine if your party passed two bills which afforded you damn close to two trillion bucks. Each bill was over 1000 pages of programs to fund anything and everything.

You don’t think they could use those trillions to almost buy-off anything or anyone? Maybe that’s why we face this uphill battle. Hang On! Let’s hit the news.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

NEW FROM AMERICAN PRIME— Comp Master Clutchs for 2017- Present Milwaukee 8 Models

We’re shipping!

Get the best clutch for M8 Models!!!

All the power in the world is no good if you can’t get it to the ground..

1056-0030 Comp Master Severe Duty Clutch
Fits L2017-2021 M8 Models with OE Hydraulically actuated clutch.

  • Bolt-in
  • Just remove the stock OE clutch
  • Built to hold large amounts of torque & HP
  • Made in America
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1056-0032 Comp Master Severe Duty Clutch
Fits L2021-Present M8 Models with Cable actuated clutch.

  • Bolt-in
  • Just remove the stock OE clutch
  • Built to hold large amounts of torque & HP
  • Made in America
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THE CODE OF THE GUARDIAN BELL—Legend has it Evil Road Spirits have been latching on to motorcycles for as long as mechanical motorcycles have ruled the roads. These Evil spirits are responsible for mechanical problems and bad luck along the journey.

Legend goes onto say by attaching a small bell onto your bike, the Evil Road spirits will become trapped inside the bell where the constant ringing drives them insane, making them lose their grip until they fall to the pavement (ever wonder where potholes come from?).

Legend also has it that the mystery of the Guardian bell carries twice as much power when it’s purchased by a friend or loved one and given as a gift.

Show someone how much you care. Offer them defense against the evil /road /agents. Give a Guardian Bell and share the Legend of Good Luck it offers to any motorcycle and its rider.

–the Keeper of the Realm

“If you buy any books from our shop, I will send you a Bandit stainless guardian bell as a gift, so you’re covered.” –Bandit

BIKER FEATURE OF THE WEEK— Deuce’s Wild by Stevenson’s Cycle, since 1969.

Stevenson’s Cycle
4653 Wayne Rd.
Wayne, Michigan 48184
Phone: 734-641-2200

–Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™


This episode of My Garage brings us to Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA where we rendezvous with Patricia Fernandez-West. This is the first episode we’ve shot at a “temporary” garage and one that happens to get set up for long weekends at racetracks all over the country.

Patricia is a professional motorcycle racer who competes in both the Mission King of the Baggers and Super Hooligan classes. But, she didn’t end up there by accident – it took years of pouring everything she had into racing.

Sponsored by Saddlemen Seats.

BIKERNET GUN NUT REPORT–Biden Admin Oversteps Authority to Attack Law-Abiding Gun Owners, Again

Biden Admin Oversteps Authority to Attack Law-Abiding Gun Owners, Again
Last Thursday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) announced a new proposed rule on the “Definition of ‘Engaged in the Business’ as a Dealer in Firearms.” ­­–the definition that controls when individuals engage in sufficient commerce in firearms so as to need to be licensed under federal law as a Federal Firearms Licensee (“FFL”).

Under the proposed rule, Biden’s ATF would go well beyond statutory authority to fabricate presumptions of when an individual needs be an FFL, and the rule itself acknowledges its unlawfulness.

Arms Trade Treaty Sets Sights on Industry
After almost ten years of utter failure, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) has shifted its focus. Once touted as the United Nation’s (UN) crown jewel in preventing and eradicating the illicit trade and diversion of conventional arms, last week’s Ninth Conference of States Parties (CSP9) served as an almost singularly focused attack on the global firearms industry.

Canadians on Canada’s Gun Control Measures: Expensive, Ineffective, Political Posturing

More than three years have passed since Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a ban and mandatory confiscation (“buyback”) of what he called “military grade assault weapons,” which was followed by a national handgun “freeze” and other gun control measures.

NRA Victory in Fight Over Ammo Ban

A federal court on Friday rejected a long-fought effort by environmental groups to force a ban on lead ammo in a national forest, providing a key win for hunters, the National Rifle Association, and the United States Forest Service.

NRA says Biden admin’s proposal for more firearms background checks is an attack on law-abiding gun owners

The National Rifle Association responded this week to the Biden administration’s proposed rule requiring more background checks to combat rising gun violence, saying it was just another step to attack “law-abiding gun owners.”


LATEST FROM LOWBROW— EL, VL, FLH, XLCH, FXDG.. If you are playing Scrabble, you’re screwed.

However, if you are looking in your garage, you have fun modes of transportation dialed!

There is at least some rhyme and reason to the model designations assigned by Harley-Davidson over the years.

In this article, we dive in and try and distill it down so you can have a good general understanding that will help you identify bike models on the fly.


PS – if Triumphs pique your interest more than Harleys, check out our Guide to Triumph Engine & Frame Serial Numbers!


–Sam Burns
Motorcycle Curator™

CLIMATE DOOM QUOTE OF THE WEEKSarewitz’s conclusion:

Indeed, with climate change being blamed for almost everything these days, the one phenomenon that seems to have escaped the notice of scientists, environmentalists and the media alike is that, perhaps above all, climate change is making us stupid.

Even so, I do have good news to report based on my interactions with people out in the real world who need to make decisions with consequences — many understand that narrative cannot rule — evidence, data and science must continue to matter, lest we make poor decisions. Scientific journals, university press officers and campaigning journalists who seek to enforce a simplistic narrative make it that much harder for science to find its way into the real world, which harms everyone.

Identifying a problem is the first step. It is time to break the narrative rules.

–Roger Pielke Jr.
The Honest Broker

The Salt Torpedo pilot, Micah McCloskey finds a getaway on the Cannonball. He passed his inspection and is ready to rock.

“We made it to Virginia Beach!! CANNONBALL BABY!!” ~ Micah McCloskey

–from Wayfarer
Associate Editor™


Click here to read the Crocker article.

Being a lifetime motorcyclist and resident of New York state (1954-2018), I attended the AMCA Empire chapter meet annually as it was a twenty minute ride to Brookfield’s Madison county fairgrounds.

Forty-some years ago I recall a Crocker there. I would have taken a much closer look had I known it’s rarity. Plus, there always seemed to be a large group around it.

–Robert Pickersgill

“They always drew attention.” –Bandit


“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.” ~ John Ruskin

“It is infinitely better to have a few good men, than many indifferent ones.” ~ George Washington

“Believe in yourself when nobody else does.” ~ Mary J. Blige

“Straight roads do not make skillful drivers.” ~ Paulo Coelho

“Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining nearby.” ~ Ruth E. Renkel

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” ~ John C Maxwell

“Experience is not what happens to a man. It is, what a man does with what happens to him.” ~ Aldous Huxley

“The best mirror is an old friend.” ~ George Herbert

“If you know how quickly people forget the dead, you will stop living to impress people.” ~ Christopher Walken

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”
~ Jean de La Fontaine


MOVIE OF THE WEEK—George Foreman Movie.

“Inspirational boxing movie about the history of George Foreman, don’t miss it.” –Bandit


YouTube Boxing Channel called “Rainy Day Boxing” has cool bios on many top boxing legends of the past. It is said that George was always a teddy bear but where he trained was also where people like Sonny Liston trained. Aspiring boxers wanted to be a mean bad@$$ like Sonny who spent his youth in and out of prison before becoming a boxing champion.

So, George developed a public personality of mean and angry person because — who would pay to watch a “huge” (pun) “nice” guy fight the World Champion as a challenger?

George was very hurt by Muhammed Ali’s insults which shows how sensitive and caring he actually was. Like Sonny, (his idol) George kept quiet and just gave death stares at opponents (or tried to).

“An Olympic Gold medalist and former World Heavyweight Champion, when he sees his community struggling spiritually and financially, Foreman returns to the ring at age of 45 years and makes history by reclaiming his title, becoming the oldest and most improbable World Heavyweight Boxing Champion ever.”

“Sure the fight was fixed. I fixed it with a right hand.” ~ George Foreman

Check out the video:

Movie Reviewer™


In Venice, California where the master tattoos and the new home of 5-Ball Leathers resides.

Check him out, if you dare go to Los Angeles.



You got no idea how good it makes me feel to see you are still building bikes, a Knucklehead and your friend’s ’60 Pan. That is incredible. You are keeping your tradition and legacy going forever and you give me hope for the dismal future.

I also feel kinda funny even asking you to accept a book, cuz your chopper life has to be THE most exciting chopper life anyone ever had.

You were at the beginning of the Southern California chopper hey-day and you had your MC life. And if that wasn’t enough, then you were the editor of the best magazine that has ever been printed since they printed on paper. If Chopperdom was a religion, Los Angeles would be The Vatican, and you would be the Pope.

My books might seem kinda goofy and cornball to you, cuz I was born a few years too late and 1,500 miles too far away in Dallas. The Wild Angels and Easy Rider movies and Then Came Bronson shaped my beginning, then Easyriders magazine honed it.

I turned 18 in 1973 and when I got outta school the first thing I did was ride my ol’ used ‘67 Sportster up into the Canadian Rockies. And the cross country road trip bug bit me. I knew I was hooked for life on two wheels.

But a few days later, by the time I rode the Sportster back to Dallas I already knew the Sportster was kinda too little for me, cuz you and me are about the same height and we need some room to stretch out, right?

So, on July 11 1974 I got the Super Glide which I still ride and build on today. It was a fukkin turd built right in the middle of the AMF Strike. I was hanging around Shelby Withrow’s bike shop Mid Cities Choppers. And that’s where I met all the Dallas guys who were also building and riding choppers in the 1960s. I was the snot nosed punk kid and they took me in.

Shelby’s main riding partners were Blue Jay Murphy, Stan Suttles and Harold Rhinehart. Through Blue Jay I got to meet Billy Tinney and Mister Tramp and Tiny and Animal and Jock-O from the Scorpions, and that was about the time your magazine was going around the nation holding those wonderful old swap meets with the MCs in different cities.

The Shovel I still ride today is made up of parts from those old swap meets and the old ABATE swaps, too.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is the books are sort of a diary of the same bike I been riding 49 years now. I’ve had it down to bare frame 7 times, and twice cut the front half of the frame off for more stretch. The back half is still the old 1971 D&D Jammer frame with the mechanical brake.

The 74 Shovel Chop is the main character in the 4 books, I’m just its caretaker and the monkey riding on top of it, hahah.

The highlight of the 74 Shovel’s life was getting into your magazine. So, I’m hoping the book doesn’t bore you to sleep.

Take care and keep on buildin’,


“Thanks Dave. I can’t stop building bikes, riding or writing.” –Bandit

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CONSENSUS?–What Consensus?

You have likely heard that 97% of scientists agree on human-driven climate change. You may also have heard that those who don’t buy into the climate-apocalypse mantra are science deniers.

The truth is that a whole lot more than 3% of scientists are skeptical of the party line on climate. A whole lot more.

The many scientists, engineers and energy experts that comprise the CO2 Coalition are often asked something along the lines of: “So you believe in climate change, then?” Our answer? “Yes, of course we do: it has been happening for millions of years.” It is important to ask the right questions.

Read the entire CO2 Coalition commentary at.

Notable Quotables on “Consensus”

“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” ~ Richard Feynman

“Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had…” ~ Michael Crichton

“There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.” ~ George Will

“When a politician says the debate is over, you can be sure of two things: the debate is raging, and he’s losing it.” ~ Bertrand Russell

“The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed, in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.” ~ Bertrand Russell

Like the information you see here? Leave a Comment or email Bandit.


Always Hope Bikernet Weekly News for August 31st, 2023 – read it by clicking here.

The cartoon about collectors and their inheritors reminded me of what I faced after my parents died. They had a four bedroom house with six bedrooms of stuff in them. It took forever to go through everything since there were family heirlooms mixed in with the crap.

One of my parent’s neighbors almost had a heart attack once before I had this finished and everything cleared out. My goal is to avoid this with my children, though I doubt I will take up my uncle’s suggestion when I told him about what I was dealing with. My uncle thought that the best way to not have this happen was to move every 5 years or one good fire.

–Jim Weed

“Yep, I’ve moved more times than I can count. It helped. I try to pass on antique shops, just keep going.” –Bandit


In an effort to kill bikers on blistering hot days and enhance traffic obstacles, the Texas legislature passed a ban against lane splitting.


U.S. SENATE Introduces SEMA-Supported Motorsports Fairness and Permanency Act

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-proposed (EPA) released its final National Enforcement and Compliance Initiative (NECI) for 2024 through 2027, outlining the agency’s top enforcement priorities for the coming years. The EPA did not include “Stopping Aftermarket Defeat Device for Vehicles and Engines” on the NECI list. The agency returned enforcement of aftermarket parts to a standard “core” priority as it had been for many years until 2020.

“The EPA’s decision to remove enforcement against aftermarket products from the NECI and return it to a standard priority is a recognition of our industry’s commitment to emissions compliance and the progress we’ve made,” said SEMA President and CEO Mike Spagnola.



Many of you know me from emails, phone calls, or at previous events Event Director/Owner of Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (BMST). After our cancellation last year, I was very excited for 2023, to be with my salt family to catch up, and to see you break some World and National records. Again, it wasn’t our year.

As an all-volunteer organization (myself included) cancellations are difficult. It’s difficult for the volunteers, you as racers, sponsors, and all others that are part of our salt family. Especially two years in a row.

We have offered a number of ways to support BMST and continued improvements. All of your registration goes towards running the event. Through our Very Important Racer (VIR) program, and rollovers, we have been able to continue investments into BMST. This includes replacing and updating equipment, purchasing new course mile markers and signage, as well as other items. All of this is to ensure I am doing all I can to provide a safe and efficient experience for all participants.

Additionally, donations assist in covering some non-refundable expenses to allow continued operations. We will be offering these options again for the 2023 cancellation.

Ready to Race in 2024! Registration Options:

Donate Your Registration and become a Very Important Racer!

To maximize the impact you can make, we are asking for you to donate and become a sponsor. If you donate all of your 2023 registration and join the Very Important Racers of BMST, you will get all the benefits of a Very Important Racer and a BMST 2023 merchandise pack.

What’s a Very Important Racer (VIR)? It’s you! By donating, you become a 2024 VIR and will have the opportunity to enter and setup your pits Friday before event starts, get your name on the 2024 event shirt, 2024 @ VIR Discount prices, AND get a BMST 2023 merchandise gift pack delivered to you thanking you for your sponsorship!

(50/50) Become a VIR and Rollover 50% of your registration to 2024

The best of both worlds! Support the event, become a VIR with Friday pit setup before the event starts, 2024 @ VIR Discount price, a BMST 2023 Merch pack, and rollover a portion of your registration to apply towards 2024.

Rollover your registration to 2023!
Want to save time and pre-pay for 2024? Rollover your registration! With this option, you can rollover all of your registration as a credit for 2024.

A note for 2022 Rollovers: All rollovers from 2022 will be rolled again to 2024 unless you choose to become a VIR ( donate or donate 50%/Rollover 50%) and receive the VIR benefits in 2024. All rollovers will not incur any additional cost (if registration fees increase). Your rollover will apply to the same entry and gate pass type & quantity as 2023.

We understand that some of these options may not work for you. Refunds are only available to participants that paid in 2023 and subject to BMST terms and conditions.

Comparison of Options and Rewards: * TShirt size is based on original entry form information. Unfortunately sizes can not be changed as they were already in print at the time of cancellation.

 ** All rewards and processes are subject to BMST terms and conditions.

Next Steps.
In order to process your request please complete the BMST 2023 Registration Options form no later than September 30th 2023.

Any registration options not requested through this form by September 30th 2023 default to the rollover options per our standard terms and conditions.
Click the button at the end of this email to complete your request.

Other ways to support BMST
The Request Form also includes an opportunity to support BMST by ordering merchandise. There are several items listed available for order. Get a 2023 Pin or patch, as well as 2023 T Shirts (Men’s, long sleeve, and women’s cut).

We appreciate your continued support of BMST! We’ll get your rewards out to you as soon as possible!


We rode from Southern California to Sturgis on the new 121 VVT Street Glide CVO. Throwing down a couple thousand miles on the road truly put this bike to the test, we also took our 2021 Road Glide equipped with the 472 Race Series Camchest kit, BA Air Cleaner and AR exhaust to compare the performance of the new stock VVT engine.

With all the mystery surrounding the potential of the new 121 engine, we wanted to share our thoughts after the long haul across the country on the latest and greatest from Harley-Davidson’s coveted Custom Vehicle Operations line.

Check it out at


Biker and motorcycle goggles also in prescription


–Sam Burns


Rambler X Revival BMW Giveaway.

For this year’s Handbuilt Show, we partnered with Rambler Sparking Water to give away this 1990 BMW Paris Dakar!

There’s still time to enter! Winner to be announced at the next Handbuilt Show. No purchase necessary.



Your individual responses to the Eblast you received from the MRF around August 4 were encouraging. So, encouraging in fact, that I was requested to pull together one more appeal for biker rights advocates in the Northeast to join your brothers and sisters and “get your motors runnin’!” and head down to Harrisburg and the Meeting of the Minds in September.

With someone from clean across country making such a production out of attending an event in Pennsylvania, you’re probably wondering what the fuss is all about. First, it’s about the MRF listening, making a difference, and moving forward to protect the future of motorcycling, and motorcyclists’ rights — this year’s Meeting of the Minds features sixteen workshops and ten new presenters, plus a stack of new topics added to the mix!

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation–presenters who live and breathe motorcyclists’ rights, topical workshops that have real-world applications for protecting the future of motorcycling – Bikers Inside the Beltway, the Meeting of the Minds–there’s no other place in the world that you can get this much information in such a short span of time; even if you spent an evening ‘surfin’ the net!’

If you haven’t already, get ready to meet Bob Stoner, a 27-year member of ABATE of Indiana. He’ll join Aaron Meyer to present 90 minutes that will help keep your SMRO on track — SMRO Guidebook: A Cookbook for Your Organization.

Whether you’re contemplating running for political office or supporting a motorcycle-friendly candidate, “think globally, act locally” puts the mission of protecting the future of motorcycling directly into the avenue of approach to motorcyclists’ rights advocacy. Traci Beaurivage and Imre Szauter present Beyond Legislative Lobbying and share their collective political experience with attendees in their workshop.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation — Bikers Inside the Beltway, Meeting of the Minds –listening, making a difference, and moving forward to protect the future of motorcycling & motorcyclists’ rights!

I’m not the guy to tell you that the MRF has all the answers. However, I will tell you that Since 1987 the MRF has been the only national motorcyclists’ rights organization dedicated to on-street riders with full-time representation in Washington, D.C.! The MRF may not have all the answers, however you can take it to the bank that the information shared at the Meeting of the Minds will be useful to you and your SMRO!

One more time: Why attend the Meeting of the Minds? With the increasing attacks against motorcycling and motorcyclists’ rights – profiling, end of life directives for motorcycles, over-regulating the availability of fuel – the Meeting of the Minds offers sixteen workshops tailored to the motorcyclists’ rights activists. These workshops are presented by some of the nations’ most respected and knowledgeable freedom fighters. Plus, the information will serve you well before your legislators, state regulatory agencies, and members of Congress.

The successes of the Motorcycle Rides Foundation are hard won. They are won because freedom-loving riders like you help make the victories easier. Thanks for using the links below to register for the Meeting of the Minds and make your hotel reservations. See you in Harrisburg in September and enjoy the ride!

The Meeting of the Minds – September 21-24. The Red Lion Hotel, 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111; at $109 nightly, there are rooms available, but they’re going fast. Use the QR codes below to register and make reservations or call 717-939-7841 and mention Motorcycle Riders Foundation 2023 Meeting of the Minds.

–Fred Harrell


Get in the mood for Bandits outlaw fiction and Wild West theme with Marty Robbins. Marty’s compilation “Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs” has many gems. Listen in and ride along.

Song: “Big Iron”
Artist: Marty Robbins
Album: Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs (1959)

To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day
Hardly spoke to folks around him, didn’t have too much to say
No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slip
For the stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip

It was early in the morning when he rode into the town
He came riding from the south side slowly lookin’ all around
He’s an outlaw loose and running, came the whisper from each lip
And he’s here to do some business with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip

In this town there lived an outlaw by the name of Texas Red
Many men had tried to take him and that many men were dead
He was vicious and a killer though a youth of 24
And the notches on his pistol numbered one and 19 more
One and 19 more

Now the stranger started talking, made it plain to folks around
Was an Arizona ranger, wouldn’t be too long in town
He came here to take an outlaw back alive or maybe dead
And he said it didn’t matter he was after Texas Red
After Texas Red

Wasn’t long before the story was relayed to Texas Red
But the outlaw didn’t worry men that tried before were dead
20 men had tried to take him, 20 men had made a slip
21 would be the ranger with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip

The morning passed so quickly, it was time for them to meet
It was 20 past 11 when they walked out in the street
Folks were watching from the windows, everybody held their breath
They knew this handsome ranger was about to meet his death
About to meet his death

There was 40 feet between them when they stopped to make their play
And the swiftness of the ranger is still talked about today
Texas Red had not cleared leather ‘fore a bullet fairly ripped
And the ranger’s aim was deadly with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip

It was over in a moment and the folks had gathered round
There before them lay the body of the outlaw on the ground
Oh, he might have went on living but he made one fatal slip
When he tried to match the ranger with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip
Big iron, big iron
When he tried to match the ranger with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip



2017 Harley-Davidson FLHXS – Street Glide Special

Stock# 13994N


2017 Harley Davidson FLHXS Street Glide Special 107 CI with only 38,397 miles!

Lifestyle Cycles has a real screamer here in our inventory today! This 2017 FLHXS Street Glide Special is just dying to get back on the road and when you hear how it rides you’ll never want to get off!

* Detailed Blue Paintjob with Graphics
* Black Engine Guard with Highway Pegs
* Rider Floorboards
* Dual Brake Discs
* Passenger Pegs
* Two Seater
* 4 Point Docking Hardware
* Aftermarket 2 in 1 Exhaust
* Screamin Eagle Stage 1 Air Cleaner
* Dual Shift Levers
* 107 Cubic Inch Engine
* LED Headlight
* 14-Inch Black Meathook Handlebars
* 9-Inch Dark Smoke Windshield

This bike is only $18,995.00

Plus license, $85.00 documentation fee, and local sales tax. NO HIDDEN FEES like some dealers. And we have no reconditioning or prep fees. This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 92-point safety/mechanical/structural inspection.This motorcycle has not been refurbished and does not come with any warranty expressed or implied! EXTENDED WARRANTIES are available!

Fill out an online application today. We have EZ FINANCING

Lifestyle Cycles is located at 1510 State College Blvd,Anaheim,CA,92806. Open 7 days a week.

NOT LOCAL? WE HAVE SHIPPING AVAILABLE! Call today (714) 490-0155.

Please visit or

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Today’s words of wisdom & Curious Query’s

01. If a bottle of poison reaches its expiration date, is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous?

02. Which letter is silent in the word “Scent,” the S or the C?

03. Do twins ever realize that one of them was unplanned?

04. Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty.

05. The word “swims” upside-down is still “swims”.

06. Over 100 years ago, everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars. Today everyone has cars and only the rich own horses.

07. If people evolved from monkeys, why are monkeys still around?

08. Why is there a ‘D’ in fridge, but not in refrigerator?

09. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake!

10. I’m responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.

11. Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it the most never use it.

12. My tolerance for idiots is extremely low these days. I used to have some immunity built up, but obviously, there’s a new strain out there.

14. It’s not my age that bothers me – it’s the side effects.

15. I’m not saying I’m old and worn out, but I make sure I’m nowhere near the curb on trash day.

16. As I watch this generation try and rewrite our history, I’m sure of one thing: it will be misspelled and have no punctuation.

17. As I’ve gotten older, people think I’ve become lazy. The truth is I’m just being more energy-efficient.

18. I haven’t gotten anything done today. I’ve been in the Produce Department trying to open this stupid plastic bag.

19. If you find yourself feeling useless, remember: it took 20 years, trillions of dollars, thousands of lives and four presidents to replace the Taliban with the Taliban.

20. Turns out that being a “senior” is mostly just googling how to do stuff.

21. I want to be 18 again and ruin my life differently. I have new ideas

22. I’m on two simultaneous diets. I wasn’t getting enough food on one.

23. I put my scale in the bathroom corner and that’s where the little liar will stay until it apologizes.

24. My mind is like an internet browser. At least 18 open tabs, 3 of them are frozen, and I have no clue where the music is coming from.

25. Hard to believe I once had a phone attached to a wall, and when it rang, I picked it up without knowing who was calling.

26. My wife says I keep pushing her buttons. If that were true, I would have found mute by now.

27. There is no such thing as a grouchy old person. The truth is that once you get old, you stop being polite and start being honest.

–Jim Waggaman

VINTAGE EVENT OF THE WEEK–6th Annual Ohio Vintage Nationals

Event by Drew’s Vintage Cycle, Adam Snider: Allstate Insurance, and others at Freebird Dragway

–Sam Burn
Ohio Event Coordinator™


Taking Stock Out Of A Softail Rear Fenderclick here to read article.

Would this procedure work on ’99 fatboy?

Great build by the way. I’m in the process of doing this on my ’99 fatboy but also have the task of converting the rear rim so a fat spike for a 2000 trim cam.

Any tips on this? Been told it’s possible and I hope it is as I’ve already invested in the rims and they ain’t cheap!

–Samuel Cooper
Grand ledge, MI

“This program will work on any older Softail frame. You should buy Tim’s book. The size of the tire is going to impact everything, the fender, whether you run a belt or a chain, driveline alignment and wheel spacing.

Check to see if Wolfgang is still selling books. You need one.”


XDA Racers Power to Record Performances at VMP–

The XDA’s 37th Annual MTC Engineering Summer Nationals delivered record performances and a flawless event to Virginia Motorsports Park again.

The biggest and best show in motorcycle drag racing gave the east coast an action-packed event under cooler-than-normal skies that allowed the performance numbers to outshine the glassy surface of the VMP 1320.

The rider talent and tuning in Orient Express Racing Pro Street reached a new level turning out the quickest field in history! With twenty-two entries, Jason Dunigan earned the number one qualifying spot with a 6.430 at 230.80 mph, while Jordan Angelo held the sixteenth position with a 6.815 at 211.06 mph, the quickest bump spot in history. With an all-six-second field, the competition on Sunday was set to be phenomenal, with a forecast in the mid ‘70s. It was!


How about 190 mph superbikes and some family fun?

MotoAmerica Superbikes are at COTA Sept 8-10,

Enjoy qualifying on Friday and all-day racing on Saturday & and Sunday!

Five classes of road racing:

  • Medallia Superbikes,
  • Supersport,
  • Steel Commander Stock 1000,
  • Mission King of the Baggers
  • Mission Foods Super Hooligan National Championship.

Meet over 120 riders in our open race paddock! VIP and Camping packages available. Kids under 12 are free with paying adults.

Bring the family to our Kids Zone, free carnival games, stunt show, and so much more.

QUICK, OPEN THE BANDIT’S CANTINA BAD JOKE LIBRARY—father buys a lie detector robot. It slaps folks when they lie…

He decides to test it out at dinner one night.

The father asks his son what he did that afternoon.

The son says, “I did some schoolwork.” The robot slaps the son.

The son says, “OK, OK. I was at a friend’s house watching movies.”

Dad asks, “What movie did you watch?”

Son says, “Toy Story.”

The robot slaps the son.

Son says, “OK, OK, we were watching porn.”

Dad says, “What? At your age I didn’t even know what porn was.”

The robot slaps the father.

Mom laughs and says, “Well, he certainly is your son.” The robot slaps the mother.

Robot for sale!

–from El Waggs
Certified Librarian
Bandit’s Cantina™


Australia’s transition to a cashless society raises concerns about financial exclusion, privacy and safety.

Aside from those that involve the tooth fairy, cash transactions are at an all-time low.

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), cash accounted for just 13 per cent of all payments made in 2022.

The ability to pay by tapping our phones is partly driving the downward trend.

“Even credit cards, or debit cards, are starting to feel a bit antiquated,” Chris Berg, director of the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub, tells ABC RN’s Download This Show.

Full story at

Finance Editor
Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page


“El Paso City” is a song written and recorded by American country music artist Marty Robbins. It was released in March 1976 as the first single and title track from the album El Paso City. The song was Robbins’ 15th number one on the U. S. country singles chart. The single stayed at number one for two weeks and spent 11 weeks on the chart.


Out in the west Texas town of El Paso I fell in love with a Mexican girl.
Nighttime would fine me in Rosa’s Cantina,
Music would play and Felina would whirl.

Black as the night were the eyes of Felina,
Wicked and evil while casting a spell.
My love was strong for this Mexican maiden,
I was in love, but in vain I could tell.

One night a wild young cowboy came in, wild as the west Texas wind…
Dashing and daring, a drink he was sharing,
With wicked Felina, the girl that I love.

So, in anger I challenged his right for the love of this maiden;
Down went his hand for the gun that he wore.
My challenge was answered, in less than a heartbeat
The handsome young stranger lay dead on the floor.

Just for a moment I stood there in silence,
Shocked by the foul evil deed I had done.
Many thoughts ran through my mind as I stood there;
I had but one chance and that was to run.

Out through the back door of rose’s I ran, out where the horses were tied
I picked a good one; he looked like he could run,
Up on his back and away I did ride.

Just as fast as I could from the west Texas town of El Paso,
Out through the badlands of New Mexico.
Back in El Paso my life would be worthless;
Everything’s gone in life nothing is left.

But it’s been so long since I’ve seen the young maiden,
My love is stronger that my fear of death.
I saddled up and away I did go, riding alone in the dark…
Maybe tomorrow a bullet may find me,
Tonight nothing’s worse than this pain in my heart.

And as last here I am on the hill overlooking El Paso,
I can see Rosa’s Cantina below.
My love is strong and it pushes me onward, down off the hill to Felina I go.

Off to my right I see five mounted cowboys,
Off to my left ride a dozen or more.
Shouting and shooting; I can’t let them catch me,
I’ve got to make it to rose’s back door.

Something is dreadfully wrong for I feel
A deep burning pain in my side.
Though I am trying to stay in the saddle,
I’m getting weary, unable to ride.
But my love for
Felina is strong and I writhe where I’ve fallen.
Though I am weary, I can’t stop to rest

I see the white puff of smoke from the rifle,
I feel the bullet go deep in my chest.
From out of nowhere, Felina has found me,
Kissing my cheek as she kneels by my side.
Cradled by two loving arms that I’ll die for,
One little kiss and Felina good-bye.

–Marty Robbins

“I’ve loved this song forever, so I used it as inspiration to write a piece of fiction. We will publish it next week. Hang On!” –Bandit


Geologist Dr. Ian Plimer counters USA Today’s ‘fact-check’ on CO2 levels: Media’s ‘fact-checking resorted to lies & omissions’


By Dr. Ian Plimer, Emeritus Professor – The University of Melbourne, Australia

Media Claim: Climate skeptic’s claims about CO2 levels, ice ages, and animals misleads. Fact check (by Kate S. Petersen, USA TODAY)

The article claims, “Neither Plimer nor the social media user responded when USA TODAY asked which “six great ice ages” they were referencing.”

That is a lie. USA TODAY did not contact me despite the fact that I am easily contactable.

USA TODAY’s fact checks state that “Human greenhouse gas emissions, not El Niño, drive climate change”. Nowhere have I claimed El Niño drives climate change, and it has never been shown that human emissions drive global warming. If it could be shown, then it would also have to be shown that the modern warming is completely different from previous warming. This has not been done.

USA TODAY’s fact checks state that “Greenhouse gases, not Milankovitch cycles, drives modern global warming”. This is contrary to data on the Earth’s orbit, solar activity and plate tectonics. Furthermore, it was never been shown that greenhouse gases drive climate change.

USA TODAY’s fact checks state that “Humans are responsible for a significant amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.” If one molecule of plant food in 83,333 molecules in the atmosphere is a significant amount, then I’m a monkey’s uncle. It would also have to be shown that the molecules of plant food of natural origin do not drive global warming.

USA TODAY’s rating of a talk I gave was “Partly false” regarding six major ice ages, and then played semantic games as to whether an ice age or a glaciation within an ice age could be considered an ice age.

The key points of my talk were not addressed. These were:

(a) Ice ages and glaciations were initiated when the atmospheric carbon dioxide content was far higher than today (e.g. Huronian, Cryogenian, Permo-Carboniferous) hence, atmospheric carbon dioxide could not drive global warming.

(b) Increases in atmospheric temperature are followed by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is the opposite of the climate activist mantra that suggests an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide drives global warming.

(c) For decades, I have asked climate activists to give me half a dozen scientific papers that show unequivocally that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming. This has not been done.

It appears that fact-checking resorted to lies and omissions of pertinent information. Ideologically-blessed activist fact checkers with no scientific training give little confidence.

Emeritus Professor Ian Plimer,
The University of Melbourne,


We watched a portion of the Biker Movie by Pete Alva almost 6 years in the making.

A party movie for sure covering every biker event on the planet. Check it out.


NEVER STOP AND NEVER GIVE UP—We’re headed to the Meeting of the Minds later this month to check legislative action from the boots on the ground crowd.

I’m headed to an AMCA banquet tonight hopefully on the funky 5-Ball Panhead.

My ’48 UL is still for sale. I put it on Hemming’s to check the vintage action.

Got a note from Cabana Dan. He made up this concoction of Kryptonite to soak his early cylinders.

Here’s what happened.

My son at All Saints Tattoo with his two daughers, my grandkids.

Here’s Erika, my daughter-in-law on the right, Olivia, who is working in the entertainment industry and hopes to act and Maxine, the master at eyebrows is also becoming a tattoo artist. Erika is working with recovery folks and produced a video called, “We are the People.” She’s about to graduate with a masters degree in operating non-profits.

I’m very proud of them all.

So, I reached out to the Deadwood Police Department to retrieve my Dad’s shotgun after Buck’s suicide. They returned my call recently, said they would detail the gun and the boss delivered it to my door.

Still working on a memorial for Buck. He’s been part of the chopper industry as long as I have and won’t be forgotten.

Last weekend, rode in a Poker run out of Deadwood Custom Cycles to support a company training dogs for disabled vets. Riding the hills around Sturgis is like a tour through biker heaven, amazing.

And here are the brothers at the Hall of Fame breakfast. Micah, Keith Terry, Sugar Bear, Jay Allen, and the Hamster boss, Dave Perewitz.

I bought some of Vivek’s bling. I’m keeping an eye on him. We need a true revolution away from traditional politics.

We will see. Stay strong, free and involved.

Ride forever,


Read More



I’ve been an outspoken outlaw all my life. More than once, I’ve quit a great job because I didn’t like the direction of the ship. I jumped ship into a paddleboat and made my way into the future.

Well, I’m still here and fighting the system for a better, respectful and free future.

Let’s hit the news. It’s going to be good.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


There are a couple of gas stations that have started selling ethanol free fuel, yeah! However, it’s only 87 octane. I have a shovel and an Evo. Should I continue to use the crap gas or is the lower octane okay? What about an octane booster?

Thank you, Soda

“Here’s the deal as far as I know. Ethanol contains water, so if it comes in contact with metal, it will rust or in the case of brass build scum and block jets.

I would suggest running non-ethanol fuel. Sure, you can give your motor a shot of octane booster, or antique guys always use Marvel Mystery Oil.

Here’s a piece of a piece about the Ethanol Industry:

Ethanol: A Dumb Idea or A Crime — Or Both?

by Gregory Wrightstone

Expanded use of ethanol — enabled by President Biden’s lifting a summertime ban on fuels with a 15 percent blend — is a poor answer to high gasoline prices and a refusal to recognize the failures of the corn-based fuel additive. Reuters described the president’s action a win for the corn lobby, but all others appear to be losers.

Shortcomings of ethanol as an alternative to gasoline have been reported continually since at least 2007 when the U.S. government expanded its requirement that distributors blend ethanol with fuels to reduce dependence on foreign oil. The additive also has been touted as a way to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

“There is a great danger for the right to food by the development of biofuels,” U.N. human rights advocate Jean Ziegler said at the time. “It (the price) will be paid perhaps by hundreds of thousands of people who will die from hunger,” A year later he called the diversion of food crops to fuel production a “crime against humanity.”


We are at two shows this week – Ocean City Bikefest and Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest.

David has the gallery at Ozark Harley-Davidson and I’m at the convention center here in Ocean City, Maryland. If you’re attending either of these, please stop in and say hello! You’ll see his new Sturgis and 120th anniversary Harley pieces, among others.

Our production department continues to ship the many orders we had from Sturgis and we’ll let you know when yours is on the way.

Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest Commemorative

These Fine Art prints will come framed and will include a Certificate of Authenticity and a special commemorative nameplate. David Uhl will hand-sign and number each piece.

** Image size 18 x 24,$725 framed

** Image size 24 x 32, $1,450 framed

Thanks for your time and have a great day!

— Greg
David Uhl Fine Art

BOB OF THE WEEK—Slab by Luck Motorcycles.

–Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

MIKUNI CARBS FROM AMERICAN PRIME— Genuine Mikuni Parts, Carburetors & Kits

Now available at your Carburetor Super Supplier… APM!


“You always reap what you sow; there is no shortcut.” – Stephen Covey

Thirty-nine years ago, at the first national gathering of motorcyclists’ rights activists in nearly ten years, we met searching for common ground. Metaphorically, the field was a cheap motel in St. Louis, Missouri, and we were not there to plant anything.

The MRF listens, makes a difference, and moves forward at the direction of members, SMRO and motorcycle club partners to protect the future of motorcycling. This year’s Meeting of the Minds features sixteen workshops and ten new presenters, plus a host of new topics added to the mix!

The success of this year’s Bikers Inside the Beltway was a result of what is taught at the Meeting of the Minds. Keeping our members and partner SMROs and motorcycle clubs informed and on point is what makes the Motorcycle Riders Foundation the nation’s leading motorcyclists’ rights advocacy group for on-street motorcyclists.

The Meeting of the Minds – September 21-24, Red Lion Hotel, 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111. Call 717-939-7841 and mention Motorcycle Riders Foundation 2023 Meeting of the Minds

Thank you for your support of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. We look forward to seeing you in Harrisburg at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Minds.

Yours in Freedom,

–Fredric Harrell
MRF Director of Conferences & Events


Cubensis and the Grateful Dead Concert Experience “Celebrating 35 Years”

Now Booking 2024 Dates

The Los Angeles-based group has carried the torch in celebration of one of America’s most beloved touring bands. CUBENSIS brings the original, organic Grateful Dead concert experience back to life. Drawing from all eras of the Dead, the band performs improvised sets of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band classics that retain all the spontaneous exploratory jamming for which the bands were renowned. However, the music produced is uniquely Cubensis.

Now celebrating their 35th anniversary, CUBENSIS has been privileged to be joined on stage by numerous rock superstars, including Chris Robinson and Marc Ford (Black Crowes), Warren Haynes (Phil & Friends, Allman Bros.), John Molo (Phil & Friends), and both Vince Welnick and Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead, as well as Melvin Seals of the Jerry Garcia Band.


I would like to personally thank all of the customers who supported the National Motorcycle Museum over the 22 years. This is a bitter sweet end to the Museum. Thank you to the supporters who loaned motorcycles and memorabilia over the years for us to display.

Thank you to all of the Mecum customers who purchased motorcycles and memorabilia during the auction.

I hope that you all enjoy them with the same passion that John Parham had in his life. I especially need to thank all of the employees of the Museum, they put their heart and soul into the Museum along with me, especially these last few months.

It has been quite a ride! Just remember, Keep the World on Two Wheels forever!

Jill Parham,
Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Motorcycle Museum.


“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.


Liberty Safe, which describes itself as “America’s #1 heavy-duty home and gun safe manufacturer,” has come under fire after a report revealed that its parent company has donated almost half a million dollars to pro-gun control Democratic officials.

On Wednesday, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk shared FEC filings on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, that show Liberty Safe’s parent company, Monomoy Capital Partners, has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats.

“I pulled the FEC reports on the company and found approximately $400,000 over the last 10 cycles of max donations to Democrats,” Kirk wrote.

–Carson Choate
Western Journal


–Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™


California: Anti-Gun Bills Eligible for Floor Votes as the Legislature Enters the Final Two Weeks of Session

Friday was the deadline for the Appropriations Committees of both chambers to finish passing bills from the suspense file to make them eligible for the floor. Most anti-gun bills have advanced, with some amendments, making them eligible for floor votes at any time.

Additionally, last week, the Senate Public Safety Committee also passed Senate Joint Resolution 7, and the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee passed Assembly Bill 135. These are also eligible for votes on the floor. It’s important that you contact your legislators and urge their opposition to the many anti-gun bills that could come up for a vote.

Please go to the NRA web site to take action

Eligible for the Senate floor:

Assembly Bill 28 places an excise tax of 11% on the sales price of all firearms, firearm precursor parts, and ammunition. These taxes are to be collected from California retailers and placed in a newly created “gun violence” fund for appropriation by the state legislature. It is unjust to saddle law-abiding gun owners with special taxes. Such a measure makes it more expensive for law-abiding citizens to exercise a constitutional right and discourages them from practicing to be safe and proficient with their firearms for purposes such as self-defense, competition, and hunting.

Assembly Bill 574 requires gun owners, when filling out the Dealer Record of Sale, to affirm that they have checked and confirmed possession of every firearm they own or possess within the past 30 days. This requirement runs contrary to the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and is an additional burden for gun owners, especially those with firearms stored in multiple residences or in safe deposit boxes, that can make them ineligible to purchase another firearm until they visit all of those locations.

Assembly Bill 732 goes above and beyond federal law in its requirement for individuals to relinquish their firearms upon conviction of a prohibiting offense. In addition, it creates a verification and enforcement procedure that can potentially violate the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Assembly Bill 733 prohibits state and local government entities from selling off surplus firearms, ammunition, and body armor. This prevents them from being good stewards of taxpayer money and prevents the public from buying these taxpayer funded items, which are lawful to own.

Assembly Bill 1089 expands California’s ban on private citizens, and non-professional users, making firearms with CNC milling machines, or possessing CNC milling machines that have the “primary” or “intended” function of manufacturing firearms, to also include 3D printers. This is simply another scheme to harass law-abiding hobbyists by preventing them from using modern manufacturing techniques for otherwise lawful purposes.

Assembly Bill 1420 broadens the grounds for firearm dealer inspections and punitive measures for technical violations. In addition, it requires that prospective firearm purchasers and recipients list their email address on the DROS forms.

Assembly Bill 1587 requires that credit card issuers use specified Merchant Category Codes to designate firearm and ammunition retailers.

Senate Joint Resolution 7 calls for a constitutional convention to amend the U.S. Constitution, in order to spread California-style gun control schemes nationwide.

Assembly Bill 135 allows the Attorney General to unilaterally increase the fee to conduct ammunition eligibility checks. It repeals the language in existing law specifying that increases are not to exceed “the increase in the California Consumer Price Index.”

Eligible for the Assembly floor:

Senate Bill 2, among other things, creates new subjective criteria for the issuance of carry permits to allow authorities to arbitrarily deny applicants, restricts permit holders to carry only handguns registered to themselves, increases the requirements to apply for a permit, and increases “gun-free zones” where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless.

Senate Bill 241 mandates that licensed firearm dealers and their employees complete an annual training program that the Department of Justice is to create.

Senate Bill 368 mandates that licensed firearm dealers offer the service of storing firearms for safekeeping, prohibits firearm dealers from offering items in games of chance (such as by raffles), and expands prohibited persons categories for certain misdemeanor crimes.

Senate Bill 452, as amended, sets forth the process to prohibit non-microstamped semi-automatic pistols from being sold through licensed dealers if the Department of Justice determines the technology is viable and available by 2028. In addition, it also prohibits replacing a microstamping component on such a handgun, unless it is replaced with another “valid” microstamping component. In recent weeks, a federal court struck down the microstamping requirement, as well as other required features for handgun models to be placed on the California handgun roster. While the attorney general has appealed the decision, he did not appeal the microstamping requirement. To read more about California’s microstamping law, please check the NRA web site.?

Again, please click the “Take Action” button above to contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE these bills.

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I don’t mean to shock anyone but the governor cunt idiot fuckhead of new mexico has declared gun ownership a health emergency. Now the previous health emergency that was not a health emergency shut the usa down for two years and counting. The medical profession – whatever the fuck that even is – is now the government.

Not to shock anyone. The press naturally has nothing to say about this latest proof that the constitution is basically a pile of papers stuck on a shelf somewhere.

–J.J. Solari

Read J.J.’s complete report on Bikernet: Click Here

And in California:
Your governor Gavin Newsom made it illegal to confront a shoplifter…


I am glad you and the staff picked up on one of the original country music outlaws. I grew up listening to Marty Robbins. My Dad loved outlaw music, liked whiskey, loved shooting guns but hated long haired bikers.

I get three out of four. I am the biker he never liked. Marty had an influence in my writings and philosophy.


“Yep, R&B and Marty influenced me. I’ve been trying to relate being a biker to western stories in my fiction stories. Check out the Run to Mexico.”




Now available:Curved Elypse 3-1 LED License Plate Kits

Clean up the rear of your bike by removing the clumsy stock light-bar on most Harley-Davidsion motorcycles. The Kodlin curved horizontal license plate kits blend in with the fender when the bike is parked and are extremely bright when you need them.

The Kodlin Elypse 3-1 license plate kits are available in black or chrome finish in 2 fitments:

– For all models with a standard “3-hole” mounting pattern

– For Harley Touring models (FLHX Street Glide MY13-23; FLHXS Street Glide Special MY14-23; FLHXSAN/X/V Street Glide Anv MY18,23; FLTRX Road Glide MY13,15-23; FLTRX Road Glide Special MY15-23; FLHRXS Road King Special MY17-23.) individual or as a great addition to Kodlin Sleek lights.

KUS20300 Curved Elypse 3-1 LED License Plate Kit for HD Touring Models in Black $299.99

KUS20301 Curved Elypse 3-1 LED License Plate Kit for HD Touring Models in Chrome $299.99

KUS20350 Curved 3-bolt mounted Elypse 3-1 LED License Plate Kit in Black $249.99

KUS20351 Curved 3-bolt mounted Elypse 3-1 LED License Plate Kit in Chrome $249.99

Curved horizontal motorcycle license plate kit with
integrated Elypse 3-1 indicators with red run, amber turn
and red brake function,

The frame is a low profile aluminum construction with
very bright white LED’s
• Frame dimensions: 7-3/16” length x 4-1/4”width
• Mounting hardware is included.

The Kodlin Elypse 3-1 license plate kits are available in black or chrome finish in 2 fitments:

– For all models with a standard “3-hole” mounting pattern

– For Harley Touring models (FLHX Street Glide MY13-23; FLHXS Street Glide Special MY14-23; FLHXSAN/X/V Street Glide Anv MY18,23; FLTRX Road Glide MY13,15-23; FLTRX Road Glide Special MY15-23; FLHRXS Road King Special MY17-23.) individual or as a great addition to Kodlin Sleek lights.

KUS20300 Curved Elypse 3-1 LED License Plate Kit for HD Touring Models in Black $299.99

KUS20301 Curved Elypse 3-1 LED License Plate Kit for HD Touring Models in Chrome $299.99

KUS20350 Curved 3-bolt mounted Elypse 3-1 LED License Plate Kit in Black $249.99

KUS20351 Curved 3-bolt mounted Elypse 3-1 LED License Plate Kit in Chrome $249.99


Nash Motorcycle teamed up with longtime friend, John Shope, of Dirty Bird Concepts Custom Motorcycles to produce this one of a kind hammer, sculpted by John himself.

Made in stainless steel or bronze and measuring in at 14″ long, 6″ long by 1.5″ tall hammer head donning the DBC “dirty bird”, and weighting in at 2lbs. 100 % Made In The USA!

Pair with a Dirty Bird Concepts hammer hanger in brown or black leather with nickle or brass hardware.


U.S. House of Representatives Schedules Vote on Bill to Stop California’s ICE Vehicle Ban

DON’T DELAY! Please contact lawmakers to request they vote for H.R. 1435:
The U.S. House of Representatives announced that it will vote in the coming days on the “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act” (H.R. 1435).

This SAN-supported bill seeks to preserve vehicle choice for consumers and prevent the federal government and the State of California from choosing only one form of technology (such as electric vehicles) over the many others to achieve their emission reduction goals.

The “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act” prohibits the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from issuing a waiver to California for regulations that would ban the sale or use of new motor vehicles with ICE in the state by 2035.

The bill is essential to stopping California’s plan to ban new ICE vehicles, which limits vehicle choice in states around the country. 17 states have followed all or part of California’s previous clean-car rules adopting similar proposals.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee passed H.R. 1435 in July by a margin of 26-22. The vote on the floor of the House will be close, which is why we need your help NOW! Please send a letter to your U.S. Representative asking them to vote in support of the “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act.”

HR 1435 Passed today 220-190 votes. All republicans voted for it with 8 democrats. Hooray. Let’s see what happens in the Senate. 

EXCLUSIVE—Dennis Kirk is now the exclusive online retailer of the complete Bagger Nation collection and it is vast.

–Paul Yaffe


“The First Motorcycle in history with Aston Martin wings!”

“Only at Heroes Motors Los Angeles”

The very first Aston Martin motorcycle in history, the AMB 001 represents the union of iconic Aston Martin design and Brough Superior’s state-of-the-art engineering. This track-only motorbike is reserved for only the greatest luxury motorcycle connoisseurs. This first collaboration between the two legendary brands takes the form of a track-only motorcycle, produced in an exceptionally limited edition of 100 machines.

“Only 2 units of the AMB1 remain out of the 100 produced, and there are now available for sale at $118,500 at Heroes Motors Los Angeles!”

The Aston Martin AMB 001 is a technical masterpiece of high performance, designed with a degree of elegance that is rare in racing motorcycles. Beauty and power are the hallmarks of this exceptional machine. Superior in every way, the AMB 001 is hand-assembled by the finest French craftsmen in Brough Superior’s workshop in Toulouse, France.

An Incomparable Limited Edition: The AMB1 is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a mechanical work of art crafted with unparalleled precision. Every detail has been carefully designed to provide an extraordinary riding experience. With only 100 units in the world, this limited edition is one of the rarest and most coveted you can find.

An Investment in Exceptionalism: The AMB1 is more than just a motorcycle; it’s an investment in rarity, innovation, and excellence. Its value will only increase over time, making you a savvy collector and a privileged rider.

Contact us today to reserve one of the last two AMB1 motorcycles available, our dedicated team is ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of acquiring this piece of motorcycle history.

“Only 2 AMB1 remain out of the 100 produced, now for sale at $118,500 at Heroes Motors”

Heroes Motors USA
Brough Superior Official Dealer in California
3835 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA 90265
Open Monday to Sunday – From 11 am to 6pm



Vance & Hines/Harley-Davidson racer James Rispoli wins on Sunday

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle factory rider Kyle Wyman won his sixth race of the season and Harley-Davidson riders claimed five of six podium positions in two MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers races last weekend at Circuit of the Americas in Travis County, Texas.

Wyman led Saturday’s race from start to finish aboard the team’s race-prepared Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® motorcycle. On Sunday, Vance & Hines/Mission Foods rider James Rispoli won his second race of the season on the team’s Harley-Davidson Road Glide motorcycle.

Wyman was the top qualifier for the weekend with a quickest lap of 2:15.621 on the challenging 3.4-mile, 20-turn Circuit of the Americas road course.

On Saturday, racers endured the challenge of temperatures topping 100 degrees at the start of the first 6-lap Mission King of the Baggers race. Wyman got a great start from the pole on his Factory Harley Road Glide bike and opened a 1.02-second lead after two laps, a gap that stretched to more than 2 seconds at the finish.

Hayden Gillim was second on a Vance & Hines/Mission Foods Harley-Davidson, followed by his teammate Rispoli in third place as Harley racers filled the podium. Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle® factory rider Travis Wyman was fourth on the team’s second Road Glide motorcycle. The win moved Kyle Wyman two points ahead of Gillim for the series championship.

On Sunday, Kyle Wyman got caught in traffic at the start of King of the Baggers race two and was running in eighth place when he crashed in turn 13 following contact with another rider. Wyman was able to pick up his motorcycle and re-joined the race in last place, then battled back to finish in ninth place and earn valuable championship points.

Rispoli took the race lead on lap 4 and crossed the finish line 8.66 seconds ahead of his teammate Gillim. Travis Wyman was running in second place before crashing out on the last lap, promoting Gillim and Kyle Ohnsorg, who finished third on the Roland Sands Design Indian.

After 12 of 14 rounds in the 2023 MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers series, Vance & Hines’ Gillim leads the championship with 215 points, followed by his teammate Rispoli with 213 points, and Kyle Wyman in third place with 204 points. Travis Wyman is in eighth place with 86 points.

The Mission King of the Baggers series features race-prepared American V-Twin touring motorcycles. Harley-Davidson Factory Team Road Glide motorcycles are powered by modified Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight 131 Performance Crate Engines. The team bikes also feature upgraded suspension components, including Screamin’ Eagle/Öhlins Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks, plus competition exhaust, race tires and lightweight bodywork.

The Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle factory team returns to action Sept. 22-24 in the MotoAmerica Superbikes at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, N.J.

MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Race Results – Circuit of the Americas 1

  • Kyle Wyman (H-D) Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson
  • Hayden Gillim (H-D) Vance & Hines/Mission Foods/Harley-Davidson
  • James Rispoli (H-D) Vance & Hines/Mission Foods/Harley-Davidson
  • Travis Wyman (H-D) Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson
  • Kyle Ohnsorg (Ind) Roland Sands Design
  • Jake Lewis (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  • Max Flinders (Ind) M3/Revolution Performance
  • Hawk Mazzotta (Ind) Lloydz Garage
  • Frankie Garcia (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  • Patricia Fernandez-West (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  • DNF. Bobby Fong (Ind) Sacramento Mile/SDI Racing/Roland Sands Design

MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Race Results – Circuit of the Americas Race 2

  • James Rispoli (H-D) Vance & Hines/Mission Foods/Harley-Davidson
  • Hayden Gillim (H-D) Vance & Hines/Mission Foods/Harley-Davidson
  • Kyle Ohnsorg (Ind) Roland Sands Design
  • Jeremy McWilliams (Ind) Progressive/Mission Foods
  • Jake Lewis (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  • Max Flinders (Ind) M3/Revolution Performance
  • Hawk Mazzotta (Ind) Lloydz Garage
  • Frankie Garcia (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  • Kyle Wyman (H-D) Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson
  • Travis Wyman (H-D) Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson
  • Patricia Fernandez-West (H-D) Team Saddlemen
  • Robert Johnson (H-D) Johnson Engine Technology
  • DNF. Bobby Fong (Ind) Sacramento Mile/SDI Racing/Roland Sands
  • DNF. Tyler O’Hara (Ind) Progressive/Mission Foods

Harley-Davidson invites you to enhance the 2023 MotoAmerica King of the Baggers season with some adrenaline pumping action. Check out, ‘Push the Limit,’ a film that shares the story of defending 2021 champion Kyle Wyman, teammate Travis Wyman and the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle race team’s 2022 championship pursuit. Watch it now on Harley-Davidson’s YouTube channel.

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Industry Veteran, Bob Kay, Leads Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Council

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) has formed a council to review the challenges of independent motorcycle dealers and custom bike builders so they may be addressed by the MRF lobbyists in Washington, DC.

“We are pleased to have Bob Kay lead the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Council, stated Kirk ”Hardtail” Willard, Bob’s firsthand experience over 5 decades will be invaluable to focusing the efforts of our lobbyists.” The recent focus on internal combustion engines is threatening the future of independent motorcycle dealers and custom bike builders to provide alternative service centers as well as servicing older bikes and customization projects.

Bob Kay said, “I am extremely proud of the team we put together to focus lobbyists on our right repair and modify with the input we receive from the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Network.” The Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Council chaired by Bob Kay membership includes Keith Ball from Bikernet, Chris Callen from Cyclesource Magazine, Scott Hakins from S&S, Steve Broyles from Stevenson Cycles, John Jessup from Dream Rides, Jason Hallman from Cycle Stop USA and John O’Brien of Hardcore cycles.

Independent motorcycle dealers and custom bike builders wishing to join the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Network can contact Bob Kay at Or go directly to the website at

There is also a private Facebook group set up for discussion of these important topics at

And a public Instagram page dedicated to passing IMA news and events.

You can also support our lobbyists efforts by purchasing a Sustaining Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Annual Membership at

Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Council Goals–

Right to Repair – You or the repair shop of your choice should have access to the tools, parts, and technology you need. However, manufacturers want to restrict your ability to service, maintain and repair your bike.

Right to Modify – The ability to modify and customize your bike is a fight the MRF has won before. In the 1990’s the MRF defeated a proposal that would have limited modification to “color and chrome.” We continue to fight for consumers rights to modify products they buy how they see fit.

Renewable Fuels – The availability of fuel for use in motorcycles is under attack. The MRF fights for the universal availability of approved fuel blends, containing no more than 10% ethanol by volume.

Internal Combustion Engines – Not only is the fuel we need under attack, but the engines that burn that fuel are being targeted. A push to ban the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines is happening right now! We believe Americans should have the right to choose what time of engine to buy not have the choice mandated by the government.

End of Life Directives – In Europe, “end of life directives” require vehicles over a certain age be turned in for destruction. Policy ideas that first appear in Europe have a history of popping up in the United States. The ability to own, collect, work on, and refurbish older motorcycles is a fundamental part of who we are as motorcyclists. The MRF will battle any end-of-life directives in the U.S.

Protect the Motorcycle Ecosystem – Independent shops and manufacturers are a critical part of the motorcycle ecosystem. They provide choice and competition in the marketplace. The MRF believes that to preserve the lifestyle and culture of motorcycling, independent shops and manufacturers must be protected.


Patrick Murphy’s 1948 Panhead

Patrick is Prism Supply’s newest employee and he has built one of the baddest choppers we’ve ever seen. Listen to Patrick talk about his favorite parts about his bike and how it became the bike you see today.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company has signed with CAA for representation, Variety has learned–As part of the deal, CAA will work closely with Harley-Davidson to create entertainment opportunities for its existing IP across film, television, music, and podcasts, adding to the company’s historic brand and deepening its connection with both its devoted fan base, and new consumers, through pop culture.


Finally in stock are the Kodlin new line of Engine Guards.

Keep your bike looking fresh and fierce while keeping your engine safe

They are combination of protecting your engine and the ultimate statement in
minimalistic style for your M8 Softail. These Engine Guards are made from steel and come in either a black or bronze finish. They include an oil cooler cover, crash pads, and all necessary hardware for installation.

The Kodlin Engine Guards will fit MY 18-23 Low Rider, Low Rider S, Lowrider ST, Softail Standard and Street Bob models.

The M8 Softail Rear Engine Guards are also available in both black and bronze finishes and are a perfect way to complete the look. The rear guards will fit MY 18-23 Low Rider, Low Rider S, Lowrider ST, Softail Standard, Street Bob, Softail Slim, Fat Bob and Sport Glide models.

K59512 M8 Softail Rear Guards – Bronze $299.99

K59513 M8 Softail Rear Guards – Black $299.99

K59514 M8 Softail Engine Guards – Bronze $549.99

K59515 M8 Softail Engine Guards – Black $549.99


Cani works at Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 33 Training Center and lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

–Sam Burns
Talent Scout™

Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration

From Epoch Times’ Naveen Athrappully: Climate Models and Sunlight Reflection International scientists have jointly signed a declaration dismissing the existence of a climate crisis and insisting that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth. “There is no climate emergency,” the Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) said in its World Climate Declaration (pdf), made public in August.…


Last weekend I attended the AMCA Banquet. If you are truly into Antique bikes, mostly Knucks and Pans, you might find a chapter near you. They have four or five regional runs each year.

The national run came to the Black Hills this year and was hosted by Carl and Matt Olsen. I should have a story shortly. It rotates annually. These guys love to ride old shit.

I’m still grappling with my primary drive. It’s almost an inch out of alignment. I’m going to hope for a solution from the Cycle Tech guys next week.

About the time I get a solution figured out, I run into another issue. Let’s see what next week brings.

Rode the funky Panhead to the AMCA Banquet. It ran like a champ, but I need to adjust the modified kill switch. It died twice. The second time I figured it out.

I bought a bunch of raffle tickets, hoping to win something for John’s new 1960 Panhead roller. Didn’t win shit…

That’s 45 John’s new project. We hauled out the engine for a rebuild. This was his solution for way to move the engine around during transport to the builder. I hauled the 150-pound engine out of the frame on the lift with Adrian Newkirk guiding it out from the left side.

I’m powered by fresh local peaches on peanut butter toast, with a squirt of natural honey. Amazing.

Hang on for more excitement this coming week. Remember to join a motorcycle rights group near you or the MRF and ride free, forever.


Read More

THE ODD BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for September 21, 2023


I said it was the odd Bikernet Weekly news, because we are living in strange times, but there’s always hope. One of our major parties, not even a splinter group, is trying to destroy America. We are actually living in the Best of Times, and everyone has the opportunity to grow, build, learn, better themselves and prosper.

Others have bad opportunities, because we are living in easy times, easy to hate, destroy, damage and teardown. They actually want to send us back to bad times, because they can. Why would they have any other reason.

I say there’s hope, because like this weekend, brothers and sisters from all over the country are meeting in Harrisburg, PA to discuss strategies for freedom at the Meeting of the Minds. It’s not too late to be a part of the action. There’s always hope.

Here’s a bit of positive news from last week:

HR 1435 just passed 222-190. That bill would stop internal combustion engine bans. All the house Republicans voted for it plus 8 democrats, amazing. It doesn’t have a prayer in the Senate and Joe Biden won’t sign it unless… Who the fuck knows?

Let’s hit the news:

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


After it sold out 20 years ago, Outlaw Justice has only been available in Bandit’s Cantina. Through new technology, Kindle, help from Kate Meadows in Rapid City, her editor/ designer Trisha and many hours of reading and re-reading we finally have an updated version ready for sale.

Check out the 5-Ball Garage Shop for books, leathers and bling.

–K. Randall Ball, (Keith “Bandit” Ball)


by Gearhead

We rode from Northern Cal. The rain came down in buckets. I pulled off under the redwoods in Big Sur. My wife crawled into the back seat of a car. I threw a sleeping bag on the ground under a leaking makeshift lean-to. It didn’t stop raining.

The next morning the fog threatened like a dense cloud of gray paint, and my wife said, “It won’t lift until late afternoon.” We had to ride.

We packed up and pull out in the rain moments before the murkiness engulfed the highway. We fought downpours, the cloud of doom, wrecked cars, 18-wheelers, dead animals and limited vision until we caught the glimmer of Santa Barbara just before nightfall. We slipped the veil of death once more.

“This piece speaks to rides we all encounter and even our daily adventures on two-wheels. Well done.” –Bandit

Read all contest entries and list of winners at:


House Passes Bill to Stop California’s ICE Vehicle Ban. Quick, reach out to your Senators.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act” (H.R. 1435), which now awaits consideration in the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee. This SAN-supported bill seeks to preserve vehicle choice for consumers and prevent the State of California from choosing only one form of technology (such as electric vehicles) over the many others to achieve their emission reduction goals.

The “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act” has also been introduced in the Senate (S. 2090), which includes the same text as H.R. 1435.

“Click and let your Senators know how you feel.” –Bandit

THE REAL BATTLE GROUND–Order Clintel’s unique and critical analysis of AR6 and support us!

The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC is by far the most important publication in the history of the Clintel Foundation. The book came about through the cooperation of ten scientists and experts from the international Clintel network, including Canadian Ross McKitrick (known for his criticism of the hockey stick graph), Italian Nicola Scafetta (known for his work on the influence of the Sun on our climate) and Fritz Vahrenholt (known in Germany because of his book Die Kalte Sonne).

In the book we analyze two vast parts (the Working Group I and II report) of the most recent IPCC report AR6. In thirteen chapters we evaluate by theme whether the IPCC did a good job.

In short, we conclude that the IPCC has made several serious mistakes. These mistakes all point in the same direction: they make climate change ‘worse’. Some of our conclusions are frankly shocking, because the IPCC acted so shamelessly.

In one particular instance, the IPCC ignored almost all literature (on the subject of damage due to extreme weather) and leaned on one (flawed!) study that presented the apparently preferred conclusion (i.e. a claimed rise in damage by CO2).

See a presentation of the results by Marcel Crok here

Order the book and support Clintel
Not surprisingly, the book was completely ignored by the mainstream media. So, we will have to remain patient and keep hammering on the contents of the book. Sooner or later, the IPCC will have to deal with our criticism because it is so devastating.

The publication of the book was coordinated by the American author Andy May and Marcel Crok, the director and founder of Clintel. They have now made their research avalaible as e-book and as paperback as well.

For 35 euro’s (including international shipping) you can order a signed copy (by Marcel Crok) of the book from Clintel. This would also mean a little bit of support for Clintel. More support for this important project, which is far from finished for Clintel, is of course more than welcome. You can do this through a donation.

Or please, become a Friend of Clintel and receive a signed copy of the book as a welcome gift!

Thank you in advance!

Guus Berkhout & Marcel Crok
Founders Clintel


Outcome of consuming protein supplements

What could be the results of consuming protein supplements

In this brief article, we will review what happens to people who consume protein powder every day; what are some affects you can expect to see.

Whey protein is the most popular supplement for those who exercise regularly and compete in any sport as a professional or even as an amateur. It’s a healthy milk-based vegetarian product. As with consumption of anything, how and when you consume such supplements may cause minor to major differences in results when compared to fellow athletes.

Not just sports professionals, even office-goers today grab a whey protein milkshake as part of their breakfast to help them endure the city life and long hours at offices.

Protein itself is an essential macronutrient every human body needs for proper functioning. However, your daily diet or lifestyle may not always allow you to consume required amount of various vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources of protein, or digest those foods daily for that matter. Hence arises the need for a protein supplement in the diet.

So what will happen if you consume protein supplements (protein powder) everyday?

1. It results in healthy blood pressure
2. Helps maintain healthy body-weight
3. Gains in muscle development
4. Not known to cause any addiction nor dependence to whey
5. Using poor quality protein brands is known to result in exposure to heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead. Fly-by-night brands or fake and counterfeit protein products may have such dangerous metals. Chronic exposure can result in development of renal disease, thyroid disruption, weakened bones and neurological dysfunction.

Check the “Country of Origin” of the products. Additionally, you can look where and who has manufactured the product and manufacturing has been undertaken for which company / brand. Is it a licensed version of a foreign brand?

Look for third-party tested products and seek out peer-review regarding which brands are of repute in the multi-billion dollar supplements industry.

While this article only mentions Whey protein, there are over two dozen other types of popular supplements, some have been tested for decades and some which are recent with unknown long-term usage effects.

Always check if your protein product is filled with sugar or has ingredients you actually need and paid for.

So, is Protein Powders safe and good for use?

1. A balanced diet can contain protein powders as another healthy part among other food products.
2. Ensure you follow consumption guideline and note it in your exercise log-book.
3. Use the protein powder which is relevant to your physical needs and not based on what someone else in the sport, dojo, gym or office is using.
4. Choose a brand carefully after scrutiny of third-party verification, expiry dates, genuineness / seal. Get an invoice / bill from the seller when you purchase it.
5. It is a supplement. Do not use it as a meal replacement!

In conclusion, yes, whey protein is safe and reliable, yet you need to check and investigate the sources and brands and serving sizes appropriate to yourself.

Say no to drugs. Refer help for addicts and addictions or consult a medical practitioner.


–from Dr. Way
Chief Nutritionist
Bikernet Medical Center
Homelessness Torn West Los Angeles, California

STURGIS 2024—Where will you be?

Seal the Deal on a Trip You’ll Remember for the Rest of Your Life

Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2024 Passes On Sale September 19

For a limited time only, when you reserve an Early Bird Pass you get a place to party and crash for a very special price.


Prices Will Jump Dramatically When the Pre-Sale Ends

Click through to explore your camping options now, because coveted RV camping areas, cabins and RV rentals are sure to go FAST!

In addition to a place to party and crash, you’ll get free entry to:

  • Join the Best Party Anywhere® in 2024 before Presale Ends
  • Explore Camping Options


“Happiness isn’t around the corner, happiness IS the corner.”
– Unknown

–from the Sturgis

BIKERNET TECH READER COMMENT—Custom Cycle Engineering Dyna Mounts:

Click here to read this Tech

Could you please send me the part # on these motor mounts front and rear and the link to order …I have all Dynas and I hate doing the Dyna dance…

–Ritchie Card
Navarre, FL

“I would suggest checking with Custom Cycle Engineering. I would need the year of your Dyna.” –Bandit

JUNKYARD GEMS– Finding value in toxic waste

No, this ain’t about Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter’s book or life. The secret here is the technology used by UK Royal Mint.

There is a reason why most mobile phone and laptop sellers are willing to accept your old device in exchange for a small discount for purchasing a new device. They need the rare elements in digital devices and it’s not just about chip-shortage anymore.

Have you ever been in a situation that no one wants your old device even if you are giving it away for free? Well, if yes, have you cracked open your defunct device to tinker with it like a tot?

However, things might look upwards if this news catches on globally.

Put on your old iPods and start mining in your local landfill. Playlist? I just added “Digging in the dirt” by Peter Gabriel and “Dirt Rich” by Brothers Osborne.

BBC recently reported: The gold jewelry made from old phones

E-waste is mounting. Now the UK Royal Mint has found a new way to extract the precious metals hidden in laptops and phones to reduce our reliance on raw materials.

The Royal Mint has licensed chemical technology to extract gold from circuit boards found inside discarded laptops and old mobile phones.

Source :

Editor: Bikernet Blog

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“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” — Ernest Hemingway

–from Epoch times


We’re big fans of European 1/8-mile sprint racing, where custom-built bikes from workshops across Europe compete head-to-head in old school-style drag races at events like the Glemseck 101.

The wildest, most creative of these was the highly popular Sultans of Sprint series, featuring a wildly diverse array of high-powered twin-cylinder sprint bikes, crazy costumes, and a whole lot of burning rubber:

“It’s perfectly normal to bump into zombies, yetis, Frankenstein and Hercules: Sultans wear crazy outfits. Because not only speed but also performance and power in the form of style, creativity and craziness are very much part of it. So, there are points for the race and points for creative design and party-hungry behaviour… Freaky is the name of the game.” –BMW Motorrad

Unfortunately, the Sultans of Sprint series was discontinued in 2019, leaving a quite a vacuum in the sport. Fortunately, Philipp Ludwig of Kraftstoffschmiede (one of the original Sultans founders) and Krzysztof “Kris” Szews of Man & the Machines, both of Rennstall Moto, stepped forward to found Rocket Race Club.

Check the whole story at

 –from el waggs

FEATURE BIKE OF THE WEEK—from Nine Hills Motorcycles in Poland.

+48 783 563 275
Kaldus, Chelmno, Poland

–Sam Burn
Feature Bike Editor™

WTF News for the Week– Acer forays into EVs, launches MUVI-125-4G bike with eBikeGo

MUVI 125 4G is the first vehicle to have the Acer insignia on it.

The EV wave is catching on with many companies coming forward to introduce their innovative solutions for sustainable mobility. The latest to join the bandwagon is the Taiwanese tech giant Acer which is known for its PCs, laptops and accessories.

At the ongoing e-mobility expo in Greater Noida (India), the brand unveiled its e-bike MUVI 125 4G. This is the first time that Acer is foraying into the EV segment, a significant milestone for the company.

Acer ebike’s standout features include swappable batteries as this could be a game changer in longer journeys. The lightweight yet robust chassis offers ease of movement and it comes with 16-inch wheels that offer stability and safety. It offers a top speed of up to 75 kmph and a range of 80km.

(Keep in mind, India is the world’s largest consumer of two-wheelers. Not surprisingly, Acer debuted the e-bike in India where they have a considerable market-share in entry-level laptops and authorised service centres.)

Read the madness in entirety at:

Wayfarer’s Note: In my previous editorial in Thursday News dated August 31, 2023 (Always Hope Bikernet Weekly News) I had mentioned how EV will have the same dependence and pollution as your electronic gadgets and gizmos. Well, here is the WTF news for the week. And yeah, I told you so!

Apple, Microsoft, Meta (Facebook), Google and others won’t be far behind. Especially, I would say the edge in competition lies with Apple. Why? Because of Steve Jobs’ vision and greed of controlling or “owning” the hardware and software on all Apple products. Their EV will truly be a corporate tool up your @$$.

Meanwhile, Google and social media majors will have plenty of data to own and sell since you are never ever going to read that lengthy “user agreement” that pops up whenever you create a new account or install a software, etc.

Mad Scientist

We’re diving deep into the new 121 CVO VVT engine and we’ve found some interesting changes the factory has made compared to the previous Milwaukee Eight models!
Check out what we’ve found and more on our YouTube Channel!


GAS PRICES HIT $7.05 IN CALIFORNIA—And the California authorities don’t care. In fact, they prefer the prices increase. Actually, they prefer that you don’t exist. There you have it. Just what you voted for, right?

–WTF, over?


2019 FLTRXS Road Glide Special with only 13,252 miles!

Stock #13998

The Road Glides are one of the best H-D selections in a full dressed Bagger, or for some a performance race motorcycle, either way you will definitely want to be the person to own this bike!

* 107 Cubic Inch Engine
* Black Engine Guard
* Custom Rider Floorboards
* Harley Two Seater
* Custom Passenger Pegs
* 12-Inch Black Meathook Handlebars
* Beautiful Red Paintjob
* Dual Brake Discs
* These tires are magnificent and ready to have more miles under their tread!
* Custom Hand Grips
* Powerstands Racing Clutch and Brake Levers
* Dual Black Aftermarket Exhaust

This bike is only $21,995.00

Plus license, $85.00 documentation fee, and local sales tax. NO HIDDEN FEES like some dealers. And we have no reconditioning or prep fees.

This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 92-point safety/mechanical/structural inspection.This motorcycle has not been refurbished and does not come with any warranty expressed or implied! EXTENDED WARRANTIES are available!

Fill out an online application today. We have EZ FINANCING

Lifestyle Cycles is located at 1510 State College Blvd,Anaheim,CA,92806. Open 7 days a week.

NOT LOCAL? WE HAVE SHIPPING AVAILABLE! Call today (714) 490-0155.

Please visit or


Here is a photo of an idol of Hindu God Ganesha. He is the son of the Mahadev (God of gods) Lord Shiva. This year, Lord Ganesha’s centenary is celebrated on Tuesday 19-September as per Hindu lunar calendar.

Gan-esha is derived from words that mean “first among the army of Gods”. Some academicians suggest, in ancient times, Ganesha, also commonly known as “Ganapati” was a God of war and was well represented with armies of various kingdoms who included soldiers mounted on elephants.

In modern times, Ganesha is known as “remover of all obstacles” and is always worshipped first before beginning any new work, project, or even ritual worship. For example: prayers to Ganesha before riding a new vehicle or prayers offered to Ganesha even if you want to do ritual worship of any other God or Goddess.

The Hindu pantheon and mythology is vast and elaborate, somewhat similar to Greek mythos, Egyptian, Roman and Nordic myths.

–U Dey
Fan and subscriber, 



Saturday, September 23, 2023

Noon – 7pm

Carrie Blast Furnaces
Carrie Furnace Blvd
Rankin, PA 15104

SPACE AGE HELMET COMMUNICATIONS COMING–Cardo Systems Announce New PACKTALK EDGE Half Helmet Kit and Shoei Adapter Kite

I have some exciting news to share – Cardo Systems responds to customer demand with the release of the new PACKTALK EDGE Half Helmet Kit and Shoei adapter kite. Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication systems for powersports, continues to expand accessories to meet the needs of their loyal consumers.



New Mexico Governor’s Unconstitutional Carry Ban Temporarily Halted, NRA Files Suit

On September 8, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham (D) surprised her political opponents and allies when the politician purported to suspend the U.S. and New Mexico constitutions and state statute using a “public health emergency order.” The governor’s directive attempted to unilaterally prohibit law abiding gun owners from exercising their right to bear arms for 30 days in Albuquerque and the surrounding Bernalillo County.

Coming on the heels of the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, some of those tasked with enforcing the governor’s edict immediately recognized the improper measure as illegitimate and refused to enforce or defend it. In Bruen, the Court held, “the Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.”

Further, Article II Section 6 of the New Mexico Constitution protects the right to bear arms. The provision does permit the state legislature to regulate “the carrying of concealed weapons” (within the bounds of the federal Second Amendment). However, the relevant provision states, “No law shall abridge the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms for security and defense.”

As some observers have pointed out, Grisham seemed to telegraph her intent to use “public health” as a justification for all manner of government control at the May 5 Johns Hopkins University Health Policy Forum. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is named for former New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who has given over $3 billion to his alma mater. Bloomberg founded the gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety.

At the forum, Grisham stated, “Everything is a public health issue. Gun violence is a public health issue.”

Shortly after Grisham put forward her order, Bernalillo Sheriff John Allen issued a statement explaining, the temporary ban challenges the foundation of our Constitution, which I swore an oath to uphold. I am wary of placing my deputies in positions that could lead to civil liability conflicts, as well as the potential risks posed by prohibiting law-abiding citizens from their constitutional right to self-defense.

During a September 11 press conference, Sheriff Allen made clear that his office would not enforce the governor’s order.

On September 12, New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torrez notified Grisham that he would not defend her gun control order against litigation. In a letter to the governor, Torrez stated,

Though I recognize my statutory obligation as New Mexico’s chief legal officer to defend state officials when they are sued in their official capacity, my duty to uphold and defend the constitutional rights of every citizen takes precedence. Simply put, I do not believe that the Emergency Order will have any meaningful impact on public safety but, more importantly, I do not believe it passes constitutional muster.

On September 13, U.S. District Court Judge for the District of New Mexico David Urias granted a temporary restraining order blocking Grisham’s carry ban in response to a federal lawsuit filed by pro-gun groups. The governor’s outrageous conduct proved too much for the Biden appointee. Citing Bruen, District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), and McDonald v. Chicago (2010), Judge Urias acknowledged “given the directives and holdings of this Supreme Court precedent, the Court concludes that Plaintiffs have shown a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of their Second Amendment claim.”

Also on September 13, a group of U.S. Senators called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to vindicate New Mexicans’ Second Amendment rights. The senators, including John Kennedy (R-La.), Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), demanded that the Department of Justice “act swiftly to stop this unconstitutional power grab.” The group added that action is necessary “to show that this kind of unconstitutional abuse will not be tolerated in New Mexico or anywhere else in the United States.”

Federal law (18 U.S.C. § 242) provides, in part,

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States… shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both;

On September 14, NRA filed a suit challenging Grisham’s unconstitutional order in state court. Every Republican member of the New Mexico legislature, the Republican Party of New Mexico, and the Libertarian Party of New Mexico joined NRA as plaintiffs.

As previously noted, the New Mexico Constitution protects “the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms for security and defense.” In the case State Ex Rel. Whitehead v. Vescovi-Dial (1997), the Court of Appeals of New Mexico made clear that the state right to keep and bear arms provision “stands shoulder to shoulder with the most basic guarantees of individual liberty against the power of the state.”

Grisham’s order also presents separation of powers issues. The state Constitution vests legislative authority in the legislature. New Mexico law generally allows law-abiding individuals to carry firearms openly or concealed with a license. Grisham has a constitutional duty to execute state law—and the Constitution. She must allow people to exercise the legal rights granted to them. There are no exceptions. The Constitution does not take a vacation during so-called emergencies. The New Mexico Supreme Court directly told the governor this in Grisham v. Reeb (2020), making clear that the state’s Public Health Emergency Response Act’s “purpose is to … ‘provide the state of New Mexico with the ability to manage public health emergencies in a manner that protects civil rights and the liberties of individual persons.’”

On September 15, Grisham amended her order to limit the firearm prohibition to “public parks or playgrounds, or other public area provided for children to play in . . . .” This vague prohibition still has the same problems as the original order: it violates the right to keep and bear arms and the separation of powers.

Making matters even more interesting, on April 7, 2021, Grisham signed the New Mexico Civil Rights Act.

That law provides,

A public body or person acting on behalf of, under color of or within the course and scope of the authority of a public body shall not subject or cause to be subjected any resident of New Mexico or person within the state to deprivation of any rights, privileges or immunities secured pursuant to the bill of rights of the constitution of New Mexico.

Further, the act waives sovereign immunity for the government and persons working on its behalf and notes,

In any claim for damages or relief under the New Mexico Civil Rights Act, no public body or person acting on behalf of, under color of or within the course and scope of the authority of a public body shall enjoy the defense of qualified immunity for causing the deprivation of any rights, privileges or immunities secured by the bill of rights of the constitution of New Mexico.

A “public body” is defined to include, “a state or local government, an advisory board, a commission, an agency or an entity created by the constitution of New Mexico.”

Prevailing plaintiffs may secure up to $2 million in damages and attorney fees.

Gun rights supporters should continue to follow for the latest on the effort to combat Grisham’s unconstitutional order and vindicate New Mexicans’ Second Amendment rights.


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NEW 100-Word Fiction–

Gary finished his Triumph chopper metal flake gold with helmet to match. Out for a shakedown run. Cruising back roads all seemed good, until a truck rounded the bend on the wrong side. Both rider and bike slid off the road.

Gary awoke in the ditch his bike several feet away. In incredible pain, a bone protruded through his jeans. He yanked off his helmet and flung it up onto the road hoping a passerby would see it. A car stopped. The driver snatched the lid and left. Did he hear Gary’s screams?

The DWP crew found Gary’s lifeless body a week later.




Any motorcycle rider knows that exhaust can get hot and dangerous! Especially to riders with shorter legs, when stopped in traffic, or when getting off your bike. Help reduce that heat, protect yourself, and make your ride cooler and more comfortable with one or more of these great options…

• Easiest to install
• Lines the back of factory shields
• Reduces 50% of the heat radiating through the heat shields
• No adhesive or modifications
• Harley, Indian, and Triumph Custom Fit kits available for stock
and aftermarket headpipes
• Universal Cut to Fit kits available


BMW stops selling all its motorcycles in US except for electric motorcycles

BMW Motorrad has issued a “stop sale” notice for all of its internal combustion engine motorcycles in the US. The notice covers both new and used models, and specifically lists the BMW CE 04, an electric motorbike, as the only model still for sale from the company’s dealers.

The issue appears to be related to the fuel system in BMW’s motorcycles, and is likely to be a problem that has spanned several generations of the bikes based on the stop sale notice covering all model years.

The BMW CE 04 is the company’s only electric model currently for sale in North America. The 31 kW (42 hp) bike is best classified as a maxi-scooter, though it takes on a futuristic design and lacks the typical deep step-through frame of most scooters. It began production roughly two years ago, when there was little in the US electric scooter market to compete with its 75 mph (121 km/h) performance. Now similarly capable electric scooters have begun to enter the market, though few can match BMW’s design chops.

The CE 04 will soon be joined by BMWs next electric motorbike, the BMW CE 02, though that model is not yet available in North American dealerships.

–Micah Toll

–from Jay Jackson


STRANGE BIKERNET NEWS for September 14th, 2023 (click to read)

I remember one of those times you quit – You were the Editorial Director for Hot Bike, Street Chopper and Hot Rod Bikes. I had quit editing Tailgate for Paisano over creative differences and you hired me to work on Hot Rod Bikes. I wasn’t at HRB that long when you said adios to the Editorial Editor gig and I quit HRB shortly afterwards.

You’ve done a lot through the years to help me and I really appreciate it.

–Crazy John Gilbert

“Thanks John. There’s more to life than a job, or titles. There’s integrity, freedom and adventure to be considered.” –Bandit


“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” ~ Rudyard Kipling

“Think Big, Think Fast, Think Ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly.” ~ Dhirubhai Ambani

–from Wayfarer
Editor: Bikernet Blog

ACTION IN TEXAS–Texans are headed to Arkansas this weekend for the new version of Bikes, Blues & BBQ. The rally is now centered in Rogers.

If you’ve followed the drama, the former host city pulled the rug out from under the rally organizers and forced a cancellation previously. This new home assures a continued success for this great getaway.

This year, the rally is being held in a welcoming community, and if you don’t have other plans, consider heading up for some fun in Arkansas.

Here in Texas, the Temple All Harley Drags are back. This fun, homegrown event draws a distinguished group of racers to the Little River Drag Strip.

Get Out and Ride!
Be Safe Out There!

–Reynolds Mansson
Events Newsletter Editor
Associate Publisher and Managing Editor of Ride Texas Magazine


Very exciting news!!!!

MRF National Pres. Kirk “Hardtail” Willard has confirmed that he will be at our Chapter meeting on Oct 1st as our guest speaker… This will be a packed meeting and we will have a short ride after for a meet and greet. Please let us know who all is coming.
If you plan to have breakfast at the Eagles I suggest you show up early or eat off site at a nearby breakfast place (Sunrise Cafe & Rivergate Cafe are close).

As far as I know this will be the first in person meeting between ABATE of FL and the MRF in recent history.. hopefully this will be the beginning of a new, improved relationship and lead the way into the future!!!!

We would like to see some State officers and a few Chapter Pres/VP’s to attend if available.

ABATE of FL, Inc
Daytona Beach Chapter
OCT 1ST @ 10am
Eagles Post 3800
190 S Nova Rd
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

–Alfy, Pres
ABATE of FL, Inc.
Daytona Beach Chapter


These Electric models will aim to capture the 125cc commuter class for urban mobility.

Kawasaki Europe has officially announced full specifications and details about its first electric motorcycles.

Ninja e-1 sportbike and the naked Z e-1 are to be launched in Europe. Both models are classified as 125cc-class motorcycles and will reach European markets soon. It is expected that other markets including Australia, Japan, and America will get these too.

Kawasaki has claimed charging time from 0 to 100% in just 3.7 hours for each battery, and a partial charge from 20 to 85% in 1.6 hours.

Knowing the industry reputation of Kawasaki in heavy machinery and not just motorcycles, one can be assured of quality and performance from electric motorcycles presented under a Kawasaki badge.


Editor: Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page


Anti-police activist does U-turn after being carjacked– Three years ago, the “defund the police” movement got its start in Minneapolis, MN. A number of leftist politicians wasted no time in jumping on the bandwagon, along with a bunch of Hollywood celebrities – all of whom thought it was a great idea to slash police funding or, in some cases, to abolish the police entirely.

Shivanthi Sathanandan, currently the second vice-chairwoman of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor (DFL) Party, was one of these early supporters. In June 2020, she called for taking action against the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). “We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department” because “MPD has systematically failed the black community, they have failed ALL OF US … If you are still disagreeing with that BASIC FACT, I’m not sure what to say to you.”

That was then, and this is now. “Shivanthi Sathanandan, police hater, just got carjacked by reality,” reads a New York Post headline. The piece describes Sathanandan as a new convert to the law-and-order movement after a violent carjacking in which she was allegedly attacked in her yard by four “very young” men with guns.

It quotes Sathanandan’s social media posts, featuring a selfie of her bloodied face and her thanks to the “incredible” Minneapolis police officers for their help, with the following message:

Look at my face. REMEMBER ME when you are thinking about supporting letting juveniles and young people out of custody to roam our streets instead of HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS… Look at my face. These criminals will not win. We need to take back our city. And this will not be the last you hear from me about this…

These men knew what they were doing. I have NO DOUBT they have done this before. Yet they are still on OUR streets…I’m now part of the statistics. I wasn’t silent when I fought these men to save my life and my babies, and I won’t be silent now. We need to get illegal guns off our streets, catch these young people who are running wild and creating chaos across our city AND HOLD THEM IN CUSTODY AND PROSECUTE THEM. PERIOD. (Emphasis in original.)

What happened to Sathanandan and her family is horrifying but unfortunately, not unique.

Although carjacking crimes are actually down in Minneapolis from this time last year, police statistics as of mid-September show assault offenses, sex offenses, vandalism/property damage, car thefts, and stolen property crimes in the city are all on the rise. There are also less police officers available to handle this surge in crime due, in part, to the aftermath of the police abolition/defund movement she was a proponent of.

While Sathanandan was agitating for the MPD to be dismantled, officers were leaving in unprecedented numbers – 40 cops were in the process of resigning or otherwise separating from the MPD, another 75 were on medical leave for post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the riots that summer, and “dozens more” were expected to file for leave. According to a local newspaper, the attrition continued well into 2023: “as of May 2023, there were 585 sworn officers in the Minneapolis Police Department compared to a force of 892 in 2018, a decline of about 34%.”

A 2021 statement by the president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis outlining the reasons for the personnel losses includes, as one, the “false narratives spewed by uninformed politicians, activist groups and ultimately pushed by the media” that “added to the hatred towards the police, [and] diminishing trust and support from the community.”

It’s possible that Sathanandan has walked back her views on the MPD. However, the official “Action Agenda” of the Minnesota DFL Party she represents shows that the DFL is on board with plenty of like-minded liberal public safety notions, starting with “policies that prioritize restoration/rehabilitation,” supporting a “model of public safety that includes more professionals who are trained in mental health issues,” and adopting what it calls “common sense gun violence prevention measures,” like criminal background checks on all gun sales and red-flag orders. The DFL opposes “any efforts to weaken or eliminate Minnesota’s requirements for a permit to carry a handgun in public,” a law that we’re guessing had absolutely no effect on the four crooks that allegedly attacked her, beat her up and stole her car.

Much like New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), who was happy to support “sanctuary city” status in theory until reality in the form of droves of arriving illegal aliens landed on his doorstep, Sathanandan, “now part of the statistics,” has received a brutal reminder that policies have consequences.


NEWS FROM THE PRISM GANG— Stampede Handlebars from Prism supply



Our Stampede Handlebars are cut, bent and welded in house and are available in both stainless and mild steel. These are available in a 9 and 13-inch options.

UNITED STATES joins hands with INDIA to launch 10,000 electric buses

Eric Garcetti does it again.

The United States and India have launched a joint initiative to have 10,000 electric buses on Indian streets, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and creating cleaner and healthier cities. The partnership will also mobilize financing for the electric bus fleet and promote international cooperation in the field of electric mobility.

Read full story at:

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF ANYTHING— Last Friday I had a meeting with Lonnie Isam and went over what to do next with my 1913 engine. “The lower-end you bought was for a 1915 with a larger crank pin,” he pointed out.

I need to machine these valve collars. My engine was built before they had covers for the pushrods.

We also discussed and checked my cylinders. I need to do some sand blasting and finding new valves through Competition Distributing. I’ve owned a few Sunnen Hones, and now I may need another one to bore the cylinders.

The Redhead was attacked by Covid this week, so natch, I caught it. But I had to keep moving forward with snow preparations. After several winter discussions about moving the Torpedo into trailer for storage we came up with a plan to take the chill out, remove moisture and keep the Torpedo safe, but first I had to load it.

The bros couldn’t come over due to the Covid Plague, although team member and neighborhood farmer, Luke delivered a bag of fresh tomatoes and healing beets. Powered by fresh fruit and veggies I took on loading the Torpedo myself.

It kicked my ass, but got it done.

I bought this Silver springer in a jewelry store in Athens, Greece during a sailing adventure off the coast. I got drunk and missed my flight home… Frank, my son who works at All Saints in Austin, Texas had it gold plated recently, serious bling. It’s his now.

I will publish a J.J. Solari review of George’s first book tomorrow. I’m anxious to see his book about Sonny Barger due to be published soon.

Jeremiah scored this Thor or Indian motor in storage unit in San Pedro.

Here’s another Pan or Knuck starter system. This is the cleanest.

Karley, Sinwu’s daughter reported in from the Los Angeles Harbor. She’s doing all the work on her Sportster and got it fired up the other day for her first test ride.

The bro, 45 John, with the 1960 Panhead roller is anxious to get started. So, he supplied me with the ultimate Covid cure, 100 percent Agave Reposado.

I feel better already. This shit is amazing!

Stay upright and riding free forever.


Read More



Brothers and sisters all over the world are on the road. It’s that time of year and the Sturgis motorcycle rally is coming up fast.

Since most folks are on the road and not reading the news, I’m going to jump right into the action.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


This shot was taken at an AMCA event is Wassion. This is one Washington enthusiast’s collection. Incredible.


BREAKING SEMA NEWS: California Judge Rules in Favor of SEMA, EcoLogic to Protect Motorized Recreation at Oceano Dunes

July 20, 2023 (San Luis Obispo County, California) — The California Superior Court of San Luis Obispo County ruled that the California Coastal Commission does not have the authority to prohibit motorized recreational and overnight camping access at Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA).

The Honorable Judge Tana Coates ruled in favor of the Specialty Equipment Market Association, EcoLogic Partners (a legal collaboration between the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA), American Sand Association (ASA) and American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) District 37), and Friends of Oceano Dunes, ruling that the Coastal Commission abused its discretion by unilaterally ordering the elimination of off-highway vehicle (OHV) use at the Oceano Dunes SVRA.

“Today’s ruling is a huge win for SEMA, ORBA, ASA, and AMA District 37 in the fight to protect motorized recreation access in California and across the United States,” announced Mike Spagnola, President & CEO of SEMA. “The Coastal Commission’s efforts to stop off-road access at Oceano Dunes were unreasonable and set a dangerous precedent,” continued SEMA President and CEO Mike Spagnola. “This is a hard-fought victory for the motorized recreation community and the millions of enthusiasts that recreate at Oceano Dunes each year. SEMA is proud to have supported this lawsuit and is committed protecting the right to responsibly recreate on California’s coast and public lands throughout the country.”

The court determined that San Luis Obispo County’s Local Coastal Program (LCP) governs activities at the SVRA under the Coastal Act. The LCP expressly allows OHV use at the Oceano Dunes SVRA. Under the Coastal Act, the County of San Luis Obispo has exclusive authority to enforce and manage the LCP. The Coastal Commission, acting on its own, has no power to take any action inconsistent with the LCP.

Oceano Dunes SVRA is a premier destination for motorized recreation enthusiasts and tourists alike as the only off-road park in the state offering direct access to the Pacific Ocean.

For decades, recreationists and off-roaders have enjoyed riding all types of motorized vehicles, from trucks and SUVs to dune buggies and quads, on the California beach, which was threatened by the Commission’s March 2021 amendments to Coastal Development Permit 4-82-300 that demanded the California Department of Parks and Recreation phase out OHV access to Oceano Dunes SVRA by 2024.


Going to Sturgis? Join us, along with Harley-Davidson, for our Choppical Pool Party! The Choppical Pool Party is exactly as it sounds, a tropical themed pool party & chopper show that will feature the most unique and custom builds.


FIM Rules and Forms Now Online.

All final forms you need to complete your FIM World Record Entry and registration are now on our website. There are some slight adjustments on the processing of the Licensing and Application to the AMA so please read all the instructions. A printable checklist is also online to assist the process. All form are on our FIM Licensing Info and Forms Page.

Pre-Entry Discount Deadline Extended.
Thanks to those that already have submitted their BMST Registrations! We’ve extended our discount deadline to JULY 22nd 2023 @ Midnight. Late fees will now apply from July 23rd 2023.

Salt Conditions
We’re heading to the Salt early next week to check on conditions and track layout options for BMST. The best place to get the most up-to-date info from us while were out there is via our Facebook, page where we can post live. We will add infomation to our Salt Conditions page @

More Volunteers Needed!
As an all-volunteer organization, this doesn’t happen without the help of a dedicated crew. We’re always looking for volunteers, without who we would not be able to race! Looking for a front row seat to the action? Volunteering is a great way to have an active role at BMST! Check out our Volunteer Page for more details or to get signed up!

Dates to mark on your calendar:
July 22nd Pre-Entry discount Closes, FIM Entries due to AMA
August 13th- Online Entry Closes (Entry on the salt still available after deadline)
August 25th – VIR Pit Entry and Registration
August 26th – General Entry Pits, Registration & Scruineering Open
August 27th- 31st – Racing
August 31st – Awards Party.

Keep Posted to our Web & Social Media pages for updates!

on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @bonnevillemst


–Sam Burns
Art Curator™


The heart of this year’s raffle bike comes straight from the collection of the American Pickers.

Matt acquired the ’37 Knucklehead engine from Mike Wolfe and built this year’s incredible raffle bike around the storied motor.

The ground-up restoration, presented in a period-modified look and feel, features Flanders bars with risers and bobbed fenders and is finished in HD custom Silver, striped in black, and edged in Gold.

The 61 cubic-inch engine, paired with a four-speed transmission, is built to give the winner plenty of power and performance while hitting the road.

Don’t miss your chance to own this incredible piece of history ??

EPA CORRECTION– Few Stations Show Increase in Hot Days

Look for upcoming newsletters that will document how U. S. governmental agencies like EPA and NOAA have been removing data and information that does not conform to the their promotion of a man-made climate crisis.

Below is an important chart that somehow slipped by EPA’s “consensus” censorship squad. It is a map of all 1,066 weather stations across the United States. The change in the number of hot days for that station are ID’d as increasing (red), stayed the same (blank) or decreasing (blue).

A total of 863 stations, or 81%, reported either a decrease or no change in the number of hot days! Any guesses on how long this map will remain up on their site?

As reported by EPA, only 19% of all weather stations report an increase in the number of hot days since 1948!

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!–

HOMECOMING BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for July 13th, 2023 – click here to read

Hey Bandit, Have you ever considered bringing back some content from those old Easy Rider, Tech, Tricks & Tips books? It seems like you put a lot into them. I still enjoy flipping through my old copies, especially when I putting together one of my Shovelheads.

I know some of the stuff is out dated, but it might be good for some riders today to get an idea of how it was done before we had ten thousand aftermarket options to work with. Then there’s all the politically incorrect art work to raddle some cages.

Also, would like to see more about events, roads & rides out here in the great Northwest. Just asking for a friend.

— Bill O’Neil
Eltopia, WA

“Great notions. I’ll see what I can do after the rally and after Bonneville.”


TEAM DicE is out on location at the Malle Mile with the Demon Drone Wall of Death working on a secret project.

Keep an eye on Instagram for updates.


If you want to continue to be able to work on your own motorcycle, with guaranteed access to the parts, tools and service information needed to modify, service and maintain it yourself, then you need to contact your member of the House of Representatives and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 906; the “Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair” Act, or better known in Congress as the “REPAIR Act”.

“The REPAIR Act ensures that vehicle owners or repair shops are not denied access to the information, software or tools needed to work on vehicles,” reports the Motorcycle Riders Foundation in an MRF alert. “The proposed law also establishes rules regarding vehicle data access. This commonsense law will help preserve consumer choice and a fair marketplace.”

The MRF invites motorcycling constituents to communicate with your federal lawmakers via this link:—support-h-r-906-/589

–Bill Bish
NCOM Biker News Bytes

“See Bill’s complete report on Bikernet in the next couple of days. Don’t miss it.”

GAS STOVE WARS– Lawmaker Questions Top Official Over Proposed Gas Stove Ban, Cost to Move to Electric.

A top Biden administration official behind the Department of Energy’s (DOE) proposed regulatory crackdown on gas stoves said in congressional testimony on July 18 that she doesn’t know the details of electric stove installation.

Geraldine Richmond, the Department of Energy’s undersecretary for science and innovation, on July 18 testified before the Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Energy Policy, and Regulatory Affairs during a hearing called “Canceling Consumer Choice: Examining the Biden Administration’s Regulatory Assault on Americans’ Home Appliances.”

During the hearing, Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) addressed Ms. Richmond regarding a DOE notice of proposed federal rulemaking unveiled in February that would allow the agency to set new efficiency and conservation standards for home appliances, including gas stoves.

The proposed rule (pdf), which is meant to reduce emissions from household appliances, would affect at least half of new gas stove models sold in the United States and make most of the existing ones on the market noncompliant, according to Republicans on the subcommittee.

‘Not a Ban’?
During the hearing, Mr. Perry disputed Democrat claims that the DOE rule shouldn’t be referred to as a gas stove ban.

“I don’t know what kind of gas stove you have in your house … and to the gentlelady on the other side of the aisle, she says it’s not a ban [but] according to my figures, 4 percent of current gas stovetops available on the market today meet the rule, which means that 96 percent of them don’t,” Mr. Perry said.

The GOP lawmaker then said that many people on lower incomes wouldn’t be able to afford a new gas stove that’s compliant with the new rules and so would opt for an electric stove but pointed out that installing one could be costly.

“If you’re not making a lot of money, you can’t afford the expensive one that probably will meet it, so you’ve got to try and buy the other one,” he said, adding that he’s glad the DOE is getting people to save money by “forcing them to spend a bunch of money.”

Mr. Perry continued, “If you have a gas stove in your home right now, there’s a gas line coming to it and probably a 110 [volt electrical] connection.

“Do you know what it takes to put an electric stove in your home? Do you have any idea?”

“No, I don’t, but—” Ms. Richmond replied, and before she could elaborate, Mr. Perry cut her off.

“Here, I do! You got to run a 220 [volt] line. Which means you’re going to probably have to get an electrician because unless you know how to do that yourself, you’re playing with potentially losing your life and electrocuting yourself,” he said.

“You’re going to have to hire someone to come in and drill holes in your floor and pull wire to the panel and hook that whole thing up.”

He then asked whether Ms. Richmond had included installation costs for a new electrical line for an electric stove in the DOE’s estimated efficiency savings.

Mr. Perry added that such installation costs would be especially burdensome “for poor people, who are just happy to have a gas stove.”

Ms. Richmond replied by saying that the administration isn’t looking to force anyone to replace their existing stove with an electric one, prompting Mr. Perry to argue that when a person’s existing stove breaks down, he or she would be forced to buy a more expensive one that complies with the new rules.

“We’re strongly in favor of consumer choice,” Ms. Richmond began to say, with Mr. Perry interjecting, “Apparently not!”

–Tom Ozimek
Epoch Times

Why WALKING Helps Us Think–

Since at least the time of Greek philosophers, many writers have discovered a deep, intuitive connection between walking, thinking, and writing.

Walking organizes the world around us; writing organizes our thoughts.

By Ferris Jabr

Editor: Bikernet Blog

NEW SAXON BIKERNET READER COMMENT–Roadtesting The 2007 Saxon Warlord

I own a 2007 Saxon Warlord and enjoyed hell out of this story! I can’t wait to get mine back to where it supposed to be. Third owner, guess first one trashed hell out of it. No fenders, crap handlebars etc. Pure sacreledg!

–Avis T Woods

“Thanks, great bikes. I hope you can bring it back to life. Check Ebay for parts. Too bad, the guys are no longer around.”


[page break]


This book is gettin’ a lotta flack from people with no discernment complaining that it’s not Hunter S. Thompson or Jack Kerouak. The bwa ha ha’s and the ha ha ha’s seem to annoy them.

The book doesn’t have long paens – look it up – to the nobleness of destitution, suffering or sadness….. nor long tirades against the relentless oppression of the government and “the greedy corporations” and Man’s inhumanity to trees or anything else remotely whiney. This utter lack of depressing content and mega overdoses of relentless can-do-ness CAN be upsetting to some readers who demand to be driven to despair via their reading material.

And you are not going to get that kind of a book from someone who, from what I have read so far, is the human version of a river otter…

–J.J. Solari

“Read the massive and unrelenting review on Bikernet in the next couple of days, or fuck it, just buy the book.”



REPORT FROM Ron Harvey’s Classic Motorcycles–

Ron went to the Palmer, Alaska DMV on Friday to get the title for the Panhead. He got a number and waited in line for almost an hour when he got a phone call of some bikers in need. Riders do a 2200 mile motorcycle run in Alaska for the 22 Vets that commit suicide every day. Ron helps to organize it each year.

A couple guys on the run needed some repair work on their bikes so he left the line and went to his shop to help them out. He got them back on the road and returned to DMV to find out his number had just been passed over, so he had to start over. Someone in line did give him their number to help out.

Anyway, he did succeed in getting an Alaska title with the VIN number on the case for my project Panhead. He had to do the surety bond which is basically an insurance policy for 3 years that will pay anyone who might come forward claiming ownership of the bike. Doesn’t seem to be a concern. The VIN number came back clean.

He will have the bike to the shipper later this week and it should arrive in Rapid City in about 3 weeks. I’m pumped.

–45 John


I love the Bikernet Inspirational Seminar. I read the book by Paramahansa Yogananda once back in the ’70s. I am a great believer in Astral Projection. You project yourself to other places in the world. It takes a while to recognize it after you learn about it. That has been my experience.

I think the older you get, the more inclined you are to recognize it. I experienced transcending pain years ago during meditation. I left my physical body and was outside of not only my body but outside of my house too. I could see myself inside through the window. I was sitting in my chair in the living room. I was experiencing a lot of ear pain at the time and was able to rise above the ear pain completely in this state.

This takes practice in meditation and refining your body with a correct diet. No lie!

–Ann Robinson
Belmont Shore, CA

JUNE WINNER–Magnificent 100-Word Fiction Contest

We decided to get our readers engaged in fiction focused on motorcycling lifestyle. The contest is completely free for anyone to participate. All you have to do is subscribe to Bikernet weekly newsletter and email us your fiction. Can you weave a tale in 100 words or less?

The May 2023 winner was announced on June 22, weekly Thursday News — click & read it here.

We are glad to announce the winner for the month of June 2023 is Chris Dutcher for his 100 words adventure “A Hundred”. As Bikernet Metaverse Editorial Emperor Bandit himself stated “Great story, no wasted words, emotion and action strong. Well done.”

You can read all the multiple fiction entries for this contest at by Clicking Here.

Chris is not new to fiction writing. He has published two novels in his “Storm Rider” series. You can read a review of those books on itself.

Storm Rider – Book One — click for review
Storm Rider – Book Two — click for review

Chris Dutcher wins a fantastic goodie bag, full of Bikernet gifts, signed Bandit books and swag. Don’t miss your chance. The July winner will be announced next month.

Don’t ever stop riding or writing…

Supreme Judge™

CONGRESSIONAL HEARING OF THE WEEK—Check this hear out from just a couple of days ago. Senator Perry vs. John Kerry…



–Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™


The Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s annual Meeting of the Minds conference will reflect that the MRF listens to our members, partner state motorcyclists’ rights organizations, and motorcycle clubs.

MRF members and the motorcycling world can see that the MRF is making a difference and moving forward – on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures — to protect the future of motorcycling and motorcyclists’ rights. The Meeting of the Minds conference is where it all began and it’s where motorcyclists’ rights advocates come to experience tailormade workshops addressing issues facing motorcyclists today.

The Meeting of the Minds is where motorcyclists’ rights advocates can get up-to-date information on issues relating to the attacks against motorcycling and motorcyclists’ rights. The success of this year’s Bikers Inside the Beltway was a result of what the MRF shared at the Meeting of the Minds. Keeping our members and partner SMROs informed and on point is what makes the Motorcycle Riders Foundation the foremost motorcyclists’ rights advocacy group in the nation.

Listening, making a difference, moving forward to protect the future of motorcycling, and motorcyclists’ rights — this year’s Meeting of the Minds features sixteen workshops and ten new presenters, plus a stack of new topics added to the mix!

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation – presenters who live and breathe motorcyclists’ rights, topical workshops that have real-world applications for protecting the future of motorcycling – Bikers Inside the Beltway, the Meeting of the Minds – there’s no other place in the world that you can get this much information in such a short span of time!

If you haven’t already, get ready to meet Bob Stoner, a 27-year member of ABATE of Indiana. He’ll join MRF Vice President, Jay Jackson, to present 90 minutes that will help keep your SMRO on track – SMRO

Guidebook: A Cookbook for Your Organization.

Whether you’re contemplating running for political office or supporting a motorcycle-friendly candidate, “think globally, act locally” puts the mission of protecting the future of motorcycling directly into the avenue of approach to motorcyclists’ rights advocacy.

Traci Beaurivage and Imre Szauter present Beyond Legislative Lobbying and share their collective political experience with attendees in their workshop.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation — Bikers Inside the Beltway, Meeting of the Minds–listening, making a difference, and moving forward to protect the future of motorcycling & motorcyclists’ rights!

The Meeting of the Minds – September 21-24, Red Lion Hotel, 4751 Lindle Road,
Harrisburg, PA 17111. Use the QR codes below to register and make reservations or call 717-939-7841 and mention Motorcycle Riders Foundation 2023 Meeting of the Minds.

Thank you for your support of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. We look forward to
seeing you in Harrisburg at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Minds, Sept. 21-24, 2023.
Yours in Freedom,

–Fredric Harrell
MRF Director of Conferences & Events

PS: Hotel rooms are available and going fast, confirm your plans now, register with the MRF, and use the QR codes to make hotel reservations early for the Meeting of the Minds 2023.

QUICK, New Bikernet Reader Comment

Music Album Covers with Motorcycles in Bandit’s Cantina

Let’s not forget Purple Rain by Prince and his 1981 Hondamatic Honda CM400A

–Gary Mraz
Sedona, Arizona

“Yup, we had that and should have probably added it to the article which was originally expected to be just an image gallery. 

Purple Rain became Prince’s first album to reach number one on the Billboard 200. The album spent 24 consecutive weeks atop on the Billboard 200 and was present on the chart for a total of 122 weeks.

The music video for the album’s lead single “When Doves Cry” sparked controversy among network executives, who thought its sexual nature was too explicit for television.

The risqué lyrics of “Darling Nikki” raised complaints from Tipper Gore and the Parents Music Resource Center and contributed to the implementation of Parental Advisory stickers and imprints on album covers.”

— Wayfarer
Editor for Bikernet Blog


Headline Performances by Green Day and Foo Fighters and Events Across the

The Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival, the biggest music-and-moto event to hit Milwaukee this summer, took place from July 13-16 at venues across the Milwaukee area. Moto enthusiasts from all over the world enjoyed the festivities celebrating the rich, 120- year history of the world’s most-desirable motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson. The Company also announced next year’s Harley-Davidson Homecoming will be July 25-28, 2024.

Some key highlights of the 2023 Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival included:

Veterans Park on the Milwaukee Lakefront – Performances by Green Day and Foo Fighters

On Friday and Saturday night at Veterans Park, music headliners Green Day (July 14) and Foo Fighters (July 15) performed to massive crowds on the Milwaukee lakefront. The shows gathered more than 80,000 moto and music enthusiasts throughout the weekend.

Leading up to the headlining acts at the Veterans Park venue, key performances on July 14 included Abby Jeanne, KennyHoopla, Phantogram, and The Cult. On July 15, performances included Ghost Hounds, White Reaper, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and Cody Jinks.

In addition, Nitro Circus, the most explosive crew in action sports, provided an action-packed freestyle motocross show, plus the exhilarating stunts of the Ives Brothers Wall of Death & Ball of Steel, food and beverage vendors, and special merchandise added to the family-friendly entertainment.

Matty Matheson hosted a Burger Build Off, where legendary chef, actor, author, and restauranteur Matty Matheson created the ultimate, show-stopping burger in a head-to-head cookoff.

Harley-Davidson Museum – Milwaukee

Activities kicked off at the Harley-Davidson Museum grounds on Thursday with Bike Night and continued through the weekend. 73,000 bikes lined the museum grounds and Sixth Street over the four days. 130,000 attendees enjoyed food trucks, Flat Out Friday Boonie Bike races, motorcycle displays and demo ride opportunities with LiveWire, and Stacyc electric vehicles, the Division BMX Stunt Show, custom and vintage motorcycle shows, and evening musical entertainment.

The music line-up included headliners Hairball, The Jimmys and The Now Band, Rust Bucket Road Trip, and The Toys and Rebel Grace.

Harley-Davidson Powertrain Operations – Menomonee Falls

The Harley-Davidson Powertrain Operations in Milwaukee suburb, Menomonee Falls, hosted demos of 2023 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, factory tours, and Police Skills Riding Demonstrations.

Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Motorcycle Parade – Downtown Milwaukee

The 2023 Homecoming event concluded on Sunday with the Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Parade, winding through Wisconsin Avenue to the heart of downtown Milwaukee, ending at Veterans Park on the lakefront. 7,000 motorcycles participated in the parade to the cheers and waves from crowds gathered along the route.

Ride In Routes

All roads led to Milwaukee as Harley-Davidson plotted six exciting Ride In routes, each starting from the furthest reaches of North America and leading to Milwaukee, to arrive for Homecoming festivities. This provided an opportunity for riders to join at any point and ride at their own pace while mingling with fellow H-D riders. Each daily Ride In segment began and ended at an authorized Harley-Davidson dealership, with a mid-day stop also at a H-D dealership, to meet other riders, chat with local staff, eat at local food trucks, and conduct bike maintenance, as needed.

New 2023 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) Motorcycles

Homecoming weekend was also the official consumer debut of the new 2023 CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models showcasing advanced technology, enhanced rider comfort, and dynamic performance propelled by the powerful new Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 engine, with a technical display in the Harley-Davidson Museum Garage area and demos at the Company’s Powertrain Operations facility.

Harley-Davidson Dealership Events

Six Milwaukee-area Harley-Davidson dealerships hosted events and entertainment. Dealerships that participated included House of Harley-Davidson (Greenfield), Milwaukee Harley-Davidson (Milwaukee), Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson (Thiensville), Uke’s Harley-Davidson (Kenosha), West Bend Harley-Davidson (West Bend), and Wisconsin Harley-Davidson (Oconomowoc).

EPA Uses Misinformation to Promote Climate Fear–

One year ago, if you had visited the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) page on heat waves (Climate Change Indicators: Heat Waves) you would have found the lead chart to be the one below (Figure1). It shows that heat waves peaked 90 years ago and have been at a relatively low level (thankfully) since that time.

Since the government allows nothing good about our modern climate to be presented, the above chart has been replaced with the one below (Figure 2). It shows an alarming increase in frequency and intensity of heat waves.

As you have likely guessed, there is more to this story than first meets the eye. First, the chart begins in 1961, near the end of a 33-year cooling period that had some of the coolest temperatures since the 1930s and conveniently omits the high temperatures of that decade of the “Dust Bowl”.

Second, and more importantly, the charts above are not representative of America but, rather, are heat measurements in the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the Lower 48 states. As you may be aware, the Urban Heat Island Effect has artificially increased urban temperatures greatly over the last several decades.

This fact is revealed only deep within the fine print of the description of the methodology used. The authors DO admit that “Urban growth since 1961 may have contributed to part of the increase in heat waves…” Indeed.

–cO2 Coalition

[page break]


For The Hearing Despaired

The speed limit signboard hid behind overgrown flora on public land. The no parking signboard, worn-out junk rested in the weeds. The district magistrate crept behind schedule. My lawyer, rusty on traffic violations, ducked. Me? I was screwed…tighter than the bolts on my motorcycle, which was impounded for being on the road!?

I took the stand, hand raised, and swore; cussing instead of the solemn oath. No comic relief. The Sheriff banged on the cuffs as soon as the judge’s gavel hit. Contempt of court, wasting court’s invaluable time, while possession of ‘some balls.’

–by Wayfarer

DICE ACTION–Holy moly, what a weekend it was at the 101 Run in Margate.

Never drinking again!

Ok, maybe one tonight for a laugh.




Join us in Santa Barbara, CA to celebrate 10 years of BRO at our annual west coast gathering. It’s coming up quick and we don’t have too many tickets left…

NEW TECH READER QUESTION—Rev Tech DFO Performance System

I bought a 2004 Softail Standard that has the RevTech DFO installed. The Bike is not currently running. There are 4 wires on the Revteck module, Green, White (kinda yellowed), Red, and Black.

The Black wire is not connected, has no terminal (Broken ?) and is not connected to anything. Is this supposed to be a ground wire ? Where does it go ?

Please help as I am not finding any wiring directions anywhere…Many Thanks !!


“It’s probably a ground wire. Hook it to ground and see if that makes a difference. You might reach out to Custom Chrome. They are still in Morgan Hill, CA.”


Cabana Dan and his van travel far and wide to bring the finest antique and historic race bikes to the Sturgis Museum.

When he’s back in the Black Hills he’s building or restoring very early Harley’s also for the museum. He hit Michigan then Lacrosse for the night. Like he said the other day, “No rest for the weary.”

Check it out at the Sturgis Museum.


The ultimate debunking of “solar and wind are cheaper than fossil fuels.”

I’ve identified, for the first time, the root fallacy behind the all the claims that “solar and wind are cheaper than fossil fuels.”

Myth: Solar and wind are cheaper than fossil fuels

Truth: Solar and wind are only cheaper than fossil fuels in at most a small fraction of situations. For the overwhelming majority of the world’s energy needs, solar and wind are either completely unable to replace fossil fuels or far more expensive.

Why we should be suspicious of the pervasive claim that “solar and wind are cheaper than fossil fuels”

Observe that “solar and wind are cheaper than fossil fuels” is usually invoked, not to encourage competition but to justify coercive government policies to punish fossil fuel use and favor solar and wind.

Observe that the same people claiming “solar and wind are cheaper than fossil fuels” moved heaven and earth to demand hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies under the “Inflation Reduction Act” for these supposedly “cheaper forms of energy.”

On its face, justifying favoritism toward solar and wind by invoking their cheapness is highly suspicious. If they’re cheaper, why do they need coercive policies to throttle their fossil-fueled competitors (e.g., opposing fossil fuel investment, production, and pipelines) and reward solar and wind?

If a company has a TV set that’s as good as others, but cheaper, they win by selling their cheaper TVs on the market.

They don’t ask government to ban other TVs, to mandate their TV, or to give them hundreds of billions of dollars.

Truly cheaper products don’t need preferences.

The simple reason that advocates of solar and wind who claim they are cheaper than fossil fuels aren’t willing to outcompete fossil fuels in reality but instead demand massive government favoritism.

If solar and wind were cheaper, much-hated fossil fuel use wouldn’t still be growing

Notably, fossil fuel growth is centered in the places that care most about cheap energy, above all China—which is using record amounts of coal to produce the solar panels and wind turbines we use. If solar and wind were cheaper they’d use solar and wind to produce solar and wind.

When China is concerned about its grid reliability, it starts building more coal power plants, not more solar and wind farms, to boost supply. In late 2022, the Chinese government permitted about 2 new coal plants a week.

China, despite being the world’s leading producer of solar and wind (using coal) is also using record amounts of oil. Why not just use solar and wind instead, since “solar and wind are cheaper than fossil fuels”?

Because solar and wind aren’t cheaper. In most cases, they’re totally incapable of replacing oil.

–Alex Epstein
AlexEpstein Substack

Alex can be long-winded albeit thorough. If you want to read more find his substack.

If you have issues with answering loaded climate alarmist questions, google Alex Epstein Energy Talking Points. He picks the top 10 Climate Question apart and give you the real data.


ME: “Yeah like I need 9 imbeciles in British Cosplay Dresses to tell me what free speech is.”

HIM: “Well, it’s actually them explaining what free speech is with regard to the Constitution.”

ME: “So the Constitution’s version of free speech is different from what free speech actually is?”

HIM: “You are a rabble rouser and a social detriment”

ME: “Fuck you. Just answer the question.”

HIM: “Fuck YOU.”

the end

–J.J. Solari


This ceremony begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip on Friday, July 28, 2023.

National Anthem – Jeremy Waddell
Invocation – Deb Whitman
Special Guest Speaker – Gen. David Dailey
Assistant Adjutant General, SD Army National Guard
Food, Drinks, Friends & Fun

FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2023 AT 5:30 PM

We would be honored by your participation in helping to create this memorial to American Heroes lost.



Broke the literal record for highest global heat three times this year, but climate change isn’t real. How fucking retarded can you be? Come to Texas and tell me climate change is fake.

–Tom Jefferies

“You’re getting your news from a slanted source. Temps were higher 1000 years ago and 2000 years ago before SUVs.

Here’s a note from the CO2 Coalition: So, here at the CO2 Coalition, we did what scientists are trained to do:

We looked at the available data. Our Science and Research Associate Byron Soepyan reviewed temperature data from the US Historical Climatology Network and found that both the number of weather stations reporting temperature over 100 degrees F and the Maximum Average Temperature for July 4th were slightly declining since the record began in 1895 – not increasing”


TRIKE OF THE WEEK— Want more images of this X-Wedge powered trike?

–Buck Lovell
Lovell Photography & Design
B.L.A.B.B. (Buck Lovell’s American Biker Blog) /
Sturgis, SD 57785
(605) 490 2991

“Buck is pulling together a feature on this Trike for us. Hang on.”


WyoTech Students Revs Up for Flying Piston Benefit’s Tiny Bike Chop Off at 83rd Sturgis Rally

Resulting auction supports All Kids Bike, putting kids on bikes in kindergarten P.E. Class nationwide

The Flying Piston Benefit is pleased to announce that students from WyoTech, a technical training institute specializing in automotive and diesel technology education, is taking part in the 2023 Flying Piston Benefit Tiny Bike Custom Chop Off.

As part of this prestigious event, WyoTech students will showcase their skills by building a custom tiny bike, starting with a stock Strider balance bike. In Laramie, Wyoming, WyoTech has been empowering students since 1966, offering hands-on training and preparing them for successful careers in the automotive industry.

The custom tiny bike created by WyoTech students takes center stage at the Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast, followed by the online auction.

The Flying Piston breakfast kicks off on Sunday, August 6th, from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip and the tiny customs are auctioned off online that morning. Anyone can bid from anywhere. Proceeds from the auction support All Kids Bike, a program that puts bike riding classes in kindergartens nationwide. The Flying Piston Benefit has helped train over 100,000 kindergartners so far, encouraging confidence, enjoyment of the outdoors, and autonomy.

“We are thrilled to have WyoTech participating in the Flying Piston Benefit 2023 Tiny Bike Chop Off,” said Marilyn Stemp, Flying Piston Benefit co-producer. “This competition provides a great experience for the students and really, in this competition, there are no losers, only winners!”

Enthusiasts can register for the auction at to bid online from anywhere. To buy tickets for the Builders Breakfast, held at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Crossroads on Sunday, August 6th and presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, go to

The tiny custom bikes began as a stock Strider balance bike generously provided to the programs by Strider Sports International, of Rapid City, SD. The Tiny Custom Chop Off highlights six programs include Kevin “Teach” Baas’ Lakeville North High School from Lakeville, Minnesota; Pine Bush High School, Pine Bush, NY; Helping with Horsepower in Ethan, SD; WyoTech, Laramie, WY; Mitchell Tech in Mitchell, SD; and the Jessi Combs Foundation.

Strider is changing the paradigm of how kids learn to ride through AllKidsBike, which seeks to teach every kid how to ride a bike in kindergarten P.E. class.,

Event Hashtags:


Who thought mixing a chopper show and a rodeo was a good idea??

Oh, that was Choppers Magazine!

Back in 2021, Lowbrow was at the first annual Virginia City Roundup (Nevada) put on by Choppers Magazine.

Not only was it a good time, it was a different kind of show…

Show-goers had the opportunity to ride a bull, get dragged, or wrestle a calf.

You can join in the next one (or just watch)… The Virginia City Roundup is August 26th, 2023!


PS – Keep up with the latest news on the show by following @virginia_city_round_up on Instagram!


Do you offer some free advice or knowledge? I have a 2017 Street Glide special with a 107 M8 built to a S&S 124 bore with a 475c SNS cam. I have the Screamin eagle programmer that I have loaded. A couple of their programs.

Bike is running fairly well just with some hiccups I added the Screamin eagle auto tune and having a lot of running issues now with check engine light. Codes p0031, p0051, and p0134… any help or insight would be great. I do not have any accessory upgrades, except for two brothers exhaust slip ons and SNS big mouth air cleaner. I have a lot of popping and backfiring on mid throttle an heavy throttle. What base calibration should I be using?

The stock 107 calibration or a calibration closer to my setup?

–Keith Jackson

“You’re way ahead of me. I would use the calibration close to your setup. You might need to back down and reset your system.”


Vickie’s bike is coming together. I ordered a part that wasn’t needed. Thanks Rich. But I know her bike is close.

I’ve sorta decided to reduce the number of projects I have. It’s tough, but there’s only so much time in a day. Unfortunately, the ’48 UL may need to go. It’s a classic, but I’m trying to hang onto the bikes I was directly involved it or built. Make me an offer if you’re interested. It’s a classic.

That being mistakenly said, I’m building two bikes currently. One is a 1913 twin Harley board track racer, and I just scored some more parts. Billy Lane wants me to bring it to Tennessee and race it against his 1912 Twin. He knows the secrets to making them fast. But I told him I would kick his ass, if I can find a Sifton cam and a small Mikuni carb. Hang on.

I’m also building a VL, XA, FL Knucklehead. Check the tech on the home page. I had to install seriously longer studs in the transmission. Fortunately, with slight mods the transmission would fit.

My son, Frank got pulled over the other day because he had a problem with his tags. His old Suburban faded and he rolled to a lot to trade it in fortunately. He’s got tattoos on his face and lifts weights constantly, but the cop cut him a deal. He drove home with a semi-new Jeep pickup.

Okay, tomorrow we are having a Salt Torpedo Meeting and I’m driving the ’58 Chevy to a Chili Cookoff in Spearfish.

For a town of 1200, it’s never dull around here. Next week, we will have a meeting with our local Senator and see what’s up.

Make sure to support your motorcycle freedom fighters, so we can continue to ride free and not get banned.


Read More




What an interesting day, week closing in on the Rally. I can’t wait. I’ve watched tents, displays, new signage sprout up all over the town of Sturgis. The 120th rocked Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago, and I’m trying to access whether the brothers are coming here and how the anniversary might impact the 83rd rally.

Hamster Dan is working hard on the Sturgis Museum, building an historic looking shop and that’s his 1914 H-D twin project on the bench. Stop by. 


It’s all going to be fun and exciting to watch. Let’s hit the news.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


Helping with Horsepower Takes on Tiny Custom Chop—Off

Resulting auction supports putting kids on bikes in kindergarten P.E. Class nationwide

Helping with Horsepower, founded by Laura Klock in 2011, is taking part in the prestigious 2023 Tiny Bike Custom Chop Off, a competition that encourages young people to pursue careers in the industrial arts. The Chop Off is featured at the 2023 Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast and Auction in Sturgis. Six programs are competing in the Chop Off with each bike making its debut at the event.

“We are thrilled to be taking part in the 2023 Tiny Custom Chop Off and showcasing the incredible talent and resilience of our youth involved in the Bike Rebuild Program,” said Laura Klock, founder of Helping with Horsepower.

The Flying Piston breakfast kicks off on Sunday, August 6th, from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip and the tiny customs are auctioned off that morning via an online platform. Anyone can bid from anywhere.

Proceeds from the auction support All Kids Bike, a program that puts bike riding classes in kindergartens nationwide. The Flying Piston Benefit has helped train over 100,000 kindergartners to ride on 2 wheels.

The tiny custom bike began as a stock Strider balance bike generously provided to all six programs by Strider Sports International, of Rapid City, SD.

Six schools are taking part in the Tiny Custom Chop Off including Lakeville North High School from Minnesota; Pine Bush High School, NY; Helping with Horsepower in Ethan, SD; WyoTech, Laramie, WY; Mitchell Tech in Mitchell, SD; and the Jessi Combs Foundation.

“This competition provides a great experience for the students,” explained Marilyn Stemp, co-producer of the Flying Piston. “The young men and women are exposed to career paths they may never have known about. And really, in this competition, there are no losers, only winners!”

Helping with Horsepower invites everyone to attend the Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast and witness the unveiling of the custom tiny bike.

The silent auction that follows presents a rare opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind creation while supporting a worthy cause.

Enthusiasts can register for the auction at to bid online from anywhere. To buy tickets for the Builders Breakfast, held at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Crossroads on Sunday, August 6th and presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, go to,

Event Hashtags:


–Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™


Fiction that kicks butt: You gotta read this guy

He also has a version of some of his novels marked “Low Profanity Edition”

Author Clayton Lindemuth

Thanks & regards,


The list includes tanks, wheels, cams, pipes, tools, shocks, fairings controls, springers, you name it. Check out what the Cycle Source mastermind has to offer.


Fuel CLE is brought to you by Lowbrow Customs, Forever The Chaos Life & The Gasbox.

We couldn’t do it without support from Biltwell, BMW Motorrad, Whiteknuckler and W&W.

FRIDAY July 28th

Official Pre-Party
Skidmark Garage: 7pm to 1am
4600 Hamilton Ave. Cleveland OH 44114
Free to attend, live music, adult beverages, food, motorcycles and so much more.

SATURDAY July 29th

Meet up at West 14th and Abbey Avenue. Ride departs at 9am sharp, arrives at Fuel around 10am! Check out the route / get directions here.

Fuel Cleveland Show
The Historic Hale Farm & Village 2686 Oak Hill Rd. Bath, OH 44210 • 10am – 7pm

Official After Party
Hoopples: 8pm to last call
1930 Columbus rd. Cleveland OH 44113

SUNDAY July 30th

Fuel Cleveland Show
The Historic Hale Farm & Village 2686 Oak Hill Rd. Bath, OH 44210 • Time 10am – 4pm




–Sam Burns
Official Curator™


Lengthy article but people who know CVO would love it

Well, this year, besides bumping the displacement up to 121 cu. in. from the now paltry 117 cu. in. of the previous year, other huge changes were mixed in, giving an advanced look at what we predict the bulk of the Milwaukee-Eights will be like in the not-to-distant future.

Chief Media Investigator™

83rd STURGIS RALLY— at Legend Suspensions

Front and Rear installations at our manufacturing facility. All installation appointments are first come first serve. Be sure to stop by 3461 Whitewood Service Road, Sturgis, SD 57785 to make an appointment.

July 31st – August 11th, 2023

For more information and location details please visit:


Aaron Egging is a tattoo artist at Project Tattoo Studio, N Seattle WA.

Contact info: 22000 64th Ave W Ste 2E, Mountlake Terrace, WA, United States, Washington (425) 967-3265

–Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™


I realized something today. We are experiencing first hand right now what a female president would be like. America is currently being ran by a ditsy, blonde, trophy 2nd wife, fake doctor, schoolteacher, fucking female, who is just dragging around her potato of a husband and calling all the shots from behind the scenes.

It’s come out lately that she hired Pissantski and probably the Ramen Noodle, too. It said she has say in all the staff hiring at the White House, and that she controls everything Biden says or does, his schedule and all the planning. If you think about it, his little handwritten notes and atrocious speeches sound like they are her talking… the laminated cheat sheets with reporter’s for him to call on? Schoolteacher bullshit… Jill is running the show. Biden even slips up and says so often.

The Biden administration is like watching some goofy ‘80s Mel Brooks comedy with Jill played by Shelley Long, as a school teacher trying to run the country in ugly dresses and shoulder pads and Farrah Fawcett hair.

Joe woulda been played by Leslie Nielson, of course, as the demented, dottering, perverted old president who goes around nibbling children and sniffing people and honking Eva Longoria’s boob on a stage and falling down everywhere. The Secret Service would be just a bunch of bumbling morons getting serviced by Kamala, and nobody notices Hunter doing shady foreign deals while sniffing blow out of an Asian hooker’s crack in the White House library.


by Amy White aka The Wicked Bitch


Man Tracks Stolen Bike With Apple AirTag, Says Police Can’t Help

What do you do in a situation like this?

Sorry, Basket Case Bike Enthusiasts: Vermont Closes Registration Loophole

Which is worse: Having your bike stolen and not knowing what happened to it, or having your bike stolen, knowing where it is, and not being able to do anything about it? That’s the problem that Chicagoan Scotty Woods is facing in mid-July 2023. According to him, his Honda CBR was legally parked on the street near his apartment building.

What about the Chicago police? When NBC 5 asked what they would advise in this situation, a spokesperson informed them that the best course of action would be to contact the local district office where the stolen property is located, explain the situation, and ask for assistance.

That’s exactly what Woods did, but so far, it hasn’t helped. “[The officer] wasn’t on the scene for two minutes. I asked him if he could take me through the alley or anything of that nature just to do a safety check or assist. They denied and they said I don’t see it in plain sight that they can’t help me,” Woods told NBC 5 Chicago.

Chief Media Investigator


Life in America’s Breadbasket is Good and Getting Better

Our report, American Midwest and Climate Change: Life in America’s Breadbasket is Good and Getting Better, was just published. In it, we provide the science that disputes the claims of ongoing and future climate catastrophes.

We document that there is no climate crisis. In fact, we discover just the opposite. The ecosystems and agriculture in these ten Midwestern states are thriving and prospering partly because of modest warming and more CO2.

Below is information provided by NOAA showing that maximum temperatures have declined since the Dust Bowl years of the late 1920s and 1930s and all the while CO2 was steadily increasing.

We find that:

High temperatures peaked 90 years ago.
Recent temperatures are comparable to those nearly 100 years ago.
Growing seasons are lengthening.
Minimum winter temperatures are increasing (that is a good thing).
There is a beneficial increase in precipitation.
There is a decline in droughts, strongest tornadoes and heat-related deaths.
Agricultural productivity has increased greatly.

Further, we find that a transition to “net zero” for the Midwest would make no improvement to the environment and be prohibitively expensive.

The cost to transition the 10 Midwestern states to so-called renewable power would cost more than $6 trillion, or $92,000 per capita. A theoretical effect of such a transition is calculated as averting 0.043° C of warming by the year 2100, which translates to a cost of $14 trillion for each tenth degree of warming averted.

Download the entire report here (pdf).


Yesterday we hit it hard with Dan and Luke working on final aspects of the Salt Torpedo. Just about the time we think we’re close we stumble onto more challenges.

I’m working on a Torpedo check list. We let the parachute pop out and discovered a mess. Luke is cleaning it up with the help of the Redhead.

I thought I had some space above the tank and raised it slightly. Fuck, it smacked the top and we had to adjust.

We got it buttoned up and decided to soak it. We also made progress with the rules. The EMTs need to be able to turn on the fire entinquisher, shut off the battery and the fuel from the outside of the liner. Crazy.

Bonneville Check list

  • Check front end
  • Check Fuel Level
  • Check Engine and trans oil
  • Check chain adjustment
  • Check parachute connection
  • Check Fire Extinguishers



The Buffalo Chip City hosted a new style of rider to the Black Hills this weekend.

Get On! ADV Fest Tickets

A Four-Day Camping and Adventure Motorcycle Festival July 20-23, 2023.

Camping is Free with Admission.


It rocked with four days of camping, adventure riding and community in the gorgeous backcountry and front-country of remote South Dakota July 20-23, 2023. In addition to world-class adventure riding, the weekend was full of test rides, seminars, entertainment, prizes, awards, and the latest adventure riding gear and accessories for you and your bike.

Kids 15 and under were free. Max 2 per adult and must be accompanied by that adult at all times. Kid’s meals were not included. Food was available for kids via the concession stand.


I was invited for movie night under the stars, while the boss roasted marsh-mellows behind the bar.

I ran into a kid at the Tiki Bar buying a beer who was very excited to see this film. I dug out my camping chair, stretched is out and watched the boss, the film director and the main promotor, Zero motorcycles sit on stage and discuss the making of the film.


They came from BDR a 501c(3) non-profit organization. “We are here to help you plan adventure motorcycling trips. This non-profit website provides you with free GPS tracks, information, and planning tools for each Backcountry Discovery Route. Plan your multi-day off-road motorcycle adventure with their free tracks, interactive maps, photos, video content as well as hotel, food & gas information. Be sure to check out the discovery points, packing lists and FAQ’s for any routes you are considering. Have fun, be safe and enjoy exploring on two wheels.


I watched some of the promotional film, but was caught by a guy, Bill Hearne, who acted as a guide for the team of six who rode the three-day loop through the black hills.

He’s a major supporter of making the off-road trails accessible. When the BLM tries to shut a trail down because they say the budget doesn’t exist to maintain it, he steps in to negotiate with the Bureau of Land Management and raise the funds to repair the trail.

I’m concerned about the new BLM mission and Bonneville. The new mission will shift from management and human access to less management and less access. There is current legislation to stop the shift.

The Zero aspect of the film played a major role and the rep who rode the tour touted the ease of charging which she attempted to do at every stop or coffee break and all night at the hotels, motels or lodges along the route. She said it was no-problem, but fortunately there were only two electric bikes in the crew. Hang on if there were 20…


Harley-Davidson to Introduce Nightster 440 in India–

Here’s What We Know So Far

After successfully launching the feature-loaded X440 in partnership with Hero Motocorp, the premium two-wheeler manufacturer Harley-Davidson is all set to drop another product in the Indian market.

It has been reported the company is likely to introduce Nightster 440 in collaboration with a homegrown bike maker. The report says Hero Motocorp has already filed the trademark for the upcoming Nightster 440, which will hit the market soon.

The brand has taken the name inspiration from its international 975cc Nightster motorcycle and might share some of the design elements from it as well. However, the company is yet to reveal official details about the same.

Full Story at:

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“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think.”

–Dale Carnegie


Don’t miss your chance to experience the BEST BIKER PARTY ON THE HIGH SEAS!

Law Tigers and High Seas Rally are cruising together in 2023 and WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US!



  • Tampa Bay, FL
  • Key West, FL
  • Cozumel, MEXICO
  • Costa Maya, MEXICO

UNPRECEDENTED PROPAGANDA–Unprecedented Propaganda’: ‘Phoenix previous record of 18 consecutive days over 110F was set in 1974, the same week Time Mag was warning of new ice age’

Phoenix previous record of 18 consecutive days over 110F was set the same week Time Magazine was warning of new ice age.


Millions of cars daily analyzed by artificial intelligence for ‘suspicious’ behavior

Dystopian surveillance is here and providing a growing market for tech entrepreneurs. Police agencies are daily `using artificial intelligence to identify “suspicious” patterns of behavior in millions of random cars caught on surveillance cameras connecting with databases of ownership and enabling searches and arrests. In an era with politicized law enforcement, what could go wrong?

Thomas Brewster of Forbes reports:

March of 2022, David Zayas was driving down the Hutchinson River Parkway in Scarsdale. His car, a gray Chevrolet, was entirely unremarkable, as was its speed. But to the Westchester County Police Department, the car was cause for concern and Zayas a possible criminal; its powerful new AI tool had identified the vehicle’s behavior as suspicious.

Searching through a database of 1.6 billion license plate records collected over the last two years from locations across New York State, the AI determined that Zayas’ car was on a journey typical of a drug trafficker.

According to a Department of Justice prosecutor filing, it made nine trips from Massachusetts to different parts of New York between October 2020 and August 2021 following routes known to be used by narcotics pushers and for conspicuously short stays.

So, on March 10 last year, Westchester PD pulled him over and searched his car, finding 112 grams of crack cocaine, a semiautomatic pistol and $34,000 in cash inside, according to court documents. A year later, Zayas pleaded guilty to a drug trafficking charge.

Prior to the guilty plea, Zayas’s lawyer Ben Gold contested the evidence and via FOIA requests discovered that:

…the ALPR [Automatic License Plate reader] system was scanning over 16 million license plates a week, across 480 ALPR cameras. Of those systems, 434 were stationary, attached to poles and signs, while the remaining 46 were mobile, attached to police vehicles. The AI was not just looking at license plates either. It had also been taking notes on vehicles’ make, model and color — useful when a plate number for a suspect vehicle isn’t visible or is unknown.

To Gold, the system’s analysis of every car caught by a camera amounted to an “unprecedented search.” “This is the specter of modern surveillance that the Fourth Amendment must guard against,” he wrote, in his motion to suppress the evidence. “This is the systematic development and deployment of a vast surveillance network that invades society’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

“With no judicial oversight this type of system operates at the caprice of every officer with access to it.”

The article describes the growing number of companies providing AI-powered systems of surveillance that can be hooked up to not just traffic and police cameras, but to private surveillance cameras that opt in to the system. Connect all of these cameras to public and private databases, and we have a recipe for police to repress political opposition that even Big Brother himself couldn’t dare dream of. Imagine cops knowing that you’re headed in the direction of a rally for, say, Donald Trump and that you rarely drive that way.

As Pixy Misa of AoSHQ puts it, Welcome to the goldfish bowl.”

Click to View at

Harley-Davidson CEO says India model pre-orders ‘exceeding expectations’

Harley-Davidson said on Thursday that pre-orders were “exceeding expectations” for a new model the U.S. big-bike maker launched this month in India in partnership with a local manufacturer.

Harley and British rival Triumph have unveiled their cheapest models globally in India, the largest motorbike market by sales, to tap into higher spending in premium segments across categories as varied as mobile phones and cars.

Harley-Daivdson X440 is priced at $2,841 in India.

“We’ve been extremely pleased with the reception that the X440 has received since launch, with pre-orders exceeding initial expectations from launch,” Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz said on an earnings call with analysts.

“Now I look at India as a long-term opportunity … it’s a huge market overall,” Zeitz said.


According to the latest Road Transport Year Book, India has the maximum number of registered two-wheelers, followed by Indonesia.

India ranks eighth in the world in number of passenger cars, while China, the United States and Japan are the top three.

The report has referred to the 2020 data of the International Road Federation, which is used as the reference across the countries.

Full story at:

Chief Investigator
Bikernet International New Bureau

LOVE TIPS for HORNY BIKERS– chapter 5,203 – Sensitive Poetry

Women want 4 things out of life: diamonds; closet space; shoes; and new Corvettes. If you can’t supply them with these things, they will OFTEN settle for thoughtful, gentle, romantic poetry.

Lotta guys ain’t good at comin’-up with that shit. I on the other hand am blessed with an ability in this arena that is DAMN near goddamn supernatural. You would THINK I would be selfish about this gift, this wonderment, this corn-you-copia of grandiose sensitivity that leads directly into the hearts of women. But I am not. It is a gift given to me…..and I share it with that same grand spirit of giving…. with others.

Memorize this vaulting, soaring expression of tender emotion to some chick you have your eye on, and even if you DON’T have a chopped Harley, she will come VERY CLOSE to not noticing. Stay studly my friend.

I drempt you had two huge torpedos,
and I was in my Italian speedos,
with a sac like a one pound bag of Fritos,
and a cock like end-to-end burritos,
and people on the beach they smiled,
and said “Your fucking i’ll bet is wild!
And every second she births a child
when her twat by your cock is defiled!”
I said “How very nice of you to say!
Your reward is now to watch us play!”
and off my speedos you did yank,
and all beheld my unrolling crank,
and as it stretched up to the sky,
with hundreds of gawkers gathering by,
and you now naked leaped upon it,
a living version of a Shakespeare sonnet,
all beauteous and like Athena,
you mesmerized the whole arena,
with acrobatics on my pole,
your spread-legged slit jarred every soul,
with lust and longing in all who leered,
with hungry eyes: and each one teared.
You shimmied up, then slid back down,
a hundred times and then did drown
the both of us in jizz cascades
that would have filled the Everglades.
You then, pure naked, approached the crowd,
and then “All kneel” you said aloud,
your hand then pulled your twat up tight,
its hairless nudeness a wondrous sight,
you then approached each upturned mug,
and bent slightly back, you twat still a-tug,
and said “My cunt i’ve lengthened,
my slit now long,
you may but stare and whack your dong,
or slide you fingers inside your twat,
but touch me, no, that you may not,
for only one my touch my cunt,
but you may stare at my slitted front,
and my cocksman here will simply watch,
as you all stare at my tacoed crotch.”
And all did gape and masturbated,
until the gathering was all sated.
Then they all did disappear,
and my pythoned cock was nowhere near,
instead my normal cock and sack,
and your tits were just your normal rack,
of teenage elevated titty plates,
which I each licked as this pome states,
an hour each and then I nursed
for two more hours as if rehearsed,
and then my helmet massaged each nipple,
and milk then did begin to ripple
down your stomach and down your legs,
even though you had no eggs,
that had-had contact with my spermage,
and I then jizzed your epidermage
where your nipples were spraying milk,
and cock and nips were mingling cream,
and then I woke up from the dream.

Burma shave.

–J.J. Solari

COMING TO DICE MAGAZINE— Coming to Issue 101

The 101 run 2023 pictures by Del Hickey
With a little over 6 weeks until Issue 101 of DicE magazine arrives here’s a sneak peak at Machi’s Ariel Square Four show bike.

If this is anything to go by you know it’s going to be another epic issue.


Here’s the important stuff about the Evo Entanglement:

• 3rd Annual Evo Entanglement Show Presented by S&S Cycle at Sturgis Buffalo Chip
• Wednesday, August 9th
• Free to enter, free to spectate


Major points:
– First 100 registered get a free limited edition Mint Speed Shop flannel just for entering – and it’s free to enter!

– Meet show hero Paul Wideman, artist Darren Mckeag and actor Rusty Coones

– Paul and Darren worked together on the trophies – true works of art and you can only get one by winning it!

– Best in show wins a complete S&S Evo-style engine – plus Paughco frame and $1000 Baker Drivetrain voucher.

The trophies are AWESOME. Here’s pics!


SGT Ride Old Bikes. Available in adult, youth, toddler, and onesie sizes.


Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2023!

Visit us @ Full Throttle Saloon & Pappy Hoel Campground
Saturday 8/05 – Thursday 8/11


Biden Admin Targets Water Heaters With New Rule Proposal–

The Biden administration introduced a new proposal for water heater efficiency standards Friday, becoming the latest widely-used household appliance to be singled out by the Energy Department.

The Department of Energy (DOE) claims the new water heater standards will curb carbon dioxide emissions and save Americans billions in the long-term, according to a Friday press release. The proposed rules are the latest advancement in the Biden administration’s wider push to regulate household appliances in pursuit of its climate agenda.

The regulation would mandate higher efficiency standards for new water heaters that use heat pumps, and would require new gas heat pumps to gain efficiency by using condensing technology, according to the DOE press release. Gas water heaters are smaller and less expensive, and thus carry cheaper installation costs than alternatives, according to FOX News.

“It’s just spreading to more and more appliances. It seems that almost everything that plugs in or fires up around the house is either subject to a pending regulation or soon will be,” Ben Lieberman, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said of the administration’s efficiency regulations push, according to FOX News.

“Consumers aren’t going to like any of it,” Lieberman continued, according to FOX News. “These rules are almost always bad for consumers for the simple reason that they restrict consumer choice.”

The efficiency regulations would take effect in 2029 if they are finalized, according to the press release. Other appliances that the Biden administration is planning to issue updated energy standards for include dishwashers, residential laundry machines, refrigerators and boilers, according to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

The Biden administration has also attempted to regulate gas stoves, which led the Republican-controlled House to pass a bill in June that would bar any prospective federal ban on new gas stoves if it became law.

The DOE estimates that the new rule will save American consumers $198 billion in energy costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 501 million metric tons over 30 years, according to the press release. The projected emissions reduction is equivalent to the combined annual amount of emissions generated by more than 60 million homes, or about half of the homes in the U.S., according to the press release.

“This proposal reinforces the trajectory of consumer savings that forms the key pillar of Bidenomics and builds on the unprecedented actions already taken by this Administration to lower energy costs for working families across the nation,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said Friday, according to the press release. The rule would “improve outdated efficiency standards for common household appliances, which is essential to slashing utility bills for American families and cutting harmful carbon emissions,” she added.

The DOE did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

–Nick Pope
Daily Caller

BABE OF THE WEEK—Jenny James, a friend of Rogue’s

–from Rogue
Senior Editor™


95 year-old wanted to take some photos on the road glide. “ That’s 95-year-old Dr. Jose Siguad, while celebrating his birthday.

He’s my son’s father-in-law from Dallas and he decided to move to Austin. Busy guy.




The risks of AI are real but manageable

The world has learned a lot about handling problems caused by breakthrough innovations.

By Bill Gates

And Hang On!

Science has the answer ?

Why Your Cat Is Weird

The origin of domesticated cats, the reason ‘pspspsps’ causes mayhem, and how to pet your feline overlord in precisely the right way (according to science).

Chief Weird Investigator™


Michael stopped on way to Milwaukee in Nebraska to visit Freddie Cuba in his new digs. Michael shot pics and peeled out on Monday. Dirty Ernie from Beatrice showed up and took the track picks.

I believe Fred has a flat track on his property, but I’m trying to confirm. Billy Lane might want to know about it.



Biden Admin Rule Would Ban Nearly All Portable Gas-Powered Generators

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has proposed a policy (pdf) that would remove nearly all existing portable gas generators from the market. The new rule restricts the amount of carbon monoxide that generators can emit by forcing these generators to switch off when they reach a certain level of emissions…

Once the proposed rules come into effect, manufacturers would have to comply with them in just six months, a process that usually takes several years…

Nearly all models currently available are expected to not follow the new standard.


UPS Labor Contract Deal–

UPS reached a tentative five-year agreement with about 340,000 Teamsters union workers yesterday, one week ahead of a potential strike that would have disrupted supply chains nationwide.

The historic $30B deal, considered to be the largest private sector contract in North America, includes higher pay for part-time workers, who comprise more than half of the UPS employees represented by the union. The minimum starting wage for part-time workers would rise to $21 per hour from $16.20. Hourly pay for existing full- and part-time workers would increase by $7.50 over the duration of the contract.

The deal would also require air-conditioning in delivery trucks purchased after Jan. 1, 2024 and make Martin Luther King Jr. Day a full holiday for the first time. Union members will vote on the deal from Aug. 3 to Aug. 22. See contract details here.

Last year, UPS workers, on average, sorted and delivered 24.3 million packages a day, amounting to 6.2 billion packages annually, up from 5.5 billion in 2019.

–1440 Daily Digest

“We live in seriously strange times. But one of the items that should be on the list of every legislator would be middle-class income. It stopped going up in 2000. It needs to be fixed.” –Bandit


Ben Stillman: The Complete Series, Volume One by Peter Brandvold



Ex-lawman Ben Stillman is enjoying the treacherous business of retirement, until the past comes knocking on his door and he learns: once a lawman, always a lawman. Get your blood pumping with seven hard-driving Western adventures through the American old west.

You can find all of our limited-time $0.99 deals and special offers at Wolfpack Publishing.

Wolfpack Publishing
9850 S. Maryland Parkway
STE. A-5 #323
Las Vegas, NV 89183
United States


You cannot open an email from almost any mainstream media outlet these days without being told something like “Heat is torching records and spreading across the U.S. and Europe” during an unprecedented, record “smashing” global heat wave.

Often based on factual errors that will do until lies come along, like the Washington Post fib Tony Heller exposed about Fort Meyers, Florida having a “record” 89 days over 90 degrees when it had 169 such days in 1944. And when AP linked to a very useful NOAA tool summarizing records set in the U.S. and globally on a given date or date range, we compared July 15, 2023 to July 15, 2003. The latter broke more American records. Weird, huh? And (h/t Heller again) the proportion of U.S. weather stations recording a temperature of 95°F or higher has been falling steadily since 1931 and is at a record low so far this year.

It’s almost as if journalists occupied a separate reality. Indeed, Emily Pontecorvo wrote revealingly in Heatmap Daily that “The heat is weighing on me, and I don’t even live in the part of the country experiencing a prolonged, life-threatening heat wave.” Except rhetorically.


This detailed article would give you some perspective on what was and is in the middle-weight bike segment in India.

 Big motorcycle battle: Hero-Harley, Bajaj-Triumph and Honda are gearing to fight Royal Enfield; here’s who can win



Actually, I hope a couple of things come to fruition in the next couple of months for all the kids on the planet.

Hopefully projects will never end. I decided to make my 2nd book Outlaw Justice ready for printing. I’m working with Trisha and Kate. In the middle of the process, we discovered a couple of versions. An ass-kicking process began of checking, editing, and scrambling through corrections. The writing process never ends. This book is much improved, but… I should have copies in a month or so.

Behind the headquarters it’s amazing this time of year. And I put the 1914 Single engine back on the gun safe. I needed a place to hang my denims, goddammit. I snagged the carb. I may need it for the ’13 twin I’m building.

We are about to feature this bike shot by Peter Linney. I may make a call about the story tomorrow, if I survive the news.

Our Deadwood billboard was due to be posted yesterday, and I ran across this from New Jersey today. I can’t be far off.
Ride free, goddammit!

Read More




My boss, Lou Kimzey once said, “The truth is stranger than fiction.” In other words, if folks in publishing actually wrote about what happened, no one would believe them. It’s not that you wouldn’t believe ‘em, but you would think WTF? That can’t be real…

Never mind, it’s too strange to fathom.

Okay, so brothers and sisters all over the world are riding into the black hills for the 83rd Sturgis Rally. Sturgis is packed with tents, rigs, vendors, and they’re ready for non-stop action. It’s going to be a good one, and as of tomorrow I have two events, sometimes three to attend daily.

Let’s hit the news:


The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


We’re Back! The all-new Hot Bike: Issue 2 2023 magazine is out now! Get the latest American V-Twin Performance and Custom magazine chock-full of goods like the custom Pan America from FXR Division and much more.

In this issue… we dive deeper into FXR Division’s all-new sport touring concept of the Harley-Davidson Pan America. We caught up with co-owners Chris Staab and Justin Coleman to pick their collective brain on what exactly they were aiming to achieve with this unique spin on the already polarizing model.

It turns out Trask Performance’s latest Tornado Turbo System for the Low Rider ST is a straight-up fun-having machine. We’re still grinning ear to ear after our trip to Phoenix to test the Tornado on our ’22 ST. In just a few hours we added substantial performance gains. Learn more about this new setup now!


I cannot understand why Police would want to emulate 3-piece patch wearing outlaw bikers. Surely, they are the antithesis of everything they stand for?

All bikers I know, outlaw or not pour scorn on these wannabes.

There’s also the Blue Knights and the Peelers, but I think they fly a LE patch, although still going down the 3-piece route. I just can’t understand why you’d happily wear a version of your enemies’ uniform.

Bet their parties are crap too.

–Tim Ranachan

The NEW ETIAS requirements, explained–Starting next year, if you’re a U.S. passport holder traveling to an EU country, you will need electronic authorization called ETIAS, the European Travel Information and Authorization System. It includes an online application, and it’s for everyone — no age exceptions.

While it’s not exactly a full-blown visa, it’s going to be linked to your passport. So, without it, airport security won’t let you board. Here’s all you need to know about the cost and how to apply once it kicks in.

–Udey Way
Chief Investigator
Bikernet International News Desk
Mumbai, India

LATEST FROM COMPETITION DISTRIBUTING– DLM-001 4 bolt Dual Linkert intake manifold
Aluminum Dual Linkert Intake Manifold O-ring Style These are made in house by CD

CAM-001 Harley J & JD Cam Gear 1917-1929 61″ & 74 Inch

Brand New J and JD Cams by LINK Engineering Made in the U.S.A.The bushings on this new cam have only been lightly reamed to allow it to slip onto the inspection fixture and may require final sizing before installation.

–Competition Distributing

BUCK LOVELL, COMMITS SUICIDE—Former Editor of Hot Bike Magazine, 1948-2023 passed this week of a shotgun wound.

Here’s what his Boulder Canyon Neighbor, Greg Robley said: My family really loved Buck. He would always bring my son hot wheels and other toys and my son Casen would watch for him to drive by so he could go wave to him. I really thought Buck was doing better and getting through his mess. I called him Wednesday and talked. He sounded like he was making progress.

I appreciate the many great conversations with him over the last six years. He was one of my favorite people to talk to.

–Greg Robles
Custom Painter
Sturgis, SD

ONLY THREE STYLES IN MARTIAL ARTS–Have you ever wondered or debated with friends on which martial art is better or best?

Well, personally, it’s best to evaluate your own physical and mental strengths so that you pick a martial arts form that helps you develop those strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Another interesting way to look at martial arts forms or styles is the fighting style. Martial art form is a formal, organized system with its unique movements and traditions. A fighting style is the expression of those forms in combat.

So, this perspective says there are only three universal fighting styles that work:

* Striking: punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing
* Wrestling: clinching, throwing,
* Grappling: joint-locking, pinning, submitting

All the martial art forms in the world practice these three fighting styles to some extent or to the exclusion of the other two or one–or a combination of them at varying capacities.

Therefore, there is no particular martial arts form that will be offering a completely brand new style of fighting. Even Krav Maga with its involvement of using anything from a book or a pen or a piece of cloth in a fight includes one or all three of the aforementioned fighting styles.

So probably, whatever you practice regularly, you will become good at it and be a better martial artist. Alternatively, you might just do mixed martial arts or adapt from the training in different forms to use the combination of martial arts that works for you.

Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page

All martial arts are terrific for self-esteem, balance and self-defense. Try some out and see for yourself, as I did. It’s all about the master and his mantra. I found a couple of very good ones including Sifu who trained with Bruce Lee. And I also trained in close-quarters combat with Mark Lonsdale, who wrote books about it and coached Keanu Reeves.


Empower Kids and Transform Lives Through Two-Wheel Adventures!

Imagine the pure joy on a kindergartner’s face as they pedal away on their very first bike, a skill that stays with them for life. This Sunday morning presents an extraordinary opportunity to be a part of something truly impactful – The Flying Piston Benefit Auction. Join us in supporting ALL KIDS BIKE, a remarkable initiative that’s determined to introduce bikes into Kindergartner P.E. classes nationwide.

Pedaling Towards Progress

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Auction Treasures Beyond Imagination

Our auction lineup is nothing short of spectacular! From adorable tiny choppers to captivating custom art on skateboards, intricate sculptures, mesmerizing custom tattoos from the King, Darren McKeag, evocative motorcycle prints, and enticing gift certificates – there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to secure unique gifts for your loved ones, all while contributing to an extraordinary cause.

Holiday Shopping Made Extraordinary

As the holiday season approaches, why not get a head start on your gift list? The Flying Piston Benefit Auction offers an array of one-of-a-kind treasures that will truly light up the faces of your friends and family. Not only will you be finding the perfect gifts, but you’ll also be making a difference in the lives of young learners nationwide.

Seize the Moment!

The link to excitement, change, and endless possibilities awaits you at By registering and participating, you’re not only joining an exclusive community of compassionate individuals but also contributing to a brighter future for children across the country.

Don’t hesitate! Click that link, explore the amazing auction items, and take the first step towards making a lasting impact. Your involvement matters, and we believe you’re ready to embrace this incredible journey of empowerment and change.


Great article, it was many years ago,
I am wondering if you could lead me in a direction to find a way to switch out my rear 360 brake to a disk brake. I see the company is no longer around and can’t find parts or anything about them except that they went under.

I can’t find anything on this and would love to know if you know of someone that made the switch back and or if you can tell me about a forum that might be out there regarding the modifying and or use of 360 brakes.
Any help would be greatly and highly appreciated,

–Scott Barnhill
Deland, Florida

You may need to replace the wheel. Many wheel manufactures, like Metal Sports offer matching rotors and even calipers and brackets to fit your bike.


SUMMER HEAT CURES–Beat exhaustion with these tips

Physical or mental fatigue is common in sports and general life. Sometimes, this exhaustion can become chronic and you feel without the energy and power needed for everyday routine.

So how can you recharge this body-battery?

1. Prioritize your sleep
It’s not just the quantity but also quality of sleep. Sometimes, you might also want to take a nap.

2. Share problems
We all share our successes and joys. Don’t stop yourself from confiding in a friend or family-member about your problems. You may also keeep it confidential by talking to a professional therapist instead.

3. Exercise regularly
How is exercise a solution for fatigue? Sounds like a paradox! Well, just getting out of bed and walking, even indoors if not out in the sun, will often change your mood — give you the momentum to be motivated. It also gives you the feeling of accomplishment, thus encouraging more activity (physical or mental).

4. Healthy food and enough water
Just changing what you consume and how you consume it can change your body and mind drastically. Get the right calories and nutrients and stay hydrated. Food is medicine!

5. Meditation or mindfulness
Whatever works for you — try either simple breathing exercises or meditation or living in the moment. Mindfulness is basically being aware of the present and not thinking of past or future. Control of breath changes how your body and mind react and respond to external stimulus and internal thoughts.


–Dr. Way
Bikernet Medical Center
Westwood, CA

e “Code Of The West” vs The Code Of DC_

Someone should buggy whip all these crooked politicians. Starting with this California government in Sacramento. Although those ones there should be keel hauled instead.

The one code that we forgot is a man or woman never gives up their weapon without a fight. That is what protects the family, home and property. Nuff said.


Not limited to teenage queens

from Ujjwal Dey’s SubStack — “Hot Air Cold Love”

Surely most youth (including our past selves), truly get obsessed with daydreaming (and I don’t mean s#+) — just the castles in the air with no brick and no basis (foundation?), etc.

Can this actually be helpful? No one to play a board game with when bored? “Dream a little dream of” anyone, anything. Children unattended often do play make-belief — is that a natural instinct or latent potential for creative expression? Can you think aloud and solve a problem or plan a course of action? (well, talking to Google Maps or asking Siri/Alexa doesn’t count!).

You could probably “pray” or “wish” for the habit of daydreaming to go away, but if it’s there, it is probably serving some purpose or some void.

Some of the top sales guys practice their pitch all alone in front of a mirror or job-applicants prepare for interviews by simply visualizing and imagining an interview taking place beforehand.

BTW: daydreaming is not the same as ambition. For example, you could be “dreaming in the USA” or you could actually have a plan about getting there and what to do once you are over there. (That album by Sting itself has over a dozen ideas to write home about —(get the Deluxe Edition)).

Daydreaming’s Dark Side: The Disorder That Dominates Some People’s Daily Lives

Maladaptive daydreaming affects about 2.5% of people. Despite what we’re often taught to believe, daydreaming can be immensely useful.

Sting and Shaggy singing “Dreaming In The U.S.A.”from their album titled “44/876”

–Ujjwal Dey

NEWS FROM THE DIME BAG EMPIRE–Wanted to share a couple of custom pieces in the works.

Tank bag is for a custom Shovelhead that I already made a seat for a couple years ago. He sent me dimensions he wanted and I added some Von Dutch pinstriping. Gotta replace my airbrush, tried repairing it but seems clogged or a seal needs replaced to actually feed the oil dye into a clean and clear chamber. Need to get a hypersonic cleaner anyway.

Ray at Copper Top Garage has a new custom build in progress. Ray requested the Goddess of Speed on a polished aluminum seat pan that he spent hours working on. It’s in the mail, in the meantime got the artwork started.

I read a full book on Michelangelo’s work, so it was great he shared the idea of drawing eyes on leather much like he made in his marble sculptures. So, this was the first, that they were comic book eyes, so it was great to add another style of eye art.

Also, going to start buying used Harley seats to restore with fresh leather and have available for sale in Route 66 store.

–Adam Croft
Dime Bag leathers

MOTORCYCLE HISTORY FROM THE NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM—Long story short; this motorcycle went from Milwaukee to Australia, then back to Iowa, yet it’s had just three owners in over 100 years!

Noting the “A” in its serial number, the bike is a military model that shipped to Australia to support Allied troops’ efforts there in World War I. After the War, it was sold as surplus, and an Australian man bought it. He rode it a bit and parked it in his back yard for years, and then it fell over. After seeing the bike on its side for a long time, a neighbor asked about it, offered to pick it up.

That guy wound up buying it and restoring it, repainting it this green. Though the tank that was laying against the ground rusted through, all the other parts are original. The current owner got it from the guy who restored it about 20 years ago, as it sits. He says he was told the green was correct for typical civilian Model Js shipped to Australia, though his bike was olive drab when manufactured for the military.

The Model J Harley-Davidson was originally produced for military service around 1915. After World War I Harley-Davidson converted their production to serve typical civilian customers. The Model J became Harley’s top of the line model. Originally produced in Olive Drab for the military, Harley-Davidson reworked the machine mainly by changing the paint color, offering a now familiar shiny olive green color with delicate striping they used until 1932.

As big engineering steps were made, driven somewhat by war time technology advancements, with battery ignition becoming the norm, and electric lights standard along with a 3-speed transmission, the Model J came into being. It was offered in various 61 and 74 cubic inch (1921) versions and served riders well until the arrival of the “flathead” Model D around 1929. The J was notable in that in about 15 years of manufacture it had been proven on streets, race tracks and even served couriers in World War I. But response to military needs had caused extreme ups and downs in production: Harley-Davidson production is noted at a record 27,000 machines in 1920, but with military surplus available it dropped to 11,460 for 1921!

With annual engineering improvements the J was an even better bet than its predecessors for sidecar use. The frame and fork were stronger and more pulling power was available from the J engine which was eventually up to 18 horsepower, up over 50% from its early versions.

This machine is one of several Model Js and Model JDs in the National Motorcycle Museum including the machine on which John Parham sponsored Matt Olsen for the 2012 Cannonball Endurance Run. And several J engines are mounted on the “Motor Wall” for you to study.

This fine 1919 Harley-Davidson Model J will be among hundreds of motorcycles and thousands of pieces of memorabilia offered in the John Parham Estate Collection Mecum Auction at the National Motorcycle Museum, Anamosa, Iowa, September 6 – 9, 2023. Watch for information on the Mecum Auctions website, For schedule information or to register as a bidder for this and all Mecum events, visit, or call (262) 275-5050 for more information.

“You must be prepared to work always without applause.”



The above link is a four or so minute “news” update from something called DW which is the German government, basically, now in the news business, since it’s State run, and it opens with grave man whose life matters sitting in front of a backdrop of a burnt series of aligned shrubs that apparently, I guess you are supposed to assume, is our future, and he introduces a slovenly, listless head of the UN who gives a brief announcement of doom, proclaiming the situation as “terrifying” although he seems kind of dull and grave and which terror has not hurt his appetite any, and he announce that global warming is now global boiling.

The globe is now at the boiling point: which, I understand is STILL 212 degrees F. Not to this asshole. The man whose life matters then interviews some “ya know”-saying female who sports some UN meteorological title and is in her house that is not on fire, and while she says “ya know” underneath her appears the announcement that global warming fuels wildfires.

So, we have three major themes going, global warming is terrifying, the globe is now boiling, and climate is fueling wildfires. Meanwhile backround films show scads of people just going about their business, not on fire or even daubing their brows, interspersed with fire engines surrounded by flames being fueled by oxygen and ACTUAL fuel – which would be plant life….. not being “fueled” by air temperature or global climate.

In four minutes there is a relentless barrage of whoppers which they assume, FOR SOME REASON that you will believe. Probably because they know who they’re dealing with: people who will put up with anything and forever.

–J.J. Solari

STURGIS MUSEUM NEWS—Cabana Dan is on his way back from Texas with the Indian Company version of Burt Munro’s historic streamliner.

Posthumously Burt is being inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame this year behind Micah McCloskey’s efforts. The Hall of Fame Breakfast takes place this coming Wednesday at the Deadwood Lodge.


Love my Pan and reading anything I can about them.

–Mike Hanson
Fargo, ND

CLIMATE SCIENTIST BANNED–Nobel Laureate John Clauser:

“I Can Confidently Say There is No Real Climate Crisis”

Dr. John F. Clauser, recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, was elected to serve on the board of directors of the CO2 Coalition earlier this year.

During a speech to the 2023 Quantum Korea conference, he stated categorically: “I can confidently say there is no real climate crisis.”

During a recent interview with the Epoch Times, Dr. Clauser stated, “We are totally awash in pseudoscience.” Further, he identified the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as “one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation.”

Despite his views being completely contrary to the “consensus” opinion on climate, he was invited to present a seminar on climate models to the IMF on July 27th. Just before the date, the event was summarily cancelled by the Director of the Independent Evaluation Office of the International Monetary Fund, Pablo Moreno.

Coalition Statement on the IMF Postponing Dr. Clauser

The postponement of Dr. John Clauser’s presentation to the International Monetary Fund concerning climate models and their use is troubling but not surprising. Any scientific information that differs from the “consensus” opinion of man-made catastrophic warming continues to be systematically suppressed.

Had the event not been postponed, Dr. Clauser was prepared to argue that the science on global warming is far from settled and that extreme caution must be warranted when setting economic policy on oversimplified views of the Earth’s climate system.

–CO2 Coalition

[page break]

BABE OF THE WEEK—Dedy Ambarita.

Oh my god…

–Sam Burns
Official Talent Scout™

QUICK NEW BIKERNET READER COMMENT–Review: Chopper Hobo by Shovelhead Dave

This is just a really fun read. Having lived in Alaska, Oregon, and now Washington, I can relate to the roads this man has traveled. His writing and stories are entertaining and brings this old man (I’m 67) great recollections of traveling these areas on my Shovelhead “back in the day” before the bikes started to become obese, overpriced and underpowered.

Brought back a lot of great memories! (I like the BWA_HA_HA’S. Guess you had to be there…)

Olympia, Washington

LOWBROW’S CUSTOM OF THE WEEK—ALEX Pi’s Rational Sportster Chopper

I’ve always wanted to build a chopper by myself, not a show bike, but a motorcycle I could ride…

“So, I followed the path of simplicity, without exceeding trying to walk between psychedelia and efficiency.

But being Italian, I couldn’t resist and had to contaminate the recipe: I grew up in Venice where glass is a timeless art…”

Check the whole tamale on their web site.



2 Lane Life will be at Black Hills Harley-Davidson under the Legend Suspensions tent for a meet and greet! We are excited to welcome them and have them hang out with us.

August 5th, 2023
11AM – 1PM

For more information and location details please visit:

FROM THE 100TH ISSUE OF DICE– Bubblegum Trash

Demon Drome wall of death for dice magazine at the malle mile
Ricky Reyes Pink Swinger as seen in Issue 100 of DicE Magazine.

Check it out on the DicE Blog.


–Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

Mike is doing good work in Arizona and DC.

Senior Editor™

BIKERNET BOOK OF THE WEEK REPORT– Finally! The Truth About Global Warming. . .

Get Your FREE Copy Before They’re All Gone.

It seems like the media won’t let global warming go.

Once you see where the billions of tax payer dollars are going. . . you’ll know why

In fact, the progressives are looking for more of your money!

Armed with the truth, I’m hopeful we can stop them.

That’s why I want to send you a copy of Hot Talk, Cold Science.

In it you’ll discover:

Why there is NO climate crisis arising from human acitivies now. . . nor on the horizon over the upcoming years (p. 103)

How the ice mass in Antarctica has actually been increasing since 1979 and NOT decreasing like we’ve been led to believe (p. 64)

The carbon dioxide disconnect. And why there is ZERO evidence linking carbon dioxide to climate change (p. 66)

And much more. . .

It’s time for us to hold the politicians accountable and stop the spending before it gets worse.

To discover the facts CLICK HERE to get your copy of Hot Tak, Cold Science today.

–Tom Luongo
Editor, Ultimate Wealth Report

GREASY KULTURE NEW ISSUE– New issue 94: even Todd Asin’s ‘daily’ is perfect!

This man can’t do ‘ordinary’; he’s just won ‘Best in Show’ at Born Free with a beautiful Knucklehead chopper, but this – his daily rider Panhead – is, in our humble opinion, equally nice. Every bike that rolls out of his Small City Cycles shop is feature-worthy, but as soon as we saw this ’56 we knew it was bound for the cover…

Here’s a little preview of the new issue – where you can see the other great bikes joining Todd’s in #94.

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Subscribe today and get a magazine on your doormat every two months – no more grrrr when we sell out – and you’ll pay less too! Just £25 (plus postage to you, wherever in the world you are) for FOUR top quality issues.

OILY BIKERNET READER COMMENT—The Blessings of Petroleum Products

Having been in oil and gas or petrochemicals for over 20 years. I really laugh at the people who regularly complain about petroleum and yet use parts of it every day.

This is one of the best articles I’ve ever read on the subject.

–Johnny Humble
Somewhere in Texas

This is what we are up against. Many in the GOP want us to go down this path.

Sen. Mitt Romney urges GOP to adopt “a climate-sensitive policy”

Believe in a ‘climate emergency’ ?!
GOP LEADER McCarthy wants to plant trees to solve it!

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was asked how he would solve the climate crisis. He suggested planting a trillion trees… a bill House Republicans introduced in 2020.

–Marc Morano
Climate Depot

WTF? Over. We had a meeting with Senator Round’s office on Monday about our resolution for the truth. Let’s see if they are bullied by activists, money or are out of touch with reality.


This morning I went out to tend my birds and found my little chicken Dumplin’ dead in the yard. I ain’t fucked up about nature… I just figured my cat probably was the culprit and seein’ as how I was finishing off a scrambled egg sandwich made with her unborn children, I didn’t reckon I could judge Lizzy Cat too harshly.

Well, I went on about my day… Smoke shop and pot shop and Walmart and the gas station… and had just plopped down with a big ol’ doobie when my dogs sounded off that someone was at the door.

It was my neighbor Boogie. He looked just terrible and my heart jumped a little that something had happened to Miz Josie or Miz Oleta across the road… he was holding a white cardboard box with holes in it. I asked him what it was, and he said, ‘It’s something for you.’

Then he went back down my steps and turned looking up at me in the porch with his hat in his hand and tears in his eyes and said, ‘I’ve come to make restitution ma’am, on account of my dog killed yore lil’ chicken…’

He has this little yapper terrier Chihuahua looking dog that barks at my house all day… And my first thought was, Oh Jesus he shot the dog over my chicken.

And he is telling me how she had six puppies and how he reckoned she just went crazy with them post motherly behaviors… and I was reassuring him it was fine, I wasn’t mad… and he told me he didn’t even go to work today he was so upset. then he held up the box and said, ‘ SO I BROUGHT YOU SIX SURPRISES!’

..And I thought, oh fuck, it’s them puppies….It wasn’t.

–Amy Irene White


Bruno Zammit, craftsman. Creator engraver. Bruzz Metal Work concept.




He lives and works in Le Lavandou, France, and is an accomplished artist.



–Sam Burns
Art Curator™

THE TORPEDO REPORT—We ran into a glitch. A tilt meter is required to actuate the parachute in the event of a roll-over. The search gears engaged and we spoke to officials and ultimately the top dog in the streamliner world, Dennis Manning.

I spoke to the company below

RT Tilt Switch Slope Alert
Starting at $123.48

The RT Tilt Switch Slope Alert is a single or dual axis tilt switch.

If you would like a customized Tilt Switch Slope Alert give us a call!

SlopeAlert is a reliable, low cost solution for determining in-range and out of range tilt conditions. Originally designed for off-road, in-motion vehicles and equipment that operate in high vibration/shock, rough terrain environments, it is well suited for any application where tilt angle needs to be limited.

Okay, then we had to figure out how to deploy the the chute and ended up with a Solenoid from Summit racing. We are on the case.

2-LANE LIFE IS COMING TO STURGIS AND DEADWOOD—In one of their recent episodes they discuss past rides, lunch, Sturgis Plans and riding etiquette.

These famous riding influencers are digging in across the street from where the famous Frank Ball tattoo crew are hanging in Deadwood.



GOT has great programs designed for first time riders, beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. They start on wide open, flat spaces and build confidence through fun exercises designed to teach and instill real technique. For advanced riders, they choose locations and trails that require mastery of specific skill sets. They have the bike, gear, and more for those who are needing the good at NO extra cost! Tap below and sign up for a class during Babes in the Dirt 8!

Fast Facts about Babes in the Dirt 8

All skill levels welcome (even gals who have NEVER sat on a bike!)
18+ ladies only
The event always sells out
Food & coffee trucks on site
Nightly entertainment
2 private tracks!!!
Hundreds of miles of clearly marked trails to explore
Husqvarna motorcycle demos with lead / follow
Epic raffle
Red or green sicker bikes are okay!
Spark arrestor required


Do you know what will happen, if you’re using the old orange Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner and modify the AFR? Will the Smart Tune PRO Automatic Tuning Module reset the AFR to their own values?

Hamburg, Germany

I thought someone would know…




 You can help little old lady’s cross the street all day long for 20 plus years, but, if you push one in front of a car, what will you be remembered for?

Help that little old lady cross the street. You might need a hand yourself someday.

Red Deer, AB, Canada

IT’S NEVER DULL IN THE BLACK HILLS—My grandson is riding in through Oregon and Zion into Colorado.

Arlin and Donna set up shop in downtown Sturgis, and he turned me onto a couple of these massive Mudflap girls. I turned one over to the master of the Monday night Hamster auction to support the kid’s hospital in Rapid City. The girls said the guys would love it…

Cabana Dan was busy one morning at a photo shoot. He built that super-sharp classic peashooter. Where the hell did that girl come from?

Damn, just as I worked out my VL,XA,FL taillight Charlie Rust send me this image of the taillight lens stash he found.

Tim from Flat Earth Art came over to handle some Salt Torpedo Pinstriping. He did a magnificent job.

Sugarbear called this morning about his property out here and his plans for the rally. He brought Tree’s long-tall chopper out and it’s for sale. Tree was a monster of a guy and I featured his first chop back in the early ’70s. The bike is set-up for a big guy, faux Evo powered, runs great and a big guy classic with a Sugarbear springer front end. If you’re seriously interested for $35,000 it’s yours. Drop me a line to

Our billboard went up in Deadwood, and I’m already getting calls.

Hang on for rally reports. Feel the freedom.


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I’ve spoken to any number of riders, industry members, locals, you name it about their take on the rally this year. All answers are different, but I believe this one was happening, jammed, exciting and alive.

I started out asking brothers if they attended the 120th anniversary of Harley-Davidson to see if the celebration was going to impact Sturgis, but I don’t think it did. My other major take-away from this rally was the custom and performance side. I studied packs of bikes, bikes in parking lots, rows of bikes waiting to roll into Deadwood and I didn’t see a lot of bone stock scooters. Even baggers were modified with performance upgrades, sound systems, travel accessories or custom components.

Choppers, bobbers, antiques, FXRs, baggers and custom bikes filled shows. And aftermarket vendors were here in Sturgis, at the Chip and packed around Black Hills Harley. The custom world was here to see, touch and feel. It was happening even in the rain.

The next question includes demographics. There are way more women riders with new, improved, more reliable, more creature comfort laden motorcycles. But what about age groups. My grandson rode out for the second or third time. His buddies are in their late 20s, but the demographic study research continues.

Ever since I turned 50, 25 years ago, journalists wrote about the aging biker population, as if the whole outlaw biker would dry up and disappear. But then my son started riding, and then my grandson and at least one of my granddaughters. The study continues.

Let’s hit the news:

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

HOT NEWS FROM AMERICAN PRIME–APM’s Repro Springer is a work of Art!
This baby is so close to the original it’s scary! Black w/Chrome Springs.

American Prime Mfg., Inc.
8205 Secura Way
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670


Ron Harris of Chop Docs recently launched Traditional Chopper Magazine, Nothing but Excellent Choppers!

It’s gritty, rough and fulla heart and Chopper soul. Check it out!



Add some high-and-tight style to a stock or rigid Sportster.

Shotgun Exhaust Pipes from Lowbrow Customs make quick work of improving your motorcycle’s look and sound.

Our Shotgun Exhaust Pipes for 1990-2003 Sportsters are Made in the USA.
We are working on the 2004 & later versions (also made in Ohio) which will be available later this year.


PS – Check out heat shields and exhaust wrap, both are popular options paired with Shotgun Pipes!

PPS – Check out the Shotgun Pipe How-To Install Video to see how it’s done on 1990-2003 as well as 2004 & later models.The install is easy & can be done in a home garage with basic hand tools!

BABES RIDE OUT REPORT–On the Coast of California

Endless sweeping roads, great food, entertainment at night, and a community of riders celebrating 10 years of Babes Ride Out

Endless Coast Line

We pride this event on the epic riding you will experience where you can quite literally ride up to the Pacific Ocean.


More and more riders are looking for a home in the Black hills close to the rally and what is rapidly becoming a motorcycle Nirvana. This historic Lawrence County property is situated on 8.55 acres of land, with the forest service as its backyard.

One of the unique features of this property is that it has no covenants, providing you with the freedom to customize and use the land as you please.

20777 76 Ranch Road, Sturgis 57785, Less than two miles from Deadwood, SD.


“It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters.” – Epictetus

from Epoch Times

OMG, I was at the DMV and it cost me almost $500 but I heard a huge crash and this car drove into the building in the office next-door. Look at the irony of the place it crashed into.

—–True story and photo by Jeffrey Patrick Frye
Lakewood, Colorado



The ultimate motorcycle adventure awaits on the High Seas Rally!

Prize Package Includes:
– All-expenses-paid Cruise for TWO
– Roundtrip airfare to Tampa, FL
– Deluxe drink package for two


Tampa Bay, FL
Key West, FL
Cozumel, MEXICO
Costa Maya, MEXICO




Virginia: Life Is Good and Getting Better Regional and State Report Series

The CO2 Coalition is embarking on a bold review of how climate change and increasing carbon dioxide are impacting states and regions across the United States. We have completed reports on Pennsylvania, Virginia, as well as the Midwest and are in the process of researching data for Arkansas and Montana. We will likely expand this to regions across the globe.

Temperature Source: U.S. Historical Climate Network
Atmospheric concentration of CO2 – European Environment Agency

The Virginia data is representative of what we are finding in each area:

  • There is no unusual or unprecedented warming.
  • Heat waves have been declining.
  • Severe weather is not increasing.
  • Crop and forest growth is increasing.
  • Droughts are in decline.
  • There is no increase in hurricanes.
  • Remarkable trend in crop yield

Corn Yield Source: USDA Data and Statistics
Atmospheric concentration of CO2 – European Environment Agency


My second book is coming alive again. I sold out shortly after Outlaw Justice was published about 1997, 10,000 books. As you know, the publishing industry changed and I ran the book on Bikernet, in Bandit’s Cantina but never printed anymore until now. This has been a long trek, but I felt it was necessary. This is an important book for any rider who is considering joining an outlaw club. It’s packed with lessons.

Brief description:
The Night Hawks MC were well-established in the Los Angeles outlaw biker scene, but the rugged one-percenters all dreamed of becoming members of the legendary national club known as The Devils Own. But how far would the club go to become heavy hitters? Danny Lonsdale and his bros discovered too late that flying a Devil’s patch meant selling your soul into a depraved world of drug-dealing, murder and betrayal. Framed for a murder he didn’t commit and double-crossed at every turn, Danny’s only hope for survival lied in the power of his fists, a hot rod Harley and a smoking gun.

Every page of OUTLAW JUSTICE brings you face-to-face with the raw and gritty double-barreled world of the outlaw biker, where treachery and deceit are the only markers on the road to hell.


And he just received a Silver Spoke Award. What a great guy, family man, biker, freedom fighter and publisher. He will be missed by thousands of riders and freedom fighters worldwide.


States Stop Credit Card Companies From Tracking Gun Purchases, It May Not Last

Credit card companies were preparing to track the purchase of firearms and ammunition of every American citizen. While a flurry of bills lobbed by state legislators caused all of them to reconsider those plans, it may only be a temporary victory.

Almost one year ago, an effort was launched to create a new Merchant Category Code (MCC) to track the purchases of firearms and ammunition. However, inspired by the uproar of Second Amendment constituents, Republicans in the United States Senate, as well as lawmakers in several states, have launched legislative efforts that have successfully shut them down—for now.

On March 21, United States Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) introduced SB 898. This bill prohibits the Internal Revenue Service from auditing a taxpayer based on the MCCs.

So far, seven states have joined the resistance.

On March 29, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice approved House Bill 2004. In summary, the measure will “prevent the use of payment card processing systems for surveillance of Second Amendment activity and discriminatory conduct.” The bill would also preclude financial institutions that violate this law from qualification in bidding on state contracts.

On April 6, Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed House Bill 295 into law, also prohibiting financial institutions from using MCCs to identify or track firearms purchases.

On April 16, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves approved HB1110. In addition to prohibiting the use of MCCs to identify or track firearms purchases in Mississippi, the measure prohibits state governmental agencies as well as public or private individuals from keeping any record or list of privately owned firearms or their owners. The legislation also warns that data collected from this MCC would almost inevitably end up in some federal government databases.

On April 29, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum signed HB1487 (pdf).
On May 12, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis approved CS/SB 214.
On May 19, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed SB359 into law.

On June 10, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed HB2837, which will become effective on Sept. 1. The measure will prohibit financial institutions operating in Texas from requiring or assigning a firearms code, defined as “any merchant category code approved by the International Organization for Standardization for a firearms retailer, including Merchant Category Code 5723.”

On July 13, California’s legislators introduced a gutted and amended version of Assembly Bill 1587, originally introduced on Feb. 17 as a measure about the state’s Health and Safety Code regarding multifamily housing, which now requires credit card issuers to use the MCC unique to retailers of firearms and ammunition.

‘They’re Not Finished’

West Virginia Delegate Chris Phillips (R) called the legislative effort in his state “a caucus priority.”

–Epoch times

HOUSE COMMITTEE PASSES SEMA-Supported Bills to Protect Vehicle Technology Choice

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has passed H.R. 1435, the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act, and H.R. 4468, the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act. These SEMA-supported bills seek to preserve vehicle choice for consumers and prevent the federal government and the State of California from choosing only one form of technology (such as electric vehicles) (EVs) over the many others to achieve their emission reduction goals.

SEMA has strongly supported H.R. 1435, the “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act,” a bill prohibiting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from issuing a waiver to California for regulations that would ban the sale or use of new motor vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) in the state by 2035.

SADDLEMEN BUILDING IN THE BLACK HILLS—Saddlemen seats are creeping into the Black Hills in a magnificent way. Dave, the boss built headquarters and refurbished a beautiful home between Rapid City and Sturge overlooking the Piedmont Valley.

We attended their industry party for fantastic food, industry insights and magnificent views. I can’t wait to see what happens at the Saddlemen headquarters next.

Many buyers of Lamborghini in Indian Diaspora: CEO Stephan Winkelmann

“There are more (Indian) owners than we sell cars in India. What is a bit of a challenge today for the Indian market, for sure, is the high taxation we have for our type of products, and then, the infrastructure,” Stephan Winkelmann told ET.

full story at:

Editor: Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page


I rode with Bob T. in 1971, he’s been a friend ever since. He lives in 12 Palms California in the desert and over the last couple of years faced major life-changing upheaval.

His life smoothed out with a new love and a new vibrant young neighbor Tanya who is well connected and working with Bob to improve his diet, his meditation skills and his overall outlook on life. She is also working with doctors and experts and five other Vietnam veteran bikers to improve their lives and produce a documentary on the process.

Hang on for more reports.


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Unsold Electric Cars May Be Signaling A Death Spiral For The Auto Industry.

Published August 1, 2023, at Heartland Institute

Ronald Stein is an engineer, senior policy advisor on energy literacy for the Heartland Institute and CFACT, and co-author of the Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Clean Energy Exploitations.”

With new EV inventories beginning to increase on dealer lots, the auto industry has many challenges such as locating the buyers that may have serious concerns about a wide range of issues related to EVs including:

  • Driving range
  • Vehicle reliability
  • Price
  • The availability of electricity for the buildout of the charging infrastructure,
  • charging time
  • The cost and lifespan of batteries and their environmental impact
  • The actual impact EVs will have on reducing carbon emissions

The growing statistics about uncontrollable fires of lithium batteries in EV’s, problems with battery recycling and end-of-life management

Concerns that the EV free ride of usage of highways and not paying fuel taxes is about to end with the Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT), i.e., more costs for the EV owners of the future

Concerns that home chargers are destined to follow the UK and be on separate meters so that EV charging will be at higher rates to help stabilize the electrical grid, again more costs for the EV owners of the future.

Another problem for the automobile industry is convincing the buyers that its ethical, moral, and socially responsible to buy an EV, especially since most of the exotic mineral and metal supplies to build the batteries are being mined in developing countries with limited environmental regulation nor labor regulations.

Interestingly, the 2021 Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Clean Energy Exploitations – Helping Citizens Understand the Environmental and Humanity Abuses That Support Clean Energy does an excellent job of discussing the lack of transparency to the world of the green movement’s impact upon humanity exploitations in the developing countries that are mining for the exotic minerals and metals required to create the batteries needed to store “green electricity”.

Complimentary to the book is a 2-minute clip from Michael Moore’s 2020 documentary film, Planet of the Humans, that’s been viewed by more than 14 million, that illustrates how so-called green electricity is made.

As the future is fast approaching, virtually all the automobile manufacturers, through government mandates to reduce the emissions of their fleet of vehicles, are going all-in to only manufacture EV’s in the coming years. To meet low emissions for their fleet of vehicles, we’re most likely going to see fewer and fewer hybrids as the auto industry manufacturers need to eliminate the gasoline engines in hybrids to meet those lower emission targets.

The problem is that manufacturers are loading up the “supply chain” with EV’s on dealer lots, but they’re not seeing the “demand” for EV’s coming from the public. The current EV ownership profiles of the elite owners are that they are:

  • Highly educated.
  • Highly compensated.
  • Multi-car families.
  • Low mileage requirements for the families’ second car, i.e., the EV.

Current EV owners are dramatically different from most of the vehicle owners. Unlike the profile of current EV owners, many are single-car owners, and most of the potential car buyers are not as highly educated, nor as highly compensated as the elite EV owners. Mandating a change to EV ownership and forced austerity may face a rebellion from those that need affordable vehicle transportation.

Historically, internal combustion engine (ICE) car sales in America are upwards of 55 million annually with about 15 million or 27 percent being new and 40 million or 73 percent being used car sales.

New vehicle sales: In 2022, the auto industry in the United States sold approximately 13.75 million light vehicle units. This figure includes retail sales of about 2.9 million passenger cars and just under 10.9 million light trucks.

Used sales: Sales of used light vehicles in the United States came to around 38.6 million units in 2022.

With a total of 50 to 55 million ICE vehicles being sold annually for new and used, it’s obvious that the auto industry and the economy has been benefiting and prospering in the used ICE car market.

To date, the EV industry has virtually no used car market! In addition to the constant EV charging challenges, who wants a used EV that may soon need an expensive battery replacement?

With about 73 percent of all car sales being that of used combustion engine cars, the lack of a resale market for EV’s may be a major problem for the auto industry.

Since most states lack the year-round temperate climate that Californians enjoy, the distribution of EV ownership throughout the nation should be a concern to the auto industry. With 40 percent of the EV’s in America being in California, that leaves the other 60 percent being among the other 49 States, or approximately 1+ percent per State.

To support the State’s EV growth, California imports more electricity than any other US state, more than twice the amount of Virginia, the second largest importer of electricity. California typically receives between one-fifth and one-third of its electricity supply from outside of the state.

The other 49 states have virtually non-existent EV charging infrastructures, and a few of them may be exporting their electricity to California!

With the supply of electricity not keeping abreast of the growing demand, the UK is ahead of most of the world, protecting its grid with Smart Chargers, and setting up Separate Meters for the EV charging users to pay for a new grid!

As of May 30, 2022, in the UK, new home and workplace chargers being installed must be “smart” chargers” connected to the internet and able to employ pre-sets limiting their ability to function from 8 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 10 pm.

In addition to the nine hours a day of downtime, authorities will be able to impose a “randomized delay” of 30 minutes on individual chargers in certain areas to prevent grid spikes at other times.

The UK Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 came into force on June 30, 2022. All home installed electric vehicle chargers are required to be separately metered and send information to the Smart meter data communications network. Potentially this legislation allows the electricity used for charging EVs to be charged and taxed at a higher rate than domestic electricity. The technology enacted also enables the rationing of electricity for EV charging because the government can decide when and if an EV can be charged, plus it also allows the EV battery to be drained into the grid if required.

As new EV inventories on dealer lots continue to rise, there are bumpy roads ahead for EV penetration into the lifestyles of the common folks.

Ronald Stein, P.E.
Ambassador for Energy & Infrastructure
Energy Literacy website


 “You must train your intuition—you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.” — Ingrid Bergman

from Epoch times

Salt Torpedo Chapter 27

I should write about Salt torpedo progress, but the 83rd Sturgis rally hit today, yikes. We have less than three weeks to prepare and roll to the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials is Wendover, Utah on the 25th.

Scrutineering has been the obstacle to our progress. Or should that be reworded. We’ve missed a couple of items or misread the rules, or… Anyway, we are scrambling to fix the fixes.

Watch for the report, episode 27 next week. And if you have any desire to sponsor a hard-fought Bonneville effort, reach out to quick.



Angry Monkey Motorcycles: ‘Old Man’, Custom 1958 Triumph T110


–Sam Burns
Bike Feature Editor™

HANG ON—The rally isn’t over. The final Hamster Ride takes place this afternoon. I’m supposed to meet with SugarBear out past the Full throttle this afternoon on his Chopper Flats property for a dire meeting in the hills.

Michael Lichter is still on the case shooting everything from the Ugly MC party in Sturgis to the Buffalo Chip, I believe for Dennis Kirk web site. He’s still in a lawsuit with the Easyriders Magazine effort that I believe failed again.

The Ugly party had the best food of all the events so far, magnificent. Today, SugarBear’s wife Fuji make some magnificent pizzas.

We hit the Hall of Fame breakfast and it was impressive. Flash the MC did a helluva job and you would be impressed by each and every inductee’s accomplishments in the motorcycle world. Amazing group of guys and girls.

[photo 1212780]

Dr. Hamsters flew out, so while he rode my ’14 Indian, I checked the oil in my ’69 Panhead and rode it and my ’46 Knucklehead to various events.

My grandson made it out and we attended the Buffalo Chip’s Industry Party in the building designed for Michael Lichter’s Motorcycles as Art Exhibit. After 22 years Mike stepped aside and the Chip staff took over, but they kept the exhibit in Michael’s stellar style.

I was very fortunate to have Tim Peterson of Flat Earth Art pinstripe the Salt Torpedo and our new SUV. Progress.

Watching for a sidecar setup for George Christie in Ventura. Let me know if you have anything.

I gotta ride, so it’s short this week, but freedom is in the air. See you next week.


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