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 100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC

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Curious about fiction stories under 100 words? Have a look at the contest entries in 2023 and list of winners by clicking below link.

Meanwhile, below are the entries in 2024 and winners selected each month.

1. for the month of January 2024: Jeffrey aka JJ Spain
2. for the month of February and March 2024: “Stray Paths” by Rhys
3. for the month of April 2024: TBA

* * *

Divide and Run
by Gearhead

with illustration by Wayfarer

TJ on his ‘80 Super Glide, Budreu on his ‘80 Wide Glide and me on my ‘70 Electra Glide jammed. The local sheriff waited for us to make a slip up for days.

We knew all the back roads.

We left the Rusty Nail bar one night and spotted the Sheriff in our vibrating sideview mirrors. Three abreast, we pulled up to the only dingy stop light in town. He turned on his flashing cop lights, and we left on the hazy green signal in three different ways.

He pulled into the intersection and just sat there.

(publication dated 11-May-2024)

* * *

The boo-boo
by Wayfarer

with illustration by Wayfarer

She could not take her eyes off him. He was enjoying rum & chips with his longtime love, a childhood lover, seemingly inseparable. Then they left and the lonely, lovely stranger who served them, yearned for the man to return.

A few days later, they bumped into each other at a charity hiking trip, aimed at picking trash on trails. He was alone. Apparently, he loved the outdoors and his gal loved cozy evenings in cafes and pubs. “Opposites attract” the waitress sighed.

Then she had an epiphany, “one who waits, is a waiter,” and she introduced herself. He loved the coffee from her flask. She loved that he was interested in her. Soon, she offered to drop him home on her dual-sport Honda Transalp. He asked for her number and they planned a new trail.

(publication dated 03-May-2024)

* * * 

Hot Day, Sweet Beer
by Rhys

with illustration by Wayfarer

Pulled out of my garage and took off down the street. No particular destination just needed the wind in my face.

After an hour or so came across a little joint on a country road with outside seating at picnic tables. I dismounted my steel steed and sat down . A cute little thing came out and I asked for an ice cold draft.

Sipping the brew and listening to the exhaust tick I thought it was a good day to be alive.

(publication dated 28-Apr-2024)

* * *

The Tavern Stop
by Gearhead

with illustration by Wayfarer

I walked into the dark tavern after midnight. The last call was in a couple of hours. There she sat waiting for her biker knight in the corner. I sauntered over and sat down next to her. “What is your name Doll.”

“My name is Mariah,” she muttered, her red lips glistened. “What is yours big man?”

“They call me Texas Red.”

“Your mother not like you or something?” She asked.

“I was named after a famous outlaw by my Dad.” I then bought us both whiskeys. We toasted to our friendship. I put my hand on her thigh and the rest is history.

(publication dated 26-Apr-2024)

* * *

Third Date
by JJ Spain
with illustration by Wayfarer

He introduced Mary to her first motorcycle ride. He pulled alongside a Ford Focus using the right turning lane. At the last second, the Ford also decided to turn right. The car’s front fender gave the cycle an extra boost off the two-lane, crashing through a picket fence.

Able to slide to a stop still upright, he sighed. His left knee put a dent in the black tank. His date was scared and crying. The bastard driver of the car didn’t stop. They rode to her house to ice his knee.

Two years later, he took a knee and she said, “Yes.”

(publication dated 16-Apr-2024)

* * * 

Me Too Engine Ride
by Steven Sanner

with illustration by Wayfarer

As I stood in line with the other condemned souls at this Hell on Earth they Call the Motor Vehicle Administration, a hand lightly tapped me on the shoulder.

“I noticed your ABATE patch on your jacket” said the dainty soccer mom. “ Are they still around? My husband and I used to be members in the ‘90s.”

The question was one that I’ve heard numerous times in the any years I have been active in our state MRO, and my response was automatic. “Yes, we have been around since 1973 and the fight for our rights never stopped. Come on by the chapter meeting and rejoin us.”

We had just gotten the last kid out the door to college and we’re thinking about riding again. We always had a good time with you people. I’ll let my husband know you ‘all are still here.”

Maybe another lost soul will rejoin the ranks on the freedom fighter.

(publication dated 11-Apr-2024) 
* * * 

by Wayfarer

with illustration by Wayfarer

I swayed left and right, twisting the throttle, pushing and pulling at the handlebars. I was tense, sweating throughout on an early morning in June. If only I could ride another 200 miles, I know I would be at peace.

This time yesterday, I had kickstarted my journey to the heartland. There were no goodbyes at work, maybe there will be none at my destination, my home. As I evaded the bustling traffic on the interstate, the many commuters dissolved, my mind picturing her smile, her yellow gown, her rare recipes and most of all, her patience with me.

The oil rig fellas had pitched in to do my share of work as I took off to a final resting place. Mom was fading fast. Will she remember me in her condition? I gotta stay awake to fulfill her dreams and a promise to be by her side.

(publication dated 30-Mar-2024)

* * * 

by J J Spain (Jeffrey)

with illustration by Wayfarer

I took the first Piedmont exit off I90, rolling the Chieftain on to the parking lot of Matt’s Place, the front tire of the Indian facing the interstate. The t-shirts stapled to the wall said Matt wasn’t there, he was fishing.

Silently I tipped my champagne of beers to the Blackhills and whispered to my friend that I missed him. It’s been four years now since he left, yet I still hear his voice, his laugh and wish I could cast a fly like he could.

Time goes by, the days go fast, the best leave us first. Enjoy Miller time.

(publication dated 30-March-2024)

* * * 

Stray Paths
by Rhys

with illustration by Wayfarer

Eased the old Shovel to a stop. Pulled into the bar parking lot for a quick beer. A little kid approached, not much more than 5, holding a puppy.

He held out the dog to me, and I took it to give it a couple of pats. I turned and the kid vanished. Not wanting to let the little guy go on a busy city street I tucked him in my vest and headed home. On the way his little head poke out into the breeze.

At home I noticed an injury to the hind quarter. The vet unable to fix, I had to let him go.

At least he got to feel the wind in his face.

(publication dated 25-March-2024)

* * * 

Burn Out
by Wayfarer

with illustration by Wayfarer

The winds slapped his body as he kept his head steady, guiding the Fat Boy through backroads, out past county lines. The roads uneven, but the path was known to him. The brothers had brought the fight to the establishment.

The State however considered them a malignant minority. Even as cops and Congressmen thrashed the group with harsh laws and fines, the rider’s outlook was – all for one and one invaluable Constitution.

As they stood their ground, an underground parking lot exploded.



Age-old slimy propaganda to delude the masses. In a city that banned ICE engines, it was anybody’s guess what had exploded.

(publication dated 23-March-2024)

* * *

by Bandit

with illustration by Wayfarer

A miniature human with a radiant smile and satin skin. Her old man worked the oil fields and his Sportster tank was delicately painted by George Wild. Her one mission was to collect it in her rusting VW bug.

The magnificent flames glistened on the modified tank. George attempted to fondle the satin button, the tank nearly becoming a weapon. A weakness for abandoned pets steered her off course. The tank became the object of potential scratches and drooling dogs. Groceries dislodged and a fender bender nearly hurled the candy flames.

Still that night a brother rode to club church with a brilliant smile on his face. She made it.

(publication dated 18-March-2024)

* * * 

Blow Up a Sportster
by Gearhead

with illustration by Wayfarer

Nicko worked at the garage down the block when his Mom called in a panic. Nicko hauled ass in his hopped up ‘67 Cougar. The alley gate lock to the storage yard swung open. Where is Dad’s Tahiti blown race boat?

“Which way did they go,” Nicko yelled. “Did they steal anything else?”

“I don’t think so,” Mom said.

Nicko ran into the garage and still under the tarp was his turbo-charged Sportster street racer. Nicko flew from the garage in a wheel stand heading West down the alley. When his front 21 touched down, he rolled into the gas station where the thieves stopped to refuel.

(publication dated 15-March-2024)

* * * 

She’s Gone
by Jeffrey aka JJ Spain

with illustration by Wayfarer

I left Hill City on highway 385 north to Deadwood, I had to see it for myself. The temperature was in the low 30s, a little cold for a ride but it wasn’t respectful to go in a car.

Dark smoke belched from the black mass of rubble, as a small breeze drifted the smokey haze into the pines. A police officer directed traffic while firetrucks and volunteer firemen hosed the area.

Thirty straight rally years did I enjoyed many a beer, burgers and conversations at this place. Now she’s gone.

I hope the Sugar Shack can make it back.

(publication dated 15-March-2024)

* * * 

by Jeffrey aka JJ Spain

with illustration by Wayfarer

He leaned hard right into the curve, pushing his hands down while keeping his head erect, doing 55 mph in a 35. He tried his best to force sparks to ignite from his exhaust pipes against the concrete on Highway 14 A, Boulder Canyon to Deadwood, SD. The Michelin tires held tight as the next curve approached. He rolled the throttle on, pushing to 70 mph on the last notorious bend before the straightaway. Sparks flew!

Yelling in exhilaration, he threw a fist in the air.

Glancing in his rearview mirror, red and blue flashing lights came into view.

Totally worth it.

(publication dated 10-January-2024)

* * *
Little Lady on the Road
by Jeffrey aka JJ Spain

with illustration by Wayfarer

Riding west on 44 out of Rapid, I pulled to the shoulder, parked the Harley to talk to a little girl. She was alone, maybe three years old.

She wasn’t dressed for walking the highway in December weather. She said her name was Abby as I picked her up, opened my jacket and held her close to my body.

I dialed 911. An officer was there in three minutes. A woman in a red Lexus was there in five.

She yelled, “Get your hands off her!”

“Ma’am, have you been drinking?” the officer asked.

Abby began to cry when CPS took her from me.

I did too.

(publication dated 08-January-2024)

* * *
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We are living in strange times. I got into the middle of a conversation the other day. Someone from the Blue side complained that motorcycle rights can’t be partisanship or political. How is that possible?

If you are involved in legislative matters, you are involved in the political community whether you like it or not. I grew up a Democrat but discovered a problem. My dad believed Democrats were for the working man and Republicans were for the rich. Way too simplistic a definition.

As soon as I found myself involved in Helmet Laws it became apparent. The Democrats wanted control and way less freedom. The Republicans wanted Freedom or personal choice. Don’t get me wrong, the red side is not always perfect and sometime stumble over their own mantra.

That’s why I try to apply Truth and Integrity to everything we do at Bikernet.

Here’s what I wrote to this member of the Bikers Rights Movement:


It’s interesting. One party is trying to destroy America and everything we stand for, but we can’t talk about it.

Being pro motorcycling is being pro freedom, pro truth, pro internal combustion and pro humanity.

We can hope our Blue brothers and sisters will learn and someday come back to the Freedom and Truth table to celebrate America, not attack it. But what the hell do I know, I’m just a grubby biker.

Check this:

All the best,

The Bastard hiding in the Black Hills

Let’s hit the news:

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


“Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than fidelity. Faithfulness and truth are the most sacred excellences and endowments of the human mind.”

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

from Epoch Times


“Climate: The Movie” due to a Science Feedback “Fact Check”
By Andy May

Facebook’s censorship is totally out of hand, and their “independent and nonpartisan fact checks” are anything but. Now they are censoring “Climate: The Movie.” The supposed “fact checks” provided by Science Feedback and Climate Feedback (they are two branches of the same organization) have been shown many times to be both partisan and ideologically driven. The “fact check” of Steve Koonin’s bestselling book Unsettled done by Climate Feedback was blisteringly criticized by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in a lead editorial by the WSJ editorial staff.

The editorial includes the following:

“Mr. Koonin, whose careful book draws extensively on existing scholarship, may respond on the merits in a different forum. Suffice it to say here that many of the ‘fact check’ claims relied on by Facebook don’t contradict the underlying material, but instead argue with its perceived implications.

The fact-check attacks Mr. Koonin’s book for saying the “net economic impact of human-induced climate change will be minimal through at least the end of this century.” Minimal is in the eyes of the beholder, but the U.S. National Climate Assessment predicted America’s climate costs in 2090 at about $500 billion per year—a fraction of the recent Covid stimulus in an economy that could be four times as large.

The fact-check on the statement that ‘global crop yields are rising, not falling’ retorts that ‘while global crop yields are rising, this does not constitute evidence that climate change is not adversely affecting agriculture.’ OK, but that’s an argument, not a fact-check. …

Climate Feedback’s comment on a line from the review about ‘the number and severity of droughts’ does not identify any falsehood, but instead claims, “it doesn’t really make sense to make blanket statements regarding overall global drought trends.’ Maybe it doesn’t make sense for Facebook to restrict the reach of legitimate scientific argument and competing interpretations of data.”

—WSJ, May 7, 2021.

In other words, fact checks should check facts, not a difference of opinion between two scientists. “Fact checks” today are too often thinly disguised and very biased editorials, often confusing very left-wing interpretations of ambiguous data with facts. Then these supposedly “independent and nonpartisan fact checks” are used by Facebook, and sometimes by Linkedin, as excuses to censor legitimate and well-documented posts and movies. Documentation and references of the facts and interpretations presented in Climate: The Movie can be found here.

Further reading on the blatant bias and misinformation found the Science Feedback and Climate Feedback websites:

Climate Feedback’s fraudulent and misleading fact check of a famous and well-respected peer-reviewed article by Ronan Connolly, Willie Soon, and 21 well qualified co-authors is refuted.

Climate feedback also gets a fact check of the CO2 Coalition completely wrong, as described here.

Finally in their fact check of Gregory Wrightstone of the CO2 Coalition they make 13 wildly incorrect (lies?) about Wrightstone.

In summary, the Science Feedback and Climate Feedback website are both unreliable and misleading. Why Facebook and Linkedin put their trust in such a biased organization is unknown, unless they are also pushing an ideologically biased narrative.


QUICK, New Bikernet Reader Comment!–Halting The Oil Flow

Merci ! Pour toutes ces information.
Je suis Alsacien France (Pr?s Allemagne et Suisse)

Translated to: Thank you! For roads this information. I am Alsatian France German and Swiss

–Waldmann Thierry
Haut-rhin, France

“Frank Kaisler, the author of this tech, would have got a kick out of this comment.”


 – 250 lucky winners will receive a limited edition black camplate with custom “Black ops” and “We support our troops” engravings.

Black Ops camplates are available for both Milwaukee Eight and Twin Cam engines.
– Choice of a free hat or T-shirt
– Donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in their name


Tesla Driver Using Autopilot Killed a Motorcyclist.
Autopilot still needs you to have your eyes on the road.

According to Herald Net, “A Tesla driver who had set his car on Autopilot was ‘distracted’ by his phone before reportedly hitting and killing a motorcyclist Friday on Highway 522,” adding, “The man, 56, had activated Tesla’s Autopilot feature. He was using his phone when he heard a bang as his car lurched forward and crashed into the motorcycle in front of him.”

Police report states that the rider was ejected from his motorcycle, but the Tesla car became “lodged on top of him.” The Tesla driver called police and EMTs, but the motorcyclist died at the scene.

To the cop’s credit, after performing a field sobriety test, they arrested the driver as by “putting the trust in the machine to drive for him” he failed to be attentive enough to halt the car before killing the motorcyclist.

One of the biggest issues with Elon Musk and his company Tesla is how they’ve pushed for marketing the brand’s adaptive cruise control system under the label “Autopilot.” Brandished as autonomous numerous times, the feature is slightly more advanced than what you get in a Toyota Camry, but it absolutely isn’t autonomous.

Musk and Tesla are facing further probes, both federal and personal lawsuits, due to Autopilot’s marketing and promotion and let us hope more is done to curb its use. The system isn’t safe, nor does its wealthy users care about the lives around them.

More than that, it’s something being tested on public roads with the adopters forcing other tax paying citizens to be unwilling test subjects. The many road users are just test rats for the ego-driven billionaire?

Tesla’s marketing, caused the murder of yet another motorcyclist.


Lead Reporter
Bikernet International News Bureau


Hall of Fame Breakfast sold out! All the tables and seats are currently sold, but don’t give up if you want to attend this iconic event. Reach out to the Museum and put your name on the list.

Expansion meeting to take place in May. Our dream to expand the museum from 10,000 square feet to 70,000 square feet is about to take the next step with a new expansion committee and Heavy Constructors out of Rapid City.

Tomorrow I will arrive at the Museum at 8:30 to help the curation committee relocate materials, photographs and art, while cataloging every item.

Our new executive director is investigating new museum inventory software.

The Sturgis 2024 magazine is sold out advertising wise at a larger format and enhanced distribution. Every business in our Key City region will receive a copy and have the opportunity to buy single copies or boxes of issues.

More to come!



Indian Motorcycle Factory Rider Troy Herfoss Overtakes Championship Leaderboard Following Perfect Performance at Road Atlanta

Three-Time Australian Superbike Champion & King of the Baggers Rookie Troy Herfoss Secures Back-to-Back Wins in Atlanta

Indian Challenger Sweeps Race 2 Podium, as Indian Motorcycle Factory Rider Tyler O’Hara Takes Second & Mad Monkey Privateer Max Flinders Rounds Out Podium

In its third race stop at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, it was again three-time Australian Superbike Champion and King of the Baggers (KOTB) rookie Troy Herfoss turning heads. The Indian Motorcycle factory rider saw continued success, gaining momentum and even more familiarity with his S&S Indian Challenger, as he piloted his championship-winning race bike to a perfect performance – winning back-to-back races and overtaking the championship leaderboard.

Starting the weekend off strong, Herfoss captured the Mission Foods Challenge and its $5,000 prize for the second consecutive week. While only time would tell, the Challenge would just be the beginning of a truly dominate performance. Starting on the pole for Race 1, Herfoss battled with Harley-Davidson’s Kyle Wyman, as the two exchanged passes throughout a tight race. Despite never racing Road Atlanta, Herfoss proved victorious and secured his second career KOTB win.

With a wet track, Race 2 relied on a calculated risk. Rather than run rain tires like most of the field, the S&S-Indian Motorcycle factory team chose to run Dunlop Sportmax slicks instead. While this proved to be the winning choice, as Herfoss and O’Hara finished 1-2, Herfoss’ enormous 13-second win likely means he would have been in contention regardless of tire selection.

Completing the Indian Challenger podium sweep was Mad Monkey Privateer Max Flinders. Despite sustaining an injury in the Superbike race, Flinders was able to hold off reigning KOTB Champion Hayden Gillim and earn his first podium of the 2024 KOTB season.

Securing three wins and three second-place finishes through six races, Herfoss has taken command of the KOTB Championship Leaderboard, as he owns track records for bagger racing at Daytona International Speedway and now Road Atlanta. His 135 points leads Wyman by nine. For O’Hara, a fourth-place finish in Race 1 and a second-place finish in Race 2 moves him up to third overall with 79 points.

MotoAmerica’s Mission King of the Baggers season continues at Road America May 31-June 2.


Montana’s Public Service Commission can stop the climate fraud cold.

The Montana Public Service Commission has a once-in-a -lifetime opportunity to defeat the Democrat climate alarmists and overturn Held v Montana.

The Held v Montana plaintiffs filed a petition requesting the Public Service Commission to “consider” the “adverse climate impacts of greenhouse gas emissions” in its decisions.

The Public Service Commission must accept this Petition.

If the Public Service Commission accepts this petition, then the Public Service Commission can hold its own hearings on climate outside of a courtroom. They can invite scientists on both sides of the climate issue to present their arguments and debate their opponents.

I confidently predict these hosted presentations and debates will overwhelmingly prove the climate fraud is false.

This Public Service Commission action would settle the climate issue in Montana and serve as a precedent to America and the world.

If the Public Service Commission rejects this Petition, the petitioners will sue the commission and force a long, expensive, unnecessary court trial.

The fraud of climate alarmism

Climate alarmism says human CO2 stays in the air longer than natural CO2, which is impossible because human and natural CO2 molecules are identical, so they flow out of the air at the same rate.

This fact and simple physics show human CO2 is only 2 percent of today’s atmospheric CO2. Therefore, human CO2 cannot change the climate, carbon capture projects are irrational, and all laws based on the climate fraud should be abolished.

–Dr. Ed Berry


Harley-Davidson Motor Company is #hiring a Director, North America Marketing. This dynamic leader will be part of the Commercial team and collaborate with Marketing COEs and Sales to improve our reach, relevance, and demand across markets. This role is hashtag#remote anywhere in North America.

Check out the job listing in the link below and like, share, or comment to help me spread the word!

Senior Editor


David Uhl will be inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame this year during the rally!

This is a fitting induction, given that David has graced the rally with his beautiful works for the past 25-plus years. His Sturgis commemorative pieces (since 2005) are highly anticipated at the rally each year.

The induction breakfast will take place on Wednesday, August 7th. We will most likely have a table or two there, so I’m throwing it out to see who wants to join us!

I’m waiting to hear back from the museum on seat prices and will let everyone know. For now, if you’d like to attend simply respond to this email. I can provide additional details later – – we’re just trying to get a head count at this point.

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame Breakfast
Wed Aug 7, 8am to 11am
The Lodge in Deadwood

Thanks for your time!

–Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director
David Uhl Fine Art
Uhl Studios


On April 18th, the U.S. Senate attempted to prohibit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from using funds to implement the Biden Administration’s new rule on tailpipe emissions. The EPA regulation would require automakers to sell more electric vehicles and hybrids by gradually tightening limits on tailpipe pollution levels starting in 2026.

The bill, S. 4072, is essentially the same as S. 3094, the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act of 2023, and Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) introduced both bills. The difference is that S.4072 strips funding, while the CARS Act completely prevents the EPA from enacting the rules.

S. 4072 was a unique and fast-tracked bill in the U.S. Senate. This bill resulted from an agreement during the March effort to avert a government shutdown. Senate leaders promised a vote on the EPA rules, so this bill is that vote. The frustrating part of the vote taken on S. 4072 is that this bill received more votes for it than against it! The final vote was fifty-two (52) in favor, forty-six (46) against, with two (2) not voting. However, because of the rules in the Senate, this bill required sixty (60) votes for passage.

While frustrating, there is some good news for those who want to protect the internal combustion engine. Three (3) Democrats and one Independent, Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Jon Tester (D-MT), and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) joined forty-eight (48) Republicans in voting for the legislation.

This vote hopefully shows that more and more lawmakers and Americans are taking notice of the attack on the internal combustion engine. Next month, during the MRF’s Bikers Inside the Beltway, motorcyclists will take to Capitol Hill to push the preservation of vehicle choice and all our agenda!

As Always, Ride Safe and Ride Free



The moment has arrived! Your favorite motorcycle talk show, ShopTalk is starting right now, and we wanted to make sure you don’t miss it. We have a front-row seat waiting for you!

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Nothing exciting, had an eye doctor appointment this morning, I see what my mother meant about them taking longer to go back to normal after dilation, as you get older. Since 8:30 and everything is still mega bright at noon! Got shoulder injections on last year’s birthday, difference with age I guess.

On a normal day I wear my sunglasses inside the grocery store.- My Future So Bright I Got to Wear Shades!

Decided to leave the fairing blue for now. Trying to figure a way to get out of Houston! I did clean the black marks off, it’s a distance paint job. Looks good from a distance! On the plus side, traffic seems confused as to what I am, as HPD cars use to be that color, but never the bikes that I recall?

I notice they line up in the lanes behind me or hit the brakes as I come up on them. And I don’t even have the pods with the red & blue lights yet! Gives me a laugh.



BC21 Triple Clamp 1913-1915 Harley all models

Brand New front fork triple clamps

These fit all Harley 1913-1915 front forks
These will also work on Rigid & Race style Forks
Made By Competition Distributing

Regular price $200.00

[photo 1232431]



“Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil. Our great hope lies in developing what is good.”
– Calvin Coolidge


SHORAI’S CHARGING CODE–Maximizing Your Battery’s Performance:

Essential Charging Tips from Shorai Power!
Are you making the most out of your Shorai battery? Proper charging is key to unlocking its full potential and extending its lifespan. Here are some essential tips to ensure your battery performs at its best:

Fully Charge Before Use:
Before installing your new LFX battery, make sure to fully charge it. This conditions and breaks in the cells, maximizing performance and longevity.
Choose the Right Charger:

While standard lead-acid chargers can be used, the Shorai BMS01 charger is specifically designed for LFX batteries. Avoid chargers with automatic “desulfation” modes, as they may damage your battery.

Monitor Charging Voltage:
A fully charged Shorai battery will measure around 14.4V. Consider floating the voltage at 14.6-14.8V for 24 hours to improve capacity and reduce self-discharge.

Be Mindful of Discharge:
If your battery sits unused for several weeks, it may discharge due to the vehicle’s electrical draw. Charge the battery if the voltage drops below 13.3V, especially before storing it for an extended period.

Check Charging Times:
Refer to our charging time reference sheet for estimated charge times based on your battery model and charger’s current rate.

Remember, proper charging is essential for maximizing your battery’s performance and lifespan. For more detailed information, refer to our FAQ and specifications guides on our website.

Power up your ride with Shorai Power today!

NEW/OLD A&E PROGRAM–Secrets of the Hells Angels

ATF agent Jay Dobyns goes undercover to infiltrate the Hells Angels. He’s backed up by a female agent, Jenna Maguire, who plays the role of his ‘old lady’, but the dream of becoming a fully patched Hells Angel pushes Jay to the point of destruction. This is the first time Jenna Maguire has told her side of the story.

George Christie, the long-time Ventura HA chapter president, will be featured.

You might read J.J. Solari’s review of this new show.



Since oil is comprised of 85% carbon, 13% hydrogen and 0.5% oxygen with traces of sulphur and nitrogen, most chemists believed it originated from the decomposition of organic matter. Layers which were formed from the remains of dead animals and plants. Thus the term “fossil fuel”.

By definition its source was limited. That theory was plausible when oil wells were drilled only deep enough to reach into the “fossil” layers of the Earth’s crust, but if oil came from the rock that is over a mile underground, that puts it way below the fossil layer.

Despite common belief around fossil fuels, the argument for non-biologically produced oil is not a new one. Back in 1951, a Russian scientist by the name of N.A Kudryavtsev, announced his theory that oil found down deep was produced abiotically. Abiotically meaning occurring in the absence of life. His theories were consolidated with the exploration of oil fields in the Dneiper-Donets region in the early 1990s. They were finding that the older “dry” wells were filling up again. Some times to the previous levels.

World-renowned geologist, C Warren Hunt’s brought forth his “Anhydride” theory in 1996, asserting the idea that biogenesis from living microbial forms was what creates oil as opposed to the idea that it comes from fossilized forms.

All the way back in 2003 cracks began to appear in the fossil fuel belief. People wondered if the Earth’s quantities of oil and gas were much larger than they had previously estimated – and whether supplies where being constantly replenished.

There were scientists beginning to speculate that petroleum could originate “abiotically” from minerals at extreme temperature and pressure. This understanding is based on the fact that high temperature and pressure closer to the Earth’s mantle allows oil deposits to form inorganically, rather than through biological decay. Water then forces it to the surface, as it has a greater density; (which is why it is used in fracking) and then the oil rises and gets trapped in layers of denser, sedimentary rocks.

Fossil Fuel? Or not?

–By Mark Reynolds, NMA Member & Syndicated Columnist


Come ride the Jungles, Mountains, and Beaches of Costa Rica on new KTM/Huskys/GASGAS. Stay in 5-star accommodations, above the beach and ride/test up to six (6) different bike if you choose (2-stroke & 4-stroke 300/350s).

We don’t ‘combine’ tours so each group gets their own private house(s) and Lead/Chase Guides to ride whatever type of terrain/trails you prefer- We have it all!

CRU Tour Pricing/Options is based off your ideal Number of Nights, # of Riding Days, and # of Riders. You choose.

Example of Typical 1st-time Tour:
6 Days / 5 Nights / 3 Riding Days / 4+ Riders

Stock Tour: $2,700 USD p/p
Accommodations, Guides, ’24 KTM300/350, ’23 Husqvarna 350F TE, ’23 GASGAS 300/EC350.

Modified Tour: $2,900 p/p
Includes Everything in Stock Tour plus: All Fuel, Lunch on Ride Days, Nightly Bike Prep & Gear Cleaning, One (1) Activity (Zipline, 1-Hour Massage, Croc Tour, etc), and CRU T-Shirt

Factory Tour: $3,100 p/p
Includes Everything in Stock and Modified Tour plus: One additional Activity (2 Total) and Airport Transfers.

CRU: Our Bikes, Our Homes, Our Guides, Your Adventure.


Wow, what a ride it has been!

Well… that’s a wrap!

A year-and-a-half in the making, from start to finish, to film and edit the build of the 1969 Harley-Davidson XLCH chopper in Season 2 of The Saturday Sportster.

It was a similar amount of work and time for Season 1 featuring Todd Muller, as he built a 2003 Sportster into a hopped-up scrambler.

Our own Mikey Revolt did a full photo shoot with this season’s XLCH, and you can check out overall as well as detail shots of this fresh build here!


“I turn to simplicity, I turn again to purity.”
— Genghis Khan

For our 16th year we will return to the simple and pure one night format of eat-drink-sleep-ride. The “gypsy ride” tradition has been a mainstay of our culture, so don’t plan on having a “kickstands up time” or having to ride as a massive group. Just make sure you check in with Mike Allen or Brian “Uncle Ben” Sauer, especially you first timers.

As always, the first time riders will earn the highly coveted Long Road Medallion for making every stop and ending at Smokeout.

Each rider will need to make their own reservations for the nightly stays, the registration fee this year is $35. to cover t-shirts, decals, some artwork and printing of maps/local bike shops along the route.

You can send a check or money order with your shirt size as well as your e-mail address to:

Mike Allen
PO Box 11
Canon City, CO 81215
Or use and include your shirt size in the notes.

Once you register, I (Uncle Ben) will send you a copy of the optional route I put together. Remember, you can always choose your own route. This is just a nice, scenic route with few road number changes that some of us will be taking.

Sunday September 1st, we meet at
Cherry Hill Campground
1516 Summer Rd.
Darien Center, NY 14040

Tent sites are $44., they were kind enough to waive the two nigh minimum holiday weekend stay for tents. They also have lean-tos for $60./night two night minimum and a cabin for $70./ night two night minimum. Call them for more details. This campground is about an hour ride from Niagara Falls and is close to a Six Flags Park, so if you can make it there early and want to stay two nights, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Monday September 2nd, we ride to:
Godspeed Camping and Events
7897 S Eagle Valley Rd, Port Matilda, PA

Camping: $20 a person
Cabana single occupancy: $80
Cabana double occupancy: $120
Shared bunkhouse is $50 a person. There are 3 rooms, one holds 4, and two sleep 6. If a group of 4 or 6 friends want to be together that is no problem, contact Bart at for Cabana/bunkhouse reservations or questions. Mention you are with The Long Road on our Tues Sept 2nd stop local motels/B&B many local B&B’s available, check:

Rodeway Inn State College
1040 N Atherton Street, State College, PA,
approx $87 per night but visit website for more details

Tuesday September 3rd

Grand Vue Park
250 Trail Drive, Moundsville WV
(304) 845-9810
Restaurant onsite

Camping: $10 per person (group camping area)
(2) 1BR and (2) 2BR treetop villas with pullout couches available for 1 night ($208 and $256)
Other cabins available but 2 night minimum
See their website to book or for info:

Local motel’B&B:
Bonnie Dwaine B&B (nice looking place)
$99-139 dbl occupancy with continental breakfast
505 Wheeling Avenue, Glen Dale WV, 304-845-7250

Sleep Inn and Suites
8 Walmart Dr
Moundsville, WV
(304) 810-4000
approx $111 per night but call for deals and better rates

Wednesday September 4th

Riftrafters Campground
448 Laurel Creek Rd
Fayetteville, West Virginia

Camping: $15 per person
cabins : $48-$68 per night for two people. $24-$34 extra per person
call to book in advance

Local motels/B&B
Many B&B’s in the area to research:
check out

Quality Inn New River Gorge
103 Elliotts Way, Fayetteville, WV,
approx $73 per night but visit
for booking info and prices

Thursday September 5th

The Roadhouse
1203 Woodlawn Rd.
Woodlawn, Virginia 24381

The beds inside are going for $20. and tent spaces are $10. each.
This will be our fourth year staying at The Roadhouse and enjoying the hospitality of our fellow Long Road riders, the Devonshire family. While at The Roadhouse, we’ll get to enjoy a drink at that ultimate Long Road historical artifact, the red table we used at the Long Road Lounge for many years, and don’t forget to add your signature to the tabletop before we leave for Smokeout Friday morning.

Friday September 6th

  • We ride to Smokeout where we’ll have notorious but tasteful, Long Road Lounge as our base of operation during Smokeout.
  • Long Road Medallions will be awarded to our new family members on Saturday afternoon as we meet at the lounge for a group picture.
  • Get your event and camping tickets at:
  • Get ‘em early while they’re on sale.–Uncle Ben

IN HISTORY —The Chance for Peace speech, also known as the Cross of Iron speech, was an address given by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower on April 16, 1953, shortly after the death of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

* * * 

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

“If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking… is freedom. “
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Don’t join the book burners. Don’t think you’re going to conceal faults by concealing evidence that they ever existed. Don’t be afraid to go in your library and read every book…” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

“The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions.”
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

“You do not lead by hitting people over the head — that’s assault, not leadership.”
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

* * *

“I like Ike” ~ Indiana Jones in “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

International Editor™

MORE BENEFITS OF CO2–Nutritive Value of Plants Growing in Enhanced CO2 Concentrations (eCO2)

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest research report Nutritive Value of Plants Growing in Enhanced CO2 Concentrations (eCO2).

Despite many years of claims that increasing concentrations of CO2 are an “existential threat” to life on Earth, one cannot identify any harm that has been done. In fact, the only clear result of increasing CO2 has been an overall greening of the Earth and increasing productivity of agricultural and forest crops.

The evidence for greening of the Earth from eCO2 is now too obvious to deny. In recent years, some researchers have claimed that that nutritional values are negatively affected by elevated CO2 concentrations. Media promoters of climate alarmism have seized on these results to further demonize CO2.

In this paper we explain why the nutritional value of our more abundant crops can and will remain high as atmospheric CO2 concentrations increase toward values more representative of those existing throughout most of Earth’s history.

While this is a somewhat technical report, it is a valuable tool for you to put in your quiver to use the next time you see increased CO2 being linked to declining nutrition.


“We have ordered some copies and will make them available to motorcycle rights groups and any rider who is interested.”


I just finished Terry the Tramp. All I can say is what a story. Sad ending, all that bullshit from the Man. I remember your magazine doing articles on all that crap, like when the cops busted into the Milwaukee Outlaws and all that RICO act.

And I remember ER warning MCs about undercover cops posing as bikers, snitching on the clubs. I was living in Frisco at that time, and next thing we knew the cops busted Frisco Choppers and shut them down for speed.

You are a remarkable story teller. One question if I may ask, did Vagos and Hangmen get along OK back then or did they have issues?

–David Pittman


“What is a soul? It’s like electricity – we don’t really know what it is, but it’s a force that can light a room.”
–Ray Charles

from Epoch Times

[page break]

100-WORD FICTION ENTRY–The Tavern Stop

I walked into the dark tavern after midnight. The last call was in a couple of hours. There she sat waiting for her biker knight in the corner. I sauntered over and sat down next to her. “What is your name Doll.”

“My name is Mariah,” she muttered, her red lips glistened. “What is yours big man?”

“They call me Texas Red.”

“Your mother not like you or something?” She asked.

“I was named after a famous outlaw by my Dad.” I then bought us both whiskeys. We toasted to our friendship. I put my hand on her thigh and the rest is history.



On wear and tear of tires in Electric Cars– tires are heavy pollutants themselves and not to mention poor for recycling as well. Refer below:

Road Hazard: Evidence Mounts on Toxic Pollution from Tires

Researchers are only beginning to uncover the toxic cocktail of chemicals, microplastics, and heavy metals hidden in car and truck tires. But experts say these tire emissions are a significant source of air and water pollution and may be affecting humans as well as wildlife.

2 billion tires globally are sold each year — enough to reach the moon if stacked on their sides — with the market expected to reach 3.4 billion a year by 2030.

Tires are made from about 20 percent natural rubber and 24 percent synthetic rubber, which requires five gallons of petroleum per tire. Hundreds of other ingredients, including steel, fillers, and heavy metals — including copper, cadmium, lead, and zinc — make up the rest, many of them added to enhance performance, improve durability, and reduce the possibility of fires.

Both natural and synthetic rubber break down in the environment, but synthetic fragments last a lot longer. Seventy-eight percent of ocean microplastics are synthetic tire rubber, according to a report by the Pew Charitable Trust. These fragments are ingested by marine animals — particles have been found in gills and stomachs — and can cause a range of effects, from neurotoxicity to growth retardation and behavioral abnormalities.

So if your Electric Vehicle is burning tires instead of gasoline, then that is poisoning the planet in a wide variety of ways.


“As the world tries to turn against anything remotely connected to oil, now they attack dust.

Hang on,”



A couple of months ago, I mentioned the possibility of a second ride I’d like to organize this year, due to the timing of the SmokeOut being in September, after the school year has started.

There are a few of us who have jobs connected to the education system (bus drivers, maintenance staff etc.) or have other commitments that they have no choice but to miss The Long Road and The Smoke Out.

We’ve formed such a cool little family and community through everyone’s participation in the ride the last 15 years, that it would be a shame to not be able to get together for a summer ride. I’ve set aside the last week in June in my holidays (June 24-28th) and would like to run a second ride, at the beginning of the summer, so it is far enough away from the actual Long Road and Smoke Out that it doesn’t interfere with that event.

I’m proposing we start out in middle Missouri and travel diagonally from there up to the Sandusky area of Ohio so that those in the west can start close to home, and the riders from the east will end up close to home after travelling far to the starting point. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be doing both rides.

I’d like to know, within the next few days, who might be interested in this ride to make the effort worthwhile. I’ve already got around 8 past riders who have expressed interest. It’ll be kind of a stripped down version of the Long Road, without medallions, no big event to start or end at and possibly just maps.

There’s a chance I might do shirts to commemorate the ride, but it is more just making a chance available for those that can’t make the ride in September, to join their comrades for a week of fun and revelry on the open roads and around the firepit! And it doesn’t have to just be past riders! If a friend or group of friends of yours is interested, include their names and e-mail addresses with your reply to this e-mail.

As in the past, I will scope out an optional route, staying away from major towns and cities with as few road number changes as possible. I will try to find campgrounds with cabins and the closest motels. We will travel about 200 miles(300kms) per day and stick to secondary roads for as long as it is possible.

So shoot me an email to let me know if you are interested or not. And if you have any ideas that might make the ride better or more efficient, let me know in the email.

–Brian “Uncle Ben” Sauer

If I don’t hear from you, or you can’t make either of the rides, have a safe and wonderful summer and safe riding!

NEW FROM THE BDL CREW–Softail Chain Drive Primary Features ‘Competitor Clutch’

Designed specifically for use on 1990-2006 Softail models, BDL’s CDCS-1-90 chain drive primary kit features its renowned ‘Competitor Clutch’ for instantaneous and absolute transfer of power to the rear wheel.

A patented 7-plate Kevlar clutch “provides at least 60% more clutch surface than stock” and the 9-spring pressure plate provides the varying spring pressure needed for use with both stock and highly modified strokers.

“This unique plate allows you to simply add or subtract springs to achieve the tension that is appropriate for the bike and riding style. This chain drive clutch kit for Big Twin electric start includes front sprocket, rear basket with ‘Competitor Clutch’ and Diamond primary chain and adjuster assembly.”

The component list delivers the Diamond primary chain, compensator sprocket and nut, clutch springs, shoulder bolts (for chain drive only), chain drive hardware kit, pressure plate, adjusting screw, main shaft hub nut and 9-tooth starter pinion gear.



For Big Twins ’36 to ’69 – The simple “SHOVEL-KNUCKLE-PAN” magneto is not so simple… built-in auto advance and manual retard to prevent kick-backs. Adjustable height. Use with or without a battery. Can mount in standard position or optional ‘out to side’ position for use on Knuckleheads. Easier installation (no chopping off fins or smashing in pushrod covers).

Relay boss back edge will need modifying if present.. also see model G5. No-leak drive housing. Only from Morris Magneto!

Note: Some S&S motors use a reverse gear. Please check before ordering or give us a call first.


Yes, that headline is probably not the best grammar, but the question is one of the best. We participate in the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) because we want to ride what we want, where we want, when we want and with whom we want.

The MRF has always been as much about personal freedom and the lifestyle as it is about motorcycles and biker’s rights. If you know someone who would be a good fit with the MRF but you’ve never found a good way to tell them, share this message with them. Maybe they’ll ask on their own.


If you are an EV owner, why not document your experience since you believe in it? If you are not an EV owner, why not document your experiences around EVs since you don’t believe in it? Doesn’t matter what you believe but be honest about your experience.

We will share your experiences with our readers.

Eclectic Electric Editor™


Described by American Prime Manufacturing’s President Ben Kudon as being “so close to the original it’s scary,” these high-quality black reproduction springer front ends feature chrome springs and fit OE 1936 – early 1946 EL and FL Harley-Davidsons and custom applications.

They do not include the top tree, bearing cups or bearings, but as precision dimensioned reproductions, they do work with the original drum break and star hub and are now back in stock at APM’s Santa Fe Springs, California factory.

Also seen here, and also back in stock with APM, this Mikuni HSR45 total carburetor kit fits Harley Big Twin Evo models from 1984-1999. Kudon points out that, of course, any parts or components that defeat the emissions control systems or cause emissions to exceed the standards on California pollution-controlled motor vehicles cannot be sold to customers in California or other states where similar laws may apply.

However, that does not change that fact that the HSR45 was a legendary bolt-on performance upgrade ‘back in its day’. A slide-type, smoothbore carburetor equipped with a roller bearing two-piece slide for smooth and easy throttle pull, it was a 45 mm venturi redesign of the equally legendary HSR42 performance carb.

With the same reliable features as the ’42,’ the greater airflow allowed customizers to keep step with the increasing capacity of the highly modified engines that the EVO era spawned.



Alaska Introduces Bill to Protect Vehicle Choice

Alaska has introduced a SAN-supported bill (H.B. 375) to ensure consumers’ choice of vehicle power plants and fuel by preventing a state agency, county, or city from limiting access to internal combustion engines.

The SAN believes that Alaska residents, not the government, should decide what vehicles are best for them and their families. The bill is scheduled for a hearing by the House Committee on Labor & Commerce on Monday, April 22, 2024.


CHINESE HONDA GOLD WING RIVAL– to Use Eight-Cylinder Engine

A motorcycle intended to rival the Honda Gold Wing is being built by a Chinese car maker and will use an eight-cylinder engine

The Honda Gold Wing is unique among production motorcycles in that it uses a massive six-cylinder engine with 1,833cc of displacement. In China, the car manufacturer Great Wall Motor has sensed an opportunity in Honda’s obvious mistake.

The mistake in question? Using only six cylinders, of course. GWM’s rival-in-development to the famous Gold Wing will use a proper number of cylinders: eight, according to patent documents published by Cycle World.

–Alex Whitworth
Visor Down

KENTUCKY GOVERNOR STEPS UP TO THE EPA–Allows Bill Blocking California Emissions Standards to Become Law

Congratulations, Kentucky! The Kentucky legislature’s Senate Bill (SB) 215, which restricts the state from adopting California’s stricter emissions standards for new vehicles, has become law without Governor Andy Beshear’s signature.

The SEMA-supported law prohibits the state from setting or enforcing regulations on emissions that align with California’s plan to phase out the sale of new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035.

Congratulations and thank you for your continued support—please share this exciting triumph with others! Special thanks to those who voiced support for this effort.



“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson
from Epoch times


Pulled out of my garage and took off down the street. No particular destination just needed the wind in my face.

After an hour or so came across a little joint on a country road with outside seating at picnic tables. I dismounted my steel steed and sat down . A cute little thing came out and I asked for an ice cold draft.

Sipping the brew and listening to the exhaust tick I thought it was a good day to be alive.

Daytona Florida


“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.”
— Helen Keller

Do you ever find it challenging to maintain faith amidst the chaos that surrounds us? In a world where negativity seems to dominate the headlines, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. From the constant barrage of distressing news to personal struggles, it can be difficult to believe in anything.

Consider the vast resources poured into conflict and war. What if we redirected these resources toward fostering peace? Imagine the transformative power of channeling our collective energy into positive conversations and actions. Despite the bleak narratives portrayed by the media, there is still hope for change. We must ask ourselves: are we contributing to the problem or actively seeking solutions?

Could we initiate a movement centered around reframing our discussions about life and advocating for a better world? Can we inspire others to believe in the potential for goodness and embrace the power of love and peace? Why not embrace the words of John Lennon’s song Imagine, “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

Today’s Affirmation. Today, I choose to shift my perspective and focus on goodness wherever I go. I refuse to engage in negative conversations, no matter the temptation. I believe in the possibility of a Peace Revolution through the collective consciousness of humanity. As Lyndon B. Johnson wisely stated, “Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time, may the first step begin with me. Today, I take that first step with faith and conviction.”

The Dalai Lama reminds me that peace begins with friendship. Today, I commit to being a friend and spreading kindness wherever I go.

As I turn inward to find peace, I raise my level of Faith and dedicate myself to making this world a better place. I am grateful to be on this journey.

And so it is.


Senior Monk
Bikernet Thought Temple

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
–Mother Teresa

WHERE SHOULD I START—I was told beets lower your cholesterol.

The Redhead includes them on a regular basis. But what’s the difference between pickled beets and beet juice?

Getting close to final assembly. So, I had to drill out the cable lever body for the Barnett Clutch housing.

This Cycle Tech application was the biggest challenge of this bike build, because of the configuration with a 4-speed trans and an alternator motor. I dug around for the throw-out bearing for this trans, then the pushrod pieces to make the length correct. I tightened it too much but caught myself and gave it the proper quarter to half-turn play for the throw-out bearing before adjusting the cable.

After I installed the new Paughco front Springer axle for a Timken Bearing Star hub I ran into a spacing, brake drum issue. The brake drum wouldn’t set in place properly. I tore it apart and started to study all the pieces.

I checked how the brake backing plate fit with the Black Bike Wheel hub. It was golden. I checked the lug spacing, you name it. I called Charlie, the master with these old bikes. I sorta figured it out, but he suggested we compare the new Paughco axle with an old stock one.
Yep, I needed to machine a section of the new axle down and adjust my spacers on the right side of the springer.

I machined an old rear axle spacer to size. Ultimately, I was able to tighten the axle nut and install a cotter key, just right.

My Nash Blackball starter button arrived and was a breeze to install. I’m working on the 8th episode of the VLXAFL-5 project build. The tech should be launched on Bikernet next week

I met an old biker who is going blind. He was the Deadwood Jailer for lots of years and started to tell a friend a wild story about a murder in a streambed. I started to take notes. You might see it next week… I’m still digging.

I welded this guide before the bike went to paint. Luke at Taylord Cycles in Spearfish gave me a hand ordering a Drag Specialties black braided hose, but it was stiff and would not flex to slip through the guide. WTF?

I went to Randy Cramer’s, Dakota V-Twin shop and asked about extended fittings. No hope there. I pondered a bunch of mechanical maneuvers and then it came to me. I machined and drilled out a spacer. I made a rod to hold all the elements in line and brazed the piece in place. It worked and I bled the brakes. Bada Bing, I hope.

Keep the faith in freedom. Too many laws and restrictions are bullshit. We need to fight for the truth. Stay involved and free…


Read More



I’m lost today. I have two property deals floating in the wind and an agent who wants me to sell low and buy high. Most agents do. They just want to seal the deal and move onto the next one.

It’s tough to hold the line. On the other hand, everything rides on the decisions I make. I’m not a rich guy with a vast checkbook. I’m an optimist, but I search out the reality of the situation. I’m 76, do I really want to dive into a 100 year old building that needs to be refurbished, or would I rather work hard on the museum efforts, continue to write stories, build motorcycles, write books and make another stab at Bonneville? WTF?

Hang on. Let’s hit the news.

We hope to bring you a feature on this new S&S Engine.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

LOWBROW ACTION–Fuel Cleveland is back as a 2-day event for its 9th year!

Come party in NE Ohio with us at Fuel on Saturday & Sunday, July 27th & 28th.
Fuel Cleveland is a free event, as always.
You can get the details and see photos and a video of last year’s event here.
Spread the word, arrange your posse and roll deep. See you there!


Fuel Cleveland is brought to you by Lowbrow Customs, Forever The Chaos Life and The Gasbox.

We couldn’t do it without support from American Metal Customs, Biltwell, Hall of Fame Harley-Davidson, Whiteknuckler and W&W.


I want to start by saying thank you for your incredible support of Operation Gratitude! You, our Volunteers, are the heart and soul of our organization and are making a difference every day.

The second challenge of 2024 is set to begin next week, and we hope you’re ready to pick up your needles, hooks, and looms as we launch our 6th Annual RED Scarf and Hat Challenge!

Beginning May 9th and ending on June 6th, we are challenging our amazing Volunteers across the nation to knit, crochet, and loom as many red scarves and hats as possible! Why RED? Because every Friday, Operation Gratitude, and millions of others across the country Remember Everyone Deployed!

This year we are also asking each household to write 20 letters of gratitude to thank those deployed so far from home.

In a tangible way, Operation Gratitude will honor those who serve our country around the world by including your beautiful handmade scarves, hats, and letters of gratitude in our “Christmas in July” Care Packages!

Letter Writing Flyer
Letter Guideline Flyer

Operation Gratitude has delivered more than 4,000,000 Care Packages, and last year tens of thousands of Volunteers and supporters across the country said “Thank You” to our Military, Veterans, and First Responders.

We hope you’ll join the challenge and help us wish our troops a Very Merry Christmas in July!

With Gratitude,
Kelly South
Director of Handmade With Love Programs
Phone 818-960-7555
Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm PST (West Coast)

Please join our Operation Gratitude In Action volunteer group Facebook page!

#JoinUsOnTheJourney #VirtualVolunteerism


This stitch graphic is shown on a Silhouette Solo with red graphics.

This stitch pattern is hand stitched and can be added to any of our seats with any color combination for an additional custom stitch charge.


See all the stitch graphic options on the Le Pera web site.

May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month
Support From H. Res. 1179

This week, the leadership of the House Motorcycle Caucus introduced H. Res. 1179, expressing support for the designation of May 2024 as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Tim Walberg (MI), Rep. Troy Balderson (OH), Rep. Michael Burgess (TX), Rep. Donald Norcross (NJ), and Rep. Derrick Van Orden (WI).

Across the nation, cities and states are introducing their own versions of motorcycle awareness resolutions and decrees. H. Res. 1179 lists several reasons why May is an important time for motorcycle awareness. Perhaps the best section of the resolution is this line, “motorcyclists have a right to the road and that all motorists should safely share the roadways.”

Those in the motorcyclist rights movement understand the future of motorcycling is threatened. We thank the lawmakers who took the time to clearly point out that bikers have a right to use our nation’s roadways!

Happy May, Ride Safe and Ride Free



It is officially May and we are only a few short weeks away from the BLACK HILLS MOTORCYCLE SHOW! We have over 80 bikes registered (we are capping at 130), our vendor spots are sold out, and everything is coming together.

This is a reminder of some of the things we still need from our sponsors and vendors with deadlines for each item.

1. – Competitors’ bags items – ALL sponsors and vendors are asked to provide one small promotional item to be placed in the competitors’ swag bags. This can be a sticker, keychain, pen, coozie, anything! This is another opportunity for you to promote your business as part of your involvement in the show. The count is 130 of whatever item you want to provide (that’s why we suggest small inexpensive items). We need all items for the competitors’ bag AT DEADWOOD CUSTOM CYCLES NO LATER THAN MAY 18TH, 2024. Don’t miss out on this incredible advertising opportunity! For those of you who have already provided swag bag items, thank you! Any questions, please reach out to me.

2. – Banners –

3. – Logos –

4 – Video Commercials –


Friday May 24th – 12-6 pm – Load in for Vendors and we being receiving competitor’s bikes.

Friday May 24th – 7 pm – KICK OFF PARTY, Meet & Greet at the World Famous Saloon #10 in Deadwood.

Saturday May 25th – 8-11 am – Competitor’s bikes continue to be received. Vendors booth finalized.

Saturday May 25th – 11:30 am – Vendors and VIPs allowed back in the venue to shine up their booths.

Saturday May 25th – 12 pm – Doors open to the public for the 2024 Black Hills Motorcycle Show!

Saturday May 25th – 8 pm – After Party at Dale’s Sports Bar in the Deadwood Mountain Grand.

Sunday May 26th – 1-6 pm – Private Party (if you’re reading this you are invited) at Deadwood Custom Cycles. Open Bar, Free Food, Live Music!

Please don’t delay, drag your feet, or procrastinate on any of these things. Help me help you!

This show is going to be EPIC! Thank you for being a part of the Black Hills Motorcycle Show!

Jason Mook
Owner, Deadwood Custom Cycles
10 Lee Street
Deadwood, SD 57732
605-717-2492 (Shop)
605-499-8661 (Shop Mobile)
D.A.M.N. Podcast

HOW MUCH LONGER– Can Harley-Davidson Support LiveWire?

Last week, Harley-Davidson announced its Q1 2024 results, but tucked away in the numbers was the announcement that LiveWire is moving its operations from California to Milwaukee, joining its parent company at its historic headquarters.

The news was somewhat of a surprise, considering it hasn’t been that long since LiveWire splintered off as an independent brand. LiveWire’s two latest motorcycles, the S2 Del Mar and S2 Mulholland, are both named after California locales.

It’s been no secret that LiveWire has been losing money. R&D is expensive, and until just a few months ago, the brand had only a single product available for sale, the LiveWire One, with its much maligned $22,799 price tag. The $15,499 S2 Del Mar is more affordable, but you can also buy both Kawasaki’s new Ninja and Z E-1 electric bikes for the same price and still have a dollar in change. No wonder cutting costs is suddenly a priority.

Harley-Davidson’s critics have seen things play out before with Buell, and the ill-conceived acquisition of MV Agusta. In their eyes, it’s only a matter of time before Harley-Davidson decides to end the LiveWire experiment for good.

Erik Buell’s Return to Music with Album ‘Dust Settles’

Erik Buell, known for his extensive career in the motorcycle industry and his induction into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, releases his second studio album, “Dust Settles,” on June 7. After decades in motorcycling, Buell has shifted his focus to music, embracing Americana and heartland rock, a departure from his previous hard rock style.

International Editor
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The exclusive door mats from CIRCUS VMAXIMUS

How does a Yamaha Vmax rider welcome guests at his home or in his man cave, the garage or workshop? Of course with a high-quality door mat from CIRCUS VMAXIMUS, the leading online store for owners and fans of this legendary muscle bike!

There are two different designs to choose from: The black version shows the unmistakable side cover of the first Vmax generation, which already celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2020. Alternatively, there is an anthracite-colored doormat with a funny cartoon by the well-known French cartoonist BOD. The message is absolutely unmistakable: a female passenger must hold on tight when the rider violently turns the throttle grip of this bike!

The rectangular, 40 x 60 centimeter (approx. 15.7 x 23.6 inch) mats with rounded corners have a felt surface with sublimation printing and a rubberized, non-slip underside.

The mats are available exclusively online at The unit price is 49 euros.


Back for the 19th year is the Annual Guy Mills Memorial Hog Wild for Kids Charity Ride & Event. This is one of our favorite event’s all year here at Hogs & Heifers Saloon and we hope you will join us for it this year on Sunday, May 5th.

This event allows us as a community to come together and participate in a ride, live auction and raffle prize giveaways with all the proceeds benefitting the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation’s ~ Camp Cartwheel.

Not a motorcycle rider, NO PROBLEM…3 and 4-wheelers are invited also.


When you pre-register you will be entered to win a $100 Hogs & Heifers Saloon Merchandise Gift Card.

On-site registration the day of, will start at 8am with a Continental Breakfast provided by Kroger until 10am. Kickstands up will be at 10:30am and we will then ride out to our destination/lunch location, THE PUB at Lake Las Vegas.

Not able to make the ride? NO PROBLEM…join us for the After Party & LIVE AUCTION back at Hogs & Heifers Saloon starting around 2pm.


Our Hog Wild for Kids Charity Ride & After Party will help the NVCCF ensure that the children in their program will have an exceptional time during the week of Camp Cartwheel (June 19-22, 2024). In addition to the funds raised by donations and rider registration, we will be holding raffles and a live auction during the event. It costs $250 to send 1 kid to camp. In 2023, Hogs & Heifers raised close to $20,000 during Hog Wild for Kids which was donated in full to NVCCF’s Camp Cartwheel.

Camp Cartwheel is designed to enable children receiving care and treatment for life threatening illnesses, along with their siblings, to have a week away from it all and take part in a variety of fun activities. The funds we are able to raise and donate are vitally necessary to bring the best Camp Cartwheel experience to the kids of the foundation.

MARIJUANA SET FREE–The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will move to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, The Associated Press has learned, a historic shift to generations of American drug policy that could have wide ripple effects across the country.

The DEA’s proposal, which still must be reviewed by the White House Office of Management and Budget, would recognize the medical uses of cannabis and acknowledge it has less potential for abuse than some of the nation’s most dangerous drugs. However, it would not legalize marijuana outright for recreational use.

The agency’s move, confirmed to the AP on Tuesday by five people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive regulatory review, clears the last significant regulatory hurdle before the agency’s biggest policy change in more than 50 years can take effect…


“Just a snippet from the AP report. This could be a political move, but it should have been handled a couple of years ago.”–Bandit

STROKERS DALLAS DEAL OF THE WEEK— Check out this 2022 Harley Davidson Road Glide! It’s a Great Bike with only 11,000 Miles!

This is an extremely nice Motorcycle! 2022 FLTRXS Road Glide with an M-8 114 / 6 Speed, 2 into 1 Rinehart Exhaust, Cycle Smith Banana Boards, Custom Handlebars, Quick Release Tour Pack and Lots More Extras!!! Call Lena or Ricardo 214.357.0707 See more pics of this bike & ALL our Used Bikes by clicking here:

All-Inventory-for-Sale You can also email me Remember, when you purchase a bike from Strokers Dallas you are doing business with Rick Fairless & Family!


A WALK IN THE TEMPLE– Affirming the Law of Attraction

As Buddha wisely said, “What we are today, comes from our thoughts of yesterday. And our present thoughts, build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.”

In this universe, there exists a Law of Attraction, an immutable force shaping our realities. Like a mirror reflecting what stands before it, this law mirrors our dominant thoughts, conversations, and beliefs. It operates impartially, responding to the vibrations we emit into the cosmos.

We wield the power to attract or repel our good fortunes. If we harbor thoughts of lack, limitation, or negativity, we inadvertently summon these realities into existence. Conversely, embracing thoughts of love, joy, abundance, and faith invites bountiful blessings into our lives.

Let us vigilantly guard our thoughts and conversations, refusing to engage in negativity—both within ourselves and with others. We erect a force field against negativity, pessimism, replacing it with optimism and positivity.

Today, I acknowledge the Law of Attraction in my life. I embrace the abundance that Spirit seeks to bestow upon me. I release any lingering negativity, holding steadfast to my faith in this truth.

With unwavering belief, I declare: My words dispel doubt and fear, paving the way for the manifestation of perfection in my life. I trust in the Divine Order unfolding around me, gratefully accepting the abundance that surrounds me.

And so it is.


As Eric Butterworth reminds us, within us lies the potential for boundless inner stability and outer abundance. We have the privilege of birthing this reality into existence—believing is our key.

Senior Monk
Bikernet Thought Temple

Today’s Spiritual Exercise: If you choose

Identify five or more negative words or thoughts to remove from your vocabulary.

Replace these with five or more positive affirmations.

Throughout the day, consciously substitute negative words with their positive counterparts.

Each time you catch yourself in negativity, greet it with a laugh and replace it with a smile.

In embracing positivity, we align ourselves with the abundant blessings the universe has to offer.

THE DICTATORSHIP MODEL–Jerry Seinfeld says ‘extreme Left’ ruined comedy: ‘The audience polices us’ –

This is the result of the extreme left and P.C. crap, and people worrying so much about offending other people.

Now they’re going to see standup comics because we are not policed by anyone. The audience polices us. We know when we’re off track. We know instantly and we adjust to it instantly.

But when you write a script and it goes into four or five different hands, committees, groups—’Here’s our thought about this joke.’ Well, that’s the end of your comedy.”

Do we take the heat, or just not be funny? And what they’ve decided to be is, Well, we’re not going to do comedies anymore. There were no sitcoms picked up on the fall season of all four networks. Not one. No new sitcoms.”

Entertainment Industry

TEXAS WEATHER REPORT-– Getting hail no, what fun! I’d rather be in the garage watching it, just lost the internet.

Got back on the big computer as I have a couple of things coming up. Still no concerts, but have put in for a few things. Down Track, Lucky Devil, Pizza Joint been there for 20 years or better, don’t know when the building burned? Some Biden voter must have whined and he was green, what the heck is a Pizza Pickle losers!


BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!–
FXST Detachable Motorcycle Windshield

Good information and good job on the installation. Like going to the gym, half the battle is getting into the shop and getting your hands dirty.

Palm Bay, FL

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HARLEY-DAVIDSON MUSEUM ACTION–It’s a monstrous May at the Harley-Davidson Museum

Get set for a new exhibit and ’tis the season for Bike Nights, Demo rides, the mother of all Mother’s Day celebrations and so. much. more!

May is the gateway to summer at the Harley-Davidson Museum. With a new exhibit, the return of free concerts every Thursday at Bike Night, bike demos and fun events packed throughout the month, there’s never a bad time to point your wheels to 6th & Canal.

And it starts straightaway on Wednesday, May 1 with the kickoff to patio season at MOTOR Bar & Restaurant. Chef Doug’s Cinco de Mayo specials (available all month long) are the perfect pairing to Milwaukee’s best patio. Feel free to bring Fido along for the scenic views of the Menomonee River and Downtown Milwaukee (plus the Harley-Davidson-branded pet-safe treats and water bowls).

Bike Night keep May motoring and debuts on Thursday, May 2 with Bruce Humphries and The Rockabilly Rebels providing the soundtrack for the rolling sculptures reuniting in Motorcycle Plaza. All wheels are welcome all summer long for free tunes from some of Milwaukee’s favorite bands.

And with Bike Nights back on the scene, you know Saturday Demos are right around the corner. Those lucky riders with a magical motorcycle endorsement are invited to roll through the scenic Menomonee Valley on a brand-new 2024 Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Did we mention it costs zero dollars? Your Saturdays are now booked through September. If you’re not yet a licensed rider, check out the Jumpstart™ demo. Cycle through the gears of an H-D to experience the thrill of life behind bars. May 4 is also International Female Ride Day. Kickstands up at noon at the H-D Museum for a leisurely ride through southeastern Wisconsin with dozens of your fellow riders (guys are welcome, too).

Speaking of the ladies, show Mom how much you “wheelie” love her on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12) at the H-D Museum. Mom gets in free* for her special day, and MOTOR will have two dining options available – check out the buffet in Rumble (located above MOTOR Bar & Restaurant) or enjoy the à la carte options in the restaurant. Both spots will offer “mom-mosas” and a freshly cut rose for the most important woman in your life. Reservations strongly recommended. Give mom the gift of unforgettable memories this Mother’s Day at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

And get ready for riding season May 16 – 18 with our latest H-D Factory Outlet Sale, featuring fantastic deals on end-of-season and discontinued Harley-Davidson Motor-Clothes merchandise plus an exclusive assortment of officially licensed products.* Visit Rumble to grab great deals on leathers, riding gear, hats and other fun items. Afterwards, be sure to visit the H-D Shop with your Factory Outlet Sale receipt to grab a great gift with purchase. Supplies are limited, so shop early!

Saturday, May 18 also marks the return of the Armed Forces Day & Celebration. Honor our brave U.S. military heroes from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Featuring the Wisconsin Warrior Challenge, experience interactive military displays and participate in the Support the Troops Ride. The H-D Museum will offer Military Gallery Talks at 11 a.m. & 2 p.m. where stories about Harley-Davidson’s ties to the Military and how our motorcycles played a pivotal role in the World Wars. For Armed Forces Day, the H-D Museum is proud to offer free admission for past and present US Military personnel.*

Finally, Memorial Day weekend will see the opening of a new special exhibit, “Creating a Legend: Art & Engineering at Harley-Davidson.” Take a peek behind the curtain as engineers, designers and others share stories on how Harley-Davidson’s iconic looks, sounds and feels have been created over the years. Housed in the Design Lab, this exhibit opens to the public Saturday, May 25. Please note, media are invited to a special press preview on Friday, May 24. Please email for details.

Thursday Bike Night Concert Series, Thursdays, 5 – 9 p.m. through September
All bikes unite every Thursday night at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Grab your bike. Join your fellow riders (and non-riders) for free live music from some of Milwaukee’s favorite bands, fun, drool-worthy rolling sculptures and outdoor food and drink. All wheels welcome. All people welcome. Powered by: Rockford Fosgate Motorcycle Audio, Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires, H-D Insurance, Wisconsin Lottery & Official Harley-Davidson Trucks.

May 2 – Sportster Night with Bruce Humphries and The Rockabilly Rebels (Rockabilly)
May 9 – Adventure Touring Night with Pay the Devil (Americana / Bluegrass / Folk)
May 16 – Military Bike Night with The Whiskeybelles (All-Female Traditional Country)
May 23 – CVO Night with Reilly (Irish Folk Rock / Celtic Rock)
May 30 – Café Racer / Race Night with Driveway Thriftdwellers (Americana)

Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12
Let’s make this Mother’s Day one for the books with the ultimate tribute to all the motorcycle moms out there at the Harley-Davidson Museum, where moms get in free! Whether you’re a biker babe, a family that lives for the two-wheel life, or just someone who loves a good adventure, our H-D Museum campus is the place to be.

Treat mom to a special brunch with a buffet on the second floor of MOTOR Bar & Restaurant overlooking the Menomonee River, featuring a carving station, seafood station, made-to-order omelets, dessert station, and more. And forget the stress of hunting for the perfect present – find one-of-a-kind gifts that are just as unique as the mom in your life from the Harley-Davidson Shop.

We’ve got everything you need for an all-inclusive day out with the family, so you can focus on making mom feel the love. Give mom the gift of unforgettable memories this Mother’s Day at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

* Receive one (1) Harley-Davidson Museum General Admission adult ticket when you mention the Mother’s Day offer. Valid for entry only on Sunday, May 12, 2024, for in-person use at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Not valid for online purchases. Non-transferable. Cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent. Offer not valid on previously purchased Harley-Davidson Museum tickets. It cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion. Offer is subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Armed Forces Day Celebration with Support the Troops Ride & Ceremony, May 18, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Join the Harley-Davidson Museum and active military and veterans as we honor the brave individuals serving in the United States Armed Forces where past and present US Military personnel can enjoy free admission on Saturday, May 18*. Together with the Milwaukee Armed Services Committee, the H-D Museum invites everyone to show your support for our troops on Armed Forces Day.

Military equipment and interactive displays are available for attendees to see and experience. This free event offers a unique experience to talk with all branches of the military to learn about their experiences and the challenges they face maintaining our freedom. Please note that military discounts are found throughout campus throughout the year.

The H-D Museum will also offer Military Gallery Talks at 11 a.m. & 2 p.m. These staffed talks will include the history of Harley-Davidson in the Military and how we were essential in the World Wars. They last approximately 15 minutes and are free to attend with paid admission.

Families will want to check out the Wisconsin Warrior Challenge. Open to kids and young adults ages 7-22, participants will join one of six teams and compete in a series of activities for the title of Wisconsin Warrior Champions. Activities will include obstacle courses, survival skills, drills and marching, and more! Sign up in advance on the Milwaukee Armed Forces Week website.


–Sam Burns
Talent Scout

SUSPENSION TECHNOLOGIES HITS MYRTLE BEACH— South Carolina, we are coming to see ya during Myrtle Beach Bike Week!!

Mike, Steve and the crew will be at Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson doing FREE Installations of the best Rear Shocks and Front Fork Cartridges your Harley has ever seen.

Purchase your Rear Shocks and/or Front Fork Cartridges and you not only get Free Installation, but have the chance to earn a $50 Gift Certificate. Ask Mike when you see him!

CALL today to schedule your FREE INSTALL Appointment at
the 2024 Myrtle Beach Spring Rally:


DOOMSDAY CHALLENGED IN MONTANA–Will Montana’s PSC save Montana and America from climate alarmism?

The Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) has a once-in-a -lifetime opportunity to defeat the Democrat climate alarmists and overturn Held v Montana.

The Held v Montana plaintiffs filed a petition requesting the PSC to “consider” the “adverse climate impacts of greenhouse gas emissions” in its decisions.

There are only two possible outcomes:

(1) the PSC rejects the petition.

This is the worst possible outcome because it will strengthen the Petitioners’ position. PSC’s rejection will be taken as more evidence that the Held v Montana Plaintiffs are correct about climate change because Republicans are afraid to challenge Plaintiffs’ climate claims. The Petitioners will file a new lawsuit against the PSC for refusing to “consider” climate change in its energy decisions. The PSC will then lose this lawsuit because its position would be indefensible.

(2) the PSC accepts the petition.

If the PSC accepts this petition, the PSC will turn the table on the Petitioners. The PSC will control the “consideration” of climate change. The PSC will hold its own hearings on climate outside of a courtroom. They may invite scientists on both sides of the climate issue to present their arguments and debate their opponents. I confidently predict these presentations and debates will overwhelmingly prove the Petitioners’ climate claims are a fraud.

If the PSC accepts the Petition, the PSC will save Montana, America, and the world.

PSC’s “consideration” of climate change will settle the climate change issue in Montana and be a climate law precedent to America and the world. PSC’s “consideration” can be completed in 2024, maybe before the Montana Supreme Court rules on Held v Montana.

The PSC “consideration” will override the climate part of Held v Montana because Montana’s AG Knudsen did not defend climate truth. Rather, he stipulated at the beginning of the trial that he agrees with the Plaintiffs on climate change, thereby betraying all Montana Republicans.

There were 3 categories of testifiers at the PSC hearing on April 8, 2024.

(a) Climate alarmists who want the PSC to accept the Petition.
(b) Climate realists who want the PSC to reject the Petition.
(c) One climate realist (me) who read the Petition and wants the PSC to accept the Petition.
Since (a) had by far the most votes, the PSC has a good reason to accept the Petition.

The PSC will soon decide whether it will control the evaluation of the Petitioners’ climate claims or kick the can down the road and let the Petitioners wag the PSC.

Ed Berry, PhD, Theoretical Physics
Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM)
Author: Climate Miracle (Amazon)
Author, Speaker, Teacher, Expert Witness
100%-win record as expert witness.


Clauser Machine, Spearfish called Irish Rich yesterday. The had the Dick Allen springer spuds machined. Reno’s 80-year old dad handled the machining. He likes to keep his hands in the business.

They really did a nice job,” Rich said and jammed home to install them in the legs.

More to come.



At one point during a game, the coach called one of his 9-year-old baseball players aside

And asked, “Do you understand what cooperation is? What a team is?”

“Yes, coach”, replied the little boy. “

Do you understand that what matters is whether we win or lose together as a team?”

The little boy nodded in the affirmative.

“So,” the coach continued, “I’m sure you know, when an out is called, you shouldn’t argue, curse the umpire or call him an asshole. Do you understand all that?”

Once more, the small boy nodded in agreement.

The coach continued, “And when I take you out of the game so that another boy gets a chance to play, it’s not a dumb-ass decision or that the coach is a shithead is it?”

“No, coach.”

“Good”, said the coach. “Now go over there and explain all that to your grandmother.”

–Sam Burns
Senior Librarian
Bandit’s Cantina

COMMON GROUND THAT UNITES OUR PURPOSE–Bikers Inside the Beltway is more than holding common ground, it is what unites motorcyclists to send a clear message to Congress that motorcycling is worth protecting.

The tragedy of a motorcyclist killed by an automobile sold as an “autonomous vehicle” but without the essential technical abilities to drive itself should place all riders on common ground, with a complete focus on working with Congress to stop these senseless tragedies.

As “driverless vehicles” proliferate on our highways, we are all in danger of similar fates. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is united in the endeavor to force the manufacturers of autonomous vehicles to include motorcycle recognition capability in all their recognition technology before they are allowed to operate on our highways.

The end of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) will be the death knell of motorcycling. A 2024 legislative priority of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation is to protect the internal combustion engine by ensuring it maintains a rightful place among upcoming vehicle technologies.

Motorcycles (especially older models and other small engine equipment) should never utilize the internal parts-damaging ingredients of ethanol 15. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is committed to protecting the fuel supply needed to ensure that pumps supplying ethanol 15 are clearly labeled.

The aftermarket industry (suppliers and shops) will no longer exist without “Right to Repair” legislation. As we meet with Congress during Bikers Inside the Beltway, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation has made the Right to Repair a 2024 top priority on our legislative agenda.

Metaphorically, motorcycling is the common ground that we all ride upon. When the MRF hosts Bikers Inside the Beltway, Capitol Hill is where we collectively stand to hold the common ground that unites us. Since 2009, Bikers Inside the Beltway has grown to demonstrate the collective grassroots voice of the nation’s street-riding motorcyclists.

In 2023, motorcyclists attending Bikers Inside the Beltway visited all 535 congressional offices. That same orchestrated visit will be part of Bikers Inside the Beltway 2024. It is not too late to plan on attending Bikers inside the Beltway – May 20 & 21, 2024. Event registration is free. However, we request that you register early to help us plan the event.

To ensure that the mission of getting our message to Congress continues to be successful, make your hotel reservations and please consider the following as you make plans to attend Bikers Inside the Beltway:

Make your appointments locally or in Washington.

Familiarize yourself with the briefing points. (Available at the pre-event briefing).
Confirm your appointment locally or in Washington.

Make notes on your meetings.

Share your meeting notes with the MRF.
The MRF Board of Directors will meet in advance of the trip to Capitol Hill on May 20, and host a Q&A briefing scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at the Embassy Suites, 1900 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, Virginia. Rooms are available through the hotel direct line 703-684-5900 and use reference code MRF.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s Bikers Inside the Beltway is more than holding common ground — it is about protecting the future of motorcycling and the common ground that unites our purpose.

Thank you for your commitment.

Yours in Freedom,
–Fredric Harrell
MRF Director of Conferences & Events

Grateful Dead Fans Always Support Dead Tributes!

CUBENSIS, The Los Angeles-based group has carried the torch in celebration of one of America’s most beloved touring bands. CUBENSIS brings the original, organic Grateful Dead concert experience back to life. Drawing from all eras of the Dead, the band performs improvised sets of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band classics that retain all the spontaneous exploratory jamming for which the bands were renowned. However, the music produced is uniquely Cubensis.

Now celebrating their 35th anniversary, CUBENSIS has been privileged to be joined on stage by numerous rock superstars, including Chris Robinson and Marc Ford (Black Crowes), Warren Haynes (Phil & Friends, Allman Bros.), John Molo (Phil & Friends), and both Vince Welnick and Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead, as well as Melvin Seals othe Jerry Garcia Band.

Cubensis – Booked Dates

Dates NOT shown are open to Bookings & Holds

Sat, May 11 @ 7:00PM Tiki Bar, 1700 Placentia Avenue , Costa Mesa, CA
Sat, May 18 @ 7:00PM Saint Rocke, 142 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, CA
Fri, Jun 28 @ 7:00PM The Village at Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sat, Jul 6 @ 7:00PM Newport Dunes, 1131 Back Bay Dr., Newport Beach, CA
Sat, Aug 3 @ 7:00PM Coach House, 33157 Camino Capistrano, Suite C, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Sat, Aug 31 @ 9:00PM Winston’s, 1921 Bacon St., San Diego, CA 92107
Sun, Sep 1 @ 7:00PM Libbey Bowl, 210 South Signal Street, Ojai, CA
Sat, Sep 7 @ 8:00PM Gull Lake Park, 90 Granite Ave, June Lake, CA


The boo-boo

She could not take her eyes off him. He was enjoying rum & chips with his longtime love, a childhood lover, seemingly inseparable. Then they left and the lonely, lovely stranger who served them, yearned for the man to return.

A few days later, they bumped into each other at a charity hiking trip, aimed at picking trash on trails. He was alone. Apparently, he loved the outdoors and his gal loved cozy evenings in cafes and pubs. “Opposites attract” the waitress sighed.

Then she had an epiphany, “one who waits, is a waiter,” and she introduced herself. He loved the coffee from her flask. She loved that he was interested in her. Soon, she offered to drop him home on her dual-sport Honda Transalp. He asked for her number and they planned a new trail.



Saw a cool ‘50s Bentley hood ornament and gave the Dimebag travelers timecover workbox some cool art. Also got the Mudflaps keyfobs workbox almost complete, still need some small screws to attach the leather handle.

Thanks for the Support

–Adam Croft

THE GREEN PUKE–As the Biden administration expands its offshore wind projects as part of its goal to reach a carbon-free energy system, whales and other marine life may become collateral damage, according to new research.

Two independent studies measuring ocean wind turbine construction noise found that the sound emitted by vessels mapping the seafloor was significantly louder than estimated, and that noise protection for whales and other sea creatures during wind turbine pile driving doesn’t work.

Intense noise causes hearing loss in whales, other marine mammals, turtles, and fish, compromising their ability to navigate, avoid danger, detect predators, and find prey, according to scientific studies.

Robert Rand, an acoustics consultant with 44 years of experience, took underwater readings of the sonar survey vessel Miss Emma McCall off the coast of New Jersey. He also recorded acoustic readings of pile driving for Vineyards Wind 1, an offshore wind farm project under construction 15 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard.
In his pile-driving report, published March 28, Mr. Rand found that even the most advanced sound-dampening technologies didn’t adequately control harmful noise. The pounding was just as loud as seismic air gun arrays used for oil and gas exploration, long known to cause injury, hearing loss, and behavioral changes in fish and marine mammals.

Furthermore, the noise made by the construction vessel itself, which is not monitored, was almost as loud as the pile driving. Mr. Rand found that the standard formula used by the National Marine Fisheries Service to calculate how noise, over a period of time, affects a mammal’s hearing, significantly underestimates the sound levels experienced by dolphins and whales.

“These are real data,” Mr. Rand, who testified at a Congressional field hearing on January 20, told The Epoch Times. “I measured it. This is not a computer model. This is not a political press release. These are data.”

–By Donna Andersen
Epoch Times

Read the whole tamale on Epoch Times.

What if some renowned environmentalist steps forward one day and says, “We made up all this shit up, to see if we could control everything. It almost worked.” –Bandit


We wrote an article with everything you need to know about hard-tailing a Sportster! If you are shopping for a donor bike we’ve got a video on what to look for.

If you’re wondering how you’ll wire the bike we’ve got a complete wiring solution for that. Even builds from some of our customers who have done it before!


The world has millions of miles of roads to explore, but riders agree time and time again that some of the most amazing stretches of highway are found in the Black Hills of South Dakota. If you’re headed to the Hills this August, let the Sturgis Buffalo Chip be your guide to the best rides. Ride alongside top tier celebrities, actors and leaders while raising money for worthy causes on the Buffalo Chip’s signature charity rides!


Early last year, the CO2 Coalition launched an incredibly ambitious program.

We set out to stop the indoctrination of children with fear-based, radical climate dogma and to free their minds by providing fact-based materials and resources that would help them learn to think critically and embrace the scientific method.

It’s because our supporter that the CO2 Coalition has been able to run an impressive public outreach campaign reaching nearly 300,000 individuals, attending science teacher and homeschool conferences, and conducting interviews to promote our science education efforts and defeat Climate Fear with Climate Facts.

Ultimately, thanks to our thousands of partners in this national effort, we’ve made our educational materials available free of charge to the parents and teachers who need them!
In fact, they are all available on our CO2 Learning Center website: – which means you can easily share these resources with your own children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors, too!

We have been warmly received at various science teaching and homeschool conventions around the country.

Most recently, we attended the Texas Science Teacher Association convention in Houston. This was after we had provided our input into proposed textbooks for the Texas public school systems, all of which were found to be promoting the climate crisis narrative.

In late October, education experts at the Texas Public Policy Foundation asked the CO2 Coalition to assist in reviews of science textbooks in the Lone Star State. Time was very short, and we quickly assembled a team of science and education experts. Within three days our team completed an analysis of the problems that we identified.

On November 17, the Texas State Board of Education outright rejected some textbooks, while approving others with recommended removal and editing of some of the worst offending material. The important role that our team played in this effort was recognized by those leading the effort:

Many thanks to CO2 Coalition. This was a fantastic effort to impact K-12 science books that will be used around the country for a decade.

–Jason Isaac – Director of Life:Powered TPPF
We are in the process of expanding our public outreach campaign for this program to an additional 150,000 people in 2023!

None of this would have been possible without your support this past year.

–CO2 Coalition

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GREASY KULTURE ACTION– Don’t miss the cool new (old) stuff

We’ve dusted down a few new (old) treasures and wanted to give you a heads-up. As usual it’s first come, first served… or as we used to say in Australia, first in, best dressed (which, in the case of these neat old Carolina boots we’ve found, you would be!). Anyway, don’t hang around if you spot something you like… these one-offs are unlikely to come around again.

And while you’re in the webstore, why not catch up on some back issues – or take advantage of our big bundle and digest bundle to get the older mags we have left at unbelievable prices!


You know that I have been a Solari fan for decades (despite the fact that he gets Catholics all wrong).

Read JJ Solari’s Book Review by clicking here

There is a comedian that said if women really knew what kind of strange crap men actually think about… no woman should ever date them. Maybe wouldn’t even talk to them.

And… it’s always made me think about J.J. If I ever meet J.J. in person I want to ask him about his love life… not intimate details. Just things like… OK… so… this woman… she can read… she read, “No Class Chick?” Do you know what she was thinking on the first date??

Retired Commander
SmokeOut Platoon


Spring calls for adventure! Explore Klock Werks’ latest quick add-ons for bikes and off-road fun. Don’t wait – shop now and gear up for the riding season!

From phone mounts to handlebar risers, we’ve got top-quality accessories for every ride. Let’s dive in!

Quick On-Road Add ons

  • Windshield Trim
  • Flare™ Windshield
  • Phone/Device Mount
  • Vent Screen
  • Front Fender
  • Flush Mount Front Axles
  • Saddlebag Hinge Inserts

Check the Klockwerks Website


Jay Dobyns vs. the Hells Angels on A&E

Torrance, CA

J.J. is right but George Christie makes more sense about it and then that spineless Dobins. A performer outlaw stated it best when he sang, “Mind your own business.”

If we all followed suit we would be a better society. Too many snitched in life because the governments need people to be more like sheep.


STRANGE NEWS WEEKHarvey Weinstein: New York court overturns 2020 rape conviction

Court rules judge who oversaw landmark trial was mistaken in allowing women whose accusations were not part of case to testify

In a 4-3 decision, the state of New York court of appeals ruled that the judge who oversaw Weinstein’s 2020 conviction prejudiced the ex-movie mogul with “egregious” improper rulings and was mistaken in allowing other women whose accusations were not a part of the 2020 case to testify.

“[Weinstein] was convicted by a jury for various sexual crimes against three named complainants and, on appeal, claims that he was judged, not on the conduct for which he was indicted, but on irrelevant, prejudicial, and untested allegations of prior bad acts,” read Thursday’s decision.

“We conclude that the trial court erroneously admitted testimony of uncharged, alleged prior sexual acts against persons other than the complainants of the underlying crimes … The remedy for these egregious errors is a new trial,” the decision continued.

Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2020 for two sex crimes: forcing oral sex on a production assistant in 2006 as well as rape in the third degree of an actor in 2013.

He will remain imprisoned because he was convicted in Los Angeles in 2022 of another rape and sentenced to 16 years in prison. Weinstein was acquitted in Los Angeles on charges involving one of the women who testified in New York.


NEW EFFORT TO CONTROL THE EPA–Congressional Joint Resolution On EPA

Friday morning, Congressman Andrew Clyde of Georgia and 30 cosponsors introduced a Congressional Review Act (CRA) joint resolution of disapproval to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) tailpipe emissions rule.

The joint resolution aims to overturn the EPA’s new emission standards, announced in March, that would compel over half of all new vehicles sold to be electric by 2032.

This CRA marks another tactic lawmakers are using to push back against the EPA’s recent rules and protect the internal combustion engine. The CRA is a tool Congress can use to overturn specific federal agency actions. If a CRA joint resolution of disapproval is approved by both houses of Congress and signed by the President or if Congress successfully overrides a presidential veto, the rule at issue cannot go into effect or continue in effect.

With Congress in recess and the bill freshly introduced, a bill number has yet to be assigned. Keep your eyes open for a coming “Call-to-Action” to help you contact your lawmaker regarding this joint resolution.

For the text of this CRA, click the link here.

New BIKE Bikernet Reader Comment!–The Protracted 1973 Triumph

This style is simplistic, functional and has beautiful lines. Triumph 650-750s are a piece of art from my perspective. I live in Canada and compared to America finding complete motors or semi-complete is difficult. I envy American builders. A 2012 Triumph Bonneville can be bought for less than a ‘70s era 750, 5-speed.

–Robert Scott Brown
Oshawa, ON, Canada


Today the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced updated ratings for vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention tests to address crashes that occur at higher speeds and those in which the struck vehicle is a motorcycle or large truck. This is the first time the IIHS has done this type of test involving motorcycles.

The IIHS is an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing deaths, injuries, and property damage from motor vehicle crashes through research and evaluation and by educating consumers, policymakers, and safety professionals.

The trials involving motorcycles positioned the bike in the center of the lane and offset to the left and the right. Tested vehicles were evaluated on forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems. In each test run, an engineer drives the test vehicle toward the target at the selected speed and records when the forward collision warning occurs and how much the AEB system slows the vehicle to prevent or mitigate the impending impact. Tests are conducted at three different speeds, 31mph, 37mph and 43mph.

Of the ten (10) vehicles tested in the “Small SUV” category just one, the Subaru Forester, received a “good rating.” It achieved this rating by avoiding a crash with the motorcycle at the two lower speeds and slowing from 43 mph to 13 mph before contacting the bike.

Unfortunately, four of the vehicles tested into the bottom “poor rating.” The Chevy Equinox for example, which was rated poor, “Failed to give a warning, or gave it too late in most tests with the motorcycle target.” To make matters worse its AEB was ineffective, causing the IIHS to state “With the motorcycle target it barely reduced speed at all.”

Last December, the IIHS estimated that if the front crash prevention technology worked as well detecting motorcycles as it does for cars and light-duty trucks, 500 fewer rear-end crashes involving motorcyclists would occur annually.

However, challenges remain, as Dr. Kidd stated, “Motorcycles are smaller and narrower than cars, making them more difficult for camera and radar-based systems to identify, especially at higher speeds.” The Motorcycle Riders Foundation thanks the IIHS for beginning to include motorcycles in this testing regimen. We hope these ratings and further tests help educate consumers about what their vehicles can and cannot do, as well as motivate manufacturers to build technology that protects everyone on the road equally.

As always Ride Safe and Ride Free.


Omaha, off I-29 to I-90 was a long hot ride. I stepped on green grass to stretch my back.

A loud snort turned me around. A Ram Big Horn Sheep with hazel eyes stared me down. As tall as my Harley and just as broad, his horns formed a perfect circle with ivory capping the curled gray, oyster and black ridges.

Behind him stood four of his lady friends, fluffy with white patches.

Big boy snorted again and stomped a hoof. I quickly sought protection behind my Harley.

My friend Seth said, “That ornery old goat wants you off his lawn.”

–JJ Spain

HOT BIKE ACTION–The Latest from Your Hot Bike Pals

Digital Issues, Print Issues, Anger Issues…Oh My!

Hot Bike Vol. 3 2023 Digital Issue FREE!
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A brother is looking for a specific model Surgical Steed production chopper. “I’m looking for a Steed Bronco preferably with black frame,” said Keith Cade.

If you know of one, you can reach Keith at

A MONTH OF MANY– Feb & March months’ Winner for 100-Word Fiction Contest

We had the regulars, the usual suspects riding in with their fiction. This place has people who all know their names. And they all brought in good short flash fiction. Difficult to pick from among past winners and known writers and contributors. We hope we do justice with the prizes we declare.

So the winner is “Stray Paths” by Rhys — a heart-warming tale and something that does happen with some of us some of the time. Maybe more people will take note of the story and while we are not all preachy and moralistic about fiction– Bikers have always rallied around charities and more importantly stood up against injustice. While the outcome in the fiction is not a fairy tale–nor a Bambi mission– maybe somebody somewhere will help a distressed life if its not entirely impossible.

Congratulations Rhys — and let’s get fresh blood in this arena. These old men are hogging the road and if there is a lady reading this, well, send us a tale. How about something about dumping old men hogging the TV remote and toilet seat? Okay, I will not mansplain writing prompts or such. Run wild with your 100 word limit fiction.

Free goodies and 5-Ball Racing swag coming to all winners.

— too old to write less than 101 words

INTRODUCING THE NEW–Kraus Max Lean Foot Controls

This kit is all about adjustability and customization to give you options for the best performance bagger experience.


We will bring you Cycle Source Coverage from the recent Texas Fandango event next week.

I bought a bottle of spendy Horse Soldier Whiskey last week. The girls at the Sturgis Museum recommended it. Not bad. I always come back to Jack Daniels.

I ordered these brake hose guide grommets from Mc Master Carr. Local hardware stores done have this size.

Digging through the old Manual locker and Tim Remus/Wolfgang tech books. I came across this one. Can’t get rid of it.

I’m getting close on the wiring. Had to perform a few tests to the high/low beam switch to figure out the twisted configuration. Wire location is also an issue, especially on a chopper. Gotta take my time.

There it is. I feel sorta outta touch, but whiskey will bring me back into focus. I’m headed to Scott Jacob’s Gallery to meet with the Kyle Petty Ride crew.

So relax, tune your rides and stay free forever.


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Every week has a vibe. I started to watch a Jerry Lee Lewis documentary and he mentioned something I’ve felt a few times in life, pure Nirvana. He said he encountered BB King in a blues joint and listening to the blues and R&B tunes made him feel as if he had died and gone to heaven.

Sometimes these soulful occurrences happen as kids. Sometimes they happen encountering the vibration and rumble of a Harley. Sometimes they happen in the arms of a woman or at 5:00 in the morning, as you crest a hill and experience the rising sun on your fast-paced Dyna.

The point is Nirvana is there. It’s all around us but our minds must be open to the freedom to accept it.

Let’s hit the news:

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


Morning, after a noticeable absence, the Governor of Minnesota has made the proclamation that May is “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.”

Respectfully submitted
Dale Peterson – Iron Range M.C.,
Abate of Minnesota liaison to
National Coalition of Motorcyclists-
Region IV Co chair of NCOM,
Assistant state representative of our MRF.

Arkansas had their Motorcycle Awareness Proclamation reading today at Rock City Harley- Davidson as well as the ABATE of Arkansas Freedom Rally which containing HD Riders Edge coarse going on Grill & Chill, Show & Shine, Silent Auction. CMA Run for the Son.

–Rodney Farley

Just left ABATE of Oregon/BikePac of Oregon’s Awareness Rally and the Governor’s May is Motorcycle Safety Ceremony.

I really appreciate the efforts State’s are putting forth, keep them coming.


NHMRO held the first annual NH Rides Day today with the NH Motorcycle Safety Task Force , vendors, food and other types of our motorcycling community.

We received the Proclamation for awareness month from the Governor and also from the Mayor of Manchester where the event took place.
We did safety demos and it was a great day !


This is excellent. Alabama’s had a LOT of fatalities so far this year. I wish I had time to put together a campaign like this.

–Kris Cook
Assistant Alabama State Representative

Just FYI, here is what we’ve done in Indiana. We recorded the Zoom session which a number of media representatives attended and have made it available to several media outlets, after the fact. Additionally, we’ve been interviewed by television stations in four major Indiana media markets. Feel free to use any components of our press kit as you see fit. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ride Safe,
Ride Free,
–Jay Jackson

May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month

Governor Eric Holcomb has proclaimed May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in Indiana. This is in conjunction with a national campaign promoted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). As warmer weather arrives, more riders are taking to the streets after what is usually a several-month sabbatical during the winter. May presents the ideal time to remind motorists to look for motorcyclists, as well as offer tips for riders who have been inactive since last fall and could be a bit rusty.

This year is a little different than most. Generally, Indiana records very few, if any, motorcyclist fatalities from November through April. With a mild winter and early spring, motorcyclists were out more than usual during those months this year. Regrettably, we are off to a tragic start with three fatalities occurring in only four days, just in Indianapolis.

We all understand that sometimes things just happen. However, most motorcycle crashes are avoidable. Multiple-vehicle crashes where a motorist violates the rider’s right of way would not occur if drivers take the time to not only look but truly see motorcyclists. Single-vehicle crashes where the rider loses control are usually the result of the operator exceeding their limits. Knowing and riding within your limits is the responsibility of each motorcyclist.

Riders, especially new riders, who have not had the benefit of formal rider education, as well as those who are unlicensed or improperly licensed, continue to be over-represented in crashes. Enrolling in recognized rider training and being properly licensed and endorsed are steps that reduce the likelihood of being involved in a crash.

ABATE of Indiana urges bikers to be properly licensed and trained, continually develop and practice their skills, and be prepared to react to motorists who fail to see them. ABATE also asks drivers to be conscious of motorcyclists in traffic, allow riders ample space and share the road courteously with all road users.

Just like the bumper sticker says, “Save a life, be aware, motorcycles are everywhere”.

Indiana Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month ABATE Media Event

May 1, 2024 12:00 PM Indiana (East)

In recognition of Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month, ABATE of Indiana will hold a virtual media opportunity at noon on Wednesday May 1st. A short presentation of statistics and concerns, as well as some tips for riders and drivers will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions regarding motorcyclist safety.

You can also feel free to contact me directly, should you prefer an on-site interview or require further information.

Ride Safe, Ride Free,
Jay Jackson
Executive Director
ABATE of Indiana
Cell – 765-426-0048

THE MAY REPORT— Sent just a little update. It’s getting close. I built a battery tray out of the old super glide tray. Welded angle iron under it with threads. Two 5/16 bolts and the tray will slide right out. I couldn’t find a battery short enough to fit under the starter.

Finally found one but it only has 190 cca. I hope it will start it.

–Bill May

“Shit, my battery for the VLXAFL-5 only has only 120 cranking amps. Let’s see what happens.” –Bandit

Later this month, on Memorial Day, we’ll honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. For those who stood shoulder to shoulder with our fallen heroes, this day of remembrance often carries an especially heavy weight.

That’s why during difficult times like these — and every day of the year — DAV will be there for the veterans who were able to return home, albeit forever changed because of their sacrifices.

Will you make a Memorial Day gift to DAV today and provide critical support for veterans healing from visible or invisible wounds of war?

Honor the sacrifices of our fallen. Support the veterans who returned home forever changed. Give Now

DAV is proud to provide critical support — at no cost — for ill and injured veterans and their families, caregivers and survivors. But we can only do this work with the help of our donors.

Please make a Memorial Day gift today in honor of a loved one — or for all our nation’s heroes. Your special gift will honor the fallen in an especially meaningful way — by providing life-changing support for veterans of all generations.

–Nancy G. Espinosa
DAV National Commander

“If you know of an American Vet from any war who is not a member sign ‘em up. The DAV helps!” –Bandit

BREAKING NEWS–Congress Introduces Resolution to Overturn EPA’s Tailpipe Regulation

In response to the EPA’s recently finalized tailpipe emissions standards for Model Years 2027 to 2032, which require automakers to ramp up electric vehicle sales to comply, U.S. Representative John James (R-MI) and U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts (R-NE) introduced a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution, H.J. Res. 136 and S.J. Res. 75, to overturn the regulation. SEMA strongly supports the CRA, which simply requires a majority vote in both the Senate and House in order to pass it.

Under the EPA’s tailpipe emissions standards, up to 83% of new vehicles sold by 2032 could be forms of electric vehicles. Congress must pass this resolution, which would stop the EPA’s regulatory overreach, allow consumers to have the freedom to decide which vehicle works best for their families, and prevent vehicle manufacturers from being forced to meet unrealistic mandates driven by the most aggressive motor vehicle emissions regulations in U.S. history.


Go to the SEMA website to send a letter encouraging your federal legislators to support the resolution


–Sam Burns
Trike Curator™


 “They say love is the best investment; the more you give, the more you get in return.”
– Audrey Hepburn

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!–


I am honored to have been chosen the month’s 100-Word fiction winner.

Thank you…



Introducing the next generation of Proven Performance for your 2017 & newer H-D Touring Models, the MK136 Engine.

This is the newest version of the complete crate engines S&S is known for, ready to install in your M8 Touring bike.

We took our MK-Series Crankcases, married them to the 136-inch cylinders and flywheels, and then fit High-flow cylinder heads with +1mm Valves and .605-inch springs. This huge displacement engine is sure to not only create huge power, but also put a huge smile on your face when you lay into the throttle. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to consider the suitability for their application. Engine noise and damage from abuse is not covered under warranty.


2017-2023 Harley-Davidson M8 touring models (oil-cooled)

Features & Benefits

  • Cylinder Heads – High-flow cylinder heads with premium seats, guides, valves, springs, and seals
  • +1mm oversized intake and exhaust valves
  • Valves are .030-inch longer than stock for improved valve-train geometry
  • .605-inch max lift valve springs
  • High-strength alloy used in cylinder head casting, improved strength at high temperatures
  • Enlarged cooling passage around the exhaust seats • S&S Exclusive breather boxes


  • Forged pistons
  • S&S performance oil pump and cam support plate
  • Premium tappets and tappet cuffs
  • Billet aluminum covers • Sprocket shaft spacer included
  • Champion spark plugs • Retains stock engine height
  • Includes Cam Cover Badge
  • Powder coat finish matches factory finish
  • Huge displacement increase means a huge power increase
  • Crankcase
  • All premium quality components
  • Patented Dual-Spray Piston Cooling Jets
  • Precision machined oil scraper
  • Enlarged oil sump
  • Contoured floor allows oil to easily drain back to the sump
  • 49-State MK136 Engine Calibration Information


S&S MK136 Engine Without Fuel And Ignition Systems

Chasis Style Finish

2017-2023 Touring Models


Hey yo whoa: I have assigned myself the task, an enjoyable task, of creating COMMON SENSE.

2. Having Common Sense: 1 at hand and reading it for the first time, I am going to correct Mr. Paine’s erroneous assumptions while advancing his revolutionary ones and take his encouraging of Americans to break from England and advance that to encouraging humanity to break away from government altogether.

Mr. Paine points out in his first short paragraph that “time makes more converts than reason.” He says that because he has written a reasoned argument for his cause. He is quick to note that reason is routinely ignored in favor of custom. This will take some effort, a lot of it has been composed, but it is an effort of construction.

When you’re building something from the ground up and you can see the finished product in your head you enjoy the process. A lot of the stories I wrote for Easyriders on a ribbon and paper, when I was done, I was always reluctant to send it in immediately.

I was also often reluctant to finish the tale because that meant the process was over and I knew the end result way before hand, and I wanted to hold onto the process as long as possible. Same with this.

This will be my ray zone day tare. That’s French. I’m a bit of a cultured motherfucker. You could be thinking that saving humanity is a bit of a hard target to hit. Well, I don’t care if they get saved. But I DO think Christian charity if nothing else, and that would be basically all it is ‘cause fuck humanity.

But I think since I know what the essential problem is preventing the replacement of politics with job performance, or the public sector from the private sector….that I should inform everyone of it.

Apparently, no one else has figured out what the problem even is much less solve it.

Till next time!!



Indian Motorcycle Owners Around the Country Come Together to Raise Funds for Nonprofit Organization Supporting the Families of Military Service Members & First Responders

Folds Of Honor Provides Educational Scholarships to the Spouses and Children of U.S. Military Service Members and First Responders Who Have Fallen or Been Disabled While Serving Our Country and Communities

Indian Motorcycle to Giveaway Custom Indian Springfield to Individual Who Raises the Most Funds, Additional Product & Prizes Offered for Various Levels of Donations

Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today announced a fundraising effort in partnership with Folds of Honor, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing families of fallen or disabled service members and first responders with life-changing educational scholarships. Rallying its owners’ community, Indian Motorcycle is coordinating regional owners’ rides around the country on August 24, 2024. Indian Motorcycle owners can donate and register to participate before midnight on August 24, 2024.

The fundraising effort encourages Indian Motorcycle owners’ groups from around the country to get involved by donating to the cause and participating in the Folds of Honor charity ride. Every contribution, regardless of size, fuels its mission of making a meaningful impact in the lives of the families of fallen or disabled service members and first responders. As a special incentive, Indian Motorcycle will gift the individual who raises the most funds with a brand-new, custom Indian Springfield. Additional product and prizes will be offered at various levels of contributions.

“Supporting U.S. military service members and first responders has always been core to our brand, which is why we’re excited to be partnering with Folds of Honor and rallying our owners to give back and support those families in need,” said Aaron Jax, Vice President for Indian Motorcycle. “As riders, we understand the power of community and the joy of giving back, and with our legion of owners all around the country, we are beyond excited to make an impact for such an important cause.”

For nearly 20 years, Folds of Honor has provided educational support to the families of fallen or disabled service members and first responders. Folds of Honor has awarded more than 52,000 educational scholarships totaling approximately $244 million in educational impact. Providing 45% of all scholarships to minority students, the organization is significantly impacting educational opportunities by fostering diversity and empowerment within academia.

“We are grateful to the team at Indian Motorcycle and to the proud patriots who ride,” said Lt Col Dan Rooney, Founder and CEO of Folds of Honor. “The individuals who participate in these nationwide rides have made a choice to never forget the sacrifices made by these American heroes and to help provide academic scholarships to their spouses and children.”

The Folds of Honor charity ride serves as one of many events featuring the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG). With approximately 137 chapters and 7,500 riders from around the country, IMRG hosts hundreds of rides and events each year for members and general motorcycle riders alike. To learn more, visit the IMRG webpage.

Registration and donations are now available at the IMRG National Charity webpage. For more information, please visit, or follow along on Facebook, X and Instagram.

To learn more, please visit


TJ on his ‘80 Super Glide, Budreu on his ‘80 Wide Glide and me on my ‘70 Electra Glide jammed. The local sheriff waited for us to make a slip up for days.

We knew all the back roads.

We left the Rusty Nail bar one night and spotted the Sheriff in our vibrating sideview mirrors. Three abreast, we pulled up to the only dingy stop light in town. He turned on his flashing cop lights, and we left on the hazy green signal in three different ways.

He pulled into the intersection and just sat there.


(illustration by Wayfarer) 


Bikers Inside the Beltway: an event deemed necessary to bring us together to hold onto the common ground that the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, partner SMROs and motorcycle clubs fought hard to gain. In 2009, when bikers conceived the idea of Bikers Inside the Beltway, the mission was and remains – united, we will send a clear message to Congress that motorcycling is worth protecting.

How is this for common ground that is under attack?

Autonomous vehicles tragically not built well enough to recognize motorcycles are killing motorcyclists with enough regularity for it to be more than just a “design flaw.”

Ethanol 15 – E15 fuel — now available year-round in eight midwestern states with little or no warnings at the pump that it will damage motorcycle engines, among others.

The Environmental Protection Agency, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and their bosses at the Department of Transportation continually ignore requests from Congress to address the concerns of motorcyclists. The MRF is making sure that Congress addresses this request!
Without the Right to Repair, the threat to the livelihood of thousands of aftermarket motorcycle businesses increases to the point of putting them out of business – forever!

The end of the internal combustion engine will be the death knell of motorcycling.

All the above items are on the 2024 legislative priority list of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. Bikers Inside the Beltway is where Congress hears our collective voice.

In 2023, motorcyclists attending Bikers Inside the Beltway visited all 535 congressional offices. That same orchestrated visit will be part of Bikers Inside the Beltway 2024. It is not too late to make plans to attend Bikers inside the Beltway – May 20 & 21, 2024. Event registration is free. However, we request that you register early to help us plan the event.

To ensure that the mission of getting our message to Congress continues to be successful, make your hotel reservations and please consider the following as you make plans to attend Bikers Inside the Beltway:

  • Make your appointments locally or in Washington.
  • Familiar with the briefing points. (Available at the pre-event briefing).
  • Confirm your appointment locally or in Washington.
  • Make notes on your meetings with members of Congress.
  • Share your meeting notes with the MRF.

The MRF Board of Directors will meet on May 20th, before the trip to Capitol Hill. They will host a Q&A briefing scheduled for 7:00 p.m. that evening at the Embassy Suites, 1900 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, Virginia. Rooms are available through the hotel direct line 703-684-5900 and use reference code MRF.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s Bikers Inside the Beltway is more than holding common ground — it is about protecting the future of motorcycling and the common ground that unites us!

Thank you for your commitment.

Yours in Freedom,
Fredric Harrell
MRF Director of Conferences & Events


[page break]

AMRA Harley Drags March Though Maryland

PennGrade1 AMRA All-American motorcycle drag racing series pre-race advance–

event: PennGrade1 AMRA Maryland Nitro Nationals
when: April 26-28, 2024
where: Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, Maryland USA

April showers brought nitro power to Cecil County Dragway, as the PennGrade1 AMRA Harley-Davidson drag racing series shook off a full day of Saturday rain to qualify and race on Sunday, April 28 at the Rising Sun, Maryland speed facility. The Maryland Nitro Nationals saw winlights flash for legends and those that will be.

Circle M Ranch/ Dove Fuels Top Fuel
When it comes to the living legends of Circle M Ranch/ Dove Fuels Top Fuel Harley, it’s hard to top “The Bulldog,” Jay Turner. These days, the North Carolina Hall of Famer most often shows up riding his ongoing ProCharged project bike. As that piece moves closer to competitiveness, Jay has seemed comfortable to cede the winners circle to others—and he works to see that it’s one of his teammates hoisting the trophy.

But when Randal Andras chose to skip Cecil County, Turner mounted Randal’s normally aspirated Nitro Harley and focused his own attention on the spoils of victory. He looked to have number one qualifier sewn up until Jordan Peterson’s 6.42 at 210 mph secured that honor on the Steve Horne-owned, Mike Romine-tuned bike he sometimes rides.

Peterson had the round one bye in eliminations, while Turner faced what would normally be his biggest challenge—the two-time and defending AMRA champ Ryan Peery. But Peery’s clutch has yet to awaken from its winter slumber and he spun the tire while Jay ran a 6.45 at 217—both lows for the round.

“Crazy, I’ve spun six of eight passes this year— more than I have the past two years combined,” said Peery. “My theory is the clutch hat springs are worn out. I’ve never been this light of weight on the primary fingers and it’s still blowing the tire off. I’m going to rebuild.”

Turner nudged his numbers to 6.44 at 219 to trailer AMRA’s own John “JT” Toth in the semis, while Peterson advanced past Virginia racer Robert “Ziggy” Stewart.

Turner’s .024 light put .020 on Peterson at the hit in the final, and his 6.42 at 219 kept Jordan’s 6.47 at 211 at bay in what was a great side-by-side, thundering final round.

“The Romine crew (Mike, Jack, and Patty) worked their asses off all weekend long,” said Peterson. “We tested Friday and ran a 6.42 off the trailer. We found out it hurt the engine on that test run and had to replace both cylinders. We qualified number one, and Romines gave me a bike that could win, but I dropped the ball. I didn’t ride very consistent, especially at the tree, and just made silly mistakes. I was very disappointed in myself. It’s one of those things you don’t get over until you can get back on the bike again.

“On the plus side, bike owners Steve and Doug Horne were able to attend this race, and they dove right in with a helping hand between rounds. Plus, with Doug’s riding experience, he was right there with advice. I can’t thank enough the Romines, the Horne family, and Horne Concrete for the opportunity to race this bike again. Also, thanks to my girlfriend Casey Jo (AKA Sluggo) for being extremely supportive and willing to help anyway she can.”

Nitro Funnybike
Nitro Funnybike champion Jim Doyle made his first appearance of 2024 pay big time, qualifying number one and taking the win over Jason Leeper. Doyle took the tree .040, then easily built more of a gap as Leeper took a Pro Fuel bike to the Funnybike final round for the second straight race.

“I was trying some new things that improved the bottom end but hurt the top end of the run,” said Doyle. “Even with the cold weather I didn’t hurt anything on the bike, but I still had enough to get the win.

“The cold and rain didn’t give the fuel bikes much of a chance to run. Cold temps and nitro don’t go well together. The AMRA and the track did a great job getting the race completed.

“Thanks to Gerry Renaud from B+R Machine and the Lamaroux Brothers from Genden Car Quest Auto Parts.”

Hawaya Racing Pro
The Nitro Funnybike field was hit pretty hard with mechanical carnage at Cecil County, but not so for Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel. The carbureted nitro bikes traded punches every round, with “Bad Apple Mary” Dangrow punching longest for the win.

Sam White started his Pro Fuel title defense with a win in Louisiana and looked strong in Maryland, qualifying number one with a 7.23 at nearly 175 mph. But even while racing to the final, White started looking vulnerable as the day went on. A development part was failing, along with Sam’s hopes for the win.

Dangrow, meanwhile, had consistency on her side and delighted the locally strong Bad Apple faithful with the final round winlight.

“This was the first race with the Maxx Race ECU on my bike, so we came planning to collect as much data as we could since we have none on this bike,” said Dangrow. “I ran with no computer and a Dyna ignition on this bike since I got it, so no one knows what normal is for this bike.

“I was one of the (racers) able to make a pass on Saturday for qualifying before the rains came. That pass was a slow pass for us and it turns out I hurt the rear piston and spit some oil out on the track. But unfortunately or fortunately for us, two Pro Fuel bikes were unable to qualify before the rain, so our run was tossed out and we re-qualified on Sunday morning.

“Tracy (Kile, Mary’s man and the Big Bad Apple), Jon Wayne Stephens, and Frankie (Capone) pushed my bike into the trailer and replaced my cylinder and piston and took apart my oil pump to be sure there were no issues there. With everything back together we were ready for qualifying Sunday morning.

“We progressively worked through some issues on Sunday. Things popped up and the guys handled them calmly like champs. We worked our way through rounds and once again found ourselves in the final against Sam. He’s a tough one to face.

“Cecil County Dragway is a special place for Bad Apple Racing with many of our friends and family attending. They come every year to see us and with Tracy unable to ride right now, his words to me on the way to the track were ‘No pressure, but you know I’ve won the most races in my career at Cecil County and that is a home track to me, so we’re all counting on you.’ Yeah, no pressure?!

“This was also a special win because Tracy’s brother Steven Pier (the 2012 AHDRA Pro Fuel champ) was here this year. With the passing of their mom in February, I really wanted a win so I could have a picture of the three of us together in the winners circle. I was so happy when I got that.

“I’d like to thank my sponsors Vanson Leathers, Capone Landscape, and Fairview Tavern for doing what they do so Tracy and I can do this. Also on board this year is Ted Munsell from Trick Works. I need to thank Ted for the amazing paint work on my bike.

“As always, the support from the Nitro Harley family is indescribable and greatly appreciated. Many from Top Fuel and Pro Fuel are willing to help me learn and get better. The support of the Bad Apple Nation is second to none and of course, none of this would be possible without my biggest supporter Tracy Kile. I am truly blessed that the good Lord made our paths cross. All glory be to God!”

Pro Modified
Pro Modified champ Billy Doherty wanted more competition after his Louisiana win and he got it at Cecil County. Still, he was able to qualify number one with an 8.52, a couple of ticks below 158 mph.

Keith Carper took the tree by a whopping .166 in the final but encountered problems on his run, while Doherty streaked to an 8.42 low ET for the class at the event.

“I left home not feeling well,” said Doherty. “I self-doctored myself and thought that I had gotten better by the race.

“This was the first race of the year with the Banana and Larry Pratt (Bimbo) at the races. On Saturday we had the best air but didn’t capitalize on it with a time that we were happy with during qualifying. We were number one qualifier but we knew we were off.

“Bimbo and I put our heads together and from that point on each pass got faster and faster through the weekend. I ran our fastest time in the finals at 8.42 for the win. That was a good thing because I was slow on the tree all weekend.

“The reason showed up when I got home. I went to the doctor to find out I had a serious upper respiratory infection. We are now turning our attention to Norwalk for our next race of the season.”

Axtell Cylinders Hot Street and Outlaw Street
Charley Douglass took two wins at Cecil County, Axtell Cylinders Hot Street and Outlaw Street. He was unopposed in Outlaw, but qualified number one and took the Hot Street final against Joe Petersen. Douglass took the tree and out-ran Petersen on track.

“This was the first race of the year for Douglass Racing,” said Charley. “I did a complete frame-up tear-down of my Outlaw Harley in the off-season and didn’t get it back together in time to make this race. I made some small changes to my Hot Street motor over the off-season, so I rode it in Outlaw street and Hot street. Some of my competitors also had trouble getting their bikes completed.

“With no testing, I was a little rusty. Saturday morning I realized my rear exhaust pipe was broke. Jay Turner welded it up for me—thanks again Jay! My first pass the shift solenoid stuck and dumped all the air out of the system. I replaced the solenoid just in time to make the Outlaw pass.

“Fast forward to Sunday. Between my dad and I, we had three number one qualifiers and three wins!

I want to thank Kent Foltz at Energy one clutches, Chad Hart at Xlxbhorsepower, Steve Alsteadt, Andy Simon Sr., CP-Carrillo, Lynchburg H-D, Joe Perry at Joe’s parts, Brian at line 2 Line Coatings, and Dan Dafner at R&D machine/ Axtell cylinders for sponsoring the Hot Street class.

“I want to thank my dad for always being there for me and the biggest news—my wife Angel was back with me at the racetrack after five years of staying home to take care of her parents. This was bittersweet because we lost both of them last year. We also have our German Shepard pups racing with us this year. One of my best friends for over 35 years also hung out with us this weekend. Johnny and some cousins came to cheer us on Sunday.

“I spent some time with Dave, the AMRA chaplain, and enjoyed the church service Sunday morning. I want to thank God for watching over us and keeping us safe. Got Jesus? We are looking forward to a Great year of racing!”

Zippers Performance Modified
Like his son Charley was in Outlaw Street, Gary Douglass was unopposed and won Zippers Performance Modified.

“Made some gearing changes (in the off-season), nothing major,” reported Gary. “The change made no improvement in performance, so back to the old.

“Being the first race of the year for me, showed at the tree. Ran some decent numbers but can do better. Disappointed in the turnout, but that’s racing.

“Thanks to Charley and Angel for taking care of me. Also, my friends Lewis Armstrong and Johnny Sim

onetti for their help getting me to the staging lanes and back. Cecil County Dragway knows how to prep a track. They have the equipment and personnel, thank you.

“Thanks to Zippers Performance for sponsoring the Mod class. Thanks to Energy One for their continued support and friendship. Thanks to Jerry Johnson and Billy Mathias. Thanks to Tim Hailey and Tom McCarthy for their continued excellence in coverage and photography.”

Thundermax Street Eliminator 11.50
Hot Street runner-up Joe Petersen went on to win the Thundermax Street Eliminator 11.50 final over Kenny Satterlee when Satterlee committed the cardinal sin of index and bracket racing. As a wounded Petersen slowly limped down track, Satterlee didn’t look back and broke out with an 11.497. Petersen won with 2.37 light and a 20.504 pass at 29 mph!

“This is a special race win for me, as Cecil was the last track I raced at with my mentor and friend Robert “Brain” Dumas of B&J Cycles in Ayer, Massachusetts.

“This was the first event with a brand new bike entirely built in the house at Performance Cycles Of Wilmington, inc. The new bike ‘Amazon’ won 11.50 and runner-upped in Hot Street My black bike ‘F-Bomb’ went to the semifinals in ET.

“Almost turned around on the way to the track. (I was) disappointed in my dyno-tuning prior to the race. Made the best out of what I had. Thank God and family!

Thundermax Street Bagger
Dave “Paco” Cartwright qualified number one and won Thundermax Street Bagger. The slender Evansville, Indiana, rider gave up .106 at the tree to his teammate Jeff Boudreaux in the final, but Boudreaux slowed and Cartwright kept his steady 9.90s pace rolling for the win.

“I just came on board with these guys,” Cartwright said about the Mutant Motors by Wolf team that fields his Road King. “It’s amazing what I’ve learned in the last few months being on this team, how professional they are. Been a pleasure working with them. Totally dedicated to the sport and the AMRA.

“Had a really bad outing in Louisiana, so we went from zero to hero.

Just wanted to go A to B and consistent 9.90s

Cartwright thanked the team, Wolf Grasser of Mutant Motors, Dan Fitzmaurice and Zipper’s Performance, Dan Daffner and Axtell, Bobby Wood of Wood Performance, VP racing, JT’s Auto and Cycle, and supporters Meg and Chris Mann, Jay Dekerlegand, and Poppa Boudreaux.

“We’re looking forward to Ohio.

Top Eliminator 9.30 and Super Gas 9.90
Chris Hoppe and Cody Hayworth traded a couple of wins and runner-ups at Cecil County. Hoppe beat number one qualifier Hayworth in the Top Eliminator 9.30 final, running closer to the number with a 9.31 after giving up .011 at the tree.

“We had a great weekend at Cecil County,” said Hayworth. “Went number one qualifier the first time I ever raced in 9.30! This is our 9.90 bike from last year that we put some new XLXBhorsepower pistons in over the off season, and it put us right on the number. Bike ran great all weekend, went to the finals with Mr. Hoppe and it went right down to the wire. He pulled out the W with a stellar 9.31 to my 9.36.”

Hoppe runner-upped to Robert Alther in Super Gas 9.90, giving up .044 at the tree and straying too far off the index as well, as Alther’s 10.01 sealed the deal against Hoppe’s 10.17.

“Not to start off on a bad note, but my wife passed away May 2023,” said Alther. “She was my partner and teammate in racing my whole career. Continuing without her hasn’t been easy, but she was the driving force behind me. This win is for her, I love and miss you Mel.”

Pro Eliminator 10.90
Cody Hayworth won Pro Eliminator 10.90, beating octogenarian Bill Grove in the final. Hayworth’s .023 caught Grove sleeping with a .161 and was able to cruise to the win with an 11.11 to Grove’s sharper 10.90. Brad Reiss Jr. qualified number one.

“In 10.90 we qualified fourth and rode it all the way to the finals,” said Hayworth. “A familiar foe in Bill Grove was our opponent for the finals, where we took home the chicken dinner!

“I want to thank my entire family for making all of this possible, and all the racers and sponsors for keeping this awesome sport alive. Last but not least, the wonderful guys behind the lens—Tim Hailey and Tom McCarthy.”

BK Electric Super Pro 10.30
John Shotts qualified number one and won BK Electric Super Pro 10.30, taking the final round over National Anthem singer Heather Jendruch. Shotts had a small .012 advantage off the starting line and ran a 10.37 to Jendruch’s straying 10.53.

“Well it was a tough weekend for us,” said Shotts. “I was running three index classes: 9.30, 9.90 and the 10.30. The previous race in Louisiana, we came up short with two runner-ups in the 9.90 and 10.30 classes, and we’ve had a long dry spell on getting a win. But all in all it was a good weekend for us and this win put me in first place in the 10.30 index points.

“Thanks to Jimmy and Carol that help me at the track and my sponsors 7th Ward Tap and Barlow Plumbing Service.”

Eliminator Dial-in
After a long day of timed runs and racing, Bob Willis took the Eliminator Dial-in final over William Quinn. Neither rider posted a reaction time to brag about, with Willis’ .173 having the advantage over Quinn’s .291. Willis ran a 9.72 against his 9.64 dial, while Quinn was 10.79 on a 10.70.

“Good event overall,” said Willis. “Put the one bike in the winner’s circle. Ironically it was the bike I had clutch issues with all weekend. First hit off the trailer was great 9.32 then slowed to the 9.60s by the end of the event but got the job done.

“Super Gas in the money with bike two. Lost in the semifinals. Bike was good rider was not—crazy bad light!

“Like to thank Greg Baugh and his wife for always putting on a good event. Also my girl Kelly for getting everything ready and prepared for all the race trips.”

Zipper’s Performance Pro Bagger
Matt Hillen won Zipper’s Performance Pro Bagger on his 120″ Twin Cam, bone stock frame ‘99 FLH with an MS3PRO ECM. “Built, tuned by me,” said Hillen, who thanked Eatmyink Motorsport Media for coverage of the races.

Shutdown Area
AMRA’s Greg and Julia Baugh, and John “JT” Toth and Marianne Miller get right back at it at the Disney World of dragstrips—Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. AMRA welcomes the whole Harley-Davidson drag racing family to the Ohio Nitro Nationals on May 17-19.

AMRA thanks PennGrade1 oil, Zipper’s Performance, Hawaya Racing, Axtell Cylinders, BK Electric, Johnny Mancuso’s Circle M Ranch, Dove Fuels and Thunder Max.

Visit AMRA website for more.

THE 5-BALL RACING REPORT—There’s more stuff coming from Frankie’s creative brain from wild tattoos to new apparel.

Check out his shop if you have the misfortune to be in LA.

He’s going to send me one of these helmets made by an HA member in Ventura, CA.

Hang on for 5-Ball Bikinis.



On the last day of session, Colorado legislators finally gave final approval to SB 24-065: A Bill CONCERNING THE USE OF MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICES WHEN 102 DRIVING A MOTOR VEHICLE, AND, IN CONNECTION THEREWITH, 103 MAKING AN APPROPRIATION.

Colorado passes bill outlawing hand-held use of cellphones by drivers (

Thanks to all (ABATE of Colorado/Stump) who worked tirelessly with the Colorado legislature to get this bill passed. We have pursued similar legislation for several years without success. Tenacity pays off.

–Deb Craig
MRF Corporate Secretary


Money Mail can today reveal a timebomb looming in the second-hand market for electric vehicles (EVs).

Our investigation found that many EVs could become almost impossible to resell because of their limited battery life.

Experts said that the average EV battery guarantee lasts just eight years. After this time, the battery may lose power more quickly and so reduce mileage between charges.

Many EVs will lose up to 12 per cent of their charge capacity by six years. Some may lose even more.

Yet the cost of replacing an EV battery is astonishingly high, our research found.

A five-year-old Renault Zoe costs £9,100 but a new battery will set you back £24,124

In some cases, the cost of a replacement battery is as much as £40,000. For certain EVs, the cost of replacing the battery could be ten times the value of the vehicle itself on the second-hand market.

That means used EVs have a limited lifespan — which makes them a bigger and bigger risk as the years go by.

Research into EV batteries is yet to be conclusive and the second-hand EV market is new, given the first popular EVs were rolled off the production line in 2009.

Last night, one motoring expert said customers should be wary of buying a used electric car beyond its warranty (typically eight years), as after that timespan there is no easy way of measuring how much the battery will degrade before it needs replacing.

This may mean you end up needing to pay for an expensive new battery.

Motor expert Shahzad Sheikh, who runs the YouTube channel Brown Car Guy, said: ‘With a decaying battery, the range will be poor and you may find it becomes increasingly hard to resell the vehicle after eight years.

Buyers will know that they’ll only get a small amount of life out of the car so will pay only a small sum, if anything at all.’

This problem is exacerbated by the fact all new cars coming onto the market by 2035 are forced to be electric and motorists will have to get used to paying around £10,000 more than it’s petrol equivalent, for a vehicle which is not built to last as long.

Take a new petrol-driven Renault Clio — it costs around £20,000, while its all-electric opposite, the Renault Zoe, costs closer to £30,000.

While you can drive a traditional petrol or diesel car for around 200,000 miles over 14 years before the engine needs fixing or replacing, by comparison a new EV is typically guaranteed under a warranty for 100,000 miles over eight years.

And there are external factors at play with battery degradation — including use of fast chargers and even a colder climate.

The high cost of EV batteries is a result of it being difficult to mine metals such as nickel, cobalt, lithium and manganese that are used in the lithium-ion batteries.

They are also in demand for the production of other electronics, including mobile phones and laptops.

–by Paul Homewood

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Expansion report: We had a terrific meeting with the Heavy Constructors crew, Jack, Bob and Dave. We have our homework assignments moving forward. We must nail down, as best we can, the size and elements associated with the building.

On our side was Woody, Me, Kirk Willard and Darcy. Woody said we need to write, “Why?” A short ditty, maybe a paragraph about why we need to expand the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum? I’m open to suggestions. Here’s my initial Mantra: It needs to be a world class museum for the Museum’s Future, for the Historic Sturgis Rally, for the City of Sturgis and for the Riders and the Motorcycle Industry World Wide. When a rider or a collector anywhere in the world says they want their collection in a Museum, the first museum to come to mind is and will continue to be the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. “Why? Because Sturgis is the spiritual center of motorcycling and the bikes in our museum have both souls and stories to tell,” said Kirk Willard, board member and president of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation.

“I was just pondering an example of how someone else raised the $ for a very expensive building with only a drawing and an appealing why,” said Woody, the boss of the Buffalo Chip. “And, of course, it isn’t about the building – it’s about having a building that is “better” than any other to serve the company’s mission.”

  • WHY is there a need for a Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & HOF
  • WHY can’t that need be met with existing facilities?
  • WHY is this exactly what’s needed?
  • WHY should it matter to the prospect?

Curation Committee: They met and approved three new/old motorcycles to be included in our exhibits. “The 1914, and restored 1916 Harleys were approved for acceptance,” said board member Kirk Willard. “They also approved a very rare 1929 and race worn 1929 DL H-D hillclimber ridden by Reiman.” It actually competed in the Jack Pine Gypies Hill Climb competition in Sturgis back in the day.

The curation committee approved the Michael Lichter photography we plan to use in the gift shop to introduce customers to the history of the Sturgis Rally. It’s my turn to get to work on the layout.

Marketing Meeting: We held our very first Sturgis Motorcycle Museum marketing meeting. Holy moly, with Marilyn Stemp, Steve Piehl, myself and Heidi on the committee, we covered everything from magazine distribution to business cards, web site, events and ads. Hang on.


THE IMA REPORTS IN–Protecting the Right to Modify is Protecting Our Culture

There are many different aspects of modification to be considered. The Right to Modify is the basis of our culture considering young men coming back from WWII no longer wanted the full-fendered accessory laden motorcycles. Personalization is what separates motorcycles from other modes of transportation. A new biker will start personalizing his or her bike immediately with different grips, pipes, intakes or whatever trim detail grabs them.

Performance modifications are popular because of the exhilaration you feel every time you blast down the Highway. Performance mods are the most threatened by local, state or national government agencies. The claim is our performance mods pollute and are too difficult to control, so the preference is to just ban them.

They would like to see performance bikes purchased only through franchise dealers i.e. the Dodge Demon. The main problem is the factory performance bike cost is prohibitive and eliminates the variety of personal performance choices. When it comes to customization and performance products, you can count on the styles of intakes and exhaust to be minimized due to increased costs of compliance.

The other threat to customization is the reduction in choices of paint, metal finishes and materials. The idea of being able to add a few accessories or build a custom bike from the ground up makes motorcycles more personal than cars.

I believe the biker culture we live today started at the end of World War II. The boys who left home to protect our way of life came back as men with an unrest that could only be satisfied by the open road.

Hence, the beginnings of the bobber/chopper style we still enjoy today. The first mods were simple; chopped fenders, abbreviated seats, higher handlebars, longer front ends and of course drag pipes.

Once most of the weight was reduced to make the bikes go faster then came internal engine components, most notably S&S who is still producing performance parts today. A distinct characteristic of this time was the freedom to do what you want, not to conform and most importantly not be controlled.

Our current political leadership doesn’t understand CO2 or the climate and wants to control everything. I know what’s best for me as opposed to some elitist in Washington D. C. We must hold strong now and demand scientific truth. Government agencies, including the EPA are reducing our ability to tune our bikes every day.

The IMA and MRF need your support to continue the battle to protect our rights. You can do nothing and ignore the signs of excess government intervention in our lives, or join today and fight back!


–Sam Burns
Talent Scout™

LEGAL SHOWDOWN: 26 States File Lawsuits Targeting ATF Anti-Gunner Rule
Jeff Charles

In a remarkable move, 26 states have launched a legal counterattack against the Biden administration’s assault on the Second Amendment. The states filed lawsuits against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and the Justice Department on Wednesday.

At the heart of the matter is a new ATF rule finalized on April 19, 2023, that requires thousands of law-abiding gun owners to register as firearms dealers. The rule derives from the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, a federal anti-gunner law passed in the aftermath of one of several high-profile mass shootings:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach announced their multi-state coalitions at a joint press conference in Frisco, Texas, on Wednesday.

The announcement was the first time Paxton has held a press conference about official state business since he was impeached last year. Paxton was the first Texas attorney general to be impeached in state history after 60 Texas House Republicans voted to impeach him on 20 counts. He was acquitted by the Senate last September.

The states sued the ATF and the Department of Justice and their effective heads over a new ATF rule the Biden administration finalized on April 19. The administration argues the rule is implementing aspects of the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act spearheaded by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas.

The lawsuit is being filed by two coalitions led by Texas and Kansas.

The Texas coalition includes Louisiana, Missouri, and Utah. Their lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court Northern District of Texas Amarillo Division:

The Kansas coalition includes Arkansas, Iowa, Montana, Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Their lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas Delta Division.

Paxton framed the legal battle as a fight to defend constitutional freedoms, stating, “Yet again, Joe Biden is weaponizing the federal bureaucracy to rip up the Constitution and destroy our citizens’ Second Amendment Rights.”

President Joe Biden has relied on the ATF to advance his anti-gunner agenda due to failed attempts to get Congress to pass the radical anti-gunner legislation he promised on the campaign trail. This is the reason why the administration seeks to redefine who qualifies as a firearms dealer. It would require those who sell only a few guns per year to register, undergo background checks, and maintain records. These are requirements typically reserved for commercial dealers.

The ATF’s rule is a prime example of constitutional overreach of executive power, and a violation of the Second Amendment. It is a brazen effort to make it harder for people to keep and bear arms.

Moreover, requiring individuals to register as firearms dealers involves not only federal oversight but would place an unnecessary financial burden on these folks. From licensing fees to potential penalties for non-compliance, it is clear the rule is intended to discourage people from selling their personal firearms.

The complexity of the world of selling firearms is already difficult enough to navigate. This rule will only make it worse. As Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach highlighted: “Biden’s latest attempt to strip away the Second Amendment rights of Americans through ATF regulations will make many law-abiding gun owners felons if they sell a firearm or two to family or friends.”

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody also chimed in, slamming the rule for its potential to “force thousands of law-abiding gun owners to navigate a federal bureaucracy as a precondition to engaging in constitutionally protected activity.”

As the lawsuits progress, they will highlight not only the rule in question, but also the larger debate over the push to use federal executive power to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. We’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Jeff Charles is the host of “A Fresh Perspective” podcast. He is a contributor for RedState, Newsweek Opinion and also has a Substack called “Chasing Liberty.” Jeff is also a freelance writer and political contributor who has appeared on Fox News, The Hill’s “Rising,” Fox Soul, Newsmax, and the First TV Network. He enjoys reading, binging TV shows, learning to play the banjo (badly), and all things nerdy. He also believes that any steak cooked above medium rare is burnt, and an abomination. Check out all of his information. You can follow him on Twitter: @jeffcharlesjr


PIRELLI AND JASON WATERS Set New Motorcycle Track Record at Roebling Road Raceway

Waters Sets New Lap Record of 1:09.897 Aboard BMW S 1000 RR, Equipped with
Pirelli DIABLO Superbike Slick Tires

Pirelli congratulates Jason Waters on setting the new absolute motorcycle track record at Roebling Road Raceway in Bloomingdale, Georgia, during the WERA motorcycle road racing regional round on Saturday, May 4. Waters’ new lap record of 1:09.897 was set aboard a BMW S 1000 RR equipped with Pirelli DIABLO Superbike slick tires.

Jason Waters set the new lap record of 1:09.897 at Roebling Road Raceway | Photo: Motorsport Photo LLC

“It was an exceptional day at Roebling Road Raceway,” said Waters. “Breaking the lap record was beyond my expectations. Pirelli’s dedication to delivering top-tier performance from their DIABLO Superbike slicks was evident throughout the race, and I’m grateful for their support.”

Waters set the new lap record during the A Superstock class race and relied on the performance of Pirelli’s DIABLO Superbike 125/70 R17 SC1 front and DIABLO Superbike 200/65 R17 SC0 rear tires.

“Jason’s accomplishment represents a new standard of excellence,” said Oscar Solis, Senior Racing Manager, Pirelli. “Setting track records requires precision and skill, particularly at a circuit like Roebling Road Raceway. We commend Jason on his achievement and are proud to have played a part in his success. This underscores Pirelli’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance in motorcycle racing.”

Waters relied on the performance of DIABLO Superbike SC1 front and SC0 rear slicks. 

This record-breaking performance is a testament to Pirelli’s ongoing pursuit of excellence in motorcycle racing. As we look ahead, Pirelli remains dedicated to supporting riders like Waters as they continue to raise the bar in motorcycle road racing across the globe.

NEWS FROM THE BIKERNET TEXAS WEATHERMAN— So you drive up to an apartment gate system, the entry gate is broken & stuck open as usual. No one is trying to come through it, why do you pull up to the closed exit gate and wait for it to open? Inquiring minds want to know?

Took the bars off the Dyna so I’d stop riding it, before I damage the engine. Needs chains and lifters, anyway I think they look good on the Shovelhead. Need to remember to add a helicoil to the crossover pipe mount on the primary, my stick in bolt came out & the pipe was no where to be seen. As it had rotated almost all the way over to the road, usually I grab it and stick it back in the headpipe.

Believe I may be stuck in Houston, new home prices are crazy! Which makes 2 car garage rentals just as crazy and VA loans are no longer no money down by the builders. So I guess I’ll pull the FXRP fairing to paint it, as I may be here a while. 6 month lease $500 more a month, one year $20.00 more, I’m trapped!

MC Creations Iron Cylinder Run coming up Memorial Day weekend

Official Regional Weather Reporter™


IndieWire: Only 9.6 percent of 250 films analyzed passed a Bechdel Test created for climate change. Last month, non-profit group Good Energy launched what it called a Bechdel Test for Climate Change, a simple set of criteria designed to determine if it was clear climate change was present in a film. The real Allison Bechdel even endorsed it.

As part of the “Climate Reality Check,” just three movies nominated for Oscars this year passed the test’s two simple rules: “Climate change exists” and “a character knows it.”

Now a more extensive study published by Good Energy and Colby College’s Buck Lab for Climate and Environment has analyzed 250 of the top grossing movies between 2013 and 2022 under the same criteria. Global warming has been with us for a while now, but only 12.8 percent — 32 of the 250 films studied in that time span — even passed the first criteria saying that climate change exists. Only 24 films, or 9.6 percent, passed both criteria of the test.

–Climate Depot


Amazon finally sent me an email to review Terry the Tramp, so I left this one:

K. Randall Ball is an incredibly gifted writer. He takes the reader right into the very experience of old outlaw MC life. The story of Terry the Tramp is one a lot of us have known for years, and is also very interesting for anyone unfamiliar with his life on two wheels leading one of the biggest MCs in the USA. By the time you finish reading the book, you feel as if you know Terry’s club brothers. The book also enlightens the reader to how corrupt cops and our justice system can be. I highly suggest this book.

***Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do in the Two Wheeled World.


THE LAST New Bikernet Reader Comment!–Chop N Grind Surfaces

Have seen these guys race on the salt l flats Utah. They were very professional and friendly group. Also my son is one of the founder’

–Linda Oliver
Rupert , ID

WHAT IS DBT?–Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based psychotherapy that combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Zen Buddhism. Created by Marsha Linehan, it was originally used to treat Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Now it is used to treat many different emotional dysregulation and impulse control disorders and symptoms.

DBT is made up of many skills that help you regulate your emotions, improve your relationships and withstand times of distress without impulsivity. These skills take practice to incorporate into your daily life. They work like a muscle, building up strength with practice over time. DBT teaches you which skills are best used when and how best to apply them.

The ultimate goal of DBT is to build a “life worth living.” It has a few core components that help you do this:

The first is the principle of dialectics. Black and white thinking is common among people with BPD and others. Dialectics is the shades of gray in between. The idea is that two opposing things can both be true. It’s something that learners have to accept.

Another core component is Mindfulness. In fact, it’s the first of four modules in the treatment program. Mindfulness practice helps you live in the moment and stop holding onto painful emotions. It also helps you gain the space from the troubling situation that you need to use other DBT skills.

DBT is evidence-based, meaning that there is research supporting its effectiveness. Data show reduced rates of suicidality, hospitalizations, and self-injury. Research on the efficacy of DBT for various disorders is ongoing.

The core of DBT is that there is a therapeutic alliance, where the professional and client are on the same level with no hierarchy and goals are to agree upon. DBT views clients as an ally who work together for solutions to help the client.

IN MEMORY OF HARLEY THE DOG— Oh Fully Realized One. Here is the memorial I read over my beloved big dog Harley at the moment of his death It’s what I believe happens to all sentient beings including me and you in our next life. Does it ring your bell too?

–Hugh King
Biker Build-Offs
Discovery Channel

THIS IS NUTS—But I’m trying. I need to apologize. I have a list of content. It’s not complete and on the site, but it should be.

I have a cool piece from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum magazine about active race bikes in and around the Museum.

Bikernet longtime contributor Bob T. pointed out the arrow above his door after he saw mine.

I spotted Mike Kane or “The Fucking Bastard,” in the recent issue of the AMCA magazine. It’s one of the best mags out, but you must be a member. He’s in the center, but he built the other bikes. Neat and talented guy.

Just about finished wiring the VLXAFL-5 Knucklehead. Way too many interruptions.

Katmandu sent me a story about a women’s ride in Florida. Hang on, it’s coming.

I’m sorta bummed. I sold the house in Deadwood, but I did buy a cool old vintage building in Sturgis on Main. Hang on for project reports.

Foggy in the morning, it hailed in the evening. Never dull. The Chevy is running, but stumbling again. I should just grab the wrenches and go to work…

Another story by Chris Callen I’m behind on. He sent coverage of Fandango in Texas. Maybe tomorrow.

Found an old funky barbed wire adorned wooden picture frame. This will be the perfect Michael Lichter photo. Hang on.

Try to relax, take a ride, feel the wind and fight for freedom to return.


Read More



I often say, “Life is nuts and then you die.” But there’s hope, at least on one front this week. There are two efforts happening this week in Wyoming and Montana to bring truth to the Climate Doom movement. It’s covered in the news.

Regarding the border. Who the fuck knows? Let’s hit the news:

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Just finished third 18-hour shift in as many days. Dog tired, I dragged myself outside, straddled the ole Shovel and fired her to life. As I sat there letting the bike warm up, I thought, “why am I doing this?” Bills, bills, bills.

Eased out of the parking lot and headed home. My mind drifted a few times, which is not a good as I navigated backs streets trying to reach home for much needed rest.

Suddenly I snapped out of it. In front of me a huge truck …too late. I applied the brakes. There was an ungodly noise then … nothing.

Daytona, FL

ACTION NEEDED– California Introduces Bill to Mandate Speed Limiters

California has introduced SAN-opposed legislation to require new vehicles to be equipped with speed governors starting in model-year ’27. Speed governors, also known as intelligent speed limiters, use GPS technology to limit vehicle speed. If enacted into law, new vehicles would not be able to travel more than 10 mph above the speed limit.

Currently, devices that prevent vehicles from exceeding a certain speed are not required. Among other issues, this proposal makes broad assumptions about real-world circumstances. This one-size-fits-all approach fails to recognize the diversity of driving experiences and the individual responsibility that automotive enthusiasts take seriously.

California residents: use the following link to tell lawmakers to oppose mandatory speed limiters.

West Virginia, Kansas, Illinois and Iowa introduced bills to promote vehicle choice or prevent internal combustion engine bans.



Wyoming has vast resources of coal, oil and natural gas. With 40% of the nation’s coal resources, the state has been the United States’ top producer since 1986, primarily from the Powder River Basin located in the northeastern part of the state. It is also a national leader in the production of oil and natural gas, ranking in the top 10 in production of both products.

Yet, even though the Wyoming economy is heavily dependent on the mining and extraction of fossil fuels, its governor, Mark Gordon, has adopted a strong “decarbonization” policy. The science tells us that this is not a winning strategy for the people of Wyoming.

The CO2 Coalition believes that public policy on such matters should be driven by scientific review and analysis, not political agendas. To provide such an analysis, we have produced this report, Wyoming and Climate Change: CO2 Should Be Celebrated, Not Captured.

We also sent a team of climate experts from the CO2 Coalition, including Dr. William Happer, Dr. Byron Soepyan and Gregory Wrightstone to Wyoming to provide the facts concerning the huge benefits of carbon dioxide. This team presented the science at a hearing of the Wyoming Senate Agriculture Committee (pictured above.)

The team also presented accurate science regarding Wyoming’s climate to students at Gillette College, Laramie County Community College, and at the University of Wyoming.

The new report, Wyoming and Climate Change: CO2 Should Be Celebrated, Not Captured can be downloaded from the CO2 Coalition web site.


This week, our lawyer, Quentin Rhoades, filed our Amicus Brief to the Montana Supreme Court.

Thank you all who signed on as parties to out Brief.

Will the court overturn Held v Montana? If so, on what basis?

Our goal is to show how the plaintiffs’ scientific claims are invalid rather than to wax poetic on everything about climate.

Our Amicus Brief is a collaboration between me and Quentin Rhoades.

The science in our Brief is purposely simple. It is also new. If you want to help stop the climate fraud, read it.

–Ed Berry phd.


Here are two photos of the new speedometer. I did 100 KM on it since Sunday installation. Actually, only got to ride it longer three days later.

An old photo I had sent when I purchased the motorcycle shows the old speedometer—the petrol tank has been replaced since then.

It’s hot here and the Bullet’s iron engine works differently than the newer aluminum engines in such torrid heat. Iron engines take longer to heat up and then cool down slower. They don’t start easily on cold days but once they start, they can go longer distances.

Another aspect is that iron as a metal can expand and contract. That affects performance and power. Either ways, there are benefits of a carburetor enabled engine Vs electronic fuel injection and then there is the ordeal of cleaning spark plugs and the carburetor.

The Enfield black hole

While I want to call the sturdy iron chassis and iron engine Enfield Bullet 350 a Black Rock, it is a black hole for now, consuming my money, petrol and engine oil at rapid pace while it thumps along at 60 kmph.

The speedometer went kaput last week. The needle was dancing around like it was possessed by a B-movie ghost. Then it finally broke off within the glass enclosure after pounding itself at one end of the meter. The Eighth Amendment would call it cruel and unusual punishment but I plead not guilty and non-jurisdiction in this self-inflicted crime.

There is no genuine nor replica speedometer available here as of now. Some Brits make cool Enfield stuff and sell it to themselves, congratulating each other on how their tradition is still alive and well, thanks to themselves. My mechanic assured me the older Classic 350’s speedometer will fit this damned thing. Older Classic 350s had a carburettor and the Enfield’s UCE engine. Then Enfield introduced their J-platform engine and chassis in the Classic 350 with electronic fuel-injection and a semi-digital and a why-bother-analog tag team for the speedometer.

I said it better be a black dial because otherwise, forget the needle, the kilometers are still rolling on this half-dead speedometer. It was an undead machinery residing in a 20 year old relic, which in itself is a surviving legacy of the original 1955 design as issued to the India factory by its British parent company.

Sunday was spent hanging around waiting for them to work on my motorcycle. While I felt like being plundered (not by the Brits), I handed over money for a taillight as well to my mechanic. The previous bulb in the tail light was so old and unkempt, it had ‘fused’ itself with the holder, as if welded into its place through rust.

All done and ready, the original speedometer did not see any saving grace nor memorial service. It was cast upon the concrete floor by the mechanic, as if thrashing the devil out of it. A man who clearly does not hoard completely useless junk unless to sell it to the recycling agents, it is the mechanic’s scrap and it will earn him as much as a cup of tea in junk recycling value.

The tail light is actually a parking light. I would have to shell out a lot more if I want it to shine when I hit the brakes. So whenever I push a button for the tiger lamps, the tail light also is turned on. Tiger lamps are the two tiny beady yellow eyes you see near the top of an Enfield Bullet’s headlamp. The mechanic has already said I will need a new headlamp soon enough and these original types won’t be available. Both the tyres are worn out as well and it is a spin of the wheel choice to see which functionality dies first.

Wow! I mean, I am trying to keep this beast in original shape and form and alive and kicking. Yet, it is getting body parts from fresh meat packed in factory and aftermarket sources. What’s the point? Maybe sell it and get the Harley-Davidson X440? Test ride the J-platform engine and chassis on the Enfield Classic 350?

The choice is strange. Both companies are increasingly adding modern tech and forgetting mechanical systems. Why not just go for a Honda or Kawasaki releasing their retro-themed motorcycles? Then there is the comfort of a car to consider since I do have one other motorcycle, the off-road ready Hero XPulse 200.

Well, we are the generation that fixes and repairs things. We can’t pile up junk forever. Don’t they all say we got just one planet to live on in their propaganda machine?! 

Hoarder of Goodies (HoG)


“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human, are created, strengthened and maintained.”
~ Winston Churchill


We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new Superfan Exclusive, Steve Mathes From Pulp MX & The 1981 Motocross Des Nations Team! We can’t wait for you to see it.
You can watch the video now on Grease & Gears TV Grease & Gears TV.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Thank you for your continued support!


While some fight helmet laws — there are others craving a helmet with this top brand camera integrated into it.

A GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Is Coming: 5 Things to know so far

1. GoPro Plans To Launch Its First Tech-Enabled Motorcycle Helmet In 2025

2. GoPro Motorcycle Helmets Will Likely Be Sold To Riders Through Existing GoPro Motorsport-Related Retailers

3. GoPro Plans To Provide Motorcycle Helmet Tech Development Assistance To Other Premium Helmet Manufacturers

4. GoPro Plans To Extend Its Existing Subscription Plan Structures To Its Future Tech-Enabled Motorcycle Helmet Line

5. GoPro’s Current Forcite Helmets Acquisition Timeline Is Q1 Of 2024. GoPro had announced plans to acquire Australian smart helmet maker Forcite Helmets in January 2024.

Product Development Reporter™



I’m enjoying every page. It’s a very personal account of the history of the Motor Company, the good times and bad. You’ll be stunned by the things the company and he survived.

For several decades, Willie was the sole designer until Louie Netz came along. That meant Willis was responsible for literature design, ads, logos, paint schemes and motorcycles.

It’s an incredible story, but an inspirational one and one that any business owner can learn from.



Hope you are staying warm up there. We had about a week of below 20 degrees and some snow but it is much better now. When I get the chopper up and rolling, I’ll put together a story.

Working on a ‘67 Chevy pickup to pay for the Monte Carlo. It’s all coming together going to paint scallops on the Ford to hide the bad bodywork. It runs great. Got to finish the interior. Wish I could afford that flathead you have in Goodguys.

Got the hardtail welded on and the rake set. I don’t have a jig but everything is straight and level, I promise. Also bought a modern classic ‘06 Monte Carlo. It’s awesome may have to sell my ‘51 cadalord.

–Bill May


Hello everyone! It’s been at least a couple of years since I partied with some of you, and 5 years or more going back to pre-covid days since I’ve seen the rest.

A job change and change of management has made it possible to once again join y’all on the Long Road. This year, both Mike Allen and I have taken on the duties of planning the ride. I’m just putting out this e-mail to get the word out for those that may not have Facebook, that there will be a LONG ROAD ride to the SmokeOut this year.

The ride will start with us meeting Sunday Sept. 1st near Darrien Lake about 30 miles east of Buffalo. NY. With this starting point, it is reasonably close to the border and it offers the chance to any of you who have never seen Niagara Falls, the opportunity to witness this magnificent wonder!

From there, we venture south into central Pennsylvania for a one night stop at a great location on Monday the 2nd.

Next, we will ride west to an area along the Ohio River straddling the Ohio West/Virginia state line to another prime camping area Tuesday Sept 3rd.

Following that, Wednesday Sept 4th will see our group travel diagonally back into the southern area of West Virginia.

Finally, we’re off to our last destination in Virginia for one last night of revelry around the campfire on Thursday Sept 5th.

Friday Sept 6th sees us depart for our The SmokeOut for the weekend debauchery!

For those of you that may not have heard, a premium custom motorcycle magazine, Cycle Source has taken over The Smoke Out and for the past two years, have taken it back to the most famous (not the first) location where it was held from the 3rd edition in 2002 to the 9th edition in 2008.

I just wanted to put the bug in everyone’s ear about the dates and give a rough idea of where the ride will take us so that anyone who has to book their holidays has the chance to do so.

Take care, and I will provide an update in the next few weeks.

–Uncle Ben


REASON: Replacement of charging system, even though that rigging is working & Inspection of shifter shaft splines as arm is very loose.

LESSON: What I’ve learned, a 4-inch PVC coupling is 5” (too large)and although Lowe’s has Veteran Parking, they do not have 7/16-20 bolts. So, on the second journey, yes Home Depot does carry 7/16-20 bolts, still had to cut threads to the end of a 3-inch bolt. Then when I went to cut down the PVC, some dumbass put a shelf right next to the vise, which does not spin to the left! So even though I marked it evenly, I was trying to cut into the shelf.

Just because it looks good on paper, the handle from your Snap On Tap & Die set cannot handle the compression task!

I was going to go with 3 compression bars for strength, but after drilling the 4 holes, pilot and main, in the 2 compression bars, I realized I need a freakin drill press! So, 2 should work, really how much pressure can it take?

Once you start compressing the diaphragm, don’t take the snap ring for the adjuster plate out dumbass! Reinsert the bent adjuster plate snap ring and continue to tighten the rigged tool, right to the edge as failure was poking its ugly head out!

Yes, I got it off for under $15 with gas, 4.5 to 5 hours labor at 175.00 an hour (I’m expensive) I’ll be ordering the frickin’ JIMS tool!! The 4 & 6-Speed are so simple! And apparently both Lowe’s & Home Depot are out of Garage Stretchers!

Screw it, I’m going for a ride!



I followed the NMA for years through your weekly informative emails. Then they stopped. I published and shared those news items often. I’m very involved in motorcyclists rights and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. I also try to work with SEMA, but in so many cases they seem lost.

I received this printed piece and read the entire booklet.

Here’s my take on your policy position. I agree with most of them, but there’s a problem. If we are doomed because of Fossil Fuel induced Climate Change, we have virtually given bureaucrats an open license to attack everything, including humans who breathe out CO2.

Until we break the doom, we don’t have a leg to stand on. I came up with a resolution for truth which I share with anyone who will listen. Until the truth shines, they’ll keep coming.

Okay, back to the policies. There should be choice and no EV mandates. Level the playing field, but we can’t we’re doomed unless we act.

Infrastructure, which includes cameras is critical. Our streets and bridges need help. This is especially important for motorcycles. There are important infrastructure efforts in Europe that save lives.

And yes, if you want to save all travel, Climate Change must be exposed.

Exposing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is critical.

Maybe, and this is just a thought, you might put your heads together and come up with a Drivers’ Bill of Rights and maybe it should contain a Right to Repair or modify segment.

Good luck this year. It will be absolutely critical.

All the best,



Today I Choose to live the Fullness of Life

What the Mind can conceive and believe, the Mind will Achieve! Napoleon Hill

If you think you can or if you think you can’t, your right.
–Henry Ford

Today, I consciously choose to embrace the fullness of life. I recognize that what my mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve, as wisely stated by Napoleon Hill. I affirm that my thoughts and beliefs shape my reality, echoing the sentiment of Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

In this moment, I declare that I live expansively, free from the constraints of obstacles, challenges, doubt, or fear. I trust in the presence of Infinite Intelligence within me, guiding me effortlessly through every situation. The divine light within me illuminates any darkness, paving the way for magnificent manifestations.

Today, I am mindful of my words and thoughts, releasing anything and anyone that does not serve my highest good. I am aligned with my goals, both grand and modest, and I actively harness the power of the Universal Law for my benefit. As I express my inherent goodness, I inspire others to awaken to their own potential.

I release all false and limiting beliefs from my mind, echoing Zig Ziglar’s wisdom: “Get rid of your stinkin’ thinkin’ and have a check-up from the neck up.” Today, I embrace clarity of thought and openness to new possibilities, knowing that my mind is a powerful tool for creating the life I desire.

My Affirmation is inspired by the words of Ernest Holmes. “I now climb a ladder of thought that takes me above all confusion. Climbing joyously, I pass through the clouds of fear and doubt. I behold the light everywhere. I sense the enveloping presence of Love everywhere. The good that I desire, I now affirm and accept, knowing that my definite intention produces definite results.”

My Gratefulness to know this Truth, My Truth, is beyond words. It wells up at the core of my being, lighting up My Life.

Today I make great choices.

And So It Is


Every mind must make its choice between truth and repose. It cannot have both.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson



Introducing our new magneto diagnostic tool: The Sparky. This tool will tell you in an instant if your magneto is sparking or not. Simply hold it near the source. If you see the blue light, it is sparking. Also good for determining if you have a bad wire. Calibrated specially for magnetos but will work on pretty much anything that sparks.



Congress and Courts enable Energy and Climate Fantasy and Tyranny
–Paul Driessen

The left end of the political spectrum is relentlessly pursuing the transformation of America’s society, history, economy, speech, borders, governing systems, healthcare, energy and living standards. What it cannot secure via the ballot box and alliances with the legacy media and academic institutions, it works to impose through rule by unelected, unaccountable Executive Branch bureaucrats, collusive sue-and-settle legal actions, and court decisions that too often rubberstamp agency rules.

Instead of three co-equal divisions of government, the powers and functions of America’s Legislative and Judicial Branches have steadily been subsumed into an ever expanding, progressive and aggressive Executive Branch. Many legislators and judges have acquiesced or actively participated.

The federal workforce has swollen to two million non-military employees, who “liberally” interpret, apply and enforce laws and policies. The Federal Register of regulations, explanations and justifications has ballooned from 50,998 pages in 1984, to a Jabba-the-Hutt 90,402 pages in 2023. Few can read, much less comprehend and comply with the intricate edicts.

Members of Congress want to be seen “doing something” to address perceived problems, often by passing new laws and spending more money. However, instead of actually tackling difficult, controversial issues, they frequently make policy declarations, enact deliberately ambiguous statutory provisions, and rely on Executive Branch cohorts to interpret, stretch or even rewrite the vague language, mostly advancing agency powers and agendas.

The US Supreme Court’s landmark 1984 decision in Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council expanded this centralization of power even more significantly.

The “Chevron deference doctrine” holds that – when faced with regulations that are based on ambiguous, or nonexistent, statutory text – lower courts should always defer to administrative agencies’ interpretations of the text, as long as the interpretations are “reasonable.”

Chevron deference has let federal agencies expand their domain and control in hundreds of instances. Affected citizens often have little recourse, as long as the impact of an individual rule can be viewed as small and the agency interpretation as not patently unreasonable.

In those situations, the 2022 Supreme Court decision in West Virginia v. EPA is of little help, because it only addresses “major questions,” agency decisions that have “major” economic or political significance.

However, the Court recently heard oral arguments on two cases that give it an opportunity to curtail or end this wholesale deference to federal agencies. Both cases ask whether small fishing boats can be required to pay $700 per day to take observers along with them, to ensure the boats are following fisheries rules. Relevant law allows the government to require fishing boats to carry observers – but does not say the boats must pay for them, and Congress never appropriated any funds to cover observers.

So, on its own, the National Marine Fisheries Service decided it had the authority to compel boats to shoulder the cost. The case could have enormous implications for the perpetually expanding Deep State.

The Justices could rule in favor of NMFS, even though monetary impacts that are small by federal governing and budgetary standards are major, even potentially ruinous for fishing boats.

They could hold that the agency interpretation in this single instance was “unreasonable” – and overturn this single rulemaking out of thousands issued since 1984, while leaving the Chevron doctrine intact and available for future abuse.

Or they could overturn Chevron. Doing so would end the appalling deference to powerful government agencies; reduce the growing imbalance between the Executive and Legislative Branches; and make it harder for circuit and appellate courts to support activist regulators.

A reversal might even prod Congress to enact laws that tackle hard questions, use precise language, and tighten the reins on unelected regulators, especially when they serve presidents who want to “fundamentally transform” our energy use, immigration system, economy and military.

The third option would also help America curb climate and energy fantasy and tyranny.

It’s certainly true that most federal actions taken to “save our planet from the existential threat of manmade climate change” are “major” or “significant” in their societal, economic, ecological and national security impacts – and thus subject to the Supreme Court’s “major questions doctrine.”

However, that Court has not defined “major.” Moreover, even actions that most Americans would call “major” can end up being upheld, and agencies can claim significant actions are actually “minor” or can simply ignore court decisions that don’t apply explicitly to the agency or action in question.

Even in the climate and energy arena alone, hundreds of “minor” decisions can coalesce into massive disruptions and costs. It’s certainly reasonable to argue that questions of Chevron deference should examine the totality of impacts – and whether a decision can actually pass a rational, evidence-based “reasonableness” test. To cite just a few examples, is it reasonable to defer to federal agencies that:

* Impose government-wide mandates to terminate America’s coal, oil and natural gas extraction and use, based on computer models whose scary forecasts: (a) are built on the assumption that climate change and weather events are driven by fossil-fuel-related carbon dioxide and methane, which together represent barely 0.042% of Earth’s atmosphere; and (b) are not supported by actual, real-world data on temperatures, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts and sea levels?

* Keep oil and gas locked in the ground before they have any workable plan for replacing feed stocks for plastics, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and thousands of other vital products?

* Compel families and businesses to replace gasoline vehicles and gas ovens, stoves, furnaces and water heaters with electric models – while regulators replace reliable, affordable fossil fuel power with intermittent, weather-dependent wind and solar power?

* Close down coal and gas-fired generators before sufficient, reliable, affordable replacement electricity is available – and before a single project anywhere in the world has demonstrated that wind, solar and battery electricity alone can power even a small village?

* Demand that families purchase supposedly energy- or water-efficient washing machines and dishwashers, even though the new machines must run longer or even twice to get clothes or dishes clean – thereby requiring more electricity and water?

* Effectively mandate electric vehicles before there are sufficient charging stations, electricity for those stations, or even metals and minerals to manufacture all the EVs, charging stations, wind turbines, solar panels and transmission lines?

* Assert that wind, solar and battery power are clean, green, renewable and sustainable, while ignoring the monumental amounts of mining and processing – and attendant habitat and wildlife destruction, toxic air and water pollution, and child labor – involved in obtaining the nonrenewable metals and minerals for those technologies?

* Insist that the United States slash or eliminate its fossil fuel use, while China, India and 100 other countries (including Germany) are extracting and burning more oil, gas and coal every year?

Courts should not view government actions in a vacuum. Many agency decisions are reasonable only in an alternative universe where individual and cumulative economic, ecological and social realities play no role. The era of Chevron deference should be brought to a close.

Paul Driessen is senior policy advisor to the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books and articles on energy, pollution, climate change and human rights.

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Charles W. Herbster and Lee Greenwood Presented with the Helping a Hero Defense of Freedom Award by Combat Wounded Heroes

On Saturday, February 3, 2024, Charles W. Herbster, President and Owner of the Conklin Company, and country music legend Lee Greenwood were awarded the Helping a Hero Defense of Freedom Award. This award recognizes great Americans who have gone the extra mile to defend freedom.

The Defense of Freedom Award is a very rare award that has only been presented three other times, with all recipients chosen by the combat-wounded heroes of Helping A Hero. Previous recipients include actor Chuck Norris, Marcus Luttrell, the Navy Seal better known as the Lone Survivor, and Joanne King Herring, who was the real-life inspiration behind the movie Charlie Wilson’s War.

Charles W. Herbster was recognized by Helping A Hero for being a consistent leader supporting our military, veterans, and first responders. He is known for his selfless dedication to those who defend our freedom and keep us safe. When Charles heard a wounded warrior in his home state of Nebraska was in need, he stepped up to the plate.

On July 31, 2006, while deployed with the Nebraska National Guard in Iraq, Army Sergeant Ben Marksmeier of Wisner, Nebraska, was gravely wounded when terrorists detonated a roadside bomb hitting his convoy. Ben was officially declared dead, and one of his dog tags was removed before an Army Specialist noticed a slight twitch from his body. Despite doubt about the report, doctors and nurses decided to try to revive him one more time, and it worked.

The Army awarded SGT Ben Marksmeier the Bronze Star for saving his fellow soldier’s life while at personal risk. Ben, who lost his leg in the explosion, thought of his fellow soldier first and threw him from the burning vehicle to safety while he was still trapped in the vehicle and critically injured.

In that attack, Ben lost his right leg and suffered extreme injuries to his left leg. Ben has undergone dozens of surgeries as doctors are still working to save his left leg, including one surgery during a month-long stay at Walter Reed in 2023.

Due to his catastrophic injuries and the ongoing battle to save his remaining leg, Ben needs an adapted home. Ben is a single dad raising his two youngest sons, Ryker, 7, and Mason, 9. He is also the proud father of 17-year-old Caiden. In addition to being an active parent, Ben started his own woodworking business. Major General Roger Lemke, the former Adjutant General of the Nebraska National Guard, and Colonel Kevin Neumann nominated Ben for an adapted home from Helping a Hero. Music legend Lee Greenwood surprised SGT Marksmeier and his three sons on national television and told them that Ben would receive an adapted home as part of the Johnny Morris 100 Homes Challenge.

Having been chosen to receive a home, one piece was missing: the land where the home would be built. After hearing of Ben’s incredible story and his need for a home in Nebraska, Charles W. Herbster agreed to donate all the funding needed to purchase the perfect piece of land for Ben near Springfield, Nebraska.

“All the pain I go through every day, there is no regret. I signed up when I was seventeen because I wanted to give back to my country what my country gave me: freedom. I am grateful beyond what my words can express to Charles W. Herbster and Johnny Morris for caring about my service,” said Marksmeier.

“When I got the news about the home, it was breathtaking. Then, Mr. Herbster wanted to give us some beautiful land, and now I can instill in my sons the work ethic of farming on this land. This has filled my heart with a little more motivation, which is hard,” Marksmeier said.

Meredith Iler, Founder of the Helping a Hero Home Program, said the home and land given by Johnny Morris and Charles W. Herbster will transform the life of Ben and his sons. “Ben wants to be an example of strength for his sons, and Johnny Morris and Charles W. Herbster are giving him that priceless gift through this adapted home custom-built just for Ben,” Iler said.

The second Defense of Freedom recipient, Lee Greenwood, is an American icon best known for his hit patriotic song God Bless The USA. Throughout his career, Lee has worked tirelessly to thank and support our military personnel, wounded warriors, and their families. Lee served as the Helping A Hero National Ambassador for 12 years. Lee is a rare celebrity who loves our heroes in and out of the spotlight. He has performed and presented the keys to adapted homes to over 30 heroes, including Specialist JP Lane, USA (Ret), a double amputee who nominated him for this award. Lee worked tirelessly for over a decade to support the Helping A Hero mission to build homes for our catastrophically wounded heroes. Helping A Hero proudly presents Lee Greenwood with the Defense of Freedom Award for his devotion and dedication to our wounded heroes.

The Defense of Freedom Awards were presented to Charles W. Herbster and Lee Greenwood by Helping A Hero Ambassadors and Purple Heart Recipients United States Army Specialist (Ret) JP Lane and United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant (Ret) Daniel Gilyeat during the 2024 Conklin National Convention. Nebraska State Senator, United States Army Colonel (Ret), and Purple Heart recipient Thomas Brewer was also recognized during the ceremony. SGT Ben Marksmeier was scheduled to be recognized but had to attend via video due to ongoing complications from his injuries.


Proprietary tools and diagnostics are limiting what can be done by independent shops. These shops are a cornerstone of our lifestyle and the way we take care of our motorcycles. When Dealerships will no longer work on our bikes, we turn to these folks and now the Manufacturers are putting them out of business!

Do you own an independent shop or know someone who does? Do you get your work done at a favorite independent? Independent shops need to join together now and fight this with the rest of the motorcycling community.

On March 6th, 2024, at 8:00 am, there will be a gathering of shop owners at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Ormond Beach, Florida. Make sure the owners of your favorite shop are there! Especially if you own that favorite shop!

About the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket

Founded on the principle to protect independent dealers and custom bike builders’ rights to repair and modify motorcycles. The IMA membership is determined to keep us free.

We are fortunate to be aligned with the MRF, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, which fought to protect our culture for over 40 years, has excellent lobbying efforts in D.C and is connected to state organizations all over the country.

The IMA is pro-active and working on these issues every day, but we need your support now. The attack on internal combustion engines and the free-thinking values of the biker lifestyle makes support of the IMA an urgent and critical matter.

Go to and click on the search button.



The Museum and Hall of Fame Names New Executive Director and Board Members

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame recently announced the appointment of Heidi Haro as Executive Director and four new members of the museum’s board of directors.

“Heidi has tremendous energy along with expertise in delivering superb guest experiences, she’s already bringing great new ideas to her museum team,” said Board President Craig Bailey. “Heidi lives here in the Black Hills, so she knows how special this area is for motorcycle riders.”

Haro has earned bachelor’s degrees in both Business Administration and Social Sciences. She was previously an executive with Aramark, a nationwide food service and facilities administration contractor. During her 14 years with the company, she developed high performance teams focused on delivering great experiences for guests at three universities in South Dakota and Minnesota.

“We want to make sure that every motorcycle fan coming through the Black Hills to know to stop in and connect with the bikes and the stories that live here in the museum,” said Haro. “This is a special place that reflects the spirit of the riding community.”

“I grew up in a family that loved the outdoors, so outdoor recreation, like motorcycling, holds a special place for me,” she continued. Haro started spending summers in the Black Hills in 1998 and moved to the area full time 4 years ago. She has four children and seven grandchildren. In her new role, Haro has a seat on the Museum’s board.

The Sturgis Museum Board also named several new members to its board of directors.

Keith “Bandit” Ball, a military veteran, former editorial director of Easyriders Magazine and currently the owner of Bandit’s Bikernet, joined the board and has taken the position of Secretary. Ball an accomplished writer and novelist, is well known in the motorcycle industry for his stunning custom bikes and his influence on custom culture through a variety of media, including print, television and online. Ball lives in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Ari Levenbaum is co-owner and CEO of the American Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers (AAMIL), known as the Law Tigers. He started working part-time for the organization in 2002 while also working as a full-time middle school teacher. He ultimately purchased an interest in AAMIL in 2014 and became COO at that time. As a rider, Ari has a unique understanding of the motorcycle community, which is reflected in his role with the Law Tigers. He lives in Arcadia, Arizona.

Scott Peterson, is the founder of Scott Peterson Motors in Sturgis and Belle Fourche, SD, an auto and truck retailer in the area. Peterson operated the award-winning dealerships for three decades until selling them recently. Peterson has been a driving force in the Sturgis community and is noted for his commitment to business excellence and his dedication to uplifting the lives of those around him.

Kirk Willard has been President and Board Chairman of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, the predominant rider’s rights organization in the country, since 2006. His involvement in motorcyclists’ rights goes back further than that, as he has held membership and leadership positions in rights groups throughout the country. Willard was awarded the Freedom Fighter Award by the Sturgis Museum in 2018. He lives in Wausau, Wisconsin and has ridden to the Sturgis Rally 38 times.

The other members of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum board of directors are:
Craig Bailey (President),
Mark Carstensen (representing the City of Sturgis),
Paul Fosdyck (Treasurer),
Darcy Harbott,
Scott Jacobs,
Chuck Potts,
Irv Stone (Vice President),
Tim Sutherland,
Vinny Terranova,
Keith Terry and
Rod Woodruff.

“Hang on for Hall of Fame announcements in the very near future. The breakfast is nearly sold out.” –Bandit

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!–

John’s 1960 Panhead 4-Speed Rebuild

Oh, that’s why the tranny I rebuilt had to be rebuilt. Thanks for all the helpful hints.

— Sam


After serving the City of Sturgis for many years, Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen said he has decided to prioritize his life differently and will step down as mayor effective immediately.

“I need more time for family and growth in my faith,” said Carstensen who has a wife and three young boys.

Under the laws of South Dakota, when a mayor resigns, the City Council President steps into the role of mayor. In this case, the city’s Council President is Beka Zerbst. Zerbst has called a special meeting for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 14, to address the mayor’s resignation and facilitate the appointment of a new mayor.

Carstensen began his time as a public servant in Sturgis in 2009 and served one term on the city council before running for mayor.

He began his 13th year as mayor of Sturgis when he called to order the 2023-2024 session of the Sturgis City Council last May.

Carstensen said it has been a privilege to serve the community.

“We have come a long way from when I first took this seat,” Carstensen said.

From Winter Storm Atlas to the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the mayor has been at the helm for some watershed moments in Sturgis during his tenure.

“I want to thank all of those who have supported me on this journey,” he said.



Join Eric on Shop Talk tonight! The show starts at 9 pm EST. You can tune in via Cycle Source’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, or Grease and Gears TV. Thanks to Chris and Heather for their support.


“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”
~ Anne Frank

Epoch Times

NEW PROJECT Bikernet Reader Comment!-


What a fantastic project. I am very impressed with your ingenuity and welding skills. This is one of the trickiest builds I have seen in decades and it does my old blood pumper good to see you are still hard at work building outta-sight creations.

–Shovelhead Dave
Milwaukee, WI

“Thanks brother. I’m in the throws of final assembly. I took the rear wheel off a half-dozen times yesterday. I’m thinking of John Reed’s rule of the mechanics.” –Bandit


A new bill recently proposed by a Californian assemblywoman would ban children under 12 from riding electric bikes. It would also require riders who are at least 12 and without a driver’s license to complete an online course, take a written test, and get a state ID to operate an e-bike.

This bill is in response to an increasing number of younger riders wanting an e-bike for an efficient way to commute to and from school and have some form of autonomy without having a driver’s license.

If you’re interested in covering this new bill, at what age it is safe for someone to ride an e-bike, and why e-bikes are so appealing to the next generation, CEO Bill Klehm of e-bike manufacturer eBliss Global is available for interview and commentary. eBliss Global is launching its Always Bike brand in auto dealerships across America.

Let me know if you’re interested in interviewing Bill Klehm on this or relating stories. Please find a short bio below.

–Adam Romero
Ericho Communications

“New York wants to Ban E-bikes due to fire hazards.” –Bandit


Funny you should mention a fire hazard… I guess you heard what happened at AIM Expo on the first day: the hall was cleared because of an e-bike battery fire…

–Marilyn Stemp


–Sam Burns
Photo Editor™

WHAT’S NEW AT THE GREASY KULTURE— New issue 97: Todd Asin does it again

He weaves magic with his welder and definitely has the ‘eye’. Todd’s latest build, this stunning ’46 Knuck, won at Born Free last summer and wowed the crowds at the Yokohama Mooneyes show in December.

Every bike that rolls out of his Small City Cycles workshop in Boise, Idaho, is feature-worthy and in new issue 97 you can read all about this show-stopping Harley FL: who said green bikes are unlucky?

SPIED ON THE ROAD— World’s first Production Model Cargo Motorcycle

‘World’s first’ cargo Two-Wheeler aims to be a disruptor in logistics

After around six years of development work, an electric scooter designed to be a cargo carrier, is gearing up for commercial production. Customer trials of this EV, by a Pune city, India, start-up, have begun, and its market introduction is expected during the first half of this year.

Two-wheelers including scooters, motorcycles, mopeds and even bicycles are commonly seen on India’s roads, delivering everything from groceries, medicines, restaurant orders to online orders from the top ecommerce websites. Most private courier delivery companies also empoy two-wheelers. These vehicles work for B2B as well as B2C sectors.

City traffic will always spot these buzzing around trying to get ahead to make maximum deliveries per day. So it is not a rural trend at all, though that’s the fastest growing market for two-wheelers.

Fleet management concepts today already includes a fleet of two-wheelers by entrepreneurs who take up franchises for making deliveries. These are mostly e-bikes with government grants.

Refer Sources:

International Editor™



New 2024 US domestic subscriptions are available now for issues 15, 16, 17, and 18. We only open up subs for a limited time, so get on it if you don’t want to miss out.


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ABATE of Illinois–Statehouse Update

Always See the latest at

Thank you to the members who made their voices heard about wanting to continue with email updates. Friday was bill filing deadline, and we’ll have lots to talk about in the coming weeks, but one bill already caught our attention for all the wrong reasons. – Josh “SKI” Witkowski, State Legislative Coordinator.

Want to make your voice heard? Join Us for Legislative Day – April 17th

Representative Daniel Didech proposes Mandatory Helmet Bill for Illinois Motorcyclists

State Representative Daniel Didech snuck in proposed legislation (HB5620) to force motorcyclists in Illinois to wear DOT rated helmets just before bill filing deadline on Friday. The Representative from Buffalo Grove wants to take away your fundamental right to choose what gear to wear when riding.

Legislators return to Springfield February 20th and ABATE will be there to make sure this bill doesn’t move. In the meantime, talk to your friends who live in Buffalo Grove, Deerfield, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Vernon Hills, and Mundelin to let them know what their State Representative is up to.

Questions email:


That’s right. If you want an improved replica of the classic Easy Rider bikes they are building them. Paughco supplies the parts and Mondo handles the construction.



This past year, the CO2 Coalition published papers, special reports, as well as filed official comments on important rules and regulations proposed by governmental agencies. Each of these publications represent hundreds of hours in research, writing and editing.

•American Midwest and Climate Change: Life in America’s Breadbasket is Good and Getting Better. This report is the third in our planned series of state and regional studies on how climate change may affect various portions of the United States and the World. We specifically addressed assertions by the 4th U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA4) that the American Midwest will suffer from climate change and found them to be scientifically invalid and contrary to reality.

•Testimony and commentary on the EPA’s Proposed Power Plant Regulations and the Department of Energy’s Proposed Gas Stove Standards helps push science back into the policy debates raging at the federal level.

•Challenging Net Zero with Science. This 55-page paper details how Net Zero Plans are dangerous and unsupported by science. Six hundred million years of geological evidence shows that CO2 levels are near a record low and that atmospheric increases of the gas follow warming periods rather than precede them. This is enough to debunk the notion that CO2 is a dominant driver of global temperatures.

But the hidden power of the CO2 Coalition resides in our large number of active members who publish, present, and speak to advance our message.

This year, our membership has increased to more than 150 distinguished colleagues. We have added 33 new members so far in 2023, including these notable individuals:

•Dr. John Clauser, Ph.D., was recently added to the CO2 Coalition’s Board of Directors. He is the recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics. In a recent lecture to a Korean conference on Quantum Mechanics he stated that “the IPCC is one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation … I believe that climate change is not a crisis.”

•Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Stafford – Gen. Stafford is best recognized for his efforts in space, having piloted numerous missions, including Gemini 6A and 9A. He was commander of Apollo 10 and Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. His proudest achievement is initiating and leading the American stealth program that culminated in development of the Advanced Tactical Fighter and the F-22A Stealth Fighter.

These and our other distinguished members provide scientific input and have proved invaluable in helping to create our commentaries, educational initiatives and publications.

Our members are like a small army of unpaid staff working tirelessly to advance our message. They are a force multiplier allowing us to punch well above our weight class.
When we receive an op-ed, we run it through our editorial process and then find a top-rated site to publish it. These online sites have included Real Clear Energy, Washington Times, American Thinker, Washington Examiner and many more. After publication, our commentaries are shared widely on websites and newsletters of our allies in the cause.

The commentaries, interviews, publications, and op-eds have put our message before more than an estimated 20 million people this past year. And with your continued support, I believe this number will grow in 2024.

–Greg Wrightstone
Executive Director


While in China, an American man is very sexually promiscuous and does not use a condom the entire time he is there.

A week after arriving back home in the States, he wakes one morning to find his penis covered with bright green and purple spots.

Horrified, he immediately goes to see a doctor. The doctor, never having seen anything like this before, orders some tests and tells the man to return in two days for the results.

The man returns a couple of days later and the doctor says, “I’ve got bad news for you, you’ve contracted Mongolian VD. It’s very rare and almost unheard of here in the US, we know very little about it.”

The man looks a little perplexed and says, “Well, give me a shot or something and fix me up, Doc.”

The doctor answers, “I’m sorry, there’s no known cure. We’re going to have to amputate your penis.”

The man screams in horror, “Absolutely not! I want a second opinion!!!”

The doctor replies, “Well, it’s your choice. Go ahead if you want, but surgery is your only option.”

The next day, the man seeks out a Chinese doctor, figuring that he’ll know more about the disease.

The Chinese doctor examines his penis and proclaims, “Ah, yes, Mongolian VD. Vewy lare disease.”

The guy says to the doctor, “Yeah, yeah, I already know that, but what can we do? My American doctor wants to cut off my penis!”

The Chinese doctor shakes his head and laughs. “Stupid American docttah, always want operlate. Make more money dat way. No need amputate!”

“Oh, thank Goodnessd!” the man exclaims.

“Yes,” says the Chinese doctor, “Wait two week. Faw off by itself!”

–Rik Savenko

MOTORCYCLE BANS–Anti-Noise Crusaders In Paris Want A Partial Motorcycle Ban

It’s just the latest battle over combustion-powered two-wheelers in the French capital.

The city council of Paris, France is reportedly considering a partial motorcycle and scooter ban inside the city limits in February 2024.

Electric motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds of all shapes and sizes would not be affected by the proposed ban.

For the many who use scooters and motorcycles for daily affordable commute, Pierre-Yves Bournazel, an official pushing this ban proposes doubling current financial assistance programs to encourage combustion bike riders to try other, quieter forms of transport.

French Federation of Angry Bikers suggests that one of leaders of Ras le Scoot, a group that campaigns against motorbikes in general, works for an e-bike and cargo bike company as his day job (as is clearly shown on the man’s LinkedIn profile). The implication (not an allegation) is corruption and profiting from public office.


Motorcycle Investigator
Bikernet International News Bureau


“A bad day on a bike always beats a good day at the office.”
–Sturgis Rally 2024

Fink Dog Couple!

Get into the Valentine’s & Black Hills Spirit with the 2024 Fink Couple Prairie Dog Shirt

Lawmakers Hit NHTSA on Fuel Economy Proposal

Late last month, 120 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) slamming proposed changes to the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for passenger cars and light trucks.

The proposal by NHTSA would require an industry fleet-wide average for passenger cars and light trucks of roughly 58 miles per gallon by 2032.

The NHTSA proposal came soon after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced new emission standards which would effectively require 67.5% of U.S. vehicle sales to be electric by 2032. Congress has attempted legislative action to stop the EPA proposal with H.R. 4468 (Passed on 12/6/23) and S. 3094 The Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Acts. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation supports both bills and urges the Senate to follow the lead of the House and pass the bill.

This letter makes it clear that many lawmakers believe NHTSA has overstepped its authority with these proposed guidelines. Lawmakers state, “Nowhere in law did Congress authorize NHTSA to set fuel economy standards that effectively mandate electric vehicles, while at the same time force the internal combustion engine out of the market.”

The letter outlines numerous concerns regarding the quick shift away from internal combustion engines, saying these proposals act as a “De facto mandate for electric vehicles that threatens to raise costs and restrict consumer choice, harm U.S. businesses, degrade our energy and national security and hand the keys of our automotive industry over to our adversaries, especially China.”

The MRF thanks the lawmakers who have pushed back against NHTSA’s attempt to eliminate the internal combustion engine. The MRF also sent a letter to NHTS on this topic back in October, so we are grateful to see legislators addressing this issue.



Overland letter I just mailed to my so-called “representative” in Congress. THIS is how you write to your Congressman.

Dear Judy Chu; I got your laminated foot-long campaign cardboard sheet placard in the mail a day or two ago. I actually read it. Apparently you are running for Congress and, apparently you having managed to persuade DC to ruin the only drivable corridor in Arcadia….is something you are not only proud of… apparently think – or assumed – I would be just as delighted as you at the idea of a 3 million dollar government squander being used to ….make things worse than they already are.

You sent this to me: this notion, this revelation, this plan, this Good Idea you have set into motion….so that I would be all excited and thank you by keeping you on the job via my magical vote. Actually this was mailed to Cecily, but she doesn’t do politics, but let’s say you sent it to me, I’m the one who gets the mail, and I suppose you assumed, since you are sending these to likely every household in Arcadia, I suppose you assumed that the reader would be as entranced by this proposed ruination of the only drivable corridor in Arcadia… you are in fact apparently entranced by ruining it.

Let me see if I can guess: you are going to cut it down from four lanes to two. This way when people use it to escape the relentless tie-ups on the freeway right next to it….they can enter an even bigger tie-up on the Co. Blvd corridor that begins at Michellinda. Whereas at the moment they can proceed at an almost normal pace when the 210 turns into long piece of motional statuary. Which it does a hundred times a day.

And let me guess that you’re going to install bike lanes as a courtesy to people who do not have to get a license and an annual registration to have their own lanes in the automobile roadway. You know where they’re going to ride their little bikes? On the sidewalks you are going to install.

They have learned that bike-riders in bike lanes are looked upon as targets of opportunity by the people paying license and registration fees. The sidewalks will also be good for another use: bum, vagrant, illegal, deranged, diseased, violent, crazed, often naked, squatters in blue tents since they are routinely chased off the properties of the “homed” and out of the stores from which they are stealing liquor and cannot be apprehended because THAT’S illegal.

And then there will be the delays due to what will likely be a ten year “improvement schedule” which will entail a multi million dollar cost overrun due to probably a decision to “beautify” an already perfect corridor with “climate-friendly” stonework and cactus down the center of the road.

And you’re actually excited about all this chaos you are creating, just, bam, out of the blue in what you likely consider to be your own personal eureka-moment. I’m supposed to vote for you because of this. Do I have that right?

–J.J. Solari


MRF ROADSHOW STOPS–ABATE of Wisconsin and National Council of Clubs

This past weekend was the annual Officer’s Training for ABATE of Wisconsin. The MRF was well represented at the event. Present were MRF President Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, Board Member Dave Dwyer, WI State MRF Representative Jen Abraham, Assistant State Reps Cathy Dial, Becky “Quiver” Zarling and Bob “Rooster” Christopherson.

Hardtail presented Wisconsin’s contributions to the MRF and the future of motorcycling. MRF Lobbyist, Rocky Fox was able to give an online presentation regarding the MRF Legislative Agenda via Zoom. This year is ABATE of Wisconsin’s 50th Anniversary and the MRF is proud of our strong relationship.

The annual Winter Meeting for the National Council of Clubs (NCOC) was held in Myrtle Beach, SC this past weekend. Each Winter Meeting the NCOC invites the MRF to join the meeting to renew their commitment to “Bridging the Gap” between Motorcycle Clubs and Motorcycle Rights Organizations.

Present at this year’s meeting were MRF Board Members Russell Radke, Patrick “Chappy” Carver and Seven. Also present was MRF Lobbyist Rocky Fox, who presented with Russell Radke on the MRF Legislative Agenda and the importance of Motorcycle Clubs staying involved with State Motorcycle Rights Organizations (SMRO) as we work toward our common goals.


Low-profile, low-key. The new Streaker seat is a stripped-down solo seat that forgoes any frills for Harley-Davidson riders who prefer an understated look.

The simple, clean lines of the Streaker make it a versatile seat option that looks great on both stock and customized motorcycles.

The finishes are available in Smooth, Diamond or Pleated stitching choices, with the option of contrast stitching for an extra pop of color. The Streaker solo seat also makes a killer canvas for any one of Le Pera’s badass custom options, so let your creativity loose! Underneath, Le Pera’s signature handcrafted, powder-coated 16-gauge steel base plate ensures a perfect fit, while the carpeted bottom protects your motorcycle.

Many other custom materials and stitch graphics are available as well!

No pillion available.


Driver Seating:
10.5″ Wide
Passenger Seating:


Part Number:
LK-356 [’10-’22] 3.3 Gal Tank
LK-356 [’10-’22] 4.5 Gal Tank


“To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun?”
~ Katharine Graham

HERO MOTOCORP– finally gets a podium finish at Dakar Rally

Hero MotoSports Team Rally, the motorsport team of the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters – Hero MotoCorp, has created history becoming the first ever Indian manufacturer team to finish on the podium of the legendary Dakar Rally.

Hero MotoSports Team Rally was formed in 2016 and it participated in its first Dakar Rally in 2017. Over the years, the team has achieved multiple podiums, wins and stage wins at top rally-raids across the world.

In its fifth year at Saudi Arabia, the 2024 edition of Dakar Rally was undoubtedly the toughest so far – longer stages, extreme terrains, and confusing navigation right from the start. Two new formats of racing were also introduced by the organizers to add more spice – a marathon stage early on in the race, and a 48H chrono stage during which the competitors were split across several bivouacs – away from their teams, and surviving on bare minimum essentials. As many as one-third of the competitors who started the race retired from the rally across the 14 days of grind.

To get to a Dakar podium is no small feat – a thousand things need to be right, and yet, each kilometer of these many thousands can destroy a result with a tiny mistake. 8,000 kilometers at the world’s toughest rally conquered with a top-2 result – Hero has made it clear they’re here to stay.

Ross Branch finished the Rally at the second place for the Hero Factory Team. His consistent performance over the 12 stages saw him at the first and second spots in the overall rankings throughout the Rally.

Motorcycle Sports Authority

THAT’S NOT ALL—But I will keep it short.

I’m just about to wrap up Chapter 7 of my VLXAFL5 build series. I thought for sure my sprotor bolts were 3/8 until… I ordered new ones from McMaster Carr and they were here in two days. I had to machine the heads to fit the indent in the rotor. Hang On.

More machining and the primary drive is in alignment. My issue now is the rear chain. I need more slack.

I walked into an antique store and there was a Rochester Carb. I thought it might act to fill the core requirement for my ’58 Chevy. We have a restored carb on order.

Keith Terry’s new shop coming together in Sturgis.

We rethought the Smith & Wesson pistol purchase and got one with a slightly exposed hammer.

It’s coming down today, like it did all winter last year. We’re supposed to go to a party this evening. It’s looking sketchy…

In the meantime, get involved with your local motorcycle rights organization, so we can ride free next year.


Read More



What a whacky, wonderful week. Not sure where to start, but there’s a message here somewhere.

Berry Wardlaw is going to take the Assalt Weapan back to Bonneville if we can go at all. I’m trying to build a 3-5 mile track in the Badlands.

I’m now on the board of directors of the Sturgis Museum and I investigated expanding our footprint we have in downtown Sturgis. We could possibly take the building from 10,000 to a 70,000 square feet and 4.5 stories of world class museum.

I’m also working on the museum annual magazine. There’s so much we can do with it next year, but for now the deadline is just a month away.

Let’s hit the news. Way more to come.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


It is currently zoned General Commercial, which would allow us to build 4.5 stories high. There is little or no chance of a zoning change but variances to the rules are available.

For instance, if we don’t put a door on the back of the building, we might be able to push the size of the building closer to the alley. I measured roughly 50 feet behind the building and the requirement is a 15 foot setback.

There is also a special variance for buildings on Main and a portion of Junction. They can be built to the sidewalk. If you look across Junction, there are two commercial buildings built right to the sidewalk. That’s potentially 15 more feet to the west.

Regarding the flood plain, If we tear down the existing building, we may lose the basement. But we can build a building into the parking lot as long as it doesn’t break the no-rise rule. That means we can’t cause the flood to rise. To ensure flood waters are allowed to flow naturally we may need to include flood vents under the new structure.

Here are some numbers: The current museum is approximately 6,198 square feet with the addition of the basement it may be 10,000 square feet. The building is approximately 78 feet by 91 feet.

If we can expand 10 feet to the west, 35 feet toward the alley or north and 50 feet into the parking lot (east) the building will become 138 by 126 or 17,388 square feet. If we can go up 4 stories, that would make it 69,552 square feet and the tallest building in Sturgis.

I will look into costs and concept drawings. I would like to work with Ron Waldren and Jason Anderson, both local contractors. Ron has been very involved in all of Scott Jacob’s Deadwood buildings.

Ultimately, this would be a five-year plan to build a state of the art motorcycle museum in Sturgis for the city, for the Rally and for the Motorcycle Industry.


BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!–

VLXAFL5 Part 7 Final Assembly Begins

Looks sweet. Waiting on next installment and seeing finished product. Great work!

Daytona, FL


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
~ Harriet Tubman


In just a few days, we’ll gather for DAV’s annual Mid-Winter Conference where we will discuss critical legislative priorities and share advocacy strategies and resources to improve the lives of veterans. And DAV National Commander Nancy Espinosa will address lawmakers on Capitol Hill about the issues that matter most, including:

Bolstering funding for mental health services to reduce veteran suicide. Learn more >> Veterans Mental Health and Medical Benefits | DAV

Ensuring equity for health care and benefits for women and minority veterans. Learn more Women Veterans Issues: Latest Updates

Expanding the VA’s capacity to deliver quality, timely care for all veterans. Learn more >>

Thanks to dedicated members like you, DAV is at the forefront of legislative victories for America’s veterans. But there’s still work to do.

We look forward to continuing to push these essential fights forward for veterans like you. Thank you so much for being a member of DAV and helping us improve the lives of all veterans.

–Joy J. Ilem
National Legislative Director


Irish Rich’s custom gets voted in. The Sturgis Museum has a curation committee who decide which bikes are accepted into the museum where they are carefully display, documented and insured.

Currently the Museum is just around 10,000 square feet and contains almost 80 historic race, custom and antique bikes.

If you are interested in having your motorcycle displayed in the Sturgis Museum see below for the chairman’s info. He also operates a bike shop on the Chip property if you need repairs during the rally.

Paul Fosdyck
Fozzy’s Cycle Shop
2108 Cooper Loop
Sturgis, SD 57785

Here’s info about Rich’s bike:

Built in 2014. Frame is 1 of 2 frames built in this configuration from West Coast Choppers. 6 over Harley springer. 21 & 15 in. wheels, rear wheel is Dick Allen. Oil tank wraps around rear fender, electrics are under transmission. ’79 H-D Shovelhead, 86 cu. in. all S&S internals. Delcron trans case, Baker 6 sp. gearset. All fabrication & assembly by Irish Rich (me).

Winner of 6 major shows during the Sturgis Rallys. Grand National Roadster Show Chopper Class winner. IMS Ultimate Builder Bike Show Custom Classic Class winner. Many radical custom class wins. Invited Builder Hot Bike/ Street Chopper 1,000mi. Tour. Black Hills Motorcycle Show Chopper Class winner. Feature bike Street Chopper magazine Spring/Summer 2017 issue.

Regards, Rich


We’ve used everything to strap gear to our bikes and settled on these rugged, made-in-Utah Voile straps as the best solution.

Durable as all hell and they work in all weather conditions. These are made of ultra-tough stretch polyurethane, including the UV-resistant additive that increases their lifespan. Their heavy-duty heat-treated aluminum or nylon buckles feature a slim profile for packing efficiency and extra durability.

These straps are the definitive way to secure your gear, so toss those cheesy bungee cords! Available in black or orange and in 20″ or 32″ sizes.



2008 FLSTN Softail Deluxe Cruiser with only 26,310 miles!

Lifestyle Cycles can bring any bike back to life and one of the motorcycles we are most satisfied about bringing back to the floor is this 2008 FLSTN Softail Deluxe Cruiser, so do not miss the chance to purchase this beautiful work of art!

* Striking Red Orange Paintjob the just gleams in the sunlight!
* Very Clean and Polished!
* Polished 18-Inch Chrome Spoke Front and Rear Rims
* Chrome Front End
* 5-Inch Chrome Risers with a 2-Inch Pullback
* 4-Inch Chrome Handlebars
* Chrome Engine Guard
* Harley Two Seater
* Chrome Sampson Dual Fishtail Exhaust
* These tires are ready to rip! not cracks, no tread showing, absolutely well kept!
* There is still plenty of miles to gain on this motorcycle!

This bike is only $11,995.00

Plus license, $85.00 documentation fee, and local sales tax. NO HIDDEN FEES like some dealers. And we have no reconditioning or prep fees. This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 92-point safety/mechanical/structural inspection.This motorcycle has not been refurbished and does not come with any warranty expressed or implied! EXTENDED WARRANTIES are available!

Fill out an online application today. We have EZ FINANCING

Lifestyle Cycles is located at 1510 State College Blvd,Anaheim,CA,92806. Open 7 days a week.

NOT LOCAL? WE HAVE SHIPPING AVAILABLE! Call today (714) 490-0155.


This week, two anti-gun measures, House Bill 1153 and House Bill 1174, were defeated in committee, stopping them from advancing this legislative session.

HB 1153 imposed a reporting requirement for lost or stolen firearms and provided penalties for failing to report the incident to law enforcement agencies within 48 hours. Failing to report within this time frame could result in a person being guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. Additionally, any individual or entity who sells guns would have been required to provide the purchaser with a copy of the Act and a notice stating that failure to report a lost or stolen firearm could result in criminal penalties.

HB 1174 established new storage requirements for firearms, potentially forcing gun owners to spend more money on items like gun safes. Failing to satisfy the bill’s stringent storage requirements could result in someone being charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor. The bill also imposed civil liabilities on gun owners if their firearms were used in a crime.

The NRA will continue to work with lawmakers, defending your Second Amendment rights by opposing bills like HB 1153 and HB 1174.

Continue to check your inbox and for updates concerning your Second Amendment Rights and hunting heritage in South Dakota.


The Paughco Team has developed a couple of systems to allow a brother or sister to run disc brakes on wheels without rotor flanges.

Custom ‘Narrow’ Star Hubs And 21-inch Front Wheel Assemblies

All new from Paughco with help from LA Speed Shop, these exclusive “Narrow” Star Hubs feature ¾-inch sealed roller bearings installed in a special narrower-than-stock hub for narrow fork applications. They have the old school look that custom builders want, but now have the ability to work on ¾-inch axles for most narrow Paughco Springers and narrow glide OEM forks.

Paughco also designed a simple billet disc rotor spacer that bolts on using stock brake drum lug nuts that permits the use of 2000-up 11.5-inch-diameter brake rotors and small custom calipers.

These Star Hubs are available separately in chrome or black paint as well as in 40-spoke 21 x 2.15-inch complete wheel assemblies with your choice of chrome or black finishes. A great finishing touch on any custom bike build.

236SH Chrome narrow Star Hub ONLY
236SHB Black narrow Star Hub ONLY
236-S40F Chrome 21″ x 2.15″ wheel assembly
236-S40FB Black 21″ x 2.15″ wheel assembly
236BRS Polished billet brake rotor spacer


An elderly man in Louisiana had owned a large farm for several years.

He had a large pond in the back. It was properly shaped for swimming, so he fixed it up nice with picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and some apple, and peach trees.

One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn’t been there for a while, and look it over.

He grabbed a five-gallon bucket to bring back some fruit.

As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee.

As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond

He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end.

One of the women shouted to him, “We’re not coming out until you leave!”

The old man frowned, “I didn’t come down here to watch you ladies swim naked or make you get out of the pond naked.”

Holding the bucket up he said, “I’m here to feed the alligator. . . ”

. . . Never under-estimate the ability of us old folks to think fast . . .

–EL Waggs

NEW CLIMATE ANTI-DOOM MOVIE--“Climate: The Movie” in The Netherlands on March 14

The Clintel Foundation together with the American producer Tom Nelson proudly presents the Dutch premiere of Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) on March 14 in the Figi Theatre in Zeist, The Netherlands. Tom Nelson will be present and answer questions after the screening.

Dutch people can book their tickets (12.50 euros) online in our Clintel Webshop . If you are living outside The Netherlands and want to attend this event please contact Clintel director Marcel Crok at

In 2007, the film The Great Global Warming Swindle was released (available online for free here), made by British filmmaker Martin Durkin for Channel 4. At the time, the film was the counterpart to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

Podcast host Tom Nelson interviewed Durkin about his film twice last year and encouraged him to make a sequel. That movie is now finished and is called Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth).

Almost all of the scientists interviewed in the film are also signatories of Clintel’s World Climate Declaration. In that respect, the film is a real Clintel film.

We understand that for most of you it will be quite some travelling (and cost) to attend this premiere. It would be a great opportunity to meet each other though. Zeist is near the city of Utrecht and about one hour from Schiphol airport by either train or car. Please contact us if you need any help with practical things like accomodations and/or transport.

For practical questions, please contact our relations manager Evert Doornh of,

Looking forward to meet you in Zeist on March 14.

–Guus Berkhout, President of Clintel
Marcel Crok, Director of Clintel


If the VANS Waffle Sole Pattern is perfect for your feet…

Imagine the grip it will give your hands, man!

The line of Vans Grips by ODI has been expanded from normal rubber grips to also include Lock-On Grips.

What are lock-on grips, you say?

Lock-on grips have a billet aluminum, clutch-side clamp, ensuring 100% slip-free performance, guaranteed!

They also feature an in-molded throttle tube – no more swapping new grips onto your old throttle tube!

Available for cable throttle applications, as well as TBW (throttle by wire) as found on late model bikes.

Made In The U.S.A.


Let’s fire up your weekend with a mega sale on these.

270 photos from the legends Ben Zales & Shane Markland from the 2018 Born Free show.

PLUS, it’s HALF PRICE too.


The Q4 numbers are in and LiveWire CEO Karim Donnez claims the eBike OEM is on a charge. “LiveWire concluded 2023 with a strong Q4 performance, delivering on units and operating loss guidance for the full year.” However it seems as if a net loss of nearly $110 million could be subject to interpretation.

The Q4 numbers are in and LiveWire CEO Karim Donnez claims the eBike OEM is on a charge. “LiveWire concluded 2023 with a strong Q4 performance, delivering on units and operating loss guidance for the full year.” However it seems as if a net loss of nearly $110 million could be subject to interpretation.

“We saw the successful delivery to market of S2 Del Mar,” notes Donnez. “The first model built on our S2 platform continues to generate a positive response from the media, our retailers and our riders. We expect 2024 to be a year highlighted by product innovation, market expansion, and continued cost improvements.”

The company’s consolidated net loss was $109.6 million for the year ended 2023 compared to $78.9 million for the year ended 2022. The increase of $30.7 million was in line with expectations, driven by a provision for an obligation for excess inventory components, increased selling, administrative and engineering expense for product development costs relating to the S2 platform, delivery of Del Mar and additional costs to stand up the organization as a stand-alone public company.

The Company also had an increase of $9.1 million of non-operating mark-to-market expense resulting from the increase in the fair value of warrant liabilities year-over-year which was offset by an increase of $9.3 million in interest income. All of these expenses resulted in 660 units being sold around the world via a network of “retail partners” according to LiveWire’s SEC filings.


Led by a RevTech replica of Peter Fonda’s Easy Rider bike and a couple of original Denver Choppers customs, an eclectic array of vintage motorcycles, biker memorabilia, neon advertising signs and billboards will be auctioned off on February 29.

The motorcycle memorabilia is from the personal collection of French fashion designer Robin Chrétien, whose luxury denim brand Robin’s Jean is known as a cult classic.


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This is an open letter to Governor Mark Gordon.

You stated that Wyoming “will be the first carbon negative state.” You say you will lead the initiative to “decarbonize[e] the West”.

Sen. Steinmetz and other legislators challenged you to support your claims of this supposed looming CO2-driven “climate crisis” in a debate represented with competent scientists from both sides of the climate issue.

Initially you accepted, then you reneged. You told the Legislature that a debate is “unfruitful.”

Clearly, you believe that your own views about CO2 can unilaterally commit our state to vast industrial and economic change and should not be questioned. The undersigned legislators and citizens, confident that we share the views of a large majority of Wyoming’s residents, disagree vociferously with you.

You owe us defense of the science behind your conclusions – unless you expect us all to accept your declaration as diktat because, in your words, “one side of that [CO2] argument currently holds most of the levers of regulation”. This is nonsense to us. The BLM similarly “holds most of the levers of regulation” over its radical RMP land use proposal. Do you plan to surrender with a whimper on this matter also?

Governor, the plain fact is that you made the Harvard statement on your own, without statutory authority, without economic or budgetary analysis, without revealing the technology, without knowing its cost, availability or practicality. And worst of all, without consulting Wyoming’s citizens or the Legislature.

You even stated, without any evidence, that “your views are “well respected” in Wyoming. We could not differ more strongly!

After your declarations about ‘carbon negative’ and decarbonizing, we ask what limits you do you see to your authority? In your November 20 letter to the Legislature reneging on your earlier agreement to debate, you dismissively labeled people like us as ignorant dissenters seeking “venal political gain.” This is not how we conduct our affairs in Wyoming.

Contrary to the assertion in your letter, CO2 as a driver of a climate crisis is NOT a settled scientific matter. See the attachment to this letter with graphs provided by CO2 Coalition researchers.

The data show slightly increasing temperatures in Wyoming since 1895, due solely to a slight rise in nighttime temperatures. High temperatures are slightly decreasing.

The data show slightly increasing precipitation. During these years, CO2 in the atmosphere increased — to levels which are still low when looked at in geologic time.

Adding to atmospheric concentration of the essential plant food CO2 has raised crop yields and led to a general greening of our planet, including in Wyoming.

During these 128 years, there have been warmer and colder periods, drier and wetter periods. The trends are benign, not alarming. This is not the crisis you claim it to be. We call this ‘cycles in the weather’! We assert that Wyoming (and the world) would benefit from more atmospheric CO2, not less.

In your world, science flows from your policy opinions. In our world, policy flows from the science. Respectfully, you have the policy backward because you have the science backward.

You say your real energy policy is “all of the above”, implying that current fossil fuel industries can stay viable while you ‘decarbonize’. These are fundamentally contradictory positions.

They are no defense of our fossil fuels industries, instead they are an attack! We know as well as you that ‘carbon-negative’ requires either shutting down (or vastly limiting) our fossil fuel extraction industries or saddling them with the ruinous financial burden of deploying unproven new technology to isolate CO2.

It’s time for you to be honest with citizens of Wyoming.

–From Cowboy State Daily:

You can see the complete Letter to the Editor in Cowboy State Daily.


“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
~ Anne Frank

From the Epoch times

TRIKE REVIEW OF THE WEEK–Polaris Slingshot vs. Morgan Super 3

Aaron Robinson and I took to the streets in and around Los Angeles to spend three days with two of the most polarizing vehicles on the road today: The Morgan Super 3 and the Polaris Slingshot.

The Morgan Super 3 has a longer history and more charm. This 2023 model traces its lineage back over a century to 1909 when Henry Fredrick Stanley Morgan first put a vehicle of his own design into production. The design was born from thrift. After learning that cyclecars were not taxed the same as motorcycles, his plan to construct a bike utilizing the 7-hp Peugeot twin-cylinder morphed into a plan to build a trike, with two wheels up front and a backbone frame to support the single rear wheel.

The latest version of the Morgan is the Super 3, and it changes the form a bit by tucking a Ford-sourced, 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine behind a small, semi-circle grille and under the low and sleek hood that establishes the very aeronautical shape of the body. A Mazda-sourced five-speed manual transmits the engine power to the rear wheel using a bevel gear and belt drive. The whole shape would be even more fuselage-like if it weren’t for the sideboards attached to each side behind the front wheels that are designed to hold luggage. Even your spare socks get the open-air experience.

It shakes a little at idle. The steering wheel is small and inputs all feel quick no matter how many times I tell myself “slow hands” while diving through corners in the Malibu canyons. Within the narrow body shape, the pedal box is cramped. There is no room for a dead pedal, leaving me to try and brace myself against the floor and the sideboard, which drives my left knee into the metal eyelets that create a kitschy bungee-cord storage system. Maybe I just need a pair of driving gloves to wedge in there. It would fit the aesthetic, but a seemingly better solution is for the car to gain an inch at nearly every measurable point. Interior, exterior, and suspension travel all would benefit from a little more space or travel.

Since the Morgan is registered as a motorcycle, helmet laws do apply depending on your jurisdiction, and while behind the wheel we often prefer the additional insulation a helmet provides. The small windshield bumps the current of air up (but not completely overtop) the occupants, and the wind buffeting we experience is just like what we feel in a motorcycle. The H-pattern five-speed hails from the NC-generation (2005–2015) Mazda Miata and makes freeway entry or just motoring about engaging and fun.

Expect attention everywhere you go, but understand that attention meets you from a thinly padded, narrow, and non-adjustable seat that gives a perfect angle to inspect the inner fenders of a stock full-sized truck.

Here are the specs.

Specs: Morgan Super 3
Price: $53,937.98/$79,028 (Base/as tested)
Powertrain: 1.5-liter three-cylinder, five-speed manual transmission
Horsepower: 118 hp @ 6500 rpm
Torque: 110 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm
Layout: rear-wheel-drive, no-door, two-passenger roadster
0–60 mph: 7 seconds

Polaris Slingshot

The Slingshot has been sold since 2009 and has experienced few changes in those 14 years. The largest is the switch from a Chevrolet-sourced Ecotec inline-four to an in-house, Polaris-sourced Prostar 2.0-liter inline-four. This engine is part of what makes the Slingshot charming. It pulls strong from low rpm and continues to sweep smoothly up the tachometer to a 10,000-rpm redline. Said engine is mated to the same Miata transmission as you’d find in the Morgan.

the Slingshot is no laughing matter. Compared with the Morgan, it is relatively luxurious: There is power steering hidden under the clamshell, which was welcome when swapping from one to the other. The “interior” has simple vinyl bucket seats with good bolstering that feature both heating and cooling for the back and bottom. It’s clear that Polaris has powersports experience because the fit and finish is nice despite everything needing to be some form of plastic to handle the exposure that comes when you ditch a roof. Close your eyes while sitting in the driver’s seat of the Slingshot, and it all feels like a car. Open your eyes, though, and the sounds and smells of the world come through stronger than ever. Once out of traffic, the sounds and smells of the wild canyons permeate your senses and create an escape. The front wheels are out in the wind and so are you.

Specs: 2023 Polaris Slingshot R
Price: $33,999 ($34,299 in California)/$33,999 (Base/as tested)
Powertrain: 2-liter inline four-cylinder, five-speed manual transmission
Horsepower:203 hp @ 8250 rpm
Torque: 144 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm
Layout: rear-wheel-drive, no-door, two-passenger roadster
0–60 mph: 5.3 seconds

— Kyle Smith
See the whole story on Hagerty Media


The Full Throttle Custom Bike Show in Greensboro, NC was a huge success on all fronts! Met some great people at the booth, sold some merch, and even a few exhaust systems. Honestly, our biggest takeaway was the level of custom and vintage motorcycles that were a part of the attraction. Lincoln and his team really outdid themselves on this one.

Scenes from the 2024 Full Throttle Custom Bike Show

Next up on our road schedule is Mama Tried Show – NOT TO BE MISSED. This is one of the best of the best gathering of motorcycle people and the horses they road in on. Located at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI February 24th & 25th.

Amazing bikes from your favorite known and unknown builders bookended by Flat Out Friday flat track races and crazy parties all over the city. You really gotta be there to know.

We’ll be setup with a booth and Dumptruck will be on the mic as the emcee so come party! Check out scenes from last year’s Mama Tried Show & Flat Out Friday in the video below.

Plus, we’ll be at Daytona Bike Week spreading the love – stay tuned for where to find us!

–Sawicki exhaust


I just finished a book by Bret Baier, “To Rescue the Constitution”. Good read. It dealt with the early challenges and the tensions between the north and south that existed before the country was born.

The book focused of George Washington’s part in guiding the new country in its infant stages of being. At the end of the book is the farewell message which was the precursor to the peaceful transfer of the office. Should be a must read for many of those seeking office today.

Also just finished the book by Willie G. “Born Free”. I saw you mention this book the other day on your site and saw it at the book store and grabbed it. Since it was a shitty weekend weather wise sat down and knocked it out in a day. It is an easy flowing style which maps his journey from college through art/design school and finally landing back home at the company his grandfather, his brothers and a friend started. A tour that spanned fifty years and counting. He is a very lucky guy who lived the cliché, “If you loved what you are doing as a job you don’t work a day in your life.” Terrible paraphrase but the idea is there.

It shows he is truly a humble man of exceptional talent and vision. He was certainly a driving force from designing many now classic bikes to being in the group the essentially saved the H-D brand from fading away and after tough times came out on top.



How I spent my Saturday morning, when I’m the youngest of all 3 of us and I have a bad kicking knee. A ‘59 that doesn’t want to start, but the roller battery was dead, hanging out at MC Creations makes me appreciate that little button!

I did learn the individual I got the RP turn signals from are off his FXR. He sold it when he moved to Vermont and bought a KTM, which is a bit more adaptable to the Vermont weather.

Yesterday had the AC on, today and tomorrow highs in the mid 40s, with a possible light freeze tomorrow morning and then back to back to the eighties next week.

Looks like I have signals and the lower mount in route from Vermont and he was cool and gave me a package deal! And even sent a response saying the shipping was $20 less than eBay charged. He doesn’t have a lot of sales or a lot of anything on his page, so I was unsure about proceeding? Yet when I inquired about the edges of the signals, almost immediately sent me pictures! It’s difficult to tell if he rides and this was his fairing parted out or he is just a purveyor of parts?

Going up to MC to see if he has the shifter arm, thankfully the shaft splines are okay. Yet I’m back to the same dilemma on the RP as I was on the since 2019 now leaking Dyna, as there is no budget left! To “Properly” replace ”the transmission shaft bushing on the now removed inner primary. The pulley has to be removed and if you’re that far in, then you might as well replace the transmission seal and put a chain conversion on it! Because you know that primary seal, isn’t going to do its job, even new, now that you’ve disturbed it!

The FXRD King sent this below, so it at least it increases the odds of finding the gauges for my friends 86-92 T-fairing.

***In 1986 they made just over 1000 FXRD’s in three colors, 278 in candy burgundy slate gray, 318 in blackberry metallic & 396 candy blue slate gray.

The fairing and lowers however are the same from 1986-1992 when they discontinued the FXRT. 1986 was the redesign of the fairing and the introduction of the one year only FXRD. The motor company used that fairing on the FXRT as well from 86-92

The FXRT and FXRP fairing are the same from 83-85 only the FXRP continued to use that fairing after 86.



“Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like.”
~ Will Rogers

CLIMATE TRIAL–How Things Stand

Mann vs Steyn: The Judgment
February 12, 2024

As many of you know, late on Thursday a Washington, DC jury found that

a) plaintiff Michael E Mann had suffered no actual damages from Steyn’s National Review post; but

b) ordered defendant Steyn to pay him one million dollars anyway.

Late on Friday, the otherwise lethargic District of Columbia Superior Court entered the jury’s verdict in final judgment.

What happens now? Well, in the next few weeks, there will be certain “renewed” motions from defendants that one is obliged to do, although they are highly unlikely to find favor with Judge Irving. After that, the case will be appealed by all parties – loser Steyn because he wants the decision overturned, and winner Mann because he wants the original corporate defendants, National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, put back in the dock. (Irving, the “fifth trial judge”, dismissed them from the case a couple of years back.)

The DC Court of Appeals, being the way it is, is likely to accede to Mann’s wishes, but not Steyn’s. How long that will take is hard to say, but, given the length of the last merely “interlocutory” appeal, it’s unlikely to be quick. At that point, Mark will go to the US Supreme Court. A minimum of four out of nine judges is required to grant a writ of certiorari and hear the case. As Amy K Mitchell noted on Friday, one of them, Samuel Alito, grasped the implications of Mann vs Steyn half-a-decade back:

The petition in this case presents questions that go to the very heart of the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech and freedom of the press: the protection afforded to journalists and others who use harsh language in criticizing opposing advocacy on one of the most important public issues of the day. If the Court is serious about protecting freedom of expression, we should grant review.

–Mark Steyn

S&S NEWS — Dyna Qualifier 2-into-1 Exhaust

The H-D Dyna platform has a cult-like following with people constantly working to push more performance out of their bikes. S&S has thrown gasoline on their fire with the launch of this ‘King of the Baggers’ race-inspired Qualifier 2-1 exhaust.

Available in brushed stainless and Guardian Black finishes, these exhausts feature full heat shields, equal-length head pipes and a stepped header to “make power and rattle cages. Like all of our exhausts, these are designed and made in the USA.”

If you are looking for the perfect ‘dance-partner’ for this Qualifier 2-into-1, S&S recommends its Air Stinger – “take the existing high flow Stealth air cleaner and replace the air smoothing Stinger with a similarly shaped filter element. The increased filter surface area equates to a +55% gain in airflow over a factory filter in an M-8.


PRO STOCK Motorcycle’s WAR Introducing Reddy Parts to NHRA—

NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle’s White Alligator Racing (WAR) is making big moves, as the popular team recently changed ownership. Today the team announces Alabama-based Reddy Parts as its first ever primary partner.

“Reddy Parts is a resourceful company whose product line is perfect for the NHRA drag racing community,” said WAR owner/tuner Tim Kulungian. “They provide rubber tracks, teeth, and undercarriage wear parts for construction and mining vehicles, so they’re the perfect match for the hard working, enterprising NHRA audience.”

Alabama-based Reddy Parts sources and sells the best rubber tracks, steel undercarriage components and high quality hardware for buckets and blades from all around the world inside the USA.

“We couldn’t be more excited to represent Reddy Parts or more proud that they chose us to do the job,” added Kulungian.

Reddy Parts continues a focus that WAR has established, representing industrial partners that are tailor-made for NHRA. While Reddy Parts will be the primary sponsor of the team, WAR’s bikes will continue to feature their own individual sponsors, including the Trick-Tools Suzuki ridden by 2023 NHRA Rookie of the Year Chase Van Sant.

“NHRA racers, crew, and fans are a perfect sampling of our core customers,” said Chase’s father Bruce Van Sant, the founder and owner of Trick-Tools. One small example of the benefits of NHRA exposure occurred when recently retired Funny Car driver Tim Wilkerson came to the Trick-Tools booth at PRI this year looking for tools for his team.

The WAR bike of Chris Bostick is still available for sponsor representation, so join the team!

White Alligator Racing is now known as WAR powered by TK Motorsports.

Find out more about Reddy Parts at

Keep up with WAR at

–Tim Hailey

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QUICK, New Bikernet Reader Comment!

THERE’S HOPE BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for February 15th, 2024–click here to read.

I have been carrying a S&W #642 for five years now and have been happy with it. The grip is a little small. I have kept it on mine as it fits nicely in a jacket pocket. Have you had a chance to shoot it yet?

— Paul J Reeves
Henderson, NV


California bill would offer motorcyclists religious exemptions from wearing helmets

Turban-wearing Sikh motorcyclists would be free to ride helmet-free in California if Assembly Bill 2392, proposed by Fresno Assembly member Esmeralda Soria, becomes law this year.

California’s helmet law for motorcyclists was passed in the 1990s as a public safety issue, but for former Fresno City Councilmember Soria the measure violates the right to religious freedom for Sikhs.

In advocating the measure, Soria said: “Many Sikhs are motorcycle enthusiasts and they deserve to continue their privilege to ride while at the same time, respecting their freedom of religion in a way that supports safety.”

As Soria noted, California is home to half of the Sikhs in the United States — an estimated quarter million people. Sikhism is a monotheistic faith with origins in 15th-century India.

The right of Sikhs to wear turbans is gaining a growing recognition in the United States, with the Marine Corps recently granting members of the religion to do so in boot camp.

“AB 2392 ensures we safeguard our Sikh community’s right to practice their religious expression freely, while also protecting their and other motorcyclists’ safety on California’s roads” Soria said.

–By Jim Guy

Sacramento Bee


All Americans are suffering disproportionately from Climate Alarmism and Doomsday predictions over free countries that believe we’re living in the best of times not the worst.

Bandit’s Cantina


We are excited to offer you the opportunity to promote your business in the 2024 – 2025 Official Sturgis Publication, a project presented by the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame. and the city of Sturgis.

This annual publication provides information to people visiting our area all year long by featuring stories, photographs, and advertisements from local businesses. Beginning in May, we will distribute 20,000 complimentary copies to 100’s of locations across South Dakota.

Your ad will not only promote your business but also support the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, a 501(c)3 non-profit and the City of Sturgis.

To showcase your business, please complete the information requested via the attached link or email us at and request your spot. The deadline is April 1, 2024.

To see the previous magazines

Rate sheet attached.

We would love to have your business highlighted this year. If you have any questions, please contact us using the information provided below.

 Warm regards,
–Heidi Haro / Donna Baird
Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, a 501(c)3 non-profit
605-347-2001/ 999 Main Street/ Sturgis Sd, 57785

GREASY KULTURE– It’s never cost less to complete your collection

Nudge! Our back issue bundles now let you CHOOSE the copies of Greasy Kulture Magazine you want to buy, so you can make big savings on the back issues you’re missing.

Get three brand new digest (A5 size) back issues of your choice (any available issues 1-30) for just £5! Shop the Digest Issue Bundle.

And three bigger, more recent back issues (any available issues 31-78) for just £10! Shop the Big Issue Bundle.

Remember to fill out the issues you want in the customer notes box when you check out of our webstore! Or we’ll send you a random selection.

You can see which back issues are available and which are sold out, HERE.


And I picked the following images to be considered. We will make a decision, so give me your suggestions, quick.

(I think this one is my favorite, above)

Wall of Death rider Rhett Rotten racing an old bike on the Sons of Speed banked oval track at the Full Throttle Saloon during the Sturgis Black Hills Motorcycle Rally. Sturgis, SD, USA. Tuesday, August 6, 2019. Photography 2019 Michael Lichter.


OceanBlu is a handmade Speedway race bike built by Samuele Reali of Abnormal Cycles, Milan, Italy was built as a Tribute to Franz Langher. The one speed NSU SSR 500 CC Langher Monocilindrico is a powerful yet simple bike with no brakes, lights or electronics and is made to only go left! What’s the Skinny? 2019 exhibition artwork from the Motorcycles as Art series at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. Sturgis, SD, USA. Monday, July 29, 2019. Photography ©2019 Michael Lichter.


Carey Maynell racing his Harley-Davidson in the Sons of Speed vintage racing at the Full Throttle Saloon during the 78th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Sturgis, SD. USA. Thursday August 9, 2018. Photography ©2018 Michael Lichter.


Passion Built exhibition artwork in the Buffalo Chip’s Motorcycles as Art gallery during the 78th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Sturgis, SD. USA. Friday August 10, 2018. Photography ©2018 Michael Lichter.


OceanBlu is a handmade Speedway race bike built by Samuele Reali of Abnormal Cycles, Milan, Italy was built as a Tribute to Franz Langher. The one speed NSU SSR 500 CC Langher Monocilindrico is a powerful yet simple bike with no brakes, lights or electronics and is made to only go left! What’s the Skinny? 2019 exhibition artwork from the Motorcycles as Art series at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. Sturgis, SD, USA. Monday, July 29, 2019. Photography ©2019 Michael Lichter.




Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Announces 2024 Inductees to Hall of Fame

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame today announced the museum’s Hall of Fame Class of 2024. This distinguished lineup is composed of individuals with a diverse range of accomplishments … from Hollywood fame, to racing championships, to business success. Honorees this year have supported veterans and the elderly, advocated for motorcyclists’ rights, and have shown artistic talent on canvas as well as on two wheels.

“The Hall of Fame Class of 2024 is notable for its deep roots in the culture of motorcycling,” said Museum Board President Craig Bailey. “Each one of the honorees has uniquely touched our sport and the riding community. We couldn’t be happier to recognize these truly special individuals.”

The class of 2024 includes both Hall of Fame inductees and three special award winners.

James Gregory – James an honored Vietnam Veteran served our country in the Marines for over 20 years before creating and leading the first Run For The Wall in 1989. This annual cross-country run and its arrival in Washington DC on Memorial Day Weekend are the country’s most visible support for POW’s and those Missing in Action.

Roger Goldammer – Roger gained fame as the three-time winner of both the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building and the Las Vegas Artistry in Iron Show. A post-high school apprenticeship, time studying at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and tutoring by a Harley performance guru helped him hone his craft. A fellow bike builder introduced him to land speed racing, which influenced his bike building style and has driven his passion for performance at the salt flats.

Ed Kerr – Ed discovered early in life that he had a passion for motorcycling and a talent for building award winning custom motorcycles. Many of his two-wheeled creations won shows and were featured on the covers of popular motorcycle magazines. Ed is a founding member of Hamsters USA and is proud of the organization’s numerous charity events, including his efforts to raise nearly $100,000 for Meals on Wheels.

Christine LePera and Bob LePera Jr. – This sibling duo carries on the legacy of success at motorcycle accessory manufacturer LePera Industries, which was started by their father in 1972. Bob Jr., the design visionary, and Christine, the marketing and business development guru, keep their company at the top of the industry and both are proud of their company’s support for all types of riders.

David Uhl – David started his career as a commercial illustrator, producing hundreds of best-selling apparel designs for a Harley-Davidson licensee. In 1998, he began creating fine art based on historic motorcycle imagery and became the first licensed oil painter for Harley-Davidson. His portfolio includes several iconic paintings, including a commissioned work presented to the Pope Francis at Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary celebration in Rome.

This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Pete Hill. Hill, who owns a shop in South Carolina, has mastered the creation of race-winning performance motorcycle engines and serves customers from around the globe. He is also an accomplished motorcycle drag racer earning numerous wins and championships, including nine Top Fuel wins in Sturgis.

The 2024 Freedom Fighter Award goes to Jiggs Cressy for his tireless leadership of ABATE of South Dakota, where he served as State Coordinator for fourteen years. Cressy has advocated for South Dakota’s riders in the State Capital countless times and has made eight trips to do the same in Washington as well. Cressy has also received the John “Farmer” Eggers Award, the most prized honor from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, in 2018.

James Sherwin “Bud” Ekins is the 2024 honoree for the Kickstands Down Award. Bud was widely regarded as one of the film industry’s most accomplished stuntmen and was famous for his work in films like “The Great Escape” and “Bullitt.” Before venturing into the film industry, Ekins had success in off-road racing, participating in notable events including the International Six Day Trial, the Mint 400 and the Baja 500. (Kickstand’s Down is a posthumous award presented to an individual worthy of additional recognition.)

The induction breakfast ceremony will be held on Wednesday, August 7, 2024, at The Lodge at Deadwood.

Founded in 2001, the non-profit Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame is located at the heart of the world’s largest motorcycle event, the annual Sturgis Rally. It is a top year-round tourist destination in South Dakota and is considered a “must see” experience for visiting riders. The museum’s collection features over 80 vintage and custom motorcycles, which is one of the world’s largest permanent collections of custom and modified motorcycles. The exhibits also feature an extensive collection of art, including paintings, illustrations, and sculptures. The Museum’s Hall of Fame, which precedes the opening of the museum, includes nearly 280 noted individuals from the motorcycle industry and motorcycle culture around the world. The annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place during the Sturgis Rally each August.

Tickets sales open March 1, 2024. For corporate tables, please call Heidi or Penny at 605-347-2001.

— by Steve Piehl, Authentic CX, LLC,


“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, “Certainly, I can!” Then get busy and find out how to do it.”

~ Theodore Roosevelt

Epoch Times

SOUTH DAKOTA GUN NUT REPORT– Enhanced Conceal Carry Bill Passed in the Senate– Yesterday, February 21st, Senate Bill 203 was passed in the Senate with a vote of 31-3 and will move to the House. The bill allows gun owners with enhanced concealed carry permits and with written permission by the school’s principle, to conceal carry on public school grounds.

Please contact your representative and ask them to SUPPORT SB 203 by using the Take Action button below.

Today, February 21st, Senate Bill 203 was passed in the Senate with a vote of 31-3 and will move to the House. The bill allows gun owners with enhanced concealed carry permits and with written permission by the school’s principle, to conceal carry on public school grounds. Please contact your representative and ask them to SUPPORT SB 203 by using the Take Action button below.

SB 203 amends current law, by allowing an individual with an enhanced concealed carry permit and written permission from a school principal or individual with control of supervision of the grounds, to carry at a public primary or secondary schools. This bill recognizes the ongoing effort to protect our most vulnerable by securing our schools.

Additionally, House Bill 1228 is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. in the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. HB 1228 will allow sportsmen and women to wear fluorescent pink as an alternative to hunter orange, providing additional choices in the field while maintaining the spirit of the law. Please contact your senator and ask them to SUPPORT HB 1228 by using the Take Action button below.

Stay tuned to your inbox and the NRA-ILA website for updates concerning your Second Amendment Rights and hunting heritage in South Dakota.


General Bill by Judiciary Committee and Criminal Justice Subcommittee and Redondo and Smith (CO-SPONSORS) Lopez, V.

Violations Against Vulnerable Road Users: Requires person who commits infraction that causes serious bodily injury to, or causes death of, vulnerable road user to pay specified civil penalty; requires person’s driver license to be suspended for specified period; requires person to attend specified driver improvement course.

Rogue is watching this bill. Motorcyclists are considered vulnerable road user and could be impacted. It also could lead to additional regulations against bikers to make them less vulnerable. Be careful.



I’m not really in favor of it, as I personally believe that it can open a can of worms that could lead to making motorcyclist less vulnerable if they wore all the gear all the time.

I have not contacted my legislators to ask they vote for it, But I have not spoken out against it either.

This is an ABATE of Florida thing and I do believe a majority of people involved voted to go this way. This was already well in the works before I started attending meetings again.

I found out about it because I am signed up with the Florida Legislature to inform me of any bills pertaining to motorcycles and some other items. Of course, now that ABATE has put me back on their mailing list, I am getting daily reports and requests to contact my legislators.

I have already seen court cases where the lawyers are trying to use the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet so he or she did not do everything they could to prevent the seriousness of the injury. Thus, asking for a lower settlement. I should note this even happened in cases where there was no head injury.

The lawyers are using the if you can’t baffle them with your brilliance baffle them with your bullshit defense and get away from Their Client Caused The Collision.



It’s dinner with Ron, a contractor tonight at Scott Jacob’s Brewhouse in Deadwood. Then tomorrow it’s back to the museum to work with the staff on the magazine.

I want to congratulate Randy Simpson, formerly of Milwaukee Iron and his wife Ronda, their son just got his Phd. See, even grubby bikers can have cool kids.

Randy celebrated and bought this busted wishbone Panhead roller. “I’ve got to dust off the old frame table to straighten this one,” Randy said.

My brother in Long Beach sent me some of my dad’s stuff including this Seabee knife he used in Guadalcanal during WWII.

My grandson couldn’t resist and bought this rebuilt by Ryan McQuiston, Panhead engine this week. He had to show it off.

Between Museum projects, including a major project with Grease & Gears TV, I’m working on the Knucklehead. I fought the exhaust system in place and the oil tank with Sturgis leather straps. I’m a little concerned about vibration with this bike.

The Chubby Chipmunk is out of town, but she managed to ship some chocolate truffles to my son, in Texas, for his Birthday.

Between non-stop projects, I ran over to Panhead John’s to help him install his engine. Lookin’ good.

Let’s stay proud, active and always riding free.


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It’s nuts this week. I’m working with the Sturgis Museum on the Sturgis Rally annual magazine, Sturgis Museum expansion, community relations, City input, displays and skywalks to the stars.

It’s all good, all motorcycles and all positive for Sturgis and the industry. Too bad governments don’t get it. Let’s hit the news.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


EU Proposed Ban on Repairing Cars Older than 15 Years—Management of end of life vehicles. Renewing the car fleet.

When ownership becomes a crime. Bill has already been introduced. Any repairs to the engines, transmission, brakes and body work will be prohibited.

Hang on…

Quick… Bikernet Reader’s Comment 

MAKING STUFF HAPPEN BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for February 22, 2024– click here to read

Still the coolest biker chick, ever:

At 82, actress and singer Ann-Margret isn’t slowing down, in fact, she’d like to go a little faster.

“I love speed,” says the Viva Las Vegas and Bye, Bye Birdie actress. “Not the drug.” She means actual miles per hour. Speaking with PEOPLE at the Women’s Image Network’s 25th Women’s Image Awards at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, the avid motorcyclist says she “of course” still rides her Harley-Davidson.

–Pauly D
Chicago, IL


We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest video, 2023 Bagger Racing League Round 4 – Blackhawk Farms Raceway! We can’t wait for you to see it.

You can watch the video now on our website Grease & Gears TV – please feel free to share it. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thank you for your continued support!


It will house predominately Michael Lichter images of the history of the Rally. We want riders from all over the world to be introduced to the Rally History as they walk in the door. We have the city’s time line, but we are looking for additional input.

“I think it was 1976 that CBS’s 60 Minutes covered it. That made a huge difference,” said Woody the mayor of Buffalo Chip. “We’ll look for some stuff from the Chip.”

I need your help pointing out significant milestones we should feature. I would like to feature a couple of significant events from the Chip including the first year of Mike’s exhibits.

We also want to honor the first year of the HOF. Also, we need to display the Museum’s first year in the Pyramid Bar and the first year in the Post Office and 1975 when the rally expanded to 7 days. We should include the hillclimbs and drag racing.

It’s going to be tough to find Mike’s shots from 1938, so we will rely on other sources. I’m sure Mike will help with his classic City Park images. Of course we want to cover the 50th, the first year of the tower on main street the and the first year of the Legends ride. Natch, racing and touring should be featured.

THE TEXAS WEATHER REPORT—or something for Throw-back Thursday.

Trying to clean the current pile on my desk and get it properly filed away. I became lax in 2022 when my mother was in the hospital. Found this young lady in amongst the pile. She was in Hot Bike during your tenure


KURYAKYN and Twin Power Set to Showcase Top Accessories at Daytona Bike Week–Free, Custom-Made Hats to be Created On-Site for Riders

Motorcycle enthusiasts attending this year’s Daytona Bike Week are in for a treat, as premier motorcycle accessory brands, Kuryakyn and Twin Power, prepare for their participation in this year’s Daytona Bike Week.

The two brands will share a display at Destination Daytona from March 1 to March 9, staffed with product experts directly from both brands’ headquarters in Texas.

A special feature of the display this year is free, custom-made hats for consumers that stop in. Riders can select a Kuryakyn or Twin Power design and actually watch their cap being made in the booth.

“It’s easy to get excited for Bike Week,” said Twin Power Brand Manager James Simonelli. “It’s the start of the riding season for people all over the country and you can always feel that energy in the air.”

“Our free cap program this year will be really fun” said Simonelli. “And we’ll create their Kuryakyn or Twin Power hat right there in our display.”

Kuryakyn and Twin Power will display many of their most popular products and an even broader selection will be available for purchase at Daytona Harley-Davidson and J&P Cycles, which are all located on the Destination Daytona footprint.

The display will be open from 9am to 6pm daily in the North Lot at Destination Daytona off Highway US Hwy 1 at I-95.


In November 2023, HR 906, the REPAIR Act, cleared the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Innovation, Data and Commerce. The Act is awaiting a vote from the full House Energy and Commerce Committee four (4) months later.

Contact your Representatives and tell them to support and push forward the REPAIR Act! Especially if your Representative is on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, as listed below!

Pirelli Returns to the Iconic Daytona 200 Presented by MotoAmerica

A Talented Roster of Teams and Racers will Compete Aboard DIABLO Superbike Slicks at the 82nd Running of the Daytona 200

Pirelli is gearing up for an exhilarating showdown at the 82nd edition of the Daytona 200 presented by MotoAmerica. Pirelli has claimed three of the previous four titles and is poised to retake the top step of the podium with a star-studded lineup that includes four-time Daytona 200 winner Danny Eslick, the absolute motorcycle track record holder at Daytona International Speedway, Stefano Mesa, 2023 MotoAmerica Supersport Champion, Xavi Forés, Australian rising star, Tom Toparis, the Rahal Ducati Moto team, and many more. From March 7-9, the “World Center of Racing” will be transformed into a 3.51-mile, 12-turn road course that will challenge racer and machine alike.

The roster of Pirelli-supported teams and racers includes: TOBC Racing (Danny Eslick – four-time Daytona 200 winner), Attack Performance Progressive Yamaha Racing (Xavi Forés), Boulder Motor Sports (Stefano Mesa), Rahal Ducati Moto (PJ Jacobson, Corey Alexander, and Kayla Yaakov), Get Fast Performance (Jason Farrell), Edge Racing (Jason Waters), as well as Antal Halasz, Arthur Aznavuryan, Darren James, Jessica Capizzi, Tom Toparis, and Tony Storniolo.

It’s HERE and it’s a Belter!!

DicE Issue 101 is a beautiful mix of fantastic machines from around the world.

This version features an incredible cover shot by the one and only, Samson Hatae and is in collaboration with Indian Motorcycle.

*Limited Edition Cover – Only 100 made*

2023 AMA Racing, Organizer and Volunteer Awards Announced–

After another successful year of racing and recreational riding pursuits, the American Motorcyclist Association congratulates the winners of its 2023 AMA Racing, Organizer and Volunteer Awards.

Awarded to the standout individuals and organizations that helped cultivate another thriving year of AMA-sanctioned events, the 2023 awards serve as a recognition of those who went above and beyond in the goal to help promote and preserve the motorcycling lifestyle.

“We are grateful to everyone who helped make 2023 another outstanding year of AMA-sanctioned racing and riding,” AMA Director of Racing Mike Pelletier said. “Congratulations to all of the winners, who worked tirelessly throughout 2023 to further the AMA’s reach across the nation.”

For the full list of winners, visit


1. I got invited to a party and was told ‘dress to kill’.
Apparently a turban, beard, and a backpack wasn’t what they had in mind.

2. After a night of drinking, drugs and wild sex, John woke up to find himself next
to a really ugly woman.
That’s when he realized he had made it home safely.

3. Seven wheelchair athletes have been banned from the Para-Olympics after they tested positive for WD40.

4. A teenage boy asks his granny: “Have you seen my pills? They were labeled LSD?”
Granny replies: ” The hell with the pills, did you see the dragons in the kitchen?”

5. His wife gets naked and asks her hubby:
“What turns you on more, my pretty face or my sexy body?”
Hubby looks her up and down and replies: “Your sense of humor!” (Hospital visiting hours are 5:00 to 6:00. )

6. A guy’s wife’s back on the warpath again.
Last night she was up for making a sex movie. When she asked him what he thought about it ? The only thing he did was suggest they should hold auditions for her part.
(His viewing will be Saturday from 7:00 till 8:30.)

7. I’ve accidentally swallowed some Scrabble tiles. My next dump could spell disaster.

8. A guy wakes up this morning and could sense something was wrong. He got downstairs and found his wife face down on the kitchen floor, not breathing! He panicked. He didn’t know what to do.
Then he remembered McDonald’s serves breakfast all day.

9. My wife packed my bags and kicked me out. As I walked out the front door. She screamed: “I wish you a slow and painful death, you bastard!” So I replied: “Oh, so now you want me to stay!”

10. I bought my girlfriend a hamster fur coat last week.
When we went to the fair last night it took me 3 hours to get her off the Ferris wheel.

11. The other night, my wife asked me how many women I’d slept with. I told her: “Only you. All the others kept me awake all night!” (The doctor says I should be able to see again in about ten days. The broken arm will take about a month.)

–El Waggs


Tomorrow Wednesday February,28,2024-

At 9:30 am VFW Post 305 , 1300 Starr Ave., Eau Claire —near Tank next to World War II stone monument.

February 28 ,2024 is the 33rd anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait ,described as one of the most brilliant military operations in United States history.

Heather, Blue Marble Pub/ Chippewa Falls is expected to make a donation for the Desert / Storm Shield, stone recognition. Other donations and tentative plans will be announced.

This could be the first of 11 stones That recognizes potential; World War I, Korea ,Vietnam, Cold War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Homefront heroes , National Guard (since 1636) & the six military branch birthdays.

Many of these are now recognized in the existing VFW post 305 Museum . A “possible “ planned expansion going 25 to 30 feet extending out towards Dell pond/ the Chippewa river “could” include a Frank Lloyd Wright type design.

Immediately afterwards, approx 10:15 am, an informal discussion will include other potential Veteran ,military, recognition & patriotic projects.

Included will be preparation for the Great Lakes Harley owners group rally June 6 – 8th,at Chippewa Falls Fairgrounds with our whole region.

Foremost is recognizing Roy Holtz, the first American occupied German soil in World War I. His picture is prominently displayed at Chippewa Falls, Harley Davidson between the men & women’s bathroom.

Roy also has the distinction of being the first & perhaps only American to have been captured & then escaped as a Prisoner of War/ POW on a motorcycle. Roy whose parents immigrated from Germany , while reportedly speaking fluent German- drank vodka with his German captors,underneath the table & escaped.

Roy’s brother Ezra had been sprayed with WWI mustard gas . When laying in a ditch , Ezra heard ,then flagged down a motorcycle Messenger. It was his brother Roy, who perhaps saved EZra’s life.

Lee Veeser was another World War I Veteran motorcycle messenger who had his Harley shot out from underneath him twice . He was reported KIA in local newspapers twice .

Lee was the commander of the largest Wisconsin & then final horse cavalry in Wisconsin. Legitimate documents, show that Lee put bullets in the same hole ,at 50 feet with 50 witnesses.

For information & insight, please feel free to contact me.

Dave Zien
Vfw Post 305 Service Officer/ Cmdr
1716 63rd St
Town of Wheaton/ Chippewa County
Eau Claire Wi 54703
cell / text 715-829-9436 Dave Zien

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Limited-Edition Hydra-Glide Revival Model and Tobacco Fade Models Premiere
at Daytona Bike Week

Harley-Davidson today revealed the latest additions to its limited-edition Harley-Davidson Icons Motorcycle Collection and the limited-run Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection, showcasing premium factory-direct custom paint and graphic treatments and paint application technology. Both collections will be displayed March 2-9 during Daytona Bike Week at the Harley-Davidson® Event Display Area at Daytona® International Speedway, and are also available now at authorized Harley-Davidson dealers. The Icons model is inspired by the look of the motorcycles ridden in era of the upcoming film The Bikeriders, which follows the rise of a midwestern motorcycle club, as seen through the lives of its members. The film is scheduled to be released theatrically in the United States on June 21, 2024.

Harley-Davidson Icons Motorcycle Collection: Hydra-Glide Revival Model

The 2024 Hydra-Glide Revival model, the fourth installment in the Harley-Davidson Icons Motorcycle Collection, celebrates the 75th anniversary of the 1949 introduction of the Hydra-Glide telescopic front suspension for Harley-Davidson® E and F models. When Hydra-Glide equipped models were introduced the saddle of a smooth-riding Harley-Davidson® FL motorcycle was an exciting way for many Americans to explore the country on the new network of Interstate highways. Owners of a 2024 Hydra-Glide Revival model can trace their own route to freedom and adventure on a bike inspired by this classic era, while enjoying all the comfort and features of a modern Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

The Icons Motorcycle Collection is an annual program for the limited release of a new model that offers a fresh interpretation of an iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycle. A limited collection, each model is individually numbered and produced only once. Global production of the Hydra-Glide Revival model will not exceed 1,750 units.

Exclusive Styling Features

The Hydra-Glide Revival model is finished in custom Redline Red paint with a Birch White panel on fuel tank sides, the same design featured on 1956 models. Details include chrome “Harley-Davidson V” tank badges inspired by 1955-56 tank badges and “Hydra-Glide” script badges located on the front fender skirt. The serialized “Hydra-Glide Revival” insert on the handlebar riser cap and Icons Motorcycle Collection graphic on the rear fender identify this limited-production model.

Additional styling features include instrument graphics inspired by those on the 1954-55 speedometer. The two-tone 21-inch (53.3 cm) high detachable windshield features a color-matched lower portion in Redline Red. A chrome round air cleaner cover and chrome steel laced wheels add to the nostalgic look. Front and rear fender trim, engine guard, fork covers, powertrain and exhaust are finished in brilliant chrome.

A solo saddle is finished with a fringed and decorated leather valance, white seam piping and red contrast stitching, and a chrome rail for a nostalgic look. A matching black leather tank strap is embellished with studs and a concho. Leather and vinyl saddlebags are detailed with chrome conchos with acrylic red centers, chrome studs and leather fringe, white seam piping and red contrast stitching. The saddlebags are water-resistant, have keyed locks for security, and have a rigid liner so they will hold their shape season after season.

Nostalgic Look, Modern Performance

The bike features a counter-balanced Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine tuned with a Screamin’ Eagle High-Flow air cleaner to deliver power with authority. For the rider focused on performance, this engine accepts all applicable Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Stage Upgrade kits.

The Softail chassis hides adjustable mono-shock rear suspension below the seat for dynamic cornering capability and riding comfort while preserving a classic hardtail profile. Electronic cruise control holds a steady speed for comfort on long rides. LED headlamp and auxiliary lamps provide outstanding forward illumination. Standard Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) offers confident control in a variety of riding conditions.

Tobacco Fade Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection

Together the beat of rock ‘n roll and the syncopated rhythm of a V-Twin engine stir the souls of Harley riders. The 2024 Tobacco Fade Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection celebrates the burst of collective energy released by live music at the corner tavern, at a motorcycle rally, or the live stage at the Harley-Davidson Homecoming™ Festival. The Tobacco Fade paint and graphics scheme, inspired by the classic sunburst wood finish first seen on rock and roll guitars, bass, and drums of the 1960s, make this a special motorcycle for any music lover.

Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection models celebrate Harley-Davidson riders and are inspired by their stories and legacies. This collection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles is available in limited quantities – no more than 2,000 per model – across a curated selection of three motorcycle models.

The Tobacco Fade paint treatment is applied by Harley-Davidson using state-of-the art precision paint tools designed to execute faded panel detailing. A rich caramel-colored pinstripe accents the tone of the metallic gold panel floating just outside the sunburst fade. The fuel tank medallion is inspired by the shape and grooves of a vinyl record, while a graphic on the front fender shaped like a guitar pick, inspired by rock band and instrument logos, speaks directly to the details in the tank medallion.

Tobacco Fade Enthusiast Collection includes:

Low Rider ST Model

Strap down your bedroll and make a run for the border. The Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST model is an American V-Twin sport-touring bike for the rider who digs clean-and-lean West Coast style and craves the outrageous performance of the Milwaukee-Eight® 117 V-Twin powertrain. The Low Rider® ST model connects these riders with pure Harley-Davidson attitude. Mechanical features are identical to 2024 Low Rider® ST model.

Ultra Limited Model

Experience premium touring performance with zero compromises in a long-haul touring motorcycle. Classic-style batwing fairing, 4-speaker audio, Tour-Pak® luggage carrier, ultimate comfort for rider and passenger. Mechanical features are identical to 2024 Ultra Limited model.

Tri Glide Ultra

A long-haul touring trike that calls you to go the distance with all the torque, style, premium infotainment and cargo space three wheels can hold. The ultimate in two-up comfort for adventurers who show no signs of stopping. Mechanical features are identical to 2024 Tri Glide® Ultra model.

Special Styling Features on Each Model
Tobacco Fade premium paint

Record-inspired fuel tank medallion unique to this scheme
Stylized guitar pick graphic on front fender
Enthusiast Collection branded logo on top of Tour-Pak luggage carrier or rear fender


Greetings from Daytona! I’ll be setting up the gallery today and we’ll be off and running here at another Bike Week.

If you read my email below from a few days back, we have some updated information for you.

We’ll have the gallery at Teddy Morse’s Daytona Harley in Ormond Beach in the main parking lot area. As you walk down the main walkway toward the entrance to the dealership, we are just off to the right.

Other updates:

** This year’s Harley-Davidson piece (below) is now titled “5 O’clock in Daytona”.

** The Indian motorcycle piece is titled “Beach Buff”. I’ve included the final image below. As David mentioned, “I usually paint old crusty bikes that speak volumes with their patina. On this particular piece, I wanted to capture the feeling of a polished sunny week on the shoreline of Daytona Beach”.
** Please note that David is requiring a $250 deposit on either of these this year.

** Three size options are available for either of the Daytona pieces (see below).

Please let me know if you’d like to reserve either of these.

Thanks for your time and we hope to see you here!

“Beach Buff”
David Uhl
Daytona 2024 Commemorative

As you may know, David has offered a special piece for the Daytona motorcycle rally since 2005. This year, he’ll have two special pieces, one Harley-Davidson and one Indian.

We are pleased to release the first piece (title TBD), featuring Harley-Davidson. I’ve also included a sneak peek at his Indian piece, which he is still working on.

We will have the prints at our gallery in Daytona (at Teddy Morse H-D in Ormond Beach). We’ll be there Feb 29th through March 10th. We will NOT be in the same location as in years past – – they have reconfigured the area – – I’ll let you know our location once they finalize the layout there.

This first piece features David’s ’68 Shovelhead in a beautiful beach side sunset.

Title TBD
David Uhl
2024 Daytona Commemorative

We are now taking orders for the signed and numbered canvas prints, which are available at special Rally pricing through the end of the Bike Week (March 10th).

These Fine Art prints will come framed and will include a Certificate of Authenticity and a special commemorative nameplate. We will also include shipping within the contiguous 48 United States for orders placed by March 10th.

** Image size appx 18 x 24, $925 framed

** Image size appx 24 x 32, $1,895 framed ($1,450 if reserved prior to Daytona gallery opening on Feb 29th)

** Image size appx 30 x 40, $2,895 framed ($2,450 if reserved prior to Daytona gallery opening on Feb 29th)

NOTE: Please contact me about unframed orders.

****David is requiring a $250 deposit with orders this year****

Here’s a look at the second Daytona Commemorative.
Sizes and prices are the same as above.

Painting in progress

Please let me know if you’d like to add either of these (or both!) to your collection.

–Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director
David Uhl Fine Art
Uhl Studios

VINTAGE RIDES THROUGH INDIA–Sacred rivers, tigers and erotic temples

Spiti, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh… At Vintage Rides we introduce you to the real India, in regions little visited by Western tourists. Our teams are passionate about finding the most beautiful routes and unique experiences to ensure your experience is beyond compare. Having an experienced local crew makes all the difference!

Including the To the Gateway of Tibet
Adventure Tour in the Himalayas

– The Spiti valley, on the Tibetan border, with its spectacular landscapes,
– The Buddhist monasteries of Tabo, Dhankar and Key,
– A physical challenge on the Himalayan trails!


Join Patrick Garvin on an exhilarating adventure as he breathes new life into his 1989 FXR. From its humble origins as a grocery getter, witness the mesmerizing evolution of this bike into a functional work of art.

The FXRS-SP underwent a comprehensive overhaul, stripped down to its frame, and reborn as a no-nonsense hotrod. At the heart of this metamorphosis lies an S&S Cycle T124 powerplant, skillfully complemented by a Baker Drivetrain OD6 Builder’s Kit transmission. Every component in this build was handpicked with a keen eye for enhancing both performance and functionality.

Delving into the details, the old sheet metal received a fauxtina-style paint job, adding a distinctive flair to this restomod-style build while preserving the vintage essence. In this article, Patrick eloquently dissects the intricate thought process behind each decision and the flawless execution of the build. Experience the transformation firsthand as Garvin’s project unfolds, seamlessly turning into a masterpiece built for purpose.


We’re celebrating the extra day by adding a handful of previously sold-out VIP nights.

Kid Rock and Jelly Roll


VIP Added for the Sturgis Rally’s
Two Biggest Nights


These passes will go fast, and you won’t get a second chance like this again.


New VIP for Kid Rock
Thursday, Aug. 8, 2024

New EVENT Bikernet Reader Comment!–The World’s Best Custom

Do they still hold the custom Bike show in Las Vegas?

— Dale Lea
Prescott valley, AZ

We reached out to Penny O. the Vegas Queen–Las Vegas BikeFest is no more. John Oakes was going to purchase it and then Covid hit and it all went by the wayside.

Hogs & Heifers’ Rally in the Alley was on hold after they sued the Downtown Grand for shutting down the street. She won her street back but that wasn’t until 2021 and I resigned in March of 2022.

She never brought it back. That event had huge potential. I built it up from 15,000 attendees to 26,000 and $10,000 in sponsorships to $100,000 in sponsorships. It is very costly to close off the streets in Vegas. $14,000 in metro fees alone for our 5-day event.

There is a bar in the downtown area that would like to start up a motorcycle event and a contact reached out to me. I have not spoken to anyone yet.

Do you know of someone that is interested in starting something out here?


BAKER IN DAYTONA–Join the BAKER crew for an unforgettable experience at Daytona Bike Week! Here’s where you can catch the crew throughout the week:

March 2

Full Throttle Bike Show @ Destination Daytona
Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed @ New Smyrna Speedway

March 3

Hardcore Performance Show @ Destination Daytona
Warren Lane’s True Grit Show @ The Broken Spoke Saloon

March 4

The Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast @ Destination Daytona
Chopper Magazine’s Daytona Chopper Luau @ Daytona International Speedway
Trike Show @ Destination Daytona
FXR Mixer @ Beaches Daytona

March 5

Cycle Source Custom Bike Show @ The Broken Spoke Saloon
V-Twin Visionary Performance Show @ Daytona International Speedway
Speedworks Performance Cycles Grand Opening
Toce Performance’s Tacos and Burnouts @ Toce Performance

March 6

Renegade Babes Women’s Ride-in Bike Show @ Destination Daytona
Traditional Chopper Magazine’s Chopper Show @ Giuseppe’s Steel City Pizza
Perewitz Cycle’s Custom Paint Show @ The Broken Spoke Saloon

March 7

Willie’s Chopper Time @ Willie’s Tropical Tattoo
Budweiser Bagger Showdown @ The Cabbage Patch
MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Qualifying Round 1 @ Daytona International Speedway

March 8

MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Qualifying Round 2 & Race 1 @ Daytona International Speedway
Dennis Kirk’s Amateur Bike Show @ The Broken Spoke Saloon
WarFighters MC’s Daytona FXR Show @ Blues & Brews Bistro

Interested in having a BAKER GrudgeBox kit installed during Daytona Bike Week? Swing by Cycle Solutions’ booth at Destination Daytona, near Houligan’s Speedway, between February 29 and March 10, 2024! Secure your installation appointment via email ( or by phone (765-768-6000).


Come See Mike, Steve and the crew to get your FREE Installation of the best Rear Shocks and Front Fork Cartridges your Harley has ever seen!

Our Trailer is located in the Main lot at Teddy Morse’s Destination Daytona for the 83rd Daytona Bike Week! Purchase your Rear Shocks and/or Front Fork Cartridges and you not only get Free Installation, but have the chance to earn a $50 Gift Certificate. Ask Mike when you see him!

Call today to schedule your FREE INSTALL at
Daytona Bike Week:

FLYING PISTON Benefit Breakfast Daytona–

Mark your calendars for Monday, March 4th, during Daytona Bike Week for the Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast!

Go to Teddy Morse’s Destination Daytona for this charity breakfast dedicated to teaching kids how to ride bikes, fostering future motorcycle enthusiasts. This event is a must for your Daytona Bike Week calendar, featuring custom STACYC ebikes crafted by talented artists like Athena Ransom, Vanessa Klock, Freddie Arnold, and Bob Kay, alongside unique Skateboard and Growler art. Let’s rally behind the Flying Piston Benefit and spark the love for riding in the next generation!

Can’t make it in person? You can still contribute by donating or participating in the online auction.

[page break]

BABE OF THE WEEK—Paloma Freitas

–Sam Burns
Talent Scout™

TRADITIONAL Chopper Magazine’s Chopper Show–

Calling all chopper enthusiasts! Bring out your mean machines and show off your custom rides. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just love the thrill of the open road, this event is for you.

Get ready for Traditional Chopper Magazine’s Chopper Show during Daytona Bike Week! Save March 6th from 12-4 pm for an adrenaline-fueled extravaganza. With an impressive lineup of sponsors and jaw-dropping giveaways, this event promises non-stop excitement.

And here’s the cherry on top: registration is absolutely free, and the first arrivals will snag exclusive event shirts until they run out! But that’s not all – get your wheels in top gear because the “Best In Show” will ride away with a brand-new roller!

But wait, the excitement doesn’t end there! After the show, head over to The Last Resort in Port Orange for the ultimate after-party starting at 6 pm. Jam out to electrifying tunes from Panic Station live on stage while enjoying some hot pizza and ice-cold beers.

Don’t miss out on a full day of choppers, camaraderie, and good times!

–Baker Drivetrain

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MAKING STUFF HAPPEN BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for February 22, 2024– click here to read

I’d imagine it’s a tie with Ms Ann and Raquel on my weakness for redheads, add a little Rita too. I’ve had four come through my life, none currently. Yet, I feel sorry for those who as Jimi Hendrix asked “Are you experienced,” yes to both.

Tomball, TX

GREAT NEWS FROM COMPETITION DISTRIBUTING--Harley J & JD 1925-1929 Fuel Tanks Back in Stock!



Jiggs Cressy Honored By Sturgis Museum Hall of Fame

Jiggs Cressy, who has been an MRF member for more than twenty (20) years, is to be recognized by the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame with their esteemed Freedom Fighter Award.

The announcement from the Museum Hall of Fame states:

The 2024 Freedom Fighter Award goes to Jiggs Cressy for his tireless leadership of ABATE of South Dakota, where he served as State Coordinator for fourteen years. Cressy has advocated for South Dakota’s riders in the State Capital countless times and has made eight trips to do the same in Washington as well. Cressy has also received the John “Farmer” Eggers Award, the most prized honor from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, in 2018.

Congratulations to Jiggs on this well-deserved recognition!

“We are very proud to honor freedom fighters and veterans this year.” –Bandit


–Sam Burns
Photo editor™


Greetings! One of the most requested knives is back, the Unmei! We’ll have standard Tungsten Gray Cerakote versions as well as hand-textured Blackouts available today at 2;00PM (ET) on our website. As always if you miss the small drop today, our dealers will be stocked up with the lions share next week!

The Unmei is a Japanese Kwaiken style fixed blade knife that excels in both concealed and everyday carry roles. The RMJ rendition of the Kwaiken style functions well in both urban and rural settings and is a great companion for any adventure. Made from .130” thick Nitro V stainless steel, the Unmei weighs in at 3.5 ounces.

The light and thin design makes this a great knife for any slicing needs. The blade has a Cerakote finish for corrosion and glare resistance, and added durability. The beveled and contoured G10 grips feature diagonal texturing for an aggressive but comfortable and secure grip.

Overall Length: 8 in
Blade Length: 4 in
Blade Thickness: .130 in
Weight: 3.5 ounces without sheath
Blade: Nitro-V Stainless Steel
Handles: G10
Handle Fasteners: Grade 5 Titanium
Sheath: Kydex with belt clip

GREASE AND GEARS TV ACTION–We’re stoked to announce the release of our latest video, Seat Making With Fish At Alleyway! We can’t wait for you to check it out.

You can watch the video now on our network Grease & Gears TV – please help spread the word and share it. Tell them you saw it on Grease & Gears TV.

Ride Safe & Be Cool!



It’s for sale, right on the Ventura freeway. They just dropped the price to 1.75.

6541 Ventura Blvd. in Ventura, CA.

Slater, Michael A @ Oxnard


YELAWOLF Saturday, August 10, 2024


Iron Horse Saloon
888 Junction Ave
Sturgis, SD

Your DAD`S IS A E.G.Waterman

E.G.W. Knife made by E. G. Waterman & Co., New York City. 10 5/8 inches overall with a 6 1/8-inch hollow-ground blade. They were not a military-issued knife, many were purchased and carried to war by soldiers anxious to have a decent knife.

When found these EGW Knives are usually well used or used-up. E.G. Waterman fighting knife was one of the most versatile and hence popular ones. As a fighting knife in the trenches its flat back and solid point of the blade made it very effective.

At the onset of WWII everything was in short supply, especially knives. A lot of GIs bought their own until the manufacturers could spool up production. Case, Remington, Cattaraugus, Western, K-Bar and other knife companies made many privately purchased knives; as the war progressed contracts were awarded and many of the “big” knife companies made their knives for issue to the military.

–Bob T.


Hamster Adopt a Highway (I-90 Clean Up) is scheduled for Saturday 18, 2024 at 10:00 AM

The Hamster Highway Clean-up will be Saturday, May 18 starting at 10:00AM. Meet at Lucky 13 (Holiday Inn) Spearfish parking lot. We should be done by noon.

We are planning to have a dinner that night at 6:00 PM for spouses and others. Will let you know the restaurant at a later date. Thanks for your help.

Let Ray Spellman 605-645-2566 if you can help.


On January 30th 2024 ABATE of Kansas along with the coalition of clubs and the MRF held bikers under the dome at our state capital in Topeka. We sat at tables in the rotunda where we passed out information and motorcycle awareness signs.

A lot of the meeting was made with our legislators about motorcycle issues such as profiling automotive vehicles, pressuring choices in vehicle fuels. Byron Haden president of ABATE of Kansas gave the opening presentation about where we stand on motorcycle issues in Kansas, followed by Eric Rose and Christy Gunderson from Iowa was there with Eric Rogers a guest speaker for M.R.F.

Jimbo from the coalition of clubs along with Tony Railsback our Legislative director for ABATE of Kansas all spoke at the event. I sat at our M.R.F table and the children that you see in the photographs are all members of ABATE of Kansas. One has been a life member since she was four years old.

Gracie and Regan Vagts are our editors’ children and Heidi is my granddaughter. This is our next generation of bikers. While writing my article for ABATE of Kansas I called Tony Rawls Riley about our trip from the meeting of the minds a couple years ago when we stopped in the motorcycle museum in Anamosa Iowa which was awesome. Tony informed me it was closed.

We as bikers need to realize these children are our next generation of bikers and if we don’t act now to persevere their future the only place they will see motorcycles will be in museums. I don’t want my granddaughter to say remember when you used to take me on a ride to the toy run, that was awesome.

–Bill Cooper
Kansas MRF rep.

“That’s why we are working hard on a Sturgis Motorcycle Museum 5-year plan.” –Bandit


“It is a little embarrassing that, after forty-five years of research and study, the best advice I can give to people is to be a little kinder to each other.” Aldous Huxley

Huxley is reported to have made this statement during a television interview with journalist Mike Wallace in 1958, reflecting on the insights he had gained throughout his life. It encapsulates a sentiment that, despite the complexity of human knowledge and achievement, simple acts of kindness remain profoundly impactful.

— Wayfarer


Enhanced Conceal Carry Legislation Headed to Governor Noem’s Desk–

On February 27th, Senate Bill 203 received final passage on the House floor on a vote of 62-8. The legislation will now head to Governor Noem’s desk for her consideration.

SB 203 amends current law, by allowing an individual with an enhanced concealed carry permit and written permission from a school principal or individual with control of supervision of the grounds, to carry at a public primary or secondary schools. This bill recognizes the ongoing effort to protect our most vulnerable by securing our schools.

Stay tuned to your inbox and the NRA-ILA website for updates concerning your Second Amendment Rights and hunting heritage in South Dakota.


’90s Country Music Greats Ricochet Inducted Into The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

Other inductees include Shelby Eicher, Jerry Huffer, Timothy Long, Verlon Thompson, David Webb, and Bryan White

Country music group and 90s hitmakers Ricochet were recently inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame along with Bryan White, Verlon Thompson, Jerry Huffer, Timothy Long, Shelby Eicher, and David Webb. Celebrating music careers from several genres and aspects, the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame honors Oklahomans who have impacted the music industry. Restless Heart and Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame members Dave Innis and Greg Jennings were on hand to induct Ricochet for this prestigious honor. Also included in the ceremony was Ricochet joining Wade Hayes for a special tribute to the legendary Toby Keith.

“Growing up in Oklahoma, one could only dream of such recognition. We are honored even to be considered, much less be amongst so many Oklahoma icons in the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. Thank you to our fans, ENCORE Music Group, for new opportunities, and, of course, the Hall of Fame, for bestowing such an honor.”
– Heath Wright, RICOCHET

“Ricochet has been one of the most important and powerful bands coming from Oklahoma in the past 30 or more years. Each member is highly proficient with their craft, and when they perform you are hearing the result of a group of highly polished and professional musicians that never miss. They put on a show! We are honored to have them inducted into our Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.”
– Tony L. Corbell, Executive Director

Heath Wright – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar & Fiddle
Chris Hempfling – Drums & Vocals
Larry Hight – Steel Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone & Vocals
Bruce Bennett – Bass & Vocals

RICOCHET is the only country group to chart our National Anthem and is in constant demand to perform it live. They have released their current album ‘Ricochet Then & Now… The Hits & More.’ Ricochet continues to play their chart-topping, gold-selling single, “Daddy’s Money,” along with their Top-10 hits, “What Do I Know,” “Love Is Stronger Than Pride,” and the Top-20 “He Left A Lot To Be Desired.”

Track listing for ‘Ricochet Then & Now… The Hits & More’

What Do I Know
Daddy’s Money
Love Is Stronger Than Pride
He Left A Lot To Be Desired
What You Leave Behind
That’s Love

Keep You Lovin’ Me
No Wrong Way
It’s Gonna Be Something
The Beauty of Who You Are
Feel Like Fallin’
I Knew
I Had To Be
Sweet Tea
Freedom Isn’t Free

Mar 09 Flickinger Center for Performing Arts / Alamogordo, N.M.
Apr 20 McPherson Opera House / McPherson, Ks
May 18 Poconos Park / Bushkill, Pa.
May 19 Cadillac Ranch / Oxon Hill, Md.
May 25 Wyloh Ranch / Grandview, Texas
Jun 07 Milligan June Jubilee w/Collin Raye / Milligan, Neb.
Jun 08 CMA Music Fest / Nashville, Tenn.
Jun 29 Riverfest / Conway, S.C.
Jul 02 PRIVATE EVENT / Bismarck, N.D.
Jul 04 Murray State University / Murray, Ky.
Jul 20 El Dorado Springs Park / El Dorado Springs, Mo.
Aug 03 Daniels County Fairgrounds / Scobey, Mt.
Sep 06 Silver Dollar City / Branson, Mo.
Sep 20 URA Seeger Memorial Auditorium w/Terri Clark / West Lebanon, Ind.
Sep 21 BMI Event Center w/Terri Clark / Versailles, Ohio



We are trying to get a handle on the annual Sturgis magazine, the museum entry way, museum expansion efforts, you name it.

But I spoke to Lee Clemens and Brian from Departure Bike Works and got excited. They are making serious progress with the Bonne Belle 45 flathead engine. We basically installed a Sportster lowerend into the cases and created a Timken bearing left case, so I can run a 5-speed transmission, electric start and belt drive.

The cases are now buttoned up, but we needed a set of rods.

Speaking of the museum, I have a couple of connections for antique bikes. This Mike Parti race bike surfaced, but the owner wants to sell it and the Sturgis museum doesn’t have the funds or a system to go after bikes financially. Another item for the board agenda down the road.

Meanwhile back in Deadwood, John’s ’60 Panhead is making progress. His oil tank was missing a tab, so I hauled it to the 5-Ball shop for repairs.

Here are the shots of it completed. Tig welding seems to handle chrome better that a MIG.

I’m hoping for some time in the shop this weekend. The entire driveline is lined up, but with the starter in place the standard 530 chain rubs the casing. I’m searching for options.

With the Redhead missing in action, I’m working into the wee hours. That’s all going to end tomorrow when she returns and demands that I sit at the fucking dinner table for chow.

Hope bike week is a hit and everyone rides safe.


Read More



This has been a massively exciting week. While the bros party in Daytona under summer-like skies, we struggle to stoke the fires of freedom in the cold northwest. Our governor sliced away regulation while other states attempt to reenact helmet laws that harm more than they protect.

The news is interesting, let’s hit it:

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Here is a little more information from the interweb on Toyota’s hydrogen car.

The flagship Toyota Mirai limited has a list price of US $67,095, meaning the list price could drop as low as $27,095-or 60% less than its current cost.

A Toyota Mirai takes a total of 5 kg of hydrogen. So, a full tank would cost around $180 and return around $312 miles of EPA-estimated range (taking the 2018 model as an example). That works out to $0.58 per mile, which is abysmal.

Currently there are only 59 open retail refueling sites in the United States, most of them in California.


Harry Sucher was the founding member of the SoCal AMCA with Chuck Vernon and John Eagle.

–from Don Whalen


We’re hustling on the next Sturgis Rally Magazine. It will be packed with Sturgis resources and rally info.

“You still have a couple of days to buy an ad. It’s an annual book. One ad lasts all year.” –Bandit


I have been blown away by the strong advocacy efforts that have been made by our friends at the USCCA For Saving Lives Action Fund – and I wanted YOU to hear about it.

A new website section has been launched on the Action Fund site, centered around pieces of state-specific legislation. This is a great place to check out legislation happening not only in your home state but around the country as well.

Today, I invite you to go check out what is happening in your neck of the woods – because YOU deserve to know. YOUR God-given 2A rights deserve to be protected, no matter where you are in the country. Our friends at the Action Fund are determined to advocate for your rights every single day at both the state and national levels, and want to ensure you are kept in the loop on all the latest developments.

Take a few minutes TODAY to check out the newly launched site here.

This is an exciting update that I am proud to share with you – 2024 is a crucial year and now is a more important time than ever to make sure you are kept in the loop.

Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
USCCA Chairman & Co-Founder



I know your crew is super busy with one case after another, but don’t you see a trend? It’s almost absurd that this terrific country is going through two decades or strife over something that could have been addressed in two weeks.

It’s also nuts that our entire government has allowed this to get to a point where the only thing that might save the entire country is your group, the Supreme Court.

I would hope, but I don’t expect the Supreme Court to make the decisions, but you can force the right people to step up and address the climate alarmism once and for all.

At one time this country was all about finding the truth and the answers. We need American unity once more. We need kids all over the world to know we are living in the best of times and not doomed. Don’t you see what’s happening?

All the best of times ahead,

The Bastard Biker in the Black Hills

This is a work in progress…


“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” – Winston Churchill

from Epoch Times


Though many people try to make the case that religion and politics don’t mix, the truth is that political affiliations have been a part of history for thousands of years. Even your most beloved biblical figures were committed supporters of specific political parties.

The Babylon Bee is here to shed more light on the topic by revealing the following list of Bible characters and their political parties:

Noah: Democrat. Huge believer in climate change.

Methuselah: Democrat. Currently serving as President of the United States.

Sodom & Gomorrah: The entire city was filled with Libertarians.

Lazarus: Republican when he was alive. Democrat when he wasn’t.

Caiaphas: Democrat. He loved dragging his political enemies to court on false charges.

Balaam’s Donkey: Democrat. Party mascot.

Job: Republican. Couldn’t stop losing.

Peter: Denied party affiliation three times.

Satan: Democrat. Founder of the party.

Jesus: Republican. Everybody knows this.

–Babylon Bee

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DAYTONA BIKE WEEK BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for February 29th, 2024– click here to read

Proposed 15-yr no repair bill!? They will have to pry my Shovelhead out of my dead cold hands!

–Rob Rhoades


Chrome and crowds: Motorcycles take over Main Street as Daytona’s Bike Week begins

It wasn’t even 11 a.m. on Bike Week’s opening day, but Dan and Sue Phillips already had claimed a prime viewing spot for the parade of chrome and characters outside the Boot Hill Saloon on Main Street.

“I’ve had this spot for a long time,” said Dan, 70, referring to more than the two hours that the Daytona Beach couple already had spent that morning on the outside deck of the landmark watering hole.

“My first Bike Week was in 1978 and this is where I was,” he said.

Sue, his wife of 50 years, joined him for the first time two years later. For most of the years since, the couple traveled on their Harley-Davidsons from their home in Dayton, Ohio.

‘A big party, yes?’ Bike Week newcomers explore Main Street.

On opening day, Bike Week rumbled at full throttle on Main Street, the epicenter of the 10-day event that now attracts an estimated crowd of 300,000-400,000 motorcycle fans throughout a region that includes Volusia, Flagler, Brevard, Seminole, Orange, St. Johns and Duval counties.

The scene offered a familiar carnival for the senses that blended the tantalizing aromas of grilled sausages and burgers melded with the scent of leather and exhaust fumes, the sound of molar-rattling engines and the sight of gleaming chrome, custom paint jobs and colorful crowds.

An informal survey of license plates illustrated the event’s appeal: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, South Dakota, Ontario and Quebec, among others.

The throng also included more far-flung visitors, such as the boisterous group of roughly two dozen members of the Scamps Motorcycle Club from Woerden, a city in the Utrecht province of The Netherlands.

“If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much,” said Rob Kromwijk, 44, a welder informally nominated as the group’s spokesman as they nursed cold beers outside Dirty Harry’s Pub.

He and his friends also were early birds on opening day, arriving on Main Street before 7 a.m.

Merchants, vendors expect ‘a great week’
On opening day, merchants and vendors also were optimistic about the 10-day event.

“We’ve been working around the clock, literally, getting ready for this,” said Laura Humphreys, vice president of family-owned Humphreys & Son Jewelers, a Main Street fixture since 1954.

Rain: An unwelcome Bike Week wild card?
Weather could be a question mark, reflected in cloudy skies on opening day that yielded misty rain around lunch time. Based on the extended forecast issued by the National Weather Service in Melbourne, rain chances range from 30-60% into next week.

The prospect of a few raindrops didn’t faze Chris Snyder, 62, a retired building inspector who left behind much less hospitable weather in Buffalo.

“It was snowing and 20 degrees when I left,” said Snyder, watching the scene across from the Full Moon Saloon. “It’s great to get out of Buffalo this time of year. This is a perfect spot. I would stand here all day and do this.”

Snyder is among the visitors who have made multiple trips to Bike Week.

History lesson: Daytona Beach’s Bike Week: A history of beer, bikes, cole slaw and ‘rowdyism’

Those returning fans are the best part of the event, said Johnny Sanchez, owner of John’s Rock ‘N Ride, another longtime Main Street business.

“To me, it’s like a homecoming,” he said. “These are people I only see once or twice a year. I look forward to seeing them, and they look forward to seeing me. They were customers, but now we’re one big family. Yeah, it’s just like a homecoming.”

–By Jim Abbott, Daytona Beach News-Journal

“I cut the hell out of Jim’s report. While it snowed in the Black Hills and I worked with museum projects, but fielded many calls from Daytona. An excited old friend Catherine Palmer called and spoke of a terrific time riding through downtown and out to the Broken Spoke. Some complain to the gentrification of Daytona and the efforts to force the bikers out.

Hamster brothers reported from one party to the next. Michael Lichter hit the ground running with his ammo belt of cameras and note pad. We’ve been back and forth about exciting museum projects and his history with the rally.

Rogue reported in and already submitted reports from Billy Lane’s vintage bike racing events and training for youngsters. More reports on their way…”



This is our biggest giveaway EVER! SOMEONE will WIN this Truck + Chopper + $5,000!


That’s right- every dollar you spend at gets you entered, INCLUDING hard parts!

We’re launching with a HUGE 10X multiplier on all entries! Don’t miss this limited bonus period!
Check it out!


The eagle, er, the Assalt Weapan has landed at Accurate Engineering’s World Headquarters. We are making our list but first there are a couple customers to finalize. Thank you so much, Keith R. Ball. Much Love my Brother.

Five-Ball Racing, Rough Boy Racing, Ben Stuck Speed and Machine, and Accurate Engineering.

–Barry Wardlaw


You asked, we listened. Phone calls start today. Tell Representative Didech NO on his mandatory helmet bill!

State Representative Daniel Didech appears to be standing alone on his legislation (HB5620) to force motorcyclists in Illinois to wear DOT rated helmets. Many of you asked about making calls, so today we start the calls.

Starting today 3/5/24 after 9am, and until the bill is pulled from consideration.

1) Call Representative Daniel Didech’s Springfield office at 217-782-0499.

We are only calling his office at this time. If the situation changes and ABATE feels that other legislators need to hear from us, we’ll send out another alert.

2) Firmly, but politely let the Legislative Coordinator know that you are a rider who will be affected by his legislation, and that you want the Representative to pull his bill from consideration. Let them know that you want Representative Didech to work with us on issues that actually affect motorcycle safety such as distracted driving and restoring Motorcycle Safety Training in Northern Illinois.

Again, be polite. The young lady who will be answering these calls is a very nice person and she didn’t file the bill. ABATE is known for being some of the best at lighting up phone lines and “killing with kindness”. Let’s keep that reputation going.

3) Share the webpage with your friends and family. It will have the latest on this fight including videos and links to witness slips.

4) Check our this map of the 59th District. Call your friends, family, and businesses in this district to encourage them to call his district office and complain about the helmet bill.

5) Don’t forget to file your slips “opponent” to the original bill, “record of appearance only”.

“It’s time for ABATE to do what ABATE does best” – Josh “SKI” WItkowski, Legislative Coordinator


“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”

–Stephen Covey

The words of Henry Ford ring with a profound truth: “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Our beliefs shape the reality we experience, as the Universe responds to the level of our conviction. The Universal Law of cause and effect operates impartially, manifesting in accordance with our predominant thoughts.

Napoleon Hill’s timeless wisdom in “Think and Grow Rich” resonates deeply: “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind will achieve.” Consider the power of this statement.

Many of us unwittingly reinforce negative affirmations, declaring, “I’ll never lose weight, can’t afford it, I always attract the wrong people or ????? Such beliefs inevitably materialize in our lives. Conversely, those who affirm their perfect weight, ideal relationships, and alignment with their life’s purpose witness the manifestation of good through the Universal Law.

To alter our lives, we must transform our thoughts. Zig Ziglar so profoundly said, “Get rid of your stinkin’ thinkin’ and have a checkup from the neck up.” It’s imperative to shift our core beliefs and conversations towards positivity.

Today, let us embrace change in our thinking. Let us open ourselves to the unfolding goodness in our lives, releasing any limiting beliefs. By harnessing the Universal Law of cause and effect, we invite wonderful new outcomes. Our days are filled with uplifting thoughts, and we revel in the results. We acknowledge our Divine guidance, trusting in right thinking.

Grateful for this truth, we affirm: Today, I know I can.

And So It Is.


“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” –Buddha

Confirmed Motorcycle Monk



Hey, it’s almost time for Babes in Borrego, the ultimate homecoming weekend!

Some call it Motorcycle Spring break but we call it Babes Ride Out Borrego Springs! We are just 2.5 weeks away from racing down the grades and into our favorite desert oasis. Ticket sales and transfer end March 8th so if you plan on coming, this is your reminder to get your tickets now.

Friendly reminder that no passes will be sold the week leading up to the event or on site. If you are ready to kick back, relax, and ride with friends near and far in an amazing area, let’s GO GALS!

MAJOR NEWS–Wyoming Senators Standing Tall in the Saddle

We recently reported on Wyoming and climate change in our latest regional publication. This was supported by our team of experts that toured the Cowboy State, speaking at three universities and testifying before the Wyoming Senate Agriculture Committee.

On February 28, the state Senate voted to strip $347 million from the governor’s Energy Matching Funds program. Projects eliminated include carbon capture utilization and storage, carbon dioxide transportation, industrial carbon capture, hydrogen production, biomass, lithium processing and battery storage for wind and solar energy.

This legislative success was led by Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Cheri Steinmetz. In an email thanking us for providing the scientific basis that confirmed that increases in carbon dioxide were hugely beneficial for both Wyoming and the planet, she stated:

“We are extremely grateful for the work of the CO2 Coalition and their ability to provide sound scientific data to public policy makers. It is essential that we have accurate information and place a high regard on the truth as we govern the State of Wyoming. The CO2 Coalition has provided invaluable research, support and willingness to tackle the tough issues we are facing.”

–CO2 Coalition


Next up on the schedule for our state and regional climate series is Arkansas. Breaking news! There is no climate crisis in Arkansas.

Rather than unusual and unprecedented warming, there has been a nearly 3-degree Fahrenheit decline in maximum temperatures since the 1930s in “The Natural State,” which is the state’s nickname.

–CO2 Coalition

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—-General Bill by Transportation & Collins Violations Against Vulnerable Road Users: Designating the “Vulnerable Road User Act”; requiring a person who commits a moving violation that causes serious bodily injury to or the death of a vulnerable road user to pay specified fines & attend a specified driver improvement course; requiring the court to revoke the person’s driver license for a specified period; defining the term “vulnerable road user”, etc. Effective Date: 07/01/2024

CS/CS/SB 838: Proceeds Funding

Motorcycle Safety Education GENERAL BILL by Appropriations ; Transportation ; Collins Proceeds Funding Motorcycle Safety Education; Requiring that the motorcycle safety education fee be used for a safety & education program administered by FL not-for-profit corporations; specifying requirements for the administrators of such program; requiring the Dept of Hwy Safety & Motor Vehicles to enter into certain contracts for a specified purpose; specifying the requirements of the safety awareness & education programs; requiring the department to select program administrators & enter into specified contracts by a specified date, etc. Effective Date: 7/1/2023

ABATE of Florida, Inc – Legion Riders and LAMA

The bill moves the state’s motorcycle safety program into the hands of 3 charities. 3 motorcycle safety organizations are set to receive funding for promotional campaigns under legislation Gov. Ron DeSantis just signed. “FL is home to more than 650,000 motorcyclists who are able to ride all year long,” DeSantis said in a released statement. “It is important to continue promoting motorcycle safety & education programs that will prevent accidents & make our roads safer.”

According to DeSantis’ Office, he signed the bill (SB 838) on Wed, even though he held a bill signing ceremony on Tues after the Cabinet meeting with members of the organizations . Before the ceremony, his aides kicked out all members of the press out of the Cabinet room. FL Channel cameras rolled as the ceremony took place, but the audio feed was cut off. The bill shifts revenues from the $2.50 motorcycle safety education fee included in motorcycle registration fees used by the Dept of Hwy Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) for a safety education program.

Instead, those funds will go to three nonprofit groups to administer their own program. The groups must be licensed charities in FL & have existed for 20 years as a motorcycle safety “grassroots” organization with at least 1,000 members. Under the new law, the DHSMV must select the 3 groups by Oct. 1, & enter into 5-year contracts with them. The law directs the agency to “award the contracts pursuant to this act to eligible entities even if a sufficient number of qualified entities have not applied.” Payments are to be issued quarterly, with the first payment due on Oct. 1.

(that is my husband with the beard behind Gov Desantis – they call him Griz, he is also the new president of ABATE of FL, Inc)

“V “- Newsletter Editor
ABATE of Florida, Inc
Lake County Chapter
PO Box 492
Astatula, FL 34705
‘A Motorcycle Rights Organization’ ABATE state LAKE FB LAKE Web

New TECH Bikernet Reader Comment!–Forking by Frank is Still a Thing!

“Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Forking by Frank. That’s great!” –Sam

Head into the H-D Museum and you could be rolling out on a new Hydra-Glide Revival

Plus, MOTOR has you set for Lenten fish frys, Easter brunch and egg hunt, and a pop-up Supper Club.

When it was first debuted in 1949, Harley-Davidson’s Hydra-Glide represented a significant new chapter in Harley-Davidson history. The introduction of the Hydra-Glide telescopic front suspension for Harley-Davidson E and F models offered a smoother ride for folks looking to explore the highways and byways of America.

Today, the 2024 Hydra-Glide Revival model, the fourth installment in the Harley-Davidson Icons Motorcycle Collection, celebrates the 75th anniversary of that 1949 landmark bike, a champion of the Panhead era. And the new bike could be yours.

Visit the H-D Museum to check out the original 1949 model in the H-D Museum’s Motorcycle Gallery. Then throw a leg over the 2024 Icon in the Experience Gallery and learn how you could be riding home on one of these limited-edition bikes.

But that’s not the only new installation coming to the crossroads of 6th & Canal. Learn more about how H-D put the “motor” in Motor Company in the 1920s and 1930s and then head to the Clubs & Competition Gallery to get a look at the threads motorcycle crews sported in the 20th century.

Hoop heads, there’s still time to hop on the Marquette Golden Eagles bandwagon before the madness begins this month. Hear directly from the head coach Shaka Smart, head coach for the Marquette men’s basketball team, as the finale of Marquette Thursdays at MOTOR® Bar & Restaurant arrives on March 7.

March is also a great time to check out what’s cooking at MOTOR Bar & Restaurant. Whether it’s the famous AYCE Friday Fish Fry for the last weeks of Lent, the St. Pat’s-inspired Irish specials or the Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt, MOTOR has you covered any day of the week. And 1903 Events are showing off there Wisconsin roots with a special pop-up Supper Club.

And tickets are moving fast for this summer’s Harley-Davidson Homecoming™ Festival. Visit to secure your two-day general admission tickets at this year’s lowest prices for headliners like Jelly Roll and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in July.

The end of winter is nigh, which means the H-D Museum is back to being open seven days a week. Check out H-D Museum 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. every day of the week. The Harley-Davidson Shop and H-D Factory Outlet will both be open 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. And MOTOR Bar & Restaurant keeps rolling, opening at 11 a.m. daily (Sun – Wed, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Thu – Sat, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.)


“Mama Tried: Bringing it Together” (on display now)

The Mama Tried Motorcycle Show and adjoining Flat Out Friday races are a bright spot in the dead of cold, Wisconsin winters. The show has amassed an army of followers and fans that give the weekend its signature style: People are the heart of the show; the bikes are the social lubrication. The Harley-Davidson Museum’s special exhibit, “Mama Tried: Bringing it Together,” focuses on the builders, the racers and the fans that gather over a bike or a brew.

A riot of bikes awaits you: outrageous custom bikes, lovingly restored vintage machines and one as rare as hen’s teeth – 1929 FHAC with FLXI Sidecar Factory Racer. Don’t come alone; bring your crew. That’s what Mama Tried is about, after all. And if you haven’t already tuned in, hear directly from David Kreidler, curator of the exhibit, on the Mama Tried podcast.

1972 Custom Sprint 350 Single (on display now)

J. Shia’s unconventional 1972 350cc Sprint custom just went on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Inspired by Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet “Swan Lake,” Shia designed a dual bike project to reflect both the contrast and parallels of the black and white swans. The “white swan” can now be found at the H-D Museum. Shia’s build style for this project is unique in both function and materials, which she designed and fabricated all out of her Boston-based shop, Madhouse Motors.

Shia incorporated unexpected parts from other products to create the bike: The headlight is the projector from a microscope and the taillight is a pencil sharpener. The carburetor intake is a modified juicer, and the foot-pegs are stove handles, while the turbocharger’s exhaust is a soprano saxophone bell. This amazing build is a symbol of ingenuity in moto customization and needs to be seen to be believed.

“My Papi Has a Motorcycle” / “Mi Papi Tiene una Moto” (on display now)

From award-winning children and YA author Isabel Quintero and illustrator Zeke Peña comes the Harley-Davidson Museum’s first-ever bilingual exhibit, “My Papi has a Motorcycle” / “Mi papi tiene una moto.” Based on the beloved children’s book of the same name, “My Papi has a Motorcycle” shares a story of family bonds strengthened by the simple act of taking a joy ride on a two-wheeled machine. With brilliant, colorful art from Peña paired with heart-warming stories from Southern Californian riding families, “My Papi has a Motorcycle” will draw smiles from kids of all ages. It’s an exhibit that focuses not only on where you can take a motorcycle, but where a two-up motorcycle ride with a loved one can take you.

Experience Gallery (on display now)

With inspiring stories from riders who have turned their dream of learning to ride into reality, a look at the epic journeys you can only experience behind the bars of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, plus the chance to throw a leg over a new Harley-Davidson #FreedomMachine, the Experience Gallery shows the world how United We Ride!

And now you can hop in the saddle of a limited-edition 2024 Icons Collection Hydra-Glide Revival motorcycle that celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the original with graphics and design cues taken from Hydra-Glide models of the 1950s and ‘60s.

Worthington Scout Overgreen Engine (on display now)

In 1927, the Worthington Lawn Mower Company launched the Scout Overgreen model, the first walking mower with three connected – also known as “ganged” – decks. Between 1929 and 1935, Worthington contracted Harley-Davidson to build about 500 engines for the innovative triplex mowers.

Long-Time Riders: Lee & Pearl (on display now)

At the H-D Museum entrance, a new case featuring two long-time Wisconsin riders is on display. Lee and Pearl Christopherson have been together since meeting on a motorcycle in 1958. Lee was a member of the Blue Knights, a group of active or retired law enforcement officers.

While Lee can’t begin to guess how many miles he’s ridden over 76 years, Pearl has kept track of her time in the saddle and surpassed 175,000 miles in the summer of 2023.?The display features Pearl’s Motor Maids shirt and vest along with a Blue Knights Club vest from Lee, and the couple’s H.O.G.® patch and pin collection.

Clubs & Competition (on display now)

The early days of motorcycle culture were marked by board track racing, hillclimbs, endurance events, and more. Our latest Clubs & Competition gallery update is a reflection of how these riders shaped the future of bikes.

In the early part of the 20th century, motorcycle culture was a homegrown phenomenon. It grew out of the passion of riders for their evolving sport. The camaraderie that developed around riding and attending competitive events led to the formation of motorcycle clubs that hosted destination rides, family picnics with motorcycle games and other riding competitions.

The latest clothing selection on view in the gallery includes uniforms from clubs organized by region or city. Some of the clubs represented in the case are the Beer City Riders from right here in Milwaukee; the Red Wing Motorcycle Club in Detroit; and the Aztec Motorcycle Club from National City, California. The H-D Archives collection includes Motorclothes® apparel sold in H-D® product catalogs but also non-H-D produced clothing items that have been proudly customized by riders.

“Off-Road Harley-Davidson” (on display now)

In the decades before America paved its highways, early riders had to be prepared for all sorts of terrain: sand, clay or dirt – and wandering those makeshift byways were Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Today, it’s called off-road or adventure touring; back then it was just called riding. Since 1903, Harley-Davidson® motorcycles proved their toughness by riding over wooded hills, through stone-choked creek beds and up mountain sides.

“Off-Road Harley-Davidson” tells the history of motorcycles designed for rough roads, the people who rode them and the adventures they shared. This exhibition will close this month, so make tracks to see “Off-Road Harley-Davidson” before it hits the road.


Frankie would like to buy a house, but he keeps buying more motorcycles. He can’t seem to get one complete, before he’s into another one. I wonder how tall these bars are?

His shop is coming together and I found a print he needed for the wall of the one and only Denver Chopper I built back in the ‘70s. I loved the way they fit big guys, but didn’t like the handling for a hard-riding LA freeway rider.

Check out his shop if you’re in the Venice area of LA between the homeless tents.

Tackling PFAS Regulations in Maine and Minnesota–

Maine and Minnesota have both passed PFAS chemical bans into law that will go into full effect in 2030 and 2032, respectively, and their regulatory agencies are now considering exceptions under “Currently Unavoidable Use” designations – when there is no alternative to PFAS in the manufacturing of a wide variety of consumer products.

“With so many critical powersports vehicle components dependent on PFAS use, we are advocating for sensible and targeted relief for our powersports industry from overly broad PFAS laws,” said Scott Schloegel, senior vice president of the MIC Government Relations Office. “These bans won’t go into full effect for several years, but the regulations are being written today and any exclusions for currently unavoidable use must be made now.

Minnesota is trying to define currently unavoidable use and Maine is considering which individual products and parts will be designated CUU for when the statewide ban goes into effect in 2030.”

In a letter to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and a similar one sent to Minnesota, the GRO stated:

“Motorcycles, ATVs, and ROVs are complex vehicles that are required to comply with many state and federal regulations…. Numerous parts and components in our powersports vehicles contain PFAS to withstand extreme heat and chemical blends in fuel and other fluids, and for water resistance, corrosion resistance, and friction properties…. Without a CUU exclusion for these vehicles and parts the state risks an exit from the market of motorcycles, ATVs, and ROVs which are used by Mainers for commuting, recreation, agriculture, law enforcement, parks and forest officials, fire, rescue, and the military…. In addition to granting our vehicles and parts CUU designation, there needs to be recognition and allowance for parts, vehicles, and replacement parts that are already in inventory across Maine awaiting sale.”

PFAS BACKGROUND: Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances are a class of synthetic chemicals used for decades in a wide range of consumer products. Some PFAS chemicals are water-soluble and can easily enter the environment, and there are others that are polymerized and widely considered to be lower risk. The powersports industry largely uses the low-risk, polymerized PFAS.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these are “long lasting chemicals, components of which break down very slowly over time” and “are found in the blood of people and animals all over the world and are present at low levels in a variety of food products and in the environment.”

Both federal and state governments have examined the health impacts of PFAS chemicals in recent years and many bills have been introduced to ban their use. Some states are also setting up registries to list any vehicles, components, parts, and clothing that contain PFAS.

As you know, we are at war with Fossil Fuels for all the wrong reasons. As Alex states over and over, “We are never looking at the benefits of Fossil Fuels,” which are massive, unrelenting and unstoppable. Interesting. In some respects, PFAS is dusts, but it’s under attack, hence because of climate doom it’s not really challenged. Someday it will be…



“A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

–submitted by Wayfarer
International Editor™


The Sturgis Buffalo Chip has elevated the roles of executive team members Daymon Woodruff and Jeff D’Entremont. Woodruff is moving to President from Executive Vice President, and D’Entremont is moving to Executive Vice President from Vice President of Global Brand Alliances. Rod Woodruff remains at the helm as Sturgis Buffalo Chip CEO.

Daymon Woodruff has quite literally been bred into the music and motorcycle entertainment business. Learning from the ground up over his decades-long tenure, the previous Executive Vice President has immersed himself in every aspect it takes to execute a world-renowned destination like The Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling, including marketing & media, artist entertainment, merchandising, reservations, bar operations and many others.

Woodruff’s journey has prepared him well for this new role and molded him into the unique leader he is today. He is not your typical suit-and-tie exec and is the first to point out you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously when your job is selling fun.

“In the olden days, families became known for the fabrics they wore. It just so happens that our Woodruff family fabric is woven from a mission to throw the Best Party Anywhere for the nicest people on the planet,” says Daymon Woodruff. “If we stick to our mission, pump it full of vision and bring people together to share the magic of real human connection, we’re going somewhere big. Together.”

D’Entremont has been in the motorcycling scene for decades and has been an invaluable asset to the Buffalo Chip since starting full-time in January of 2023. Leading national touring events like the International Motorcycle Show Tour has brought him a level of customer and sponsor perspective few others can match. His work with a variety of OEMs, sponsors, international clients, and the aftermarket gives him the ideal foundation for helping to lead The Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling. As VP of Global Brand Alliances at the Chip, his influence helped bring in powerful relationships like Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, TIXR and many others.

“The next few years will be outstanding for the Buffalo Chip and our partners, and I’m excited to expand my role and build on our momentum,” says D’Entremont. “History is on our horizon with the 85th Anniversary of the Rally followed by the 45th Anniversary of the Chip. It’s time to celebrate our legacy while building an even more unforgettable future. Chip fans better cinch their helmets tight; it’s going to be a helluva ride!”

“The future is looking bright,” says Sturgis Buffalo Chip CEO Rod Woodruff. “Daymon grew up in this business and has held almost every role there is. The more responsibilities and leadership he has, the better off the Buffalo Chip is. Jeff has been a dream come true for the Buffalo Chip ever since he arrived. His industry and event experience will allow him to provide the top experience for our guests and sponsors. We’re making plans for the future, and with these two hardworking and intelligent guys running the ship, we’ll be ready for all the coming years including the 85th anniversary of the Sturgis Rally in 2025, the Buffalo Chip’s 45th anniversary in 2026, and even the 100th anniversary in 16 short years!”

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip remains one of the oldest and longest-running family-owned-and-operated music festivals in the country. Rod Woodruff is the CEO of the Buffalo Chip, with son Daymon taking the title of President. CFO is Carol Woodruff overseeing box office operations. Daughter Toni Woodruff is the Vending and Biker Belles director.

BANDIT ABOUT TO TURN 76—Shares his life’s thoughts:

Good to talk to you. Make sure all your kids take some sort of martial arts training. Is the IMB academy still around? I liked there Pilipino stick fighting and close quarters combat training. Today, especially in cities kids need awareness and self-defense training.

It goes way beyond fighting, situational awareness, threat recognition, understanding evil in all social circumstances. Each one could save lives, reputations, relationships and more. Besides they afford confidence and calm in tough situations.

Let it be written, let it be done.



Aimee Lindee works at Freelance Photographer and Studied Welding and Metal Fabrication at Daytona State College. She is an avid free diver and is known as Coralia Dives.

–Sam Burns
Talent Scout™

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New EDITORIAL Bikernet Reader Comment!-

MAKING STUFF HAPPEN BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for February 22, 2024– click here to read.

Another great article. Keep up the great work! Speaking of which, I wanted to ask if there has ever been a comparison of springer front ends vs. hydraulic?

Is it nostalgia for springers or do they actually function better than hydraulic forks? Care to provide your wisdom on the topic?

–Kolohe West
Citrus Heights, CA

Hey K. West,

“Springers and girders do function. But in general, springers don’t have damping. If the girder uses a shock, then it does have damping. Late Harley springers have shocks. Damping controls the rebound effort.

Here’s the other drawback to springers and girders, travel is limited. If you look at the rockers on a springer you can see the travel is limited to 2-4 inches. Whereas, a hydraulic frontend can travel 6 inches plus.

Bottom line. If you ride like a madman or you like to race, stick with a glide front end. If you cruise springers and girders do the trick and can be a lot of fun.”



They’re made by the Nash Crew and sponsored by Choppers Magazine.

Get ‘em while you can. But there’s more:



Studies Reveal Chrome to Release Pollutants 500 Times more Toxic than Diesel Fumes

Hexavalent chromium – chromium-6 or Cr(VI) – is used in the process of welding, spray painting, and acid dipping. Known to cause lung and nose cancer, the stuff is particularly bad for you if airborne and inhaled, being archived as a lung and nose cancer, as well as a cause for liver damage and reproductive issues.

Existing machines are safe for the time being, though any change of color to a vehicle must still be reported to the Direccion General de Trafico (DGT) and insurance providers “to comply with regulations and insurance policies.”

the ban, by the way, also floats over newer machines like Triumph’s Chrome Collection, Norton’s V4SS, and a slew of Harleys( including the 2023 Harley-Davidson Road Glide® Special).

–from Geno and web bike world

“Again, we’re not getting the whole story. Hang on for more reports.” –Bandit

E15 CHANGES–In The Midwest

Last week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a policy change related to gasoline with 15% ethanol (E15). In 2025 this new policy will allow gas stations in eight Midwestern states to sell E15 fuel year-round. Current policy prohibits E15 sales between June 1st and September 15th because of concerns that it adds to smog on hot days.

In 2022 and 2023 the EPA announced emergency waivers that allowed for summertime E15 sales, citing market disruptions, including the war in Ukraine. This move by the EPA will make those temporary changes permanent in the selected eight states.

The rule, which takes effect in April 2025, will apply in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. This decision comes after governors and farm groups in these eight states requested that the federal government change this policy.

This modification is a prime opportunity to remind everyone to be mindful of the fuel that you use. Verify that the fuel you are using in your bike is compatible with manufacturers’ guidelines. Stay vigilant as these changes take effect over the next year!

Ride Safe and Ride Free



Experience the timeless elegance of the Brough Superior SS 100 at its exclusive launch in California. Be among the first to own this motorcycle icon.


Reserve yours today and become a part of history.

This legendary motorcycle, celebrated alongside Lawrence of Arabia, embodies luxury, beauty, and speed. It’s a masterpiece handcrafted in Brough Superior’s French workshop, blending classic design with modern engineering.

Experience the thrill of riding a Super Sports 100. Its updated look and cutting-edge materials like a titanium chassis and quad-disc brakes ensure both style and performance.

Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of motorcycle history. Get behind the handlebars of the Brough Superior Super Sports 100 today!

AMA National and Regional News

Washington, D.C. — The Biden administration is planning to give carmakers more time to ramp up sales of electric vehicles amid weak demand for EVs, according to a report by the New York Times. The relaxed rule is part of a pending regulation that limits tailpipe emissions that will soon be finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Under the EPA proposal submitted for review to the White House Office of Management and Budget, about 67 percent of new car sales — including sedans, crossovers, SUVs and light trucks — would be required to be electric by 2032, a dramatic increase from over 7 percent in 2023. It would also require up to 50 percent of buses and garbage trucks, 35 percent of short-haul freight tractors and 25 percent of long-haul freight tractor purchases to be electric.

Automakers and the Alliance for Automotive Innovation have urged the Biden administration to slow the proposed ramp-up in EV sales. They have said EV technology is still too costly for many mainstream U.S. consumers, and more time is needed to develop the charging infrastructure.

The availability of functioning charging stations remains a key issue, both for automakers and for many consumers. Although many EV drivers charge their vehicles at home, advocates have complained about a lack of functioning public charging stations across the country.

San Francisco — Waymo’s application to expand its robotaxi service in Los Angeles and San Mateo counties has been suspended for 120 days by the California Public Utilities Commission’s Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division. The decision doesn’t change Waymo’s ability to commercially operate driverless vehicles in San Francisco. However, it does put an abrupt halt to the company’s goals to expand where it can operate — at least until June 2024.

The Commission said on its website that the application has been suspended for further staff review. According to Waymo, the “suspension” is a procedural part of the CPUC’s standard and robust review process. However, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors vice president David J. Canepa took a different position. He stated that Waymo has hindered meaningful discussions regarding planned expansion into Silicon Valley and that this delay will provide the opportunity to fully engage the autonomous vehicle maker on their public safety concerns.

Waymo operates a commercial service 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout San Francisco. Waymo is also allowed to give people free driverless rides in parts of Los Angeles. The company kicked off robotaxi ride testing with employees in Santa Monica around March 2023 and has since opened it up to some members of the public, but is still not able to charge for those rides.

State News

Carson City, Nev. — The Bureau of Land Management announced that the Sierra Front- Northern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council (RAC) will host a public meeting on April 11, and a field tour on April 12. The 15-member BLM Sierra Front-Northern Great Basin RAC serves in an advisory capacity concerning issues relating to land use planning and the management of the public land resources located within the BLM’s Winnemucca, Elko, and Carson City Districts. The meeting and the field tour are open to the public.

The April 11 meeting will be held in-person at the Carson City BLM District Office, 5665 Morgan Mill Road, Carson City, Nev., from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PDT. A virtual participation option will also be available. Agenda items include district updates, Sage Grouse effort, Sand Mountain Recreation Area, Mining Law, Tribal Consultation process, and Solar Preliminary Environmental Impact Statement.

The meeting agenda and meeting access information for individuals that prefer to participate virtually will be posted two weeks in advance of the meeting at

Also — Nevada State Parks is currently accepting grant applications for motorized trail projects in anticipation of the 2024 Federal Highway Administration funding of the Recreational Trails Program. RTP funding may be awarded to counties, municipalities, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations and tribal governments.

Applications must fall within one of the following categories:

Industry News

AMA News

Jeff Emig was awarded the AMA Veteran/Senior Racer of the Year, while Jack Brucks was recognized as the AMA Youth Racer of the Year.

The AMA Female Racer of the Year was Mikayla Moore, who brought home the MotoAmerica Build, Train, Race Championship in 2023.

American Motorcyclist Association

13515 Yarmouth Dr
Pickerington, OH 43147

Phone: (800) AMA-JOIN
(800) 262-5646
(614) 856-1900


Here we go mates! Issue 103 is ready to roll out to you beautiful people.

You can grab a print or digital subscription or even just a single.

Enjoy DicE responsibly.


Regarding motorcycle safety equipment, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation has long advocated that the government should “Let Those Who Ride Decide.” That is why recent news out of Illinois should make all bikers take notice.

A new bill, HB5620, would require all motorcyclists riding in the state to wear helmets. Illinois is one of thirty-three (33) states that allow some level of choice in the use of motorcycle helmets. In fact, Illinois, along with Iowa and New Hampshire, is one of only three (3) states that do not have a law regarding the use of motorcycle helmets. While states like Missouri and Nebraska have moved to allow more options for riders, this proposed plan in Illinois would be a step backward for those who believe in freedom of choice.

ABATE of Illinois is a powerful and effective organization for riders in the Land of Lincoln. They have engaged state lawmakers and are pushing back against this proposed legislation. But it should be a warning to all state motorcyclist rights organizations that if they can try it in Illinois, they can try it anywhere. Illinois has a long and proud tradition of allowing those who ride to decide what they wear. The MRF applauds their vigilance, and we will help them however we can.

There will be a committee hearing on Wednesday, March 6th, regarding HB5620.

To learn more about the battle in Illinois and help ABATE of Illinois with their coming efforts, click the “Help Illinois” button below.

Now more than ever, ride safe and ride free!


Women veterans are dying by suicide at a staggering rate, especially when compared with their male and civilian counterparts.

This week, DAV released a new report, Women Veterans: The Journey to Mental Wellness, showing that despite years of progress in recognizing, serving and understanding women veterans, too many women continue to be at risk of falling through the cracks due to gaps in lifesaving mental health care.

This in-depth report — DAV’s third report focused on the unique experiences and needs of women veterans — shares alarming new statistics and calls on the VA to step up efforts to ensure the health and safety of our nation’s women veterans. We can and must do better for the women who served — and sacrificed — for our country.

Read the full report today, which includes personal stories from women veterans and more than 50 policy and legislative recommendations to spark change and save lives.


“The most powerful factors in the world are clear ideas in the minds of energetic men of good will.” — J Arthur Thomson

–from Epoch times

ALERT, Hidden Helmet Legislation–

The Connecticut Motorcycle Riders Association (CMRA) has identified helmet legislation within a bill called HB5330:


This legislation covers several topics, with language regarding wetlands, building permits and bicycles. However, section 19(b) on page 22 of the 29-page bill introduces the topic of helmets. This section seems aimed toward new riders, following section 19(a), which requires helmets for riders under the age of eighteen (18). Section 19(b) would require wearing a helmet for the first three (3) years after receiving a motorcycle endorsement on their license.

The wording is such that it would require an experienced rider moving to Connecticut to wear a helmet for the next three (3) years.

The CMRA is working to organize riders in the Constitution State to attend a hearing on the bill at 10:00 am on March 4th, 2024. They will address lawmakers in an effort to push back against this proposed legislation. This bill in Connecticut is a second warning in as many days to all state motorcyclist rights organizations that attempts at helmet legislation are not dead. We must remain vigilant to continue allowing those who ride to decide what they wear. The MRF applauds this vigilance, and we will help them however we can.

To learn more about the bill in Connecticut and help CMRA with its efforts, click the buttons below.

Now more than ever, ride safe and ride free.


“When you’re righteous, you don’t have to tell people that you’re righteous.” – Shaquille O’Neal

from 1440 Daily Digest


This year is nuts. I was asked about Museum auction items for Hamster banquet and it got me thinking. I haven’t been inspired to go metal art mad in the Black Hills. There’s a lot metal art talent in the area, and I suppose I’ve been intimidated.

So, I had a notion. And immediately another Hamster stepped up, Randy Cramer at Dakota V-twin. I’m going to wrap a spoked 21-inch wheel with a metal diamondback rattlesnake.

Hang on for reports. My son Frank is working on a tattoo-styled sketch.

Lee Clemens, another Hamster and former bike shop owner works on 45 flatheads and came up with an additional pump to pull oil out of the lower end. I don’t get it yet, although he’s explained it a couple of times. It’s complicated.

We are having a discussion about our logo going forward with the rebuilt site. Jon Towle passed away awhile ago. I still miss him and his talents.  

Jon Towle penned this illustration for my dad’s birthday. Son Frank came and tattooed my 80-some year old dad with a Hamster tattoo, since Hamsters were kind enough to ride to his block party every year until he passed. This year Son Frank packed Frankie on his back.

Here’s the original stencil. My Dad saved it, and I gave it to Frank for his 50th birthday. Big spender…

Here’s the major challenge of the week. I got the front chain lined up, the ring gear was spaced properly with the starter jackshaft.

The rear chain is aligned after making more space for the Sprotor bolts. Then I bolted up the starter and the chain rubs. Plus I ran the thinnest chain I could find from D.I.D.

I machined the transmission mainshaft nut down to allow the starter plate to be moved back 1/16th of an inch, helped some.

Fuck, it’s whiskey night and I ran across another poster for Doughboy Whiskey. Maybe tonight’s the night.

Johnny Humble’s chopper. He likes the new Tobacco line of Harleys and is seriously tempted to buy the Softail with the fairing. He’s also posting a report on Mama Tried.

I found this from Milwaukee Iron from the ’80 and offered it to the master, Randy Simpson. I mounted it and will take a shot before I ship it out.

In the meantime, ride fast and free forever.


Read More



I try to help people find their way during stressful times. We have a ton of shit flying at us constantly, and I mean that, it’s shit. It’s wasteful garbage. I specifically don’t like the impact on kids.

Wait a minute, I wanted to make a couple of simple points, not rant. First, sometimes we need to take our minds out of gear for a fresh perspective. If you study meditation, it will make a major difference in your life and even assist with healing.

The second point includes one of my meditations that I can do anywhere at any time. It sets me free and keeps me on the right path. My meditation includes three sections. Promises I make to everyone, the definition of suffering and the path to end all suffering. Here’s just the final path:

The right contemplation
The right concentration

The right thoughts
The right intentions

The right plans
The right practices

The right actions
The right outcomes

And I add “forever” at the end to cement the notions. It’s an exercise for your mind and your integrity. It’s like lifting weights for the brain. The more you do it, the stronger you become.

Let’s hit the news:

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


Here’s something I wrote. I’m working with a producer in Hollywood and she said the industry is in turmoil. I said I would send her a story that will fry Hollywood on a gas powered stove. Hang On…



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New Magazine Format for 2024

Our magazine is being designed to be the ultimate go-to guide for all your local needs – from top dining spots, riding destinations to must-see attractions. We will entertain with stories of Sturgis History from national contributors including Michael Lichter, from museum curators such as Dr. Randy Hayward, and our own colorful Sturgis Museum History from Keith R. Ball.

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” Know what you stand for, who you stand with, and what you stand against!” ~ Travis Haley, Founder – Haley Strategic
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Representatives Visit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Test Center

Last week, Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Vice President Jay Jackson and D.C. Lobbyist Rocky Fox visited the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) at its crash test center 100 miles outside Washington, D.C. in Ruckersville, Virginia. The IIHS is an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing deaths, injuries, and property damage from motor vehicle crashes through research and evaluation and by educating consumers, policymakers, and safety professionals.

The meeting was a combined effort by both parties to find common ground on policies that can help achieve mutual success. First and foremost, we appreciate the IIHS goal of reducing deaths among motorcyclists. We should all be able to agree that the all-time high of over 6,000 deaths in 2021 is an unacceptable number.

The timing of our visit was fortuitous as today the IIHS announced a new rating program aimed at partial driving automation systems. As the report states, “Vehicles with partial automation are not self-driving — though automakers sometimes use names that imply their systems are.” Of the fourteen (14) systems tested, only one earned an “acceptable” rating. Two (2) systems were rated “marginal,” while the remaining eleven (11) were rated “poor.”

To see the models tested and how they rated refer at the end of this article

The underlying message of the report from IIHS is that “Partial driving automation is a convenience feature that is meant to make long drives easier. There is no evidence that it makes driving safer, and, in fact, it can create new risks by making it easier for the driver’s attention to wander. For this reason, it is essential that all partial driving automation systems incorporate robust safeguards.” We at the MRF wholeheartedly agree with this statement and thank the IIHS for taking the lead in evaluating this recent technology.

The IIHS has also begun assessing front crash prevention technology in cars and trucks as they relate to motorcycles. Previously the IIHS only evaluated this technology in automobile vs. automobile situations. IIHS has now branched out to assess how this driver assistance technology recognizes and reacts to motorcycles. We are excited to see what their report reveals.

All too often, after a crash between an automobile and a motorcycle, the driver will admit that they “did not see the motorcycle.” Any technology that aids drivers in seeing bikers is welcome. Additionally, knowing which makes and models of vehicles can and cannot see motorcycles will be crucial information for motorcyclists on the road. The MRF anticipates both the IIHS report and their vehicle ratings on this issue.

While discussions were within the office, the IIHS did invite the MRF representatives to see a crash test conducted. For their viewing pleasure, a 2023 Chevy Tahoe was slammed into a brick wall at 40 MPH. This crash allowed researchers to study the effects on the occupants of the Tahoe and the performance of the Tahoe’s safety features during an impact.

The crash test was a great reminder of how even relatively low-speed crashes can have devastating ramifications for those involved. We thank the IIHS for the invitation to meet and look forward to a continuing dialogue on issues that matter to both organizations.



Youngblood spearheaded the AMA’s efforts from 1981 to 1999

The American Motorcyclist Association is saddened to hear about the passing of former AMA President Ed Youngblood on March 10, 2024, and offers condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Youngblood was 80 years old.

Born on Sept. 28, 1943, in Muskogee, Okla., Youngblood bought his first bike — a 165cc Harley-Davidson — at the age of 14. After graduating from college with a master’s degree, he went to work with AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famers Chuck and Sharon Clayton as an editor of Cycle News East.

In 1970, Youngblood joined the AMA staff as managing editor of AMA News, which later was replaced by American Motorcyclist. In 1978, he was put in charge of the AMA’s government relations department.

In 1981, Youngblood was appointed AMA executive director. He led the organization until 1999. During his tenure, Youngblood focused on improving member communication, growing the AMA’s government relations efforts, and building stronger ties to the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme. For 25 years Youngblood was a delegate to the FIM, and he eventually became the deputy president, which was the second-highest rank in the organization.

Youngblood also helped establish the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

He was instrumental in forming the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation in the early 1980s to raise funds for the Hall of Fame Museum. The American Motorcycle Heritage Museum was opened in 1990 within the AMA’s old headquarters in Westerville, Ohio.

During Youngblood’s tenure the AMA’s headquarters was relocated to Pickerington, Ohio — which remains the AMA’s home today.

The American Motorcycle Heritage Museum followed the AMA to Pickerington, assuming a new name: The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.

Youngblood resigned from the AMA to focus on his interests in history and writing in 1999 and was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame later that year.

About the American Motorcyclist Association
Founded in 1924, the AMA is a not-for-profit member-based association whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. As the orld’s largest motorcycling rights and event sanctioning organization, the AMA advocates for riders’ interests at all levels of government and sanctions thousands of competition and recreational events every year.

Besides offering members money-saving discounts on products and services, the AMA also publishes American Motorcyclist, a recently revitalized and monthly full-color magazine (and digital version of same) that covers current events and motorcycle history with brilliant photography and compelling writing.

American Motorcyclist is also North America’s largest-circulation magazine. Through the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, the AMA honors the heroes and heritage of motorcycling. For more information, visit
Not a member? Join the AMA today:

TEXAS WEATHER REPORT— I’m a photographer, so I take pictures for myself, to document it, and to share my exploits with my Bikernet brothers and sisters.

I recently acquired FXRP fairing, but quick, the weather. It not only froze in Houston again, but was a holiday for some. With the roads having some icing issues I decided to do a YouTube search for Fiberglass Motorcycle Fairing Repairs and came upon an Australian dude who introduced me to Plastex, an American made product.

Simple to use and fast acting and sand-able too. It’s just a powder and an activating agent, that you do not want to use in an enclosed space! Then I watched another individual in the States using the JB Weld for plastic, also sand-able. I didn’t watch his entire video as I’ve repaired a couple of tanks with JB Weld, no electricity needed welder, so I’m familiar with the mixing. Both products come in different colors as well.

I was lucky in the way my fairing was damaged, the main crack where the inside of the fairing meets the thicker outer shell and a smaller crack not too far away.

After figuring out how to pull the main crack tight, I used the JB to secure the corner after a bit of curing I turned my attention to the front side of the main break. The Plastex needs a bit of a groove to properly adhere, like an actual weld. After completing that task, I loaded up the area with the powder and tapped it in, figuring how to get that area level was interesting. Then I began to start dripping the activator on the powder, did I mention the garage door was closed–oh my gosh that stuff was strong!

Plastex takes no time to harden for handling, yet I waited a while before carefully turning it over to add some additional strength to the back side with the JB. I also added the rebar or sheet rock tape. I learned from the gentleman in Australia, although I didn’t do it with the top side repair.

While I haven’t started sanding yet, on its first journey it held together. There is still an inner brace missing from that side that I want to replace, but I need a piece of ¼-inch metal and a video on what product to use to secure it? Harley put them there for a reason and whatever they used to secure it is hard as a rock! I’ve noticed on the internet most RP fairing are damaged on the right side.

The “ONLY” possible issue I see is the Plastex states not to let it come in contact with other products. The small hole I drilled in the second smaller crack and filled with the powder, I later added JB to the back side. So, it’s possible, in a Back To The Future sorta way, that when I reach 102.634 miles per hour these two products will have a chemical chain reaction, leaving a hole the size of Rhode Island?

Hang on!



Today the president of the Black Hills Antique Motorcycle Association stopped by to thank us for straightening out an old problem with the Museum. He offered us bikes and would like to join the board.

We hooked up with the new Mayor of Sturgis and plan to host Angela on a tour of the facility to discuss expansion and who on the city council will become a board member for the future.

We are moving and enhancing exhibits. We’ve edited and expanded the historic rally timeline and we are working with Quick Signs in Spearfish to blow up this font of information and position it on a 5 by 8 board against one of the entrance walls.

We are reworking the Sturgis Museum Website and building the annual magazine with more pages, more content and more resources.

Hang on.



Nepal & Bhutan in the Heart of the Himalayas

A road trip through this mythical world is an experience well beyond your ordinary motorcycle tour. This Himalayan adventure awakens the senses and invigorates the soul; it is a voyage of discovery, not just of these legendary lands but of oneself.

MAKE IT TO LEGISLATIVE DAY WITH ABATE of Illinois— Statehouse Update

Want to make your voice heard? Join Us for Legislative Day – April 17th

Representative Daniel Didech Gets another Sponsor for his Mandatory Helmet Bill for Illinois Motorcyclists – Witness Slips Needed AGAIN!

State Representative Daniel Didech added Representative Margaret Croke to his legislation (HB5620) to force motorcyclists in Illinois to wear DOT rated helmets. It is still in the House Transportation Vehicle Safety Committee. The Representative from Buffalo Grove wants to take away your fundamental right to choose what gear to wear when riding.

We need to file Witness Slips Again to continue Opposing this Bill

1) Click this Link – Witness Slip

2) Fill it out manually, do not use autofill.

3) Make sure to put ABATE of Illinois – Chapter name under Firm & Self under Representation

4) Mark “Original Bill:, OPPONENT” then “Record of Appearance Only”

5) Share this link with your friends –

6) Call Representative Didech at 217-782-0499 & ask him to withdraw his bill.

7) Call Representative Croke at 217-782-8062 & ask her to remove her name as a sponsor of the mandatory helmet bill.

Remember to be firm yet polite with the legislative staff that answers the phone. They deal with a lot of rude folks, and we don’t need to add to that list. ABATE is known for lighting up phones and being nice about it, so let’s keep that going.

It’s been a long time since ABATE has had a good helmet fight – Mike ingram, ABATE of Illinois Member.

Always See the latest at

Questions? email:



What motorcycle do you like that everyone seems to hate?

Harley-Davidson X440 – it’s not ugly nor poor. It is actually a meticulously designed motorcycle and as for its low price–Harley-Davidson was always meant to be a motorcycle for the working class– not for some billionaire to showcase in his 50 acre garage.

Launched on July 3, 2023, the Harley-Davidson Motor Co does not offer the X440 for sale in the USA.

International Editor™


The forged Raven Bearded Ax is a fully custom made, Nordic inspired bearded ax.

Forged from super tough 80CRV2 steel, it is a true working ax, not just a collectors’ item as it appears. The neck features a Viking knotwork design forged into the steel and the handle scales are linen Micarta textured with an interlocking Celtic pattern.

It comes with a custom Chattanooga Leather Works scabbard and leather Baldric ring for belt or MOLLE carry. The Raven also includes a solid wood box with laser engraved touches, an a leather patch. The Raven is designed, forged, and finished by our inhouse blacksmith Reid Carmack.

Head Length: 4. in
Overall Length: 14 in
Handle Length: 9.5 in
Forward Cutting Edge Length: 3.25 in
Steel Thickness: .375 in
Weight: 1 pound 3 ounces (without sheath)
Weight: 1 pound 5 ounces (with sheath)
Blade Material: 80CRV2 Carbon Steel
Steel Finish: Fire scale
Handle Material: Micarta

FAIRPLEX Special Ticket Offer

The California Overland Adventure & Power Sports Show – March 16 – 17, 2024, at the Fairplex, Pomona

As a partner and exhibitor at this exciting event, we have secured Up To 400 Free Tickets and are happy to pass this great offer to you, your family, friends, and colleagues. We invite you to attend SoCal’s ultimate outdoor lifestyle event featuring products and brands in Overlanding, RVs, ATVs, Motorcycle Brands, Autos, E-bikes, Camping, Hiking, and more.

Early attendees to the show will receive Logoed Back Pack, a full year free subscription to OVR Magazine, and other items, and those early attendees will have a chance to win some great products.

Please visit our booth during the show. We look forward to seeing you!

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False Evidence Appearing Real

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.” –Rosa Parks

Fear is a formidable adversary, disrupting our peace and hindering our ability to perform at our best. When anxiety consumes us, we are unable to fully engage with the present moment, and the fear we harbor today often carries over into tomorrow, perpetuating a cycle of dread.

It steals our sleep, robs us of joy, and leaves us drained and unable to move forward. Dwelling on our problems only serves to entrench us further in fear, preventing us from accessing the solutions we seek.

Today’s Affirmation: Today, I choose to reject fear’s grip on my life. I affirm that I am guided by a Higher Power and shielded from harm. I release the burdens of yesterday, refusing to dwell on past fears. Instead, I direct my energy towards finding peace, joy, and trust within myself, confident that the solutions to my challenges lie within me.

I embrace a Higher Consciousness, grateful for the lessons I have learned and the growth they have brought. With each challenge I face, I stand firm in my inner confidence, knowing that I am supported and equipped to overcome. I elevate my mindset with gratitude and benevolence.

And So It Is!


The lessons of Life are repeated until they are learned

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson


“See, it’s all about the mind. And you can change your mind by working out…”  –Bandit

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Cory West Tops All-Harley Podium in Saturday’s Super Hooligan Race

Harley-Davidson Factory Racing rider Kyle Wyman scored a Daytona double by winning the first two MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers races of the 2024 season at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Harley-Davidson Factory Racing rider James Rispoli finished in third place in both races. Wyman and Rispoli were aboard the team’s new race-prepared 2024 Road Glide motorcycles.

Team Saddlemen rider Cory West rode a race-prepared Harley-Davidson® Pan America 1250 Special motorcycle to victory and topped an all-Harley podium in the Mission Super Hooligan race on Saturday. Team Saddlemen rider Jake Lewis finished second, and Gator Harley/KWR rider Cody Wyman was third completing the sweep. West also finished in third place in the Super Hooligan race on Friday and leads the series points after two of 10 scheduled rounds.

The first King of the Baggers race on Friday saw a thundering pack of 17 bagger race motorcycles topping 185 mph on the high-banked oval portion of the 3.52-mile Daytona International Speedway road course. Wyman and Rispoli were part of a four-bike group that battled for the lead for the entire race and started the last of six laps separated by less than one second. Wyman had been quick through the backstraight chicane all race and on the last lap got a strong drive out of the final corner to pass Factory Indian rider Troy Herfoss for the lead heading onto the last section of the oval.

Wyman had enough momentum to hold off Herfoss and Rispoli across the finish line with a 0.018 second advantage over Herfoss and 0.137 second over Rispoli. Defending King of the Baggers series champion Hayden Gillim finished fourth on the RevZilla/Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson Road Glide, 0.837 seconds behind Wyman.

“On that last lap we were just about parked, but I refused to pass to lead the race until the moment it counted,” said Wyman. “I saw a window coming out of the chicane and was just able to hold them off for the win.”

The second King of the Baggers race on Saturday saw Wyman, Rispoli, Herfoss, Gillim, and Factory Indian rider Tyler O’Hara break away from the pack early in the race and swap positions on each lap. On the final lap, Herfoss gapped Wyman on the back stretch but braked late and over-shot the entry to the chicane, giving Wyman an opportunity to pounce.

Wyman again got a strong drive onto the last section of the high-bank oval and was able to out-run Herfoss to the finish by 0.137 seconds. Rispoli finished 1.518 seconds back in third place.

“I was in survival mode on the last lap,” said Wyman. “I lost my quick-shifter and I was going to be happy to finish second, but Herfoss gave me a chance and we made it work. Hats off to my entire Harley-Davidson crew for all their hard work this weekend.”

“What an unreal weekend,” said Rispoli. “There was so much nervousness before the races. So, it was a massive relief to get two podiums in my first weekend with the Factory Harley-Davidson team. I am so stoked for the entire team, and I know we will be a force for the future rounds.”

After 2 of 18 rounds in the 2024 MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers series Kyle Wyman leads with 50 points. Herfoss is second with 40 points, followed by Rispoli with 32 points and Gillim with 24 points.

Harley-Davidson® Factory Racing returns to action at the Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas, April 12-13 at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas.

The Mission King of the Baggers series features race-prepared American V-Twin touring motorcycles. Harley-Davidson Factory Racing Road Glide motorcycles are powered by modified Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight 131 Performance Crate Engines. The team bikes also feature upgraded suspension components, including Screamin’ Eagle/Öhlins Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks, plus competition exhaust, race tires and lightweight bodywork.

Harley-Davidson Factory Racing is sponsored by Mission Foods, Rockford Fosgate, Brembo, Öhlins, Protolabs, SYN3 lubricants, and Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts and Accessories.

MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Race Results – Daytona International Speedway Race 1

  • Kyle Wyman (H-D) Harley-Davidson Factory Racing
  • Troy Herfoss (Ind) S&S/Indian Motorcycle
  • James Rispoli (H-D) Harley-Davidson Factory Racing
  • Hayden Gillim (H-D) RevZilla/Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson
  • Rocco Landers (H-D) RevZilla/Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson
  • Kyle Ohnsorg (Ind) RydFast Racing
  • Bobby Fong (Ind) SDI/Roland Sands Racing
  • Travis Wyman (H-D) Saddleman/Harley-Davidson
  • Max Flinders (Ind) Mad Monkey Motorsports
  • Tyler O’Hara (Ind) S&S/Indian Motorcycle

MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Race Results – Daytona International Speedway Race 2

  • Kyle Wyman (H-D) Harley-Davidson Factory Racing
  • Troy Herfoss (Ind) S&S/Indian Motorcycle
  • James Rispoli (H-D) Harley-Davidson Factory Racing
  • Tyler O’Hara (Ind) S&S/Indian Motorcycle
  • Hayden Gillim (H-D) RevZilla/Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson
  • Kyle Ohnsorg (Ind) RydFast Racing
  • Jake Lewis (H-D) Saddleman/Harley-Davidson
  • Cory West (H-D) Saddleman/Harley-Davidson
  • Travis Wyman (H-D) Saddleman/Harley-Davidson
  • Rocco Landers (H-D) RevZilla/Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson
  • Max Flinders (Ind) Mad Monkey Motorsports
  • Jesse Janisch (H-D) Suburban Motors H-D/Slyfox/Trask Performance
  • Zachary Schumacher (H-D) Nowaskey Extreme Performance
  • Gunnar Ouellette (H-D) Trask Performance
  • Ruben Xaus (H-D) Feuling Parts

Learn more at

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!–Most Amazing Bagger

I love this style of bike would like to know more information on the kit that it has or how I can get one?

–Dustin Guilliams
El Paso , TX

It was a build using a kit by Cyclevisions, but it seems that kit has nearly dried up and the best place to look would be e-Bay. There’s a new kid on the block, Advanblack, making some really cool stuff turning bikes into sport tourers. I’d check them out as well as Cyclevisions just to see what’s available.

The market is saturated with a plethora of options currently.

–Johnny Humble
The White Family


Get yourself a free “Watch for Motorcycles” bumper sticker!

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This is Chris Bienkiewicz from Game Over Cycles – a custom bike company from Poland.

I am pleased to inform you that our latest custom motorcycle won 4 trophies, including 2 Best of Show awards, at 2 competitions organized this week at the Daytona Bike week 2024, one of the biggest bike rallies in the world.

The winning motorcycle is a custom bike inspired by James Hetfield of Metallica and his 1936 Auburn Speedster “Slow Burn”.

And video presenting the project can be watched here:

–Chris Bienkiewicz
Tel: +48 882 061 648

ANOTHER New Bikernet Reader Comment!–

Monster Twin Cam Race Engines from JIMS–click here to read

Will the 131 JIMS engine fit in a 2014 Street Glide and if so, how much?

— Kenny Bills
Andrews, TX

Yes, part number for this application is 1708-3530
Retail Cost $8,655.40
Automatic Comp releases ADD $151.80

JIMS Machine


Very special & totally limited edition 20 years of DicE featuring the big legend himself, Jason Momoa on the cover.


This is our latest and GREATEST Issue to date it’s our 20th year anniversary issue. If that wasn’t special enough, we decided to make the mighty COLLECTORS EDITION!

The cover features our good mate, Jason Momoa and was shot by the legend, Steven Townsend.

*Limited Edition Cover – Only 100 made*

MRF ROADSHOW STOPS– Freedom of Road Riders Missouri

On Saturday, March 9th, MRF Director of Membership Eric Ross and MRF A&E Board Assistant Ron Braaksma attended a Freedom of Road Riders (FORR) conference in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Eric Ross was a guest speaker, discussing MRF accomplishments in 2023 and covering the MRF Legislative Agenda for 2024. Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) bans, Right to Repair issues and Fuel Choice were among the topics that led to engaging conversations.

In addition to a panel discussion group session hosted by FORR members, there were presentations by Sheriff Chris Heitman and Missouri State Senator Travis Fitzwater. Eric Ross also spoke on the merits of using Policy Engage and how this powerful tool can help states produce Calls-to-Action very quickly.


For 26 years, Your essential guide for where to ride and what to do in Lone Star state and beyond

Ride Texas is now available free at these locations. Supplies are limited.

* Kerrville CVB
* Jefferson Convention and Visitors Bureau
* Visit Mckinney
* Texas Travel Information Center – RGV
* Texas Travel Information Center – Texarkana
* Texas Travel Information Center – Langtry
* Texas Travel Information Center – Austin
* Texas Travel Information Center – Wichita Falls
* Texas Travel Information Center -Orange
* Texas Travel Information Center – Waskom
* Texas Travel Information Center – Laredo
* Texas Travel Information Center – Anthony
* Texas Travel Information Center – Amarillo
* Texas Travel Information Center – Grand Prairie
* Texas Travel Information Center – Denison
* Palestein Visitors Center
* Stephenville Visitors Bureau
* Bandera CVB
* Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop – Leakey
* Riders Biker Supply – Lewisville
* Antelope Creek Leather – Borger
* Classic Rock Coffee & Kitchen- Navasota
* Flying L Ranch Resort – Bandera
* Hotel Texan – Seagraves
* Rusk KOA Holiday – Rusk
* The Shop – Waxhachie
* Horny Toad Harley-Davidson Temple
* Haas Moto Museum – Dallas
* Moto Liberty – Addison
* Inn of the Hills – Kerrville
* Leakey Inn – Leakey
* Texas Vintage Motorcycle Museum – Johnson City
* Texas Sidecars Company – Donie
* Hill Country Motorheads Museum -Burnet

RIDE TEXAS is no longer sold on newsstands!

RIDE TEXAS is now available by subscription only.

Ready 2 Ride,
Be Safe Out There!

Reynolds Mansson


The weather played a race roll, but all went well blasting around the New Syrma banked track and attracted more racers and spectators than ever before. Billy Lane, the show promoter and a major talent on the track inspired onlookers as far away as Europe and Sturgis, South Dakota.

Chris Callen offered another opportunity for street racing in Sturgis with Billy at the helm. Let’s see what happens next. –Bandit



Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could upend the current regulatory framework in Washington, D.C. The current case is questioning a 40-year-old precedent that impacts all three branches of the federal government.

A 1984 court case involving Chevron and the National Resources Defense Council created a legal principle known as Chevron deference. Chevron deference compels federal courts to defer to a federal agency’s interpretation of an ambiguous or unclear statute that Congress delegated to the agency to administer. In other words, they give executive agencies like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wide latitude to shape policy on issues that Congress has not explicitly mandated, and the court system is limited in stopping them.

Chevron deference has been used in more than 19,000 cases – Center for American Progress

Why does this matter to bikers? In recent years we have observed officials at the EPA and NHTSA use the regulatory process to achieve policy goals that impact us. One obvious case is the use of rulemaking to make the internal combustion engine (ICE) extinct.

The EPA, through emission standards, and NHTSA, through fuel efficiency benchmarks, have tried to shape transportation policy that favors electric vehicles over those powered by fossil fuels. In this case, the House of Representatives has attempted to push back on this overreach by passing legislation to block the proposed rules. However, the immense and growing power of unelected bureaucrats remains a threat.

The system of checks and balances that the Founding Fathers established must be preserved. Limiting which court cases can be heard and deferring to the decisions of the Executive Branch allows the agency to be the ultimate decision maker. This policy could dramatically alter the action away from the original intent and circumvent congressional control.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation will monitor this case and await the Supreme Court ruling. This decision could have a lasting impact on how we fight for our priorities as motorcyclists.

Ride Safe and Ride Free

Join the Motorcycle Riders Foundation

RUMBLE ON ANNOUNCED— Rebranding of its Proprietary Cash Offer Program and Extends its Use into RideNow Powersports Dealerships

RumbleOn (NASDAQ: RMBL), today announced a branding change for the company’s unique and proprietary cash offer program for acquiring pre-owned motorcycles, now known as the RideNow Cash Offer. The use of the cash offer system will be expanded into the company’s 54 powersports dealers, which RumbleOn refers to as its RideNow Powersports dealers.

“We are moving forward, singularly focused on the RideNow brand for our powersports business,” said RumbleOn CEO Mike Kennedy. “This means consumers can easily understand that they are working with a high quality, trusted partner when they enter any one of our 54 RideNow dealerships.”

RideNow Powersports dealerships primarily serve markets in the Sun Belt states and offer over 50 OEM brands. Parent company, RumbleOn, initially acquired two large dealership groups, after which it made smaller acquisitions, ultimately becoming the largest powersports retailer in the United States.

While still operating as independent businesses, each dealership will be part of RideNow Powersports.

RumbleOn is a leader in pre-owned motorcycle sales, largely with the assistance of a proprietary online tool, now known as the RideNow Cash Offer, allowing consumers to quickly and easily receive an offer, then sell their motorcycle into the RideNow Powersports network of dealers.

“When we incorporate the RideNow Cash Offer into our RideNow dealerships, we’re raising the standard for convenience and customer service in the powersports industry,” said Cam Tkach, RideNow’s National Director of Preowned. “The trusted cash offer process remains the same, whether online or in-store. We’re now engaging every one of our locations to make it the best possible experience for our customers.”

The rebranding of materials will begin immediately and continue until the process is completed with the company’s physical and online presence. Dealerships will continue to have individual names but will be part of the RideNow Powersports brand.

OPERATION GRATITUDE GROWS-– We are excited to announce that we are approaching a significant milestone, the 4 millionth Care Package! However, we need your help to make this event a success.

As a valued supporter of Operation Gratitude, your contribution can help us reach this milestone and make a significant impact on the lives of our service members. A donation of $25 or more will assist us in reaching our goal of $25,000, which is the cost of assembling and shipping 1,000 Care Packages.

For every $25 donated, a personalized postcard will be sent on your behalf, expressing your gratitude towards our nation’s heroes.

Your support will help us show appreciation to the brave men and women who serve and sacrifice for our country and communities. Thousands of Americans nationwide are coming together to be a part of this special moment in Operation Gratitude’s history. Will you join us?

Please click on the link below to secure your special Care Package and join us in celebrating this milestone:

Thank you for your support, and for making a difference in the lives of those who serve.

With Gratitude,
–Meg Barron,
Executive Director
Operation Gratitude

SERIOUS, New Bikernet Reader Comment!

A Biker Is A Biker, A Brother, A Friend, a Road Story–click here to read

I loved the entire read. Oh my gosh, just think if this guy had not put the burr under your butt, no one would have ever been able to read and see the awesome response. Hey, let us give him this… He Tried.

During my read, I could not help but notice how well the picture you painted of yourself was so similar to my own. One big exception, I never went there and made a life of it.

Funny how people can be so alike yet our life’s paths and experiences define our differences. I mean, I was different, stubborn, wild, and not feeling free was the worst thing ever. I hated to feel confined and restricted and will for the rest of my life.

I don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, and don’t have any tattoos. Nor have I ever wanted to do these things. Yet, I yearn for days hanging out, if only for a short time, with the Hell’s Angels.

I will never forget sneaking out of our family lake cabins in McCall, Idaho in the early ‘70s. My cousin, whose parents were “Bikers”, and I left for North Beach on I believe the weekend of the 4th of July, and spent all night with some of the Hells Angels.

We were too young for them I guess, because all they wanted to do was protect us. We were our wild and free selves, and they were like nope. But we sat around the big beach fires and ran into the lake to swim. The guys seemed to like that..haha.

We hitchhiked there, but early morning hours we were sent back in a beautiful Cobra. I think his name was Rod from Boise, but who knows.

I have many times been criticized for my wild streak and my family fears for me because I love adventure and don’t mind going it alone, because I can stop whenever I want, stay wherever I want and talk to whoever I want without restrictions.

So many of us free-spirits are out there. Never think for a minute because people like me never took the first step to ride a motorcycle, so we are not freedom riders.

Every time I watch a Biker pass me, I feel that burn reminding me of who I really am.
Let Freedom Ring wherever you go however you go??

— Heidi Maule
Orangevale, CA

So well put. –Bandit

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Two months after certain motorcyclists could take advantage of a new law and begin to ride helmetless on Nebraska highways, lawmakers advanced revisions Tuesday for that law.

State Sen. Ben Hansen of Blair, who successfully led the 2023 measure, brought Legislative Bill 1004 this session to address “all concerns” with last year’s changes. The updates come after working with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, law enforcement, experienced motorcyclists and other communities, Hansen said.

2023 law fallbacks
Beginning Jan. 1, motorcyclists 21 or older were allowed to ride helmetless after completing the state’s basic motorcycle education course. The 14-hour minimum course consists of at least four hours in the classroom and at least 10 hours riding motorcycles.

Hansen’s 2023 bill required motorcyclists to complete the entire course, no matter their experience. He told the Nebraska Examiner this includes practice driving around traffic cones.

“An individual who’s been riding for 30 years must spend 10 hours learning how to ride a bike,” Hansen said during floor debate.

The requirement has overwhelmed safety courses with skilled riders, Hansen explained, instead of those who actually need to learn the basics.

Also under the law, the traffic infraction fine for riding without a helmet increased from $50 to $250 for each violation, enforced only after a citation or charge for a different violation.

2024 proposed changes
Under LB 1004, Nebraska motorcyclists with a Class M license before May 1 can complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s three-hour Basic eCourse to ride helmetless. Riders who receive their Class M license after May 1 would need to complete the 14-hour basic safety course to ride helmetless.

Nonresidents can currently ride helmetless if they complete an equivalent or “substantially similar” motorcycle course approved by their state and show proof upon request. However, this has been difficult for law enforcement.

“We found that there was no way of tracking this or confirming if their certification is valid,” Hansen said. “The statute is simply unenforceable.”

LB 1004 would allow out-of-state motorcyclists with a non-Nebraska motorcycle license to ride helmetless, regardless of whether they have completed a safety course.

Passengers who are older than 21 may ride helmetless if the motorcyclist is permitted to do so. Both operators and passengers must have some form of eye protection, such as goggles, eyeglasses or a windshield.

LB 1004 advanced 34-3, facing opposition from three Transportation and Telecommunications Committee members who also opposed advancing the bill to the full Legislature.

‘It’s your choice’
State Sen. Bruce Bostelman of Brainard opposed LB 1004. He said he felt Hansen’s 2023 bill came out of committee too quickly and needed work, but he said the current law should remain unchanged.

State Sen. Steve Erdman of Bayard said after nearly three decades of trying to repeal the helmet law, it’s important to give riders a choice.

“We’re not restricting them,” Erdman said. “We don’t make them ride without a helmet — it’s your choice.”

Lawmakers voted 32-2 to adopt a Hansen amendment to have LB 1004 take effect as soon as it is passed and signed into law. The bill faces at least two more rounds of debate.

Nebraska Examiner

BREAKING ICE NEWS–Connecticut Legislature Shelves Gas-Powered Vehicle Ban

In a win for the automotive community, the Connecticut legislature has shelved plans to adopt California’s ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. This decision comes amid concerns about the feasibility of such a drastic transition, particularly regarding the readiness of the state’s electric grid and charging infrastructure.

In late 2023, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont withdrew a SAN-opposed regulation requiring the state to adopt California’s strict motor-vehicle emissions laws and outlaw the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered cars beginning in 2035.



The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride unites classic and vintage styled motorcycle riders from all over the world to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was founded in Sydney, Australia, by Mark Hawwa. It was inspired by a photo of TV Show Mad Men’s Don Draper astride a classic bike and wearing his finest suit. Mark decided a themed ride would be a great way of connecting niche motorcycle enthusiasts and communities while raising funds to support the men in our lives.

GRAND OL OPRY DEBUT–Performed Hits “Elvira” And “Bobbie Sue”

GRAMMY Award-winning and Country Music Hall of Fame members The Oak Ridge Boys brought their ‘American Made: Farewell Tour’ to TBN’s Huckabee over the weekend, performing “Elvira” and “Bobbie Sue.”

This appearance was the group’s first national television performance with new member Ben James. The group then went to the Grand Ole Opry for Ben’s official debut as an Oak Ridge Boy.

“It has been a dream come true becoming an Oak Ridge Boy,” shares Ben James. “I grew up with their music, and performing nightly with them is a “pinch me” moment with every song. This weekend was extra special as we made our way to the Grand Ole Opry for the first time together. I love the Oaks, and I love and admire Joe Bonsall!”

“Although I was not able to sing with the Boys on the Grand Ole Opry Saturday, I assure you that I was there in spirit as young Ben James sang in my spot,” shares Joe Bonsall. “My love to all my Opry family and my fervent appreciation to Ben for the incredible job he is doing!!”

The Oak Ridge Boys continue to tour the country on their American Made: Farewell Tour with nearly twenty states confirmed and more to be added soon. The Boys were also excited to launch their updated website this weekend!

William Lee Golden (1965) and Duane Allen (1966) joined the group in the late sixties, followed by Richard Sterban in 1972 and Joe Bonsall in 1973. James joined in January 2024 following Bonsall’s retirement.

Upcoming Oak Ridge Boys Tour Dates Include:
MAR 15 – Foxwoods Resort Casino / Mashantucket, Conn.
MAR 16 – American Music Theatre / Lancaster, Pa.
MAR 17 – American Music Theatre / Lancaster, Pa.
MAR 22 – Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center / Midland, Texas
MAR 23 – Sugar Creek Casino / Hinton, Okla.
APR 04 – Oxford Performing Arts Center / Oxford, Ala.
APR 05 – City of Morganton Municipal Auditorium / Morganton, N.C.
APR 06 – Alabama Theatre / North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
APR 10 – Clay County Agricultural Fair / Green Cove Springs, Fla.
APR 13 – George H. Henderson Jr. Expo Center / Lufkin, Texas
APR 26 – Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center / Clarksburg, W. Va.
APR 27 – The Paramount / Ashland, Ky.
MAY 17 – People Bank Theatre / Marietta, Ohio
MAY 18 – Tinora Performing Arts Center / Defiance, Ohio
MAY 30 – River Spirit Casino Resort – The Cove / Tulsa, Okla.
JUN 07 – Hartville, Kitchen / Hartville, Ohio
JUN 08 – Hartville, Kitchen / Hartville, Ohio
JUN 09 – Murat Theatre Old National Centre / Indianapolis, Ind.
JUN 26 – Blue Gate Performing Arts Center / Shipshewana, Ind.
JUN 27 – Blue Gate Performing Arts Center / Shipshewana, Ind.
JUN 28 – Meramec Music Theatre / Steelville, Mo.
AUG 15 – Harvester Performance Center / Rocky Mount, Va.
AUG 16 – Harvester Performance Center / Rocky Mount, Va.
AUG 17 – Shenandoah Valley Music Festival / Orkney Springs, Va.
AUG 18 – Kentucky State Fair – Texas Roadhouse Main Stage / Louisville, Ky.
AUG 29 – Midwest Old Threshers – Old Threshers Fairgrounds / Mount Pleasant, Iowa
SEP 06 – The Palace Theatre / Greensburg, Pa.
SEP 07 – Weinberg Center For The Arts / Frederick, Md.
SEP 08 – Wayne County Fair / Wooster, Ohio
SEP 12 – Prairie Band Casino & Resort – Great Lakes Ballroom / Mayetta, Kan.
SEP 13 – Grand Casino & Hotel Events Center / Shawnee, Okla.
SEP 15 – Kansas State Fair / Hutchinson, Kan.
SEP 20 – Country Tonite Theater Pigeon Forge, Tenn.


She’s Gone.

I left Hill City on highway 385 north to Deadwood, I had to see it for myself. The temperature was in the low 30s, a little cold for a ride but it wasn’t respectful to go in a car.

Dark smoke belched from the black mass of rubble, as a small breeze drifted the smokey haze into the pines. A police officer directed traffic while firetrucks and volunteer firemen hosed the area.

Thirty straight rally years did I enjoyed many a beer, burgers and conversations at this place. Now she’s gone.

I hope the Sugar Shack can make it back.

JJ Spain


In political science Mars is what Earth was before the people on Mars started using gasoline and freon. And Venus is what Earth will become if we don’t stop using gasoline and freon. This is called political science. Not actual science.

Political science is “reality is what I say it is.” Real science is “reality is what reality says it is.”

–J.J. Solari


Overview: Kansas has introduced SAN-supported bills (H.B. 2783 / S.B. 471) to ensure consumers’ choice of vehicle power plants and fuel by preventing a state agency, county or city from limiting access to internal combustion engines.

The SAN believes that Kansas residents, not the government, should decide what vehicles are best for them and their families. H.B. 2783 passed the House Federal & State Affairs Committee and was quickly approved by the full House—the bill now awaits consideration by the Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs, along with S.B. 471.

Go to the SEMA web site to right your legislator regarding these bills. You’ll find that Rhode Island, Alaska and Maryland also have introduced similar bills.



I apparently started something on Fuckbook after I channel-surfed the tv and stopped at some championship American rodeo in progress. So, I watched it for a while, and then on Jailbook I mentioned that I noticed that bullriders, and I emphasized “American” bullriders to make the shaming as clear as possible, I noticed that American bullriders were weak, using the word weak, “since they are now wearing bullet-proof helmets and chest cushioning.” Which is the way I put it.

This created something of an agitation, pro and con, something I always go out of my way to avoid lest I get the reputation of being a trouble maker. I apparently rather cavalierly tossed all that aside, however, by, after a while, commenting, “Why would anyone in their right fucking mind want to ride a fucking bull. And if you’re GOING to be that fucking stupid at least be impressively stupid and not wear a fucking suit of bounce-castle body armor for fear of – oh dear – hurting yourself. ‘Hi!!! I want to demonstrate my toughness!

But before I do I shall don this coating of invulnerability in the interests of demonstrating merely the inherent artistry of riding a fucking hysterical freight train lest I get hurt.’ yeah: that’s weak. it’s ALMOST gay.”

Feeling somewhat better after this burst of eloquence and reason I had some Cheez-its.

The resultant comments were either sarcastically in agreement or abusively hostile. I don’t really approve of sarcasm; I consider it ill-mannered. The abusive commenters however were not just ill-mannered they were genuinely hurtful. The major portion of the abuse was the oft-suggested suggestion that if I thought wearing protective gear was weak why don’t I get on a bull and ride it without helmet and vest and prove how tough I am.

I reminded these critics “I am NOT tough, which is why I don’t compete in rodeos AND I’m not stupid: which is why I don’t compete in rodeos.” I then added “Now I am not sure if American cowboys were ever not stupid but I DO know that they actually used to be tough. They didn’t wear gear. Now they wear gear. I can only assume they are not as tough as they used to be. So instead of yelling at me my critics should be yelling at them. If they aim their firearms like they aim their criticisms, this will be good news for the enemy.

Then I had more Cheez-its.

–J.J. Solari

TOURING RIDER OF THE WEEK— Luigi Visentin Ferrara, Italy touring the U.S.A.

–Sam Burns
Rider Reporter™


At 2:18 pm, HB 3582 by Rep. Pae failed on the House Floor, there were no questions or debate, went straight to vote. 33 Yeas / 62 Nays / 6 Excused.

Rep. Pae made notice that he would like to bring the bill back up reconsideration at a future legislative day. The only day that this bill can be brought back up on the floor for another vote is tomorrow. Otherwise at the moment this bill is dead for the year. New legislation will have to come forward in the future.

Nick from AMA and myself seen no reason for the bill to have failed.

In 2022 there was HB 2667 by Rep. Echols it passed committee and House Floor 70 Yeas / 22 Nays / 8 Excused.

Listed are the Representatives that voted NO on HB 3582, I also went searching and found that many of voted yes in 2020.

Baker (yes 2020) —– Banning —– Boles (yes 2020) —– Burns (yes 2020) —– Caldwell (C) —– Caldwell (T) (yes 2020) —–Canntrell —– Conley —– Conrnwell (yes 2020) —– Crosswhite Hader —– Davis (yes 2020) —– Fetgatter (yes 2020) —–Fugate (yes 2020) —– Gann George —– Goodwin (yes 2020) —– Grego (yes 2020) —– Hardin —– Harris —– Hasenbeck (yes 2020) —– Hays —– Hilbert (yes 2020)—– Humphrey (yes 2020) —– Kane —– Kannady —– Kendrix —– Kerbs (yes 2020) —– Lawson (yes 2020) —– Lepak (yes 2020) —– Lowe (D) (yes 2020)
Manager (yes 2020) —– Marti (yes 2020) —– Maynard —– McBride (yes 2020) —– McDugle (yes 2020) —– McEntire (yes 2020) —– Menz —– Miller (yes 2020) —– Munson —– Newton —– Nichols (yes 2020) —– ODonnell —– Olsen (yes 2020) —– Randleman (yes 2020)
Ranson (yes 2020) —– Sneed —– Staires —– Stark —– Steagall (yes 2020) —– Sterling (yes 2020) —– Strom (yes 2020) —– Swope —– Waldron (yes 2020) —– Wallace —— West (J) —– West (K) —– West (R) —– West (T) (yes 2020) —– Williams (yes 2020) —– Wolfley (yes 2020)
Worthen —– Mr. Speaker (yes 2020)

If you haven’t called or email your Representatives in House, now is the time to see if this bill can be heard again tomorrow for a re-vote.



The Twigg family is pleased to share that an ownership change has occurred at Twigg Cycles and Twigg Indian Motorcycle. “Since opening the dealership 91 years ago, the fourth-generation, family-owned business has grown unlike anyone could have imagined. Now, our three new owners are looking forward to their turn to continue the Twigg Cycles’ family legacy.”

See the whole story on the Dealernews website.


If you liked Gregory Wrightstone’s debut book Inconvenient Facts, you will LOVE his latest release.

A Very Convenient Warming was published in January and is moving up the Amazon bestseller charts.

The book is available here for direct purchase or from Amazon here.


I’m well into your new book and it is really excellent. A very fitting follow-up to your first book.

–Gregg G., Houston

A VERY CONVENIENT WARMING is the most readable, common-sense book I’ve ever read about CO2 and the Climate Hoax. Your book should be required reading in every school. You make it so very simple. The most significant facts concerned the effects on crops. WOW!!

— Erskine, Phoenix, AZ

You hit a home run on this new book. I was impressed on how you structured the content. You started by explaining the basic facts of climate change followed by the history of geologic earth cooling and warming cycles.

— Mark L. Greene County, PA

MRF & IMA Meet In Daytona

On Wednesday during Bike Week in Daytona Beach, FL. representatives of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Council (IMA), with members of the motorcycling media present, met with an important group of involved motorcycle shop owners, parts distributors, dealers, bike builders, and non-OEM parts manufacturers from the motorcycle aftermarket industry.

In the third meeting between these groups the agenda was to share updates on the MRF’s relevant legislative initiatives to combat threats to the aftermarket industry. Topics included Right to Repair/Right to Modify, Preservation of Internal Combustion Engines, strategies to limit the close collaboration and detrimental impacts that the EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) continue to force on this industry, and the concerns around a continued ability to simply remain in business.

MRF President, Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, also discussed the economic impacts to small business and this industry in particular as highlighted in the Vaughn Study the MRF Commissioned during the EPA’s “Color and Chrome” only campaigns. The draconian concepts of Vehicle End of Life Directives, recent rhetoric around making it illegal to repair vehicles over 15 years old, and most recently a plan to ban chroming beyond 2024 were also hot topics.

The IMA spoke about the costly and extremely arduous process to certify aftermarket parts, an inability to submit multiple components together, a lack of clarity or availability of the standards to meet for certification. There was a consensus that the history and heritage of motorcycling demands transparency around these standards so innovators can work to meet them. There was also frustration around the fact that a well-tuned and well-built motorcycle could get better fuel mileage and produce less emissions is either being ignored or not recognized by bureaucrats bent on regulating this industry out of existence.

IMA Chair, Bob Kay, then brought up what was on everyone’s minds at the meeting. What is going to happen with requirements to sign waivers certifying race use only to have access to performance parts, potentially providing VIN numbers on bikes with parts installed, or a check the box program to acknowledge the end use of parts. This is seen as a method to transfer liability to small shop owners that would legally put them at significant risk and the IMA does not recommend doing this without checking with an attorney.

Bob Kay went on to say in his closing statement, “The IMA is happening and will be there along with the MRF to protect the right to repair and modify motorcycles for independent shops in the aftermarket industry.”

Chris Callen of Cycle Source Magazine had this to say while encouraging anyone with an interest in the motorcycle aftermarket industry to join the IMA, “The animated conquest for freedom requires many small and sustained efforts over time to be successful.”

The time is now to join the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Council and get involved in saving the motorcycle aftermarket industry and end users from extinction.

THE WEEK ISN’T OVER—An old brother is going blind and Panhead John from Deadwood brought me a bag fulla old ER magazines. Slowly, I’m thumbing through them.

When I come across one that’s useful for another brother, I put it in the mail or take a shot of the page and text it. I found a short piece on a gun holster and it featured the watch bands we made in 1975. Adam Croft from Dime Bag Leathers is now making them again. I sent him a shot.

Vinnie, an UGLY MC member who is on an island in the Caribbean running a bar sent this shot. He’s trying to find me a very cool kidney belt for my collection.

A retired veteran isn’t happy with his one-day a week job at Chubby Chipmunks so he’s testing his entrepreneurial skills making cotton candy. What do you think?

Panhead John’s Wife, Sharon is running for Deadwood City Council again. We had to show support.

I’m working on a concept drawing with my son for a metal-art piece to raise funds for the museum. This was his first run at a drawing.

I’m still struggling with the chain spacing.

Tomorrow it’s off to Sturgis to work with the Museum on the magazine and the website, etc. Never a dull moment.

Ride Fast and Free Forever, or die trying!


Read More



I’m working with a producer in Los Angeles who has pitched some of my stories and books. We haven’t had much luck because Hollywood has gone WOK and won’t allow certain films to be produced.

I joked to her that I was working on a story that would fry Hollywood. I mentioned that last week. If you check out the Climate Movie below and read the story, bada bing. We’ve smacked a lot of nails on the head.

Check it out. And check out the latest Climate Film, “There is no Climate Emergency. It’s a hoax.” It’s a strange conundrum. The kids who support the hoax are lost. They are anti-oil and anti-establishment, but their program would end up with an anti-freedom dictatorship.

Anyway, check it out. And if Bikernet blinks once in a while, we’re rebuilding the entire site on a WordPress platform. Hang on…

Let’s hit the news:

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


Last week, Clintel organized the Dutch premiere of Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) in the Figi Theatre in Zeist, The Netherlands. Podcaster Tom Nelson, the producer of the movie, was present. It was a wonderful evening in a fully packed (570 people) theatre (see picture above).

This week the film has been released globally and you can watch it for free. The official website is


Featuring Three U.S. Races and First-Ever Invitation for Three Top Performers from YZ65, YZ85 and YZ125 Classes to Represent Team USA at YZ bLU cRU SuperFinale in Europe

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, has launched its 2024 bLU cRU Invitational series featuring three exclusive motocross racing events in the U.S., followed by a first-ever opportunity for three talented riders to represent Team USA in the YZ bLU cRU SuperFinale in Europe.

bLU cRU Invitational Race Series
Highlighting the bLU cRU program expansion for 2024 is a three-race “bLU cRU Invitational” series that spans the United States. These Yamaha-exclusive races allow owners to enjoy a family-friendly weekend of racing that includes a three-moto format, followed by fun family activities, prizes, exclusive gifts and special guests. Racers who achieve a podium finish in their class will earn an exclusive trophy at the end of the weekend.

This year’s three bLU cRU Invitational events are open to all skill levels ages 4 to 60+ and include:

  • May 17-19: Glen Helen Raceway; San Bernardino, CA
  • June 21-23: Washougal MX Park; Washougal, WA
  • July 12-14: Budds Creek Motocross Park; Mechanicsville, MD

Yamaha YZ bLU cRU SuperFinale in Europe
New to the bLU cRU Invitational series is an incredible and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for three youth racers to compete in Europe at Yamaha’s annual SuperFinale event.

This year, the race will take place during the Motocross of Nations at Matterley Basin in the United Kingdom. Chosen youth racers will be hosted by Yamaha for the week-long experience designed to make them “feel like a factory racer” where they will race a GYT-R kitted, Yamaha-prepared motorcycle as well as receive exclusive Alpinestars gear, along with more perks to make this a lifelong memory of competing for worldwide recognition at an iconic track.

Yamaha’s Team USA will have the opportunity to take home top honors while competing with SuperFinale racers from Europe, Australia and Canada.

Classes eligible for the SuperFinale include:

  • YZ125cc: 13 to 16-years-old
  • YZ85cc: 11 to 13-years-old
  • YZ65cc: 8 to 11-years-old

To be selected, racers first need to compete in at least one of the three U.S. bLU cRU Invitational events, place in a qualifying top three position or be selected by Yamaha as a wild card entry. Next, qualifying riders will need to submit an application and resume to Yamaha. Final selections will be made by a panel of qualified industry judges.

Register for bLU cRU
To kickstart the 2024 racing season, all new and existing bLU cRU members must register on the new bLU cRU website,, regardless of past registration.

Stay updated on all bLU cRU program developments by visiting the bLU cRU website, following @bLUcRUofficial on social media, and keeping an eye out for email updates.


Exciting news. We’ve expanded the board once more. Marilyn Stemp has come on board from Iron Buffalo Chip. and a long history with the industry to start our fund raising committee and assist me with the marketing side.

Steve Piehl formerly from Harley-Davidson communications arm is now a non-voting member because we also pay him to be our PR arm. He’s also a member of my marketing committee.

Steve’s next press release will cover Scott Jacobs cover painting for the Sturgis Magazine. The annual magazine is growing and changing this year with resourceful content more pages and terrific history pieces.

We shared our first Daniel James museum expansion concept drawing with the board and all were very excited. Two more detailed versions to come in the near future. This one shows a skywalk over Junction Avenue, which would lead to the historic 1936 built auditorium. We might be able to use it for training in the future.

We met with Angela, the new Mayor of Sturgis this week and covered a bunch of helpful topics. We will start attending city council meetings in the next two weeks to enhance our communications with the city. There’s way more to report on regarding our meeting with the new mayor who is a gaming enforcement officer out of Spearfish. But I’ll hold off until next week.

Scott Jacobs will unveil a new flat track champions painting featuring to two number one plate winners Meese and Jarred during the rally at the Museum. The two champs will attend the ride from Scott’s Gallery in Deadwood to the Museum to sign posters.

Gonna be a helluva year!

If you plan to attend the rally, don’t miss the Museum and the Hall of Fame Breakfast. It might be sold out.


LE PERA SEAT OF THE WEEK–Le Pera ‘Tailwhip UpFront’

Internationally recognized ’boutique’ motorcycle seats designer Le Pera’s ‘Tailwhip UpFront’ for 2008 – 2023 (except 2023 and up VVT engine CVO models) is described as “taking the KickFlip one step further.”

An established top-seller and genuine Le Pera original concept, the whipped-up tail of the ‘KickFlip’ combines more passenger comfort with a platform that allows riders to “explore their adventurous side.”.

However, the new ‘UpFront’ gives the driver more ease to reach the handlebars with 6.75″ of back support and a generous 11.75″ wide seating area – wide enough for comfort, but still a narrow enough profile to be stylish.

The real ‘bump’ in the new design though is that it moves the driver a full 2″ closer to the handlebars.

Available in Double Diamond, Pleated or Basket Weave, features include a durable, black Biker Tec cover with bonded polyester thread for durability, molded Marathon Foam, a 16-gauge powder- coated steel baseplate with carpeted seat bottom and countless custom colors and options.

Le Pera celebrated its 50th anniversary as the market’s design leader last year and the still family-owned manufacturer still handcrafts all its seats in-house at its North Hollywood, California headquarters.



We are two weeks into the Recruit A Warrior Challenge and so many of you have already helped grow our ranks by sharing your recruitment links — thank you so much!

If you haven’t participated yet, now is the perfect time to share your personalized recruitment link with the veterans in your life.

For every new member you recruit by April 30, you’ll be entered into our drawing for a chance to win $1,000! Plus, you’ll also collect recruitment points to be traded in for gear and other rewards.


DAV Member Name:Keith Ball
Suggested Action:Recruit Now!

Your Recruitment Link:

I don’t care about the prize, but I do care about every veteran out there. The DAV can help you with your medical benefits. They can help you with your disability status. They can help you with training, finding a job, etc.

You may be depressed and hate the government for your wartime experience, but the DAV can help and maybe even change your life for the better. Give them a shot.



Nothing that comes out of Washington is the truth. In order to know what American bureaucrats REALLY want to accomplish when they declare a new tyranny…you have to be me. Which no one is.

Only I am me. You are not me. So you don’t know what I know. One of the things I know is why the government wants to ban Tik-Tok. You’re being TOLD it’s to save your “personal data” from China. Trust me, at this point the Chinese not only know more about you than you know about yourself, they know more than everyone about everything. They’ve decided to come out from behind their Great Wall and take over.

Remember, they created gunpowder and paper: both the sword AND the pen. So to speak. However they PROBABLY don’t have social media. So if anything China would be just as interested as Biden in banning it from Americans.

Americans-with-intelligence are so rapidly discovering they are not alone in America that they are finding each other. This scares all bureaucrats but especially Lib ones, or I should say Marxist ones. ‘Cause they’re the same thing.

When government wants to ban something they have to lie about the reason. The REAL reason is always “I can keep my job a little bit longer if I ban this or at least claim to want to ban it.” The reason they give YOU is “to keep you safe from harm.” Government’s JOB is to harm people. That’s why it’s littered with sociopaths.

But the Tik-Tok ban is a little bigger than just threatening bureaucrat individuals. Tik-Tok, et cetera, is threatening the concept of “nations.”

Every government employee on earth will realize, if they haven’t already, some of them are already realizing it. Joe Biden and Co being very high on the list, they are coming very slowly to realize that Tik-Tok and every other social media entity for the first time in human history is on its way to making all governments on earth irrelevant.

This is what is called “a revolution.” What is NORMALLY called a revolution in Politi-speak is forced takeover via tanks. That’s not a revolution that’s “forced takeover via tanks.” Alternating current is a revolution. The jet engine is a revolution. The cotton gin is a revolution. Archimedes’ Principle is a revolution. E=MC2 is a revolution. The fucking ringer-washing machine was a revolution.

Nothing on that list was created by a bureaucrat. Armed-takeover via tanks and machineguns is not a revolution. Armed takeover via tanks and machinegun is warfare. There is nothing revolutionary about warfare. It’s the oldest most useless, least productive, least “keeping everyone safe” thing in human history.

However everyone on earth having the instantaneous, no-postage-required, capacity to speak personally and immediately to everyone else on earth? That’s revolutionary. That’s called The Real One World Government.

Now the LAST thing I want to sound like is a Kent State commie hippie All Power To The People imbecile. However social media entities are ON THEIR WAY to making governments and nations and countries and democracies and republics and oligarchies whatever they fuck THEY are, and kingdoms and empires and senators and constitutions and every tax-supported load of crap on earth….extinct.

For the simple reason that “the people” – you’ve all heard that expression and are convinced it is sacred so I’ll just go along with that – the “people,” meaning Tik-Tok and Fuckbook and X and Instagram and all those things people go-to to complain about shit……we don’t need “representatives” anymore.

We don’t need someone to talk FOR us. We can all now fucking talk to each other individually with everyone, person-to-person, on earth. “We the people” are now actually we the people and not just three words on a preamble that in fact only refer to the people who agreed to the preamble.

We the people can now interact. And because MOST people are sane and sensible…. over a period of time all these sensible people are going to realize….THEY’RE the ones actually running things and that libs and commies and bureaucrats and the journalists who do their damndest to keep libs and commies and bureaucrats in power…are horrifically outnumbered, and that if it comes to an actual fracas…..they’re gonna lose.

They live by deceiving the – apparently very gullible and very trusting – people who can easily overrun them and kick their asses back into Hell where they came from.

THAT’S why Biden is assuring his shitass army of imbeciles that he will sign any bill that comes his way that removes a social-interaction entity from American shores. For once he’s not lying about what he will do.

And there you have it! Now you’re as smart as me! Till next time!!

–J.J. Solari

HERTZ CEO STEPS DOWN– After Catastrophic EV Losses

Buy Electric, lose your job?

CEO steps down after being hit with expensive EV repairs and low resale prices following purchase of 100,000 Teslas

Hertz Global Holdings Inc. is replacing its chief executive officer in the wake of a disastrous bet on electric vehicles that the company began unwinding in recent months.

Stephen Scherr, who ran Hertz for just over two years after three decades at Goldman SachsGroup Inc., has decided to step down, the rental-car company said late Friday in a statement. It’s replacing him with Gil West, the former chief operating officer of General Motors Co.’s Cruise robotaxi unit. West also will join the board of directors on April 1, according to the statement, which confirmed an earlier Bloomberg report.

Scherr, 59, joined Hertz several months after it emerged from bankruptcy and started making splashy wagers on electric vehicles. Under new owners Knighthead Capital Management and Certares Management, the rental company announced plans to order 100,000 vehicles from TeslaInc., sending the automaker’s market capitalization soaring past the $1 trillion mark at the time.

Those bets went awry last year, when Tesla slashed prices across its lineup to keep growing vehicle sales. This hammered the resale value of used Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers just after Hertz had added tens of thousands of those vehicles to its fleet.

By December, Hertz started selling off 20,000 electric vehicles, or about a third of its EV fleet. Germany’s Sixt SE — a leading car-renter in Europe — is taking even more drastic measures, phasing Teslas out of its fleet entirely.

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WUWT ran a story in January this year, in which we predicted Hertz’s impairment cost for selling used EVs would likely be a lot worse than the $12,250 loss per vehicle they allowed for. Who in their right mind would want a used EV? Especially a used rental EV, which has suffered who knows what abuse?

Remember, any bump, knock or production fault can potentially turn an EV battery pack into a ticking time bomb, capable of napalming any house structure it is unlucky enough to be parked in, that is if it doesn’t BBQ the occupants of the vehicle while on the road.

I guess we’ll know for sure exactly how much Hertz lost on their disastrous EV gamble, when their final EV fire sale numbers are published.

–Essay by Eric Worrall

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!–


As usual, I enjoyed this article by Rogue.



Adam Croft’s product line is expanding. All new handmade leather mudflap key fobs featuring solid bras rivets and solid brass D-rings. “I made the template with 16-gauge steel,” Adam said.

He started making more time-covers. “Got 27 made plus four custom orders.”

He’s finishing ups his custom worktable with a coat of polyurethane. “Just got some new mack brushes, so back to signs and pinstriping this year.”


Following the surprise resignation of former President and CEO Erik Pritchard, MIC, MSF, SVIA and ROHVA have appointed interim leadership and retained an executive search team to replace Pritchard.

The boards of the Motorcycle Industry Council, Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association voted unanimously to appoint Scott Schloegel as acting President and CEO of all four Associations.

–Dealer News

“Read the whole tamale on” –Bandit


Hey, Skipper! I hope all is well in the great North for you and the Redhead!

I was wondering if you are aware of the fact that Panhead Billy Burrows is hitting a rough patch and needs help? Maybe you can run something in the news/blog for him?


–Ben Lamboeuf
Former Advertising Director™


Doum Doum Shovel – back office at Custom Chrome Europe GmbH

LostWolf Choppers motorcycle manufacturer

Worked at Team EMD/Garage des Cevennes and Worked at Légion Étrangère.

–Sam Burns
Custom Curator™

HANG ON FOR THIS–Electric Vehicle Expansion

The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday finalized rules that aim to limit tailpipe emissions from passenger cars and light trucks as part of a broader effort to transition the US to electric vehicles.

The rules direct auto manufacturers to target a percentage of their new vehicle sales toward different types of electric vehicles, starting in 2027 and gradually increasing the targets through 2032. The standards are performance-based, meaning auto manufacturers can decide which types of car technologies to invest in to reach the annually reduced emissions levels of their fleets. As a whole, electric vehicles accounted for 7.6% of new vehicle sales in the US in 2023.

The transportation industry is the largest source of US greenhouse gas emissions, representing 29% of emissions, with light-duty vehicles accounting for 58% of the transportation sources (this is actually a good thing, but they won’t tell you that). The rules are expected to reduce US cumulative carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to soot and smog, by 7.2 billion metric tons between 2027 and 2055. The figure is equivalent to a year’s worth of all US greenhouse gas emissions.



A miniature human with a radiant smile and satin skin. Her old man worked the oil fields, so George Wild custom painted his Sportster tank. Her one mission was to collect it in her rusting VW bug.

The magnificent flames glistened on the modified tank. George attempted to fondle the satin button, the tank nearly becoming a weapon. A weakness for abandoned pets steered her off course. The tank became the object of potential scratches and drooling dogs. Groceries dislodged and a fender bender nearly hurled the candy flames.

Still that night a brother rode to club church with a brilliant smile on his face. She made it.

The Bastard in the Black Hills


We are so close to releasing the new replacement windshields for the 2023/2024 Road Glide CVO and Street Glide CVO Harley-Davidson.

Replacement Windshields
2023/2024 Road Glide CVO

Replacement Windshields
2023/2024 Street Glide CVO

Watch Bikernet for updates on release dates, sizes and colors.

QUOTES FOR THE WEEK— Here are a bunch of Bruce Lee Quotes

A student once asked Bruce Lee, “You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?”
Bruce Lee answered, “It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war.”

“You can’t organize truth. That’s like trying to put a pound of water into wrapping paper and shaping it.”

“It is not daily increase but daily decrease, hack away the unessential. The closer to the source, the less wastage there is.”

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

“Don’t fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail.”

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”


International Editor™

New TECH Bikernet Reader Comment!–

Forking by Frank is Still a Thing!

I have used nothing but Frank’s tubes since the late 1970s when Shelby Withrow told me about them in Dallas.

The last chopper I built was the ‘67 Shovel during the covid shutdown and I run +10 overs on it. Have +10 overs on the ‘74 Shovel chop too.

Long live Frank’s Forks.

–David A Pittman
Milwaukee, WI

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BUILDER OF THE WEEK—Cole Foster, Salinas, CA.

Cole builds bikes and hot rods with a super-tight classic flair and terrific lines.

–Sam Burns
Shop Research Specialist™

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MORE 100-WORD FICTION FOR 2024– Burn Out

The winds slapped his body as he kept his head steady, guiding the Fat Boy through backroads, out past county lines. The roads uneven, but the path was known to him. The brothers had brought the fight to the establishment.

The State however considered them a malignant minority. Even as cops and Congressmen thrashed the group with harsh laws and fines, the rider’s outlook was – all for one and one invaluable Constitution.

As they stood their ground, an underground propaganda campaign erupted.



Age-old slimy slogans to delude the masses in a city that banned ICE engines.

–By Wayfarer

New FICTION Bikernet Reader Comment!– Brothers for Truth

The overreaching totalitarianism in this story seems so impossible.

However, then I turned on the news and it’s happening??

I really want to see is what kind of reactions you get from other readers.

Climate alarmists have been committing violent acts for a long, long time. It would be curious to see how they react when the shoe is on the other foot.

— Edge
Columbia, SC


Yost Challenges SEC’s Overstep of Authority on Climate Disclosure Rule. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is leading an effort to block the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from overstepping its authority by meddling in environmental policy.

Suing on behalf of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Yost today asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit to review a new rule requiring publicly traded companies to report climate-related information to the SEC.

“This isn’t a debate about protecting the environment – it’s question of federal overreach,” Yost said. “The regulator of the stock market has no business setting environmental policy for the country.”

On March 6, the SEC voted to adopt a climate-disclosure rule that requires publicly traded companies to disclose on their registration statements and annual report information about climate-related risks caused by their business.

Yost contends that the rule is an unlawful attempt by the SEC to grant itself broad oversight over environmental issues that have nothing to do with financial markets.

Equally concerning, Yost argues, is how the SEC’s plan to impose immense compliance burdens on publicly traded companies would injure financial markets, industries and investments, including those of Ohio pensioners.

Joining Yost on the petition are the attorneys general for Kentucky and Tennessee. Other states have brought separate suits challenging the rule in other courts of appeals.

A full copy of the filing is available on the attorney general’s website.

Team FEULING and Flying Pig pilot Ruben Xaus made our debut at the 2024 King Of The Baggers season opener– at the legendary high banks of the Daytona International Speedway! Check out some moments from the first double header weekend of MotoAmerica KOB action.

–Feuling Performance


Eased the old Shovel to a stop. Pulled into the bar parking lot for a quick beer. A little kid approached, not much more than 5, holding a puppy.

He held out the dog to me, and I took it to give it a couple of pats. I turned and the kid vanished. Not wanting to let the little guy go on a busy city street I tucked him in my vest and headed home. On the way his little head poke out into the breeze.

At home I noticed an injury to the hind quarter. The vet unable to fix, I had to let him go.

At least he got to feel the wind in his face.

Heading to Italy to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary.


The UN, headed by a lump-faced bag of pear-shaped liquid (pictured) named Antonio Guterres, has declared, because another year has gone by since he last declared something, he has declared that global warming is – it’s either off the charts or off the rails or outside the universe…..I can’t keep track.

I DO know that the last time he made the news about making a pronouncement regarding humanity heating one of the planets in the solar system he said that global warming was now global boiling. And no reporters balked.

In other words the planet is now at 212 degrees F. I don’t know if that’s the boiling point of planets, I DO know that it’s the boiling point of water, and the earth, at least at the surface where the surface is…is mostly water.

So I GUESS the earth is now at 212 degrees. Which could be off the charts. I don’t know how high the charts go. But according to the Gute-ster the temperature of the earth is now higher than the chart goes. Apparently, there’s a chart that says how high humans are allowed to heat up the earth – which Guterres says we do – and that the earth has gone OFF the chart and is now on its own, APPARENTLY it’s on its way to turning the solar system into a double-star system.

Apparently every year the UN, an organization that now – with full USA backing and financing – runs the “nations” – all 200 or so of the fuckers.

Every year Sagging Lard Face Guterres gets out of his easy chair and announces to the world that humans are not devolving fast enough into the Stone Age and that as a result humans are destroying the earth by not obeying Antonio Guterres.

The above link just references the Ass-Sociated Press’s version of the UN declaration, but every other “major” “news” failed-novelist depository of bad writers has summoned one or more of their top-tier frustrated Shakespeares to give their own accounts of the UN’s declaration of doom for 2024.

This year one of the additional “secretary general”s (apparently there is an army of secretary generals in the UN) a Miss or Mrs. or, if you ask me, a Mr, ‘cause that puss looks real dude-ish to me, she or he or they was the spokesman of the day for this annual report: a Miss or Mrs. or Mr. or They Celeste Saulo. She or they or it is the sec. gen. of the World Meteorological Organization.

This is a UN sub-world-government like the World Health Organization that ordered the world to close down for two years – which actually happened – during which the flu and not the W.H.O. was held responsible for the ruination of millions if not billions of lives.

Even though the virus, if there even was one, issued no orders or mandates or protocols at any time. By the way, in order to prevent a divorce I got my government shot and two years later got Covid. I didn’t die. The Ol’ Lady got THREE shots….and got Covid. She didn’t die either.

So we’re both alive to probably actually GET a divorce if Trump becomes President and a new disease is announced. Assuming there’s even an election. Which I put at less than fifty-fifty.

Getting back to Celeste Saulo, who I have pictured here twice, one of which has the sad, manly-kissered sack of woe holding the official We Are All Going To Spontaneously Ignite publication that the UN has cordially produced for our enjoyment. Getting back to “her” SHE says that “the earth is issuing a distress call.”

We are dealing here with not only sociopathic deranged piles of shit, they are astoundingly stupid sociopathic deranged piles of shit. Naturally it is something called “fossil fuels” that are causing the earth to issue distress calls. Not volcanoes. And not the farts of the entire animal kingdom but just the farts of American and European domestic cattle.

Oh: at the end of the AP article there is an announcement from the AP that they get paid to run global warming “announcements.” So there IS at least some level of reluctant admission that this is all fucking bullshit “but what the hell, we’re getting paid, and we’re only a bunch of failed-writer hacks just trying to pay our bar tabs.”

Also it took two, not just one, failed novelist journalism majors to write the AP article. I guess because it was so scientifically arcane it required two journalistic intelligences to sort it all out and make it imperative for the reader to obey it and take action. To save the planet. Which is issuing a distress call.

The article has many additional observations and declarations and pronouncements and warnings and implications and predictions and affirmations and iterations and proclamations from something called “colleges” and something else called “experts” regarding something called “greenhouse gasses” which is basically a Kamala Harris-level “word salad” that means nothing since 1: the earth is not a greenhouse and 2: there is no actual thing called a greenhouse gas in the periodic table nor is there anything even called a greenhouse gas inside an actual fucking actual goddamn fucking greenhouse.

In fairness there was no mention of the “carbon footprint.” Another thing that doesn’t actually exist except in political science. Not to be confused with “actual science.” So in other words, someone needs to be fired: this could have been made a lot stupider and someone dropped the ball.

–J.J. Solari


An 84-year-old man is having a drink in Harpoon Harry’s.

Suddenly a gorgeous girl enters and sits down a few seats away.

The girl is so attractive that he just can’t take his eyes off her.

After a short while, the girl notices him staring, and approaches him.

Before the man has time to apologize, the girl looks him deep in the eyes and says to him in a sultry tone: “I’ll do anything you’d like. Anything you can imagine in your wildest dreams, it doesn’t matter how extreme or unusual it is, I’m game. I want $100, and there’s another condition.”‘

Completely stunned by the sudden turn of events, the man asks her what her condition is.

“You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words.”

The man takes a moment to consider the offer from the beautiful woman.

He whips out his wallet and puts $100 dollars into her hand…

He then looks her square in the eyes, and says slowly and clearly: “Paint my house.”

Our needs change as we get older, and we tend to look for bargains…


QUICK, New Bikernet Reader Comment!–BAD BOY BERRY

I think the article is great. I love the humor and detail that was given to the bad boy! Very much enjoyed this article.

–Cat Hammes


I Rather Attempt to Something Great And Fail, Then Do Nothing And Succeed

As I reflect on the wisdom of Helen Keller, I am deeply moved by her profound insight despite facing profound challenges. Her words, “life is a daring adventure or nothing at all,” resonate within me, prompting contemplation of my own journey.

Each twist and turn, every trial and triumph, has contributed to my growth and understanding. As we reflect on her journey, we are reminded that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the human spirit can soar.

Through my own experiences, I’ve come to appreciate that failures are not setbacks, but stepping stones to success.

How often do we allow fear of failure to hinder our progress, missing out on countless opportunities? How many doors remain unopened, how many dreams remain unfulfilled, simply because we hesitated to seize the moment?

Today, I choose to recognize and seize the opportunities presented to me, knowing that each one is a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

And so it is.



Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
— Helen Keller


Sorry, the news went bananas today.

Here’s another sketch for our metal-art Hamster auction item. I’m having a discussion or two about the Hamsters. We give them shit about being rich, but we are missing the point from a number of positive perspectives. Originally, the Hamsters were made up of custom motorcycle builders and company owners. These were hardworking riders who built cool shit for the industry.

Okay, so they ride flashy bikes, but I’ve started to notice how many times these guys have stepped up to help the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and charities like the LifeScape children’s hospital, meals on wheels, Kids Ride, etc.

They’ve gone out of their way to help training in High Schools and most of these efforts took place far from their homes. And from a member to member standpoint, if you’re a member and need something or help with a build, there’s serious assistance to be found within our ranks.

Here’s an AI version from one of my son’s buddies. I’m going to make this and donate it to museum fundraising auction.

I struggled with clearance between starter housing and my rear chain on the VLXAFL5. I ran into a guy who said, “Go see Todd at Greer’s Indian in Deadwood. I did, they strapped it down and machined it. I had it back the next day.

Life is insane and then you die. Thank the highbar spirit for Whiskey…

Ride Fast and Free Forever!


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