Bandit’s Latest Fiction: Christmas Dreams

By Bandit with illustrations by Wayfarer

Gabriel rode hard, fought hard and searched his soul year after year after he found himself in the Chopper homeland of Sturgis, South Dakota. He ultimately discovered a spot of land in Boulder Canyon, containing a modest cabin and a heated shop space to die for, but a double shot of Jack on the rocks at the Oasis lounge in downtown became his solace from his haunting blues.

Something clawed at him like a bad dream, a scolding mother or the fight, when he nearly killed a man in a blind rage. He felt like a soldier missing an arm.

“What’s eating at you,” Shirley said and knew when to pour him another drink.

“I don’t know,” Gabriel said. “I can’t figure it out.”

“Was it a girl?” Shirley muttered making change. “It usually is.”

“There’s been a few,” Gabriel said and took a swig of the Jack before the ice fully melted. “There was one.” His voice drifted off.

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