Cops Test The Zero DS motorcycle

As a product reviewer for law enforcement products, there are good days and there are bad days. Sometimes I test equipment that gets me excited about the product, and other times, I am left scratching my head.

Earlier this year, I tested the Zero DS motorcycle — a stealthy electric conveyance — and I think this product will change the way we look at electric motorcycles for patrol.

Riding this bike was right up there with my favorite days as a product tester. I had as much fun here as I would shooting a new Kimber.

The Zero DS Uses a Li-ion power pack (Z-Force Li-ion Intelligent and a double stator, axial flux brushless motor. One can select the ZF-6 model, which will give it a range of 76 miles, or the ZF-9 model, which gives it a range of 112 miles. I tested the ZF-9 version, which, at 341 lbs, has handling similar to a mid-sized bike.

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