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Are you ready for the latest stage in aspirational day-dreaming? Is losing yourself in a mix and match option of your fantasy bike up your alley? If this is the case, and really, it should be, please know that here at Performance Machine we understand you, we hear you, and we have just the thing for you:  ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Build Shop.

For the first time you can see exactly how awesome your favorite set of PM wheels would look on your bike, choose between Chrome and Contrast Cut finishes, and envision yourself roaring down the road, the envy and interest of onlookers everywhere.

In addition to gazing lovingly at those Paramount (or Icon or Heathen, etc) wheels, the PM Build Shop allows you to get up close and personal with the matching components on display, linking to each product for more information and pricing.

Those of you on touring bikes are treated to another perk: you will be able to compare the look of an 18” wheel versus a 21” wheel, a much-needed visual tool before making a commitment and saying “Yes, I do.” (To the wheel size, of course.)

Once you have the look you’ve been craving, you can save it in a PDF, print it out and attach it to the fridge (go ahead and ditch the kid’s spelling test that’s currently taking up valuable space)  share it with the world by linking the image to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or take a more discreet route and email it to friends and family under the subject heading of “Wish List.” (That still counts as discreet, right?)

With 30 Harley Davidson models to choose from, our wide array of wheel designs, and multiple finishes, it is guaranteed that you will wander down the rabbit hole and emerge on the other side with a dream ride, then give us a call at (800) 479-4037

This is one of those moments where words fail to do justice; the Build Shop is not meant to be talked about, it is meant to be experienced. So why are you still hanging around here?

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