Gina has been riding motorcycles for many years and has made motorcycling her full time life! She became well known among motorcycle circles as the host of a popular Radio Show in Chicago called Open Road Radio. She was well known for her “Old School” attitude as she rides an old Panhead kickstart bike.

She was featured in a book about female riders in 2009 called “Biker Chicz of North America”.

Gina has more recently been immersing herself in a give back program for Veterans called the HER project: Honor, Encourage and Recognize female veterans. She coordinates an all female bike build and then raffles the bike to be able to build another bike.

No dust under her feet, she is also developing a nutritional bar for motorcyclists called “Feel The Horsepower” with three options: 1- Biker Bar; Energy, 2-Fuel Bar; Meal Replacement, 3- Sports Bar; Electrolyte, Enzyme Replacement. — with Marilyn Stemp.

From Sam Burns


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