Kibblewhite Offers Performance Valvetrain Components For H-D Flathead Motors


Kibblewhite Precision Machining now offers forged Black Diamond® valves and guides for Harley-Davidson® Flathead motors model years 1930-1973 through their global dealer network. The high tolerance, machined valves are the ideal choice for Flathead motors with limited top end oil circulation.  The KPMI Flathead guides are manufactured with a proprietary cast iron blend and machined perfectly to match the performance needs of these motor types. To learn more about the Kibblewhite valves and guides for Flathead motors, go to Kibblewhite New Products.

Once only available by special order, Kibblewhite now stocks the most popular valves and guides for the Harley-Davidson® Flathead motor. KPMI’s one piece Black Diamond® valves are forged from 21-4N Stainless Steel. Their ultra hard and dramatically smooth finish is engineered for optimal performance in these higher temperature running motors. KPMI’s high tolerance, cast iron guides are designed to match the Black Diamond® valves and motor perfectly for maximum horsepower gains. Superior bore finish and industry leading wear characteristics are gained via extreme density, fine grain and the granular structure of each race proven KPMI valve guide. Increased performance and motor life makes Kibblewhite valves and guides the number one choice of professional’s worldwide.

“We have seen such a dramatic increase in orders for our Flathead motor performance products that the choice to go into larger scale production was natural.” Say’s Butch Larroche, Sales Manager for Kibblewhite Precision Machining Inc. “Our proprietary valve and guide designs offer the best option to maximize these older motors and breathe new life in them. It is a great feeling to be able to say, yes we have that in stock, when we get a call about a Flathead motor needing help from Kibblewhite.”

Kibblewhite Black Diamond® valves, part number 20-20740 and matching machined cast iron guides, part number 20-20760 will be available as a kit in the fall of 2012.

For dealer orders of Flathead motor valvetrain components or related KPMI products, contact your premium powersports distributor worldwide. To review the entire collection of performance valvetrain products by Kibblewhite Precision Machining Inc., go to or e-mail

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