Meade Country Lowers Vendor Fees During Sturgis Motorcycle Rally


The Sturgis Buffalo Chip® is pleased to announce that Meade County will be lowering the cost of vendor fees during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. In an unprecedented move County Commissioners on October 3, 2012 voted to effectively lower the cost of vendor permits during the annual rally. This pro-business decision will insure vendors have a reduced cost of business in high traffic venues such as the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® and the free access CrossRoads At the Buffalo Chip®. Vendors that reserve their permits online at least 30 days prior to the rally will receive a 10% discount, lowering their fee to $360. Vendor and permit information may be found on  or by calling 605-347-9000.

In a landmark decision announced on October 3, 2012, Meade County Commissioners voted to lower vendor fees during the Sturgis Motorcycle rally and to make online registration available, making it easier, more cost effective and more profitable for rally vendors to conduct business in Meade County venues such as the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®. Vendors will now receive a lower rate of $360 when obtaining their permit online at least 30 day prior to the rally August 6-12, 2012. Rally vendors at the Rally’s major traffic centers and cornerstone venues such as the Buffalo Chip® and the free access CrossRoads At the Buffalo Chip® can now look forward to lower fees and increased margins in a business-friendly environment.

The Buffalo Chip® is located 3 miles east of the city of Sturgis and is known as the highest trafficked and most visited venue during the rally. Now lower fees and the ease of working in Meade County’s pro-business environment should see more vendors taking advantage of this milestone, cost lowering effort.

“All we have heard for a long time is how governments raise fees and put more restrictions on vendors every year,” say Buffalo Chip owner Rod Woodruff. “Meade County has said it is pro-business and has demonstrated that commitment by taking the unprecedented measure of making it easier and less expensive to do rally business.  This will help all the high quality brands that choose to do business at the Buffalo Chip.  This will also improve the bottom line for all rally vendors in the County. It’s an impressive gesture and is certainly appreciated. We look forward to helping vendors do more business in a cost effective manner at motorcycling’s premiere entertainment and camping destination, the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip. ”

For more information on vending opportunities at the Buffalo Chip® and the free access CrossRoads At the Buffalo Chip® during the 72nd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally please visit or calling 605-347-9000.


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