Polaris Slingshot shoots on ahead in 2024

Well, purists may say it is not a trike and hence branded and classified as an “autocycle” by NHTSA. Irrespective of your preference and riding experiences, Polaris Slignshot continues to be a bestseller in its category as an autocycle.

Slingshot has been so popular that the 2024 version will receive quite a few updates.

In fact, I would like to see if Harley-Davidson will enter the autocycle segment to keep its three-wheeled business busy among dealerships. Polaris so far, has no interest in the traditional trike. Whereas Can-Am Spyder has its own unique market, not directly competing against Slingshot. I would say Can-Am Spyder is a choice for those unhappy with a big and heavy V-Twin powered Harley-Davidson Freewheeler and its luxurious sibling Road Glide and Tri Glide Ultra.

Customized Harley-Davidson 440X at India Bike Week (December 2023)

H-D took a big gamble with Pan America and riders responded positively, at least initially. Even their return into India market with 440X, a small engine bike to compete against the local legend Royal Enfield, met with more bookings than they ever expected in this year, their 120th anniversary year. The recent India Bike Week saw custom built Harley-Davidson 440X showcased to the crowds which included one with a sidecar and a cafe-racer styled version.

Will Polaris Slingshot and Polaris Indian as a whole consider expanding to Asian markets with local manufacturing to rival Harley-Davidson’s aspirations in China and India depends mainly on opportunities offered in investment and capital expenditure by the local governments in those nations. The automotive sector is booming for both, the Asian Dragon and the Asian Tiger, and Elon Musk might just put up a Tesla plant in India since Chinese cars, motorcycles and EVs are not promising given the Chinese military ambitions at it’s neighbors borders. QUAD Summit for 2024 seems to be postponed as POTUS has a different schedule.

Meanwhile, have a look at Polairs Slingshot features for 2024 at Bikernet Blog.

Wayfarer @ Bikernet.com

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Polaris Slingshot’s New 2024 Model Year Lineup Delivers Extraordinary
Driving Experiences & One-of-a-Kind On-Road Adventures

  • New 2024 Slingshot Lineup Represents the Ultimate Platform for Self-Expression,
  • Introduces Thoughtful Updates & Refinements, Premium Paint & Head-Turning Graphics

Polaris Slingshot, known for its distinctive on-road adventure experience, continues to attract a diverse community of riders who appreciate its unique features. The open cockpit, three-wheel design, and bold styling make the Slingshot a platform for self-expression.

The 2023 Slingshot saw a significant number of new customers, with 85% being first-time Polaris product owners. This trend expanded the powersports leader’s reach to a more diverse audience, including a higher representation of multicultural and female customers compared to other Polaris brands.

“We designed and developed the first Slingshot with a spirit of innovation and a drive to create something unlike anything else in the marketplace,” said Chris Sergeant, Polaris Slingshot Vice President. “Over the past several years, it’s been incredible to grow Slingshot into a true lifestyle brand. People from all walks of life, all around the country, are experiencing the thrill of Slingshot ownership. Their Slingshot is a statement of their individuality and they’ve become part of the tight-knit Slingshot community.”

In 2024, Polaris enhances Slingshot’s visual appeal with a variety of premium paint options and graphics packages. The SL models will feature updated wheels in a sleek midnight charcoal metallic color. The audio experience is also upgraded, with the Stage 2 Audio Package now boasting 200 watts and Rockford Fosgate integrated speakers.

Responding to demand, the Slingshot ROUSH Edition makes a return, combining head-turning looks with a performance-driven lifestyle. This edition includes premium components and exclusive branding, elevating the Slingshot’s style and performance.

Built upon the Slingshot R platform, the Slingshot ROUSH Edition packs the 203-horsepower ProStar engine but adds premium componentry, including Brembo Brakes with exclusive slotted rotors, a Slingshot Excursion Top, Sparco Pedal Covers, and an exclusive race car-inspired steering wheel with color accents. Taking stand-out style to an entirely new level, the Slingshot ROUSH Edition features a special graphics package that enhances Slingshot’s distinctive look and performance with unmistakable ROUSH styling and branding, including seats with an exclusive design, a special edition color-matched design for the instrument cluster, and blacked-out badging. Manual transmission options feature a ROUSH Block “R” branding on the gear shift knob, while AutoDrive offerings are standard with Paddle Shifters.

Polaris offers a range of factory accessories for personalization, including heated and cooled seats, audio kits, tops like Slingshade and Excursion Top, and integrated storage bags. The “Build Yours” digital configurator on Slingshot.Polaris.com allows drivers to customize their Slingshot with real-time rendering and budget tracking.

New accessories for 2024 include Excursion Top Canvas Options, Excursion Top Rear Panel, and an upgraded 200W Audio Kit by Rockford Fosgate. Over 75 accessories with updated color options complement the new paint colors of the 2024 lineup.

The pricing for the 2024 Slingshot models starts at $21,999 for the S model and goes up to $40,299 for the Slingshot ROUSH Edition.

The lineup is set to start shipping to dealers in early 2024, and more details can be found at https://slingshot.polaris.com/en-us/.

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