Rivera's Slimline Narrow Open Belt Drive

A recent addition to the PRIMO BELT DRIVES line-up is a ultra narrow open belt drive designed for 1990-2006 Evo & Twin Cam Softails®. This 11mm kit features a 1-3/4" wide "dense pack" Kevlar Polychain® Super Belt. This combination has been tested to withstand horsepower loads in excess of 150 H.P. 

The SLIMLINE™ belt drive uses a ONE-PIECE MOTOR PLATE which helps to add rigidity to the frame by firmly connecting the motor and transmission together. The two kits are available with either a  billet aluminum outer guard that covers the outer pulleys or a faux carbon fiber outer guard that fully covers the belt and pulleys for added safety & pleasing aesthetics. In addition, the motorplate is  machined for a center mount oil filter & also ready to accept our optional MID-CONTROLS (part # 2084-0504) which are single fulcrum and include both the shift & brake assemblies with  a designer master cylinder. 

Having the Pro Clutch™ as part of the kit which is able to transfer all the power your motor makes to the road is a must. For this job we designed a completely new PRO CLUTCH™ ASSEMBLY with wide-slotted KEVLAR plates, offering better engagement properties.

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