Vintage introduces all-new 2020 Tracker Classic E-bike


New 2020 Tracker Classic Blends Performance and Comfort While Maintaining Classic Cruiser Aesthetics and Best-in-Class EV Technology

Vintage is well known for blending bygone era aesthetics with modern technology to provide riders an EV experience that is both thrilling and comfortable. In pursuit of continuing innovative designs and perfecting comfortability, Vintage is proud to announce the release of their ultimate boulevard cruiser, the 2020 Tracker Classic. With inspiration coming from the early 1920’s Indian and Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Vintage designed the Tracker Classic to feature retro-styled cruiser handlebars to allow riders a more comfortable, upright experience at high speeds. Vintage also exchanged the original rear Tracker fenders for full-length fenders that complete the Tracker Classic’s timeless design.

“With the pandemic keeping more people inside with limited options for safe, socially distanced activities, our goal was to create a bike that is more comfortable than ever before to keep our customers out on their open road adventures longer,” comments Vintage Founder Andrew Davidge. “The 2020 Tracker Classic is the perfect Winter bike for customers to get out and about during a time of the year that is not always desirable for adventuring. Our upgraded full-length fender helps protect riders against the elements, while the new handlebar design improves the rider’s posture and allows for a more comfortable long-distance ride.”

The 2020 Tracker Classic’s crown jewel is the elegant retro-styled cruiser handlebars inspired by timeless cruisers of years past. In comparison to the original Tracker model, the 2020 handlebars optimize all-around ease and riding comfort while keeping distinct original details such as the leather ring grip which subtly highlights Vintage’s timeless design. Incorporating these retro-styled cruiser handlebars allows riders to sit upright with ergonomic controls at the tip of their fingers. The Tracker Classic’s unique handlebars give riders the ability to choose between a more relaxed cruising speed or hit full throttle for a powerful experience unlike any other.

Another innovative addition to the 2020 Tracker Classic includes the full-length rear fender that allows for an ideal riding experience at any time of year. During the cold weather seasons, this full-length fender is an essential upgrade for riders to enjoy their commute while protecting themselves from any rain, mud, or slush. These elegant fenders further reduce the amount of grit that sprays onto the chains, bearings, rims, brake calipers and cables that could otherwise prematurely wear the bike out. The 2020 Tracker Classic enhances the protection for riders against outdoor elements while embodying the 1920’s motorcycle spirit to preserve the classic design aesthetic that all Vintage electric bikes exhibit.

The 2020 Tracker Classic maintains several elements from the original Tracker model, starting with the swooping hydroformed aluminum frame that maximizes performance and comfort. In addition, Vintage keeps all of the fan-favorite specifications such as the 36mph race mode option, pedal-assist capabilities, and a 720-watt hour battery with a powerful range of up to 50 miles on a full charge. With the Classic’s fresh design and exhilarating performance making it a truly one-of-a-kind machine, Vintage’s 2020 Tracker Classic has executed a timeless feel with optimal comfort included.

Vintage’s new 2020 Tracker Classic is available dressed in the iconic Indy Red or timeless Graphite Blue paint scheme at a starting price of $5,245.00. Upgrades are available depending on customer preference.

For more information on the brand-new Tracker Classic bike or other Vintage models, please visit or call (408) 969-0836.

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